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Milk Slaves

The local supermarket was its usual busy self. On a weekend, one cannot simply walk into the store, grab the few items he or she needs, and walk back out without a little hustle and bustle. On this day, my girlfriend and I were needing to fill up the refrigerator. We made the boneheaded decision to go on a Saturday morning. That would be our first mistake. Unfortunately, we were not the only boneheads in the building; what seemed like thousands of boneheads were sprawled about the store, all trying to get the essentials, all willing to forego sanity and order for eggs and a gallon of milk or two. We figured we would start out going for the more oddball items first, and hope the crowd dispersed.

Walking down the spices aisle, we bumped into at least five carts and may have ran over a small child. We needed some salt and pepper, and, apparently, we were going to have to fight for it.

"I mean, I know we picked a bad time to come shopping, but good lord!" Kelly said as we forced our way through, her blonde hair looking more frazzled than when we came in. "Babe, can you squeeze in there are try to grab us the salt and pepper?" I nodded. No, my name is not Babe, it's Charlie, so stop asking. Some people say I look like a baby though. I'm pretty short and skinny, so I'm good at squeezing into places. Both of us are, actually, but I'm the man, so I have to do all of the hard work. 2016 my narrow ass.

I squeezed over the cart and managed to get my mitts on the shakers. Just as I yanked back, two people closed in, but I was able to narrowly escape with my life, and my groceries. "Got 'em!" I chirped, casually tossing them into the cart.

"My hero," Kelly mocked. "Ok, we still need sugar. That should be pretty safe, it's in the inside track. Are you ready?"

"Ready," I said, and we wheeled around the aisle. There it was, the sugar. Unfortunately, there were two massive girls in the way. And when I say massive, I mean huge! Each of them had to be at least 600 pounds and were over seven feet tall. They were wearing white tank tops that didn't cover their bellies, and short jean shorts that looked like they would be tight on an elephant. Each of them legitimately took up half of the aisle. If they were standing across from each other, there would clearly be no getting through. They stood adjacent but across, so there appeared to be a tiny amount of space between them.

"Gross," Kelly muttered under her breath. "You mind?"

I sighed, and walked towards them. As I got closer, I saw just how truly large these girls were. They looked super young, with creamy white skin bulging out of their tanktops. Also bulging were their huge boobs. One thing about my girlfriend was that she was small chested, I'm talking A cup. These two had watermelons sitting on their chests, and that's no exaggeration. Their white tanktops were being stretched beyond imagination, with breast flesh spilling out over the top. Also of note, where their nipples were, theoretically, there were wet spots, as if their nipples were sweating or something. Not that I was staring. Their shorts were struggling to keep in the massive thighs of these monsters, with their legs expanding immediately out of the jean shorts. Neither had a cart, and they appeared to be deep in conversation, probably about something dumb.

"Excuse me," I said as I approached the two. They both turned to look at me, their breasts bobbing up and down. Speaking of boobs, theirs were essentially eye level with me. They didn't make much effort to move (not sure if they physically could), choosing instead to just lean back a bit and let me try to navigate between them. I turned sideways facing away from the first girl and began side stepping my way through. I could feel her wet breasts rubbing against the back of my head, including my neck. I arched to try to avoid it, but the other girl was right after, and was facing me. I figured if I turned just right, I could avoid the boob I was now facing but still avoid the one behind me. I executed perfectly, just missing the first. But just as I made my turn, the boob that was now behind me pushed forward, shoving my face into the first girl's huge tit. My face was right on her wet nipple. I was freaking out now. I had just sexually harassed this massive woman. She could beat the shit out of me, or just squeeze me to death.

"What do you think you're doing, little man?" the girl asked, laughing. "Trying to get some titty milk? Your skinny ass girl over there isn't gonna give you any." Was this milk? I wasn't about to taste it. I tried pushing off of it, but the boob behind me was so big and heavy I couldn't move it.

"Look at him trying to get out. He's so little!" came another voice. "And he's just the right size. His mouth fits right on your nipple when he's standing up."

"Yeah, match made in Heaven," the first one said.

I got my head free for a moment. "I'm so sorry... I was just trying to... get some sugar..."

They both laughed. "Well you came to the right place honey!" She jutted her chest out, and miraculously I was now surrounded by boobs. Their boobs were touching, with my face between them.

"Mindy, I think you just stole that skinny girl's boyfriend!" the one behind me said. "Look, he's all over you." It wasn't by choice. I was trying to fight my way out and losing miserably.

"That's good, my tits have been so full of milk lately, I've needed a release. He looks like a good little baby for me." She patted me on the top of the head. "Don't worry, Mandy, I'll share him with you. I would never leave my twin without a good milk slave. I just wonder how much milk he can handle. I could supply him all day."

"What the fuck are you two doing with my boyfriend!?" came Kelly's voice. "Let him go, now!"

The two sisters laughed. In one motion, Mindy picked me up and heaved me over her shoulder and knocked Kelly to the ground. "Oops. Hey, your boyfriend likes me now. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of him and feed him milk like a baby. So is she." With that, she marched out of the supermarket, knocking over carts and people on her way out. As we made it out to her truck, they discussed what to do with me. "Mandy, could you sit with him in the back, I had all the fun in there, you deserve a little one on one with him."

"Of course," she said. She grabbed me off of her shoulder by my arm pits, climbed onto the bed of the truck (which groaned), and hugged my face into her chest. "Mindy, I wanted to give him a kiss, but I'll give you that honor."

"Thanks sis!" she said. Just then, Kelly had run out into the parking lot and jumped onto Mindy's back.

"Give me back my boyfriend you fat slut!" she yelled.

"You know what?" Mindy said. "We could actually use another little brat to put our milk into. Do you think we should keep her too?"

"Sounds good to me, Mindy," Mandy called out. She had my head by the hair, dunking me between her massive breasts. It was kind of warm outside, and she was sweating a bit, making her breast flesh extra sticky. "Are you hard, little one?" She reached for my crotch and felt around. I was. "It's so little. Don't let Mindy know I made you hard. She'll punish you, and she has a bad temper. We both do, honestly. But don't worry, just be a good milk slave and don't resist us and you'll be fine. We'll treat you right." I'm not sure what happened to Kelly after that, but I was sure I would get my answer soon enough.

I didn't see the trip to the house for obvious reasons, but it was a fairly long drive, that much I am certain of. I was carried off the truck and shown my new home, a dilapidated house that looked like it may have been built sometime in the 1920s. There was a barely on the hinges screen door blocking a large wooden door, with dirty windows and a front porch that looked straight out of a western. Basically, we appeared to be in the boonies. It seemed unlikely anybody would find us here.

Mindy came around holding Kelly over her shoulder. She must have been knocked unconscious somehow. "Mandy, can you take this one off my hands. You can get started on her if you want to."

"Sounds good, Mindy," she said. They swapped us, and Mandy opened the doors and walked inside.

"Your ex is a real bitch," she said to me, holding me by the armpits like I was a little baby. "But you don't have to worry about her anymore. I'm going to be your girlfriend and mommy now. If you want to cum, just tell me and I'll make you cum. If you want milk... well... you're going to get milk, if you want it or not." She pulled me in for a hug, and my tiny frame fit in between her huge tits. She gave me a long, wet kiss, then pulled me back. "Oh you tiny little boy, I'm going to rock your world." She carried me inside the house.

The old crap shoot was even worse on the inside. The house appeared to be falling apart, and was in severe need of dusting. The living room was a hodge podge of torn couches and dusty lamps. They didn't appear to have a television or many electronic devices of any kind. Mindy carried me further through the house, through another large door. In this small room, I saw a bed in the corner. A small tub was at the foot of the bed. I could hear some other commotion going on to my left, but I couldn't see around Mindy's huge boobs.

"Is she being good?" Mindy asked.

"I mean... yeah..." I heard Mandy say. "She doesn't really have much of a choice. She kind of freaked out when I took off all of my clothes, but I shut her up really quick. Feels great." Mindy turned me to face Mandy. Kelly's body was lying across the massive thigh of the giant Mandy, her face completely covered by her huge, bare breast. Both were naked, but so drenched in milk it was hard to decipher which was which. Mandy appeared to be breast feeding Kelly, and was supplying an ungodly amount of milk. I could see Kelly occasionally trying to fight her weigh out of her predicament, but it was clear she was completely overpowered. She pulled her head out from under her tits. "Are you still breathing?"

"Please... stop... let me go..."

Mandy shoved her face back into her massive nipple. Kelly sucked on it like a little baby, with Mandy gripping her now white hair. Mindy plopped me onto the bed. I looked up at her, and she quickly started removing her clothes. Before long, she was completely naked, her massive breasts looking somehow bigger without her tanktop on. "Now, before you drink my milk, I want you to suck my pussy. Take off your clothes now." I did as I was told, I didn't to make this behemoth of a woman upset with me. I had already seen how easily she could manhandle people. She grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face between her huge legs, still standing tall over me. I had no choice. I licked and kissed her enormous vagina. If I ever had to have sex with her, I doubted she would ever feel it. She then reached over and grabbed Kelly and shoved her face close to mine. She screamed and cried, but she was helpless. All she could do was watch as I had oral sex with this monster. Her pussy tasted rich and tangy. "Your boyfriend is mine now. I'm gonna fuck his brains out, tonight and every night after that. Now go suck my sister's big tits." She tossed her aside, picked me up like a baby, and sat on the bed. "Now drink your milk, baby boy."

Her huge breast was hovering over me, her dripping wet nipple right in my face. I eased my head forward and started sucking. Immediately the taste of sweet, creamy milk filled my mouth. There was no way I cold stomach all of it, so I let my mouth stay partially open, milk pouring over my naked body. Much to my surprise, it actually tasted really good, and I was inclined to keep drinking. I was ashamed, especially considering my girlfriend was literally a few feet away from me, but Mindy's huge boobs were really turning me on, and I had an erection now. "Do you like Mommy's big titties baby boy? Do you like drinking Mommy's milk?" I nodded to her. "Mandy look how cute he is! He's such a little baby, I just want to coddle him." She continued to hold me close and breast feed me. "Mandy, look at his tiny cock. I wonder if I could even feel it in me. Look," she laughed, holding her pinky next to it. "His cock isn't even as big as my pinky. You want to cum, baby boy?" I nodded again. I really did. I was already about to. "Mandy, I bet I could make him cum just by making out with him."

"No way," Mandy said.

"Yeah, watch." She pulled me up so my body was sandwiched between her boobs. My arms rested on either breast. I looked up at her, and she looked down at me. Her eyes were trained seductively at my face. She leaned forward and gave me a big kiss. When our lips locked, it was clear she had no intention of letting me go. Our tongues explored each other's mouths. If I'm being honest, it was the best kiss I had ever had. I felt suddenly weak, and my cock couldn't take it any longer. I came right there, and her lips let me go. "Look at that Mandy, he came right there. It was so easy. He's such a good little boy. I can tell he's going to love being my milk slave."
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