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Mood Slime Ch. 30

Back in Kevin's room, Doll had just finished with him as she laid in bed next to him watching him sleep. The sex was so intense that Kevin had passed out mid orgasm. And Doll was waiting to re possess his cock when she realized "maybe I should try someone else." And decided to let Kevin sleep, he had already produced plenty of slime to start spreading around campus, so in a moment of mercy she left his cock the way it was.

As Doll got up and was about to recreate her pink dress when she stopped and decided to try something different. She form a t-shirt and jeans, something a little more college looking. She walked in to the hallway and used her extra senses to find someone with a healthy cock and sex drive to become her new play thing. About 3 doors down she stopped and could sense someone who might just work.

As Doll entered the hallway she looked down the hall and said a girl kissing her boyfriend in her doorway.

"OK I gotta go babe, I'll see you tomorrow?" The boy said with the girl still holding on to him.

"Oh ok!" She replied with a pouty look on her face before he gave her another kiss and left.

She lingered in the door watching her boyfriend leave before retreating back in to her dorm. As Doll watched all this she got a great idea.

The girl was laying on her bed watching TV when she heard a knock on the door. "What you forget babe?" She said as she jumped out of bed and opened the door only to see an attractive brunette woman standing there with a smile on her face.

"Oh I'm sorry, hi I'm Casey, can I help you with something?" She asked.

Doll looked over this cute little thing with glasses and a few tattoos on her arms. She had a very girl next door look but a little bit of rebel with the tattoos. She smiled before responding, "As a matter of fact you can!"

Doll walked passed her in to her dorm room. Casey was a little confused and asked "are you looking for someone? Do you need help with something?"

Doll grabbed her and threw her down on the bed, "What the fuck are you doing?" She yelled as Doll created slime restraints securing her to the headboard. "Let me go you Bitch! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!" Casey yelled but nobody heard her and Doll created cover her mouth with more slime keeping her mouth closed.

"Now there no need to get excited, I'm not going to hurt you." Doll said as she began to examine Casey's body more closely. "Oh yes you are perfect to try some of my new powers!"

Casey struggled to get free but to no avail. Doll grabbed her night pants and pulled them off showing her anime print underwear. Doll chuckled a little as she saw them but soon she slid her underwear off as well to reveal her little pussy. Doll crawled on to the bed to get a closer look at it while a mischievous grin came across her face. Casey watched in a panic unsure what this woman was going to do to her.

Doll placed her hand on Casey's pussy and began to chant something she couldn't make out. It sound like a loud whisper in another language. She watched as Dolls hand began to glow bright red and she could feel a warm sensation in her pussy that made her squirm a little as the warmth spread throughout her making her wet. She could feel something happening inside her, like every part of her pussy was moving and stretching, her clit felt like it expanding and contrasting making her scream with pleasure under her mouth covering.

As Doll chanted, beams of light began to swirl around her hand, she removed her hand and the beams shot down and flowed into Casey's pussy making her squirm even more as the feeling gave her an enormous orgasm that made her pussy glow brightly. As the light started to diminish Casey was breathing heavy through her nose as her mouth was still covered. She looked down to examine herself and saw her pussy lips pulsing. She tried to speak but she couldn't move her lips with the slime covering them until Doll waved her hand and the slime slither off of her mouth.

"What the hell did you do to me? She said now able to speak.

"Just a little spell I've been meaning to try out, I think you're going to have a lot of fun with it." Doll said with a giggle. "Now what was your boyfriends name again?" She said as she picked up Casey's cell phone.

"Don't you do anything to him!" Casey said in a threatening way.

"Me? I'm not going to do a thing to him... you are!" Doll said with a mischievous grin as she looked through her phone, "is his name Tyler?" She said as she hit the call button.

"What are you doing, put that phone down, stop..." Casey was stopped as the slime covered her mouth again.

As Tyler answered the phone Doll smiled at Casey and in her voice she said, "babe? Can you come back over? Something weird going on and I really don't want to be alone?"

"I'll be right there!" Said his voice on the other end of the phone.

Doll broke the phone in half so Casey couldn't call him back. "Now when he gets here you are going to Fuck him and let your new pussy work it's magic!" Doll said to her captive.

The slime slithered away from her mouth again and she said "what did you do to me? What will it do to him?"

Doll leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips before she said, "don't worry I think both of you will enjoy this!"

"I won't do it, I won't hurt him!" She said still struggling to get free.

"Who said anything about hurting anyone? And you will fuck him like I told you!" Doll said as she put her hand out making Casey's pussy throb even more to the point she couldn't control herself. Casey's eyes began to glow a little as Doll worked her magic a little more making her more subservient. When she finished she released her binds and let her start to pleasure herself as she waited for Tyler to arrive.

Doll stepped out in the hall shutting the door behind her and started to walk away when she noticed Tyler walking up the hall towards Casey's room. As she walked past him she gave him a smile and a wink to which Tyler shrugged off. As he got to the door he knocked but the door seemed to pop open so he walked right in.

"Casey are you ok?..." he said as he saw his Girlfriend laying on her bed fingering herself and rubbing her breasts. "Wow, um Casey?"

She looked over at him and motioned for him to come closer. Tyler couldn't help but become turned on watching her, she looked so sexy and his tightening pants was a sign of that. "You have to Fuck me! You have to Fuck me now!" She said to him spreading her legs inviting him in. Tyler couldn't believe what he was seeing but soon started to take off his pants and underwear before climbing on top of her.

He leaned in and kissed her before he slid his cock in to her raging pussy. The feeling was incredible, she was so warm and smooth that he glided in and out with ease, something about it was different, he had just entered her and was already getting ready to blow his first load. "Holy shit!" He said as he continued to thrust and before long he was already cumming inside her.

"That was incredible!" He said to her but as he went to pull out he realized he couldn't. "Um, Babe? I can't pull out for some reason?" He said confused.

He looked down and saw that her pussy had clamped down around his cock, even stranger was he suddenly could feel her pussy sucking on him, like it was a mouth. "What the hell is going on?" He said in a panic as Casey grabbed him and flipped him over putting her on top.

"I'm sorry! I can't stop it! I'm so sorry!" She said as her pussy continued to suck and milk his cock. Before long he was starting to enjoy the feeling again and so was she. She pulled him up to her holding him close as they both approached their next orgasm which was even stronger than the first one. Every time Tyler came it felt strange, he could feel liquid spraying out of him but it felt like much more than he thought his cock was capable of, and even stranger was none of it spilled out of Casey,

"So where is it all going?" He thought to himself as he remained in the sex look with Casey.

Down the hall Doll could feel all the sexual energy being created by the 2 of them. She smiled to herself as she realized her spell was working. The spell she used made it so Casey's pussy would transform any cock that entered it into a slime producing penis like Kevins was before, and then her pussy would transport it to wherever Doll wanted it to go.

So with Tyler constantly producing new slime with every orgasm Doll knew she would soon have control over the entire campus, and when she finished there she would return to the city and change its mood!
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