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Monster King

Enable game mode for the real experience. The prologue has some gangbang scenes that could be seen as cucking, skip the prologue to avoid.

This story is inspired by the Re:Monster and Reborn as a slime, but the setting, characters and story are completely different. The main route isn’t an Isekai, though you can write that kind of route, the introduction is vague to allow any race or backstory for the protagonist.

My route will be focused on themes of incest, breeding and sexual slavery.

Partner sharing and bisexual scenes will be kept optional.

Druimein forest is located far away from civilization, on an isolated spot where years ago the two closest kingdoms had warred. The armies brought slaves, mercenaries and monsters from all over the world, using magical slave seals to keep them obedient to the army’s mages. From western drakes, minotaurs and elven wizards to eastern nekomata, slimes and oni. They clashed in unexpected battle that turned into the decisive moment for the war.

They all but obliterated each other. All the loyal soldiers and captains died, leaving the slave forces to massacre each other, the tamed beasts and creatures going on a rampage.

After the fight, with most of the slave seals broken, their masters dead, the survivors spread around the area. Many moved into towns, some forming their own settlements, and a few stayed behind in the forest.

The general area is now home to beings from all over the world, the forest itself is a place only the adventurers travel through because of superstition and fear that the most dangerous beasts could still be roaming the place, now without master.

Unbeknown to anyone, Druimein will soon be the birthplace of a new kingdom. A kingdom of monsters.

Keep in mind that choosing paths with more or less sex modify the story. Plot and sex will be divided by a line inside the chapter when possible, so you can skip to the good bits it you want.

Side stories will usually tell stories that are not essential but are considered canon regardles if you choose to read them or not, you can read a side story without worrying about it affecting the game.

Dara, Nyla, Arnall, random goblin, Katya, Phara, Shura, Gyntaf and Ail

Current cast of the Goblin branch, to (aproximate) scale.

What's next?

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