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Mood Slime Redemption Ch. 08

Brian and Doll were asleep in bed together. Doll woke suddenly and looked around the room wondering what woke her. She looked and saw a light that seemed to be coming from the living room. She got out of bed grabbing Brians bathrobe before heading out there. As she poked her head around the corner she saw one of the table lamps next to the couch was on. She walked over to turn it off and almost jumped out of her skin when she heard a voice say "Hello!". She turned around and saw Lilith sitting in the recliner.

"Why do you know keep coming here? You've had your fun, with the Nymph egg, and the bottle of slime. What do you want from me?"

Lilith smiled and said "I told you, I want you to redeem yourself, I want you to experience some things."

"Like what? Please I can't keep doing this, I can't keep looking over my shoulder for whatever you're going to do next."

Lilith stood up and raised her hand making Doll suddenly float up in the air. She could feel an intense desire building between her legs. The warm feeling began to flow through her body making her writhe in pleasure while she floated there.

"What are you... doing to me?"

"Oh I thought you would have figured it out, I'm doing to you what you did to Sara and Jen!"

Doll suddenly opened her eyes and glared at Lilith. "No, you cant! Don't do this!"

"I told you, you have to earn your redemption, this is part of the process."

"Please don't! Please I beg of you!"

Lilith just smiled as she held Doll there changing her pussy the same was she had to Jen and Sara before. Doll could feel the changes happening inside her and couldn't help but enjoy the feeling.

"Now what is it you said to Sara when you did this before, when you cum the process will be complete."

Doll wiggled in the air As she could feel the sensation growing withing her.

"Please don't!"

"It's too late for that, I think the real question will be how long can you fight the feeling before you finally give in and Take Brians energy."

"I wont, I won't hurt him!"

"Oh really, maybe you won't have a choice, you see I'm gonna make it so all you have to do is last until sunrise."

"I won't do it!"

"We'll see , because I'm going to put a spell over this apartment keeping both of you from leaving it. How long can you last?"

Doll suddenly felt the pressure between her legs build an build until her pussy began to glow brightly as she had an intense orgasm before she fell to the floor knowing the process was done. She looked around and Lilith was gone.

"Shit, SHIT!"

before long she could feel the lust building inside her. She had a sudden urge to fuck and she needed to fight it. She tried opening the front door but it would not budge.


Suddenly Brian walked out of the bedroom still half asleep.

"Doll? What are you doing up?"

"Stay away from me!"

"Stay away? What wrong?"

"You have to stay away from me!"

"Why what's wrong?"

"Lilith! She did something to me. You're not safe around me."

"Calm down what happened?"

"Remember what I told you about what I did to Sara and Jen?"


"That's what Lilith just did to me, so please don't come near me."

"Yeah but, nobody got hurt right?"

"It's not just that, I will start to change, I will start to want more and more energy and she sealed us in here so if I loose control I might kill you."

"Oh... ok so what do we do?"

"I don't know, we just need to keep from having sex until sunrise."

"Ok then,...cold shower?

Doll ran for the bathroom jumping in the shower turning it on ice cold.

"Holy fuck that's cold!"

"Is it helping?"

"I dunno, too cold to fuck... so yes."

"Ok that's a start,"

"Go put pants on."

"Pants? Why?"

"I don't want easy access to your cock."

"Ok I'll get dressed."

Brian put on his jeans and a shirt per Dolls instructions and returned to the bathroom with some clothes for her as well. She was curled up on the floor of the shower shivering. Her lips were starting to turn blue.

"Doll honey, you don't want to freeze yourself to death." he said turning the shower off and wrapping her up in a towel. He picked her up out of the tub and brought her to the living room laying her down on the couch grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around her along with the towel. She was still shivering but the color was starting to come back to her face. She needed up falling asleep.

Brian gave a sigh of relief thinking the longer she sleeps the less time he has to be on guard. He sat down on the recliner and watched her while she slept. Soon he was starting to dose off himself but was trying to fight it so he could keep an eye on her. He turned on the TV on low volume to give him something to do and maybe help keep him awake.

After about a half an hour Brian suddenly fell asleep after fighting to keep his eyes open. Doll was still sleeping when she suddenly opened her eyes and sat up. She looked over at Brian asleep on the recliner. She removed the blanket and the towel and stood up walking over to him. Doll was in a state of deep lust so she was not completely in control of her actions. She removed her still wet robe she was wearing letting it drop to the floor leaving her there naked never having put on the clothes Brian had grabbed for her. She leaned down and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants before reaching her hand inside rubbing his member through his underwear. Brian started to moan in his sleep as she stroked him not realizing what was going on. She slid down his underwear leaving his cock vulnerable to her as she began to lick it a little getting him even harder before she climbed on to the recliner positioning her pussy above him.

Suddenly Brian awoke and saw what was about to happen. He grabbed Doll by the shoulders and rolled her on to the floor pinning her down.

"Doll? Can you hear me? You have to snap out of it?"

He shook her little trying to get her back. Soon she closed her eyes tightly like she was fighting a terrible pain.

"Brian. ... I can't do it, I'm not gonna make it."

"Yes you are, you him have to try!"

"Ok... I'll try."

Brian let her go slowly and she just laid there not struggling with him. Brian closed his pants back up still hard from before.

Doll sat up and suddenly had an idea. "Brian do you have any handcuffs?"

Brian thought for a moment before he remembered a pair he had from an ex girlfriend tucked away in a box in his guest room. "I may, wait one sec." Brian ran to the other room and began digging through boxes trying to find them. He finally found the box with all his ex's stuff that she had left here still in it. He dug through it until he saw the shiny metal cuffs on the bottom of the box.

He came back out to the living room and didn't see Doll anywhere. He looked around starting to worry. "Where are you?"

"In here." He heard from the bedroom. He walked in and saw her laying on the bed with her hands up holding the metal head board, she had also put on a one of his shirts covering herself. "Handcuff me, Handcuff me to the board so I can't get you."

"Are you sure you want me to cuff you? Seems a little extreme."

"Just do it, we can't take any chances."

Brian took her by the wrists and cuffed them both with the chain going through the metal so she couldn't escape. Brian sat on the chair in the corner of the room to keep her company. Doll did a check to make sure she couldn't escape.

"So... where did you get these cuffs?"

"Those? Oh they were my ex Girlfriends, she liked a little bandage."

"Really, sounds like it could be fun." Doll said half jokingly.

"Yeah, it was sometimes."

"What happened between you to?"

"I really don't like talking about it."

"Ok, but tell me something, I need to keep my mind of fucking the shit out of you!"

"Yeah and that's not helping me either so ok, her name was Tanya, we met in college."

"Tanya? Interesting name."

"She was interesting, or different anyway."

"So go on."

"Well we dated for 2 years, she moved in her with me and that's when things just started to go south."

"Go south?"

"Go bad. We just realized we couldn't live together, we fought all the time, she didn't want me to be a Ghostbuster anymore, she said it was demeaning. and one day she just left."



"What a bitch!"

Brian couldn't help but laugh a little when Doll said that.

"How long ago was that?"

"About 3 years."

"So have you been with anyone since then?"

"Not really, a couple of dates here and there."

"Really? A guy like you? I figured the ladies would be all over you."

"Well there was this one girl."


"Yeah I was on a job and some woman tricked me and took advantage of me."

"Really? When was this."



"Yup this beautiful woman grabbed me and said 'help there's a ghost in my apartment' and suckered my right In."

Doll put her head down as she thought about that day and what she did to him.

"She took advantage of my kindness, stripped me down and had her way with me. Then locked me in a room with no clothes."

Doll didn't want to look him in the eye as she kept her head down.

"But the funny thing is, we had a great time, and a few days later she showed up at my door, looking just as beautiful as the first time I saw her, asking for my help. Me? After what she did to me? but I did help her."

"Why? Why did you help me? You didn't owe me anything."

"I helped you because I am head over heals in love with you."

Dolls eyes widened with shock as the words left his mouth. "What?'

"I love you Doll, I know you've done some questionable things but the fact that you came to me knowing I might not help you and that I might even try to destroy you because of what you were, just because you didn't want to hurt anyone just made me love you more. You are like that woman from a forbidden love story where the man meets a woman who tries to rob him and falls for her anyway."

Doll was speechless as she listened to Brian poor his heart out to her. Tears began rolling down her face.

"I love you too!"

Brian walked over to the bed and sat down next to her, leaned in and gave her a kiss while wiping the tears from her eyes. after a moment she laid down and tried to sleep again.

Some time went by and Brian was still sitting in the chair watching her when she suddenly started to writhe on the bed. She looked over at him and her eyes seemed to have a red glow to them.

"I feel a lot better now, you can un-cuff me now."

"Nice try, only 30 minutes left."

She started to rub her legs together trying to look sexy and lure him over to her. "Come on baby, don't you want to Fuck the woman you love, don't you want to feel my nice warm pussy around your cock while I massage it making to you cum inside me.

Brian decided to get up and leave the room as he was starting to get hard when suddenly the door slammed shut and locked. "What the hell?" He said looking over at Doll who's eyes were glowing bright red now.

"You can't escape me."

He walked over to the bed and said "Doll, honey you have to fight it, it's almost sunrise, you can do it." The whole time she was wiggling around with her tongue out trying to lick his lips. He almost couldn't help himself watching her. He wanted her so badly he could feel his pants tighten as he got hard thinking about it.

Doll looked up at him and said "Brian, I'm trying to fight it, I'm trying as hard as I can, but you have to kiss me!"


"Please kiss me, remind me what I'm fighting for."

Brian figured a kiss wouldn't hurt so he leaned over and gave her one. As he did she suddenly slid her hands out of the handcuffs and wrapped her arms around him pulling him down to the bed. She wrapped her legs around him and looked him in the eyes and said "I told you you couldn't escape me!" She kissed him and rolled him over getting on top of him while she opened up his pants. Brian tried to fight her off but she had become much stronger. She ripped the shirt she was wearing in half revealing her naked body as she straddled him. Brian was still trying to get free when she grabbed the handcuffs and cuffed him just like he had done to her.

"Doll don't do this, we're so close, you cant give up now!"

She seemed to not even acknowledge him as she slid his pants off. She looked at the bulge in his underwear licking her lips as she started to rub him a little before she ripped them off as well leaving his erect cock standing there vulnerable as there was nothing he could do to stop her. She softly ran her lips along his shaft teasing him in to madness before she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him slowly getting his cock as lubed as she could. Brian couldn't help but enjoy the sensation as he was still trying to fight her off of him.

"Doll, baby look at me."

She stopped for a moment and looked at him with her piercing red eyes.

"Don't do this! don't let Lilith win."

Doll stared at him for a moment and crawled up to him kissing him before she whispered in his ear "you can't stop me!" And she dropped her warm dripping pussy down on to his cock.

Brian moaned as his cock was engulfed inside her. She started to ride him making him squirm underneath her as he had no choice but to enjoy the feeling. She bounced on top of him as he looked up at this beautiful woman thinking to himself if he does die here he will die in pure bliss in bed with the woman he loves.

After a few minutes he could feel his lust building up inside and saw a red light beginning to emit from his crotch as she milked him of his cum and his sexual energy. He felt the pressure building as an intense orgasm built up in his cock. she leaned down and kissed his neck and his chest as she wiggle her waist around still working his cock. Brian couldn't help but notice just how amazing she felt. this whole night had been trying because all he wanted to do was fuck her. Even earlier when he fell asleep and she was about to fuck him it took every fiber of him to stop her and not give. She bounced and moaned a few more times before he finally exploded and shot his man juice and his energy up in to Doll as she screamed out her lust. The feeling was incredible as she sucked everything out of him.

Brian could barely keep his eyes open as he suddenly felt drained and almost felt like he was dying. As Dolls orgasm subsided she started to ride him again still with a big devilish smile on her face as she grabbed his hands and broke the handcuffs before she placed them on her breast's as she started milking his cock again. Brian was barely aware of what was going on, all he could feel was the pleasure in his cock as she rode him and pretty soon some invisible force was holding his hands against her breast as she began to suck even more from him. His hands began to glow along with his cock as she fucked him like a crazy woman. Doll may have been in there but her lust had transformed her in to something else that only cared about absorbing everything she could. This lustful creature didn't care about Brian or anything else accept the hunger in her that need to be quenched.

At last Brian suddenly had another orgasm spraying everything he had left in to her as more energy flowed in to her through his cock and even his hands. Doll screamed out her pleasure as she sucked everything out of him not noticing the sunlight slowly getting brighter working it's way through the window.

As her pleasure suddenly subsided she opened her eyes and saw the sun staring her in the face. She suddenly felt more in control as her lust was finally quenched and the dawn had returned her to normal. she took a moment to get her bearings. "It's over, finally!" She said as she looked down at the lifeless man under her.

"Brian?...BRIAN?" She yelled out shaking him trying to get a reaction. "BRIAN!!... Oh god no, wake up. WAKE UP DAMMIT!" She slapped him in the face trying to get him to wake up but nothing seemed to be working. Tears were flowing down her face as she said, "wake up, you cant fucking leave me like this, WAKE THE FUCK UP!" She yelled one more time as she pounced on his chest before breaking down balling her eyes out and falling down on his chest. "I couldn't fight it, Im sorry! Im so sorry!" she laid there for a moment and time seemed to stop as she could feel her heart breaking. she punched him in the chest one last time out of anger for what she had done when she suddenly heard him take a deep breath!

"Oh my god! Brian? BRIAN?"

"...COUGH COUGH!" Brian was suddenly breathing again."Please stop hitting me!"

Doll wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him all over his face before she punched him in the shoulder.

"Ouch! what did i just say?"

"Don't ever fucking do that to me again!"

Brian gave her a weak smile before he fell asleep from pure exhaustion. Doll laid next to him watching him to make sure he kept breathing. She looked over and saw Lilith standing in the doorway.

"No, I'm done with this!"

"Yeah I think you've had enough"


"Yup, I told you from the beginning this wasn't about hurting you or him, I actually think you 2 are adorable together."

"Then why did you let me almost kill him?"

"I wouldnt have let him Die, I just wanted you to know what could have happened if you had kept doing what you were doing with all that power."


"Really, im not vengeful like some stupid book says! God that pisses me off!"


"Yeah apparently there's some God book that makes everyone thing I'm some evil bitch, the guy I'm shacking up with told me about it."

"Shacking up? Lilith? You have a man?"

"Hey, none of that! And just one last thing before I go, if you run across any horney ghosts or anything thats not my fault, and heres a little going away present."

"Oh god please no more presents,"

"No no, it's nothing like that." Suddenly a box appeared on the chair in the corner of the room with a pink bow on it. "Enjoy being human." And in a flash Lilith was gone.

Doll laid next to Brian constantly checking to make use he was still breathing before she got up to see what was in the box. she untied the bow slowly preparing herself for what might attack her when she opened it. She lifted up the lid and saw nothing.

"that's odd?" She said looking around the empty box until she suddenly saw a light shining from it. A ball of light started to float out of the box in front of her before it flew in to her chest. She had a strange feeling and a rush of energy overcame her. "what the hell?" she said as she felt amazing all of a sudden. She looked in the box and saw a note.


You're redemption is over, enjoy this gift, you now have some of your old powers back but not all, you are still human and it's mainly to spice up your sex life with Brian. I hope you can find a way to use them for good.


Doll looked at herself in the mirror as she felt her body. She still felt all the amazing human sensations she had learned to love but now with her magic abilities back she wondered how she could use them to maybe help people.
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