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Mowgli Hunt

This is the second story in the "Digital Dominion" Series following "Special Agent Jessica Rabbit". None of the characters in the story actually are Mowgli or Poison Ivy. They are just called that. All the "Mowglis" are all full grown men over 18. I repeat no one in this story is under age.


No one saw it coming. Digital Dominion was an entire world built inside the computer. They knew hackers would try to get in and use it to their advantage. So they set up every defense possible. They were going to keep the hackers outside. They failed to consider what would happen if someone hacked them from within.

Martin Wallace was a black-hat for hire. He had been contacted by the women calling themselves Jannilove via a chat room he frequented on the dark web. They provided everything he needed to be admitted into Digital Dominion. As far as the administrators knew he was meek little artist Miles Harwood who could barely even turn a computer on let alone use it. They had no reason to suspect how dangerous he actually was.

Once in Wallace went to work. Sneaking off into the Sci-fi world he began 'borrowing' the technology he needed to access the master controls for the whole system. It took a few weeks to finish his project undiscovered but finally finished he smuggled it into the Jungle world. There the women of Jannilove awaited him.

God they were gorgeous. In their early thirties and forties the women were sexual goddesses with long luscious legs, large powerful hips, strong powerful arms, and massive heavy breasts. Each wore nothing but the skimpiest bikini imaginable.

"Here you go Ladies."

He handed the woman clearly in the lead the small device which he had disguised as an old school TV remote.

"So where's my cash?"

"You want your payment?" the leader asked.

"Well duh."

"Here you go."

She pressed in her command. Wallace felt weird. It was if every cell in his body was tingling. Wait he didn't have cells anymore. His code was tingling. They were rewriting his code! The world spun out of his control. When it settled again he was on his hands and knees. He saw a puddle of water below him. He was reflected back in it. Except it wasn't him. What he saw was Mowgli from the Jungle Book. What the hell? He looked at his hands and saw they were the hands of a small Indian boy. No, he was the same age. He had always been short. They had just made him look more like the cartoon character. What the hell?

"He's all your's," the leader said.


One of the busty babes scooped him up and squished him against her breasts.

"I'm gonna love raping you for all eternity jungle boy."

With that she bounded off carrying the former man Martin Wallace to his new life. The leader smiled down at her new controller.

"Test run complete," she told the others, "let the hunt begin."

Life in Digital Dominion was sudden. Everyone who lived there was used to that fact. Since everything in the world was programmable data everything they knew could change on a fundamental level at any given moment. Still suddenly being asleep one moment in a warm bed and then a nanosecond later laying on the ground in the jungle was very disconcerting.

The nine men, all dwarfs, stood up to find themselves surrounded on all sides by amazingly busty babes in bikinis. One strutted forward holding a small black remote.

"There will be a small tingling sensation," she told them, "I apologize."

She pressed a button. The men were thrown off balance as the world around them began to spin. The women saw things differently. They watched as nine very different little men as their skin changed, their hair became black bowl cuts, and their clothes became nothing more than red loin clothes.

"You will have a five minute head start. If you can reach the temple you'll find the button to return you to your normal state. If not the life you knew is over. Your time begins now."


My name is Lowell. Well my name was Lowell. Now my name is Mowgli though I also answer to Jungle Boy. I had been a successful lawyer out in the real world. For the last three years here in Digital Dominion I had been a farmer in the country zone. Then last week the Mowgli Hunt hit. I was stolen from my bed, dumped in the jungle zone and transformed into Mowgli from the goddamn Jungle Book cartoon. To make matters worse I was being hunted.

Now normally a beautiful blonde wearing nothing but a leather jacket and bikini bottoms unable to hold her massive ass who wanted nothing more than to get her hands on me would be a dream come true. They wanted a hunt though. So I was compelled to try and reach the temple and my old life. I knew this urge was not my own but I couldn't fight it. I wish I could because running through the undergrowth in nothing but a loincloth sucked.

Monkeys dropped from the canopy surrounding me. That wouldn't be so bad except these weren't real monkeys. OK I know it's Digital Dominion so they are no 'real' monkeys here. These were created specifically by my huntress to help with her hunt. They dove for me but I managed to dive out of the way as the collided together. I took off again. Godammit where was that temple? Suddenly I saw a girl up ahead carrying a pitcher of water on her head up the path to a village. She could help me! Hell I could at least hide in the village until the coast was clear.

I made it to the river before an orangutan grabbed me holding me upside down dangling from the tree. The Woman arrived.

"Give me him."

Louie tossed me through the air and a I landed in her arms.

"Gotcha Jungle Boy."

She shoved me up against her breasts and zipped the jacket closed. It then morphed around us forming a tight seal. I wasn't getting out till she said.

"I've altered my own body too," she told me as she walked, "my sweat now releases an aphrodisiac pheromone. I'm gonna leave you in there for a few days so you can stew in them. Once you're good and unbelievably horny and only then I'll let you out and ravish you. After that our new life together can truly begin."

Gah! She's unzipping the jacket. God I'm so horny I can't wait for my new owner to take me and end my suffering. Bye.


Bernard. My name is Bernard not Mowgli. I don't care what those crazy bitches say. There was no way in hell they were catching me. After all I had been a damn good bounty hunter in the outside world. Here I was a beloved circus strong man. I could avoid these amatures no problem and I can handle myself. Of course having my muscles back wouldn't hurt. SNAP! Someone was close by. Peeking out onto the game trail I saw one of the women. It was a blond with a bikini it looked like her ass was trying to eat. She was carrying a clay water jug. She set it down and stopped to fiddle with her top. It rolled down hill close to where I was hiding. I could knock her out with it and steal her remote. I was out of here!

As quietly as I could I crept out and grabbed the jug. As soon as I did a pink powder shot out and into my face. I collapsed limp but fully conscious.

"Gotcha!" she teased.

She grabbed my arms and slipped them up under her bikini one on either ass cheek. The swimsuit morphed around them becoming manacles. Humming happily to herself she continued on along the path she had been on as if nothing had happened. I knew she could instantly teleport us anywhere she wanted. She was doing this to show me she owned me now. After what felt like an eternity of walking or dragging in my case my once defiant spirit was now broken. She knew it too.

I dropped to the floor of an English manor house. The jump had been instant. Silky black sheets shot off the bed wrapping around me pinning my arms to my side. I was then yanked up onto the bed. My captor smiled at me. Her clothes vanished and she climbed up to join me. I felt a breeze. Looking down I saw my loincloth was gone.

"Get ready Jungle Boy," she teased, "with this remote I'm gonna make this screwing last weeks."


This is the most racist thing that has ever happened to me. My name is Tipu. Before coming to Digital Dominion I had been a respected professor in Dehli. Coming here I became a warrior hero in the Fantasy Zone. My life was good. Then I was snatched along with eight other men and brought to the Jungle Zone where I was transformed into Mowgli. Mowgli! I was an Indian man transformed into an American cartoon made my white people so horny women with a crazy fetish could hunt me! I was not putting up with this shit.

Desperately I ran through the jungle. That damn temple had to be here somewhere.


Oh God one of the women had found me. A dark skinned beauty in a white top and black bottom came running after me.

I ran and ran. I was fast. She was faster. She tackled me to the ground and we went rolling into the water. Except we never got wet. Instead we were in a funky sci-fi living room.

"No!" I screamed.

"Oh yeah," she taunted, "there's no temple for you."

She slipped out of her clothes and began advancing on me. Robotic arms rose out of the floor and locked my legs in place. A third yanked off my loincloth. Two more came out of the walls trapping my arms spreading me out spread eagle. I was trapped. I was hers.


Run. I had to run. I've been the Jungle Zone before so I knew where the temple was. I was going to get free. The ground began to shake. Turning back my blood turned cold. There was one of the women a brunette with massive boobs in a tiny blue bikini riding astride an Indian Elephant. A black panther ran along side. She saw me. She lifted a black remote.

What the hell where was I? The jungle? What the hell was I doing in the jungle? I couldn't remember a damn thing. Hell I couldn't even remember my own name. Suddenly a black panther came bounding after me apparently leading an Indian elephant.

"There he is!"

Shit they were after me! Why? Running for my life I ducked in the tall grass. Shit! Shit! How was I going to get out of here?

"What's the matter Baby? You lost?"

The most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life sat lounging by a small pool of water. Long black hair brushed against her shoulders. Long tantalizing legs, a thick juicy ass, and the largest breasts I had ever seen were contained in the smallest blue bikini I had ever seen.

"Yes, yes I am."

"Oh you poor thing. Here let me help you."

She walked over and pulled me in for a warm fleshy hug. She rested my head on her breasts and I suddenly felt safe and content.

"Are those mean animals chasing you?"

"Uh huh."

"I know how to hide you from them."


"Just climb up in between my breasts. They can't see you or smell you in there."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course."

"Well OK."

I took a deep breath and climbed in. It felt weird: soft, squishy and warm. It was wonderful.

"Let's get you out of here."

The whole world bounced around me as she walked.

"OK we're safe. Where do you live? I'll give you a lift."

"I can't remember."

"Well you're more than welcome to stay with me until you do."


"You need me. I love that. It's why I erased your memories in the first place."


"Don't worry about it. You won't remember in a moment anyway."

I heard the click of a remote. Where the hell was I? Oh I was in my owner's tits. Of course I was. I settled in and went to sleep. I was so glad I never had to leave.


I had to run. I had to get back to my wife. I had to get back to my old life. I was not going to spend all eternity as f-ing Mowgli for some crazy chicks with the perviest fetish I had ever heard of. So where was that goddamn temple?! Suddenly the tail of a python shot down from a tree overhead and encircled me yanking me into the canopy. I began to panic. I was not going out this way. I was not going to be snake food dammit! I was plopped down on the branch the snake was encircling. I stopped dead. I head expecting to see a snake head staring back at me. Instead it was a gorgeous woman in a leopard print bikini. Her legs morphed into the tail now holding me.

"What the hell are you?" I asked.

"Well I was a dental assistant. Here I'm a Lamia. I live here in this jungle enjoying peaceful days up in the trees. It's gotten a bit lonely though so I joined this little hunt. Now I'll never be alone again. I'm going to keep you here snug in my coils my constant little companion."

"Listen woman I have a wife, a job, a home. I can't stay here."

"Silly man-cub. Your wife didn't marry Mowgli. Will your job risk having a child employed there? Of course not. You have nothing but me now. But I'll tell you what ..."

The tip of her tail slid up and ripped off my loin cloth.

"... if you spend the night in my embrace and still want to leave tomorrow I'll let you go. But I think you'll enjoy it too much to ever go. Her bikini fell away and she wrapped herself around me. That was five nights ago. I still haven't left.


There was no way these women were going to catch me. While they hunted us on the ground I was going to take the smart way out. I took the trees. Slowly and carefully I crept from branch and branch on my way to the temple. There was no way anyone was going to find me.

Then I saw one. She was wearing sunglasses and a red one-piece that accentuated her plump sexy hips. She was just wading through the water below. I stood as still as I could. Unfortunately it seemed to have rain the night before and my branch was slick. I slid off and fell into the water at her feet.

"Well hello there cutie. Were you spying on me? What a naughty little boy. I'm gonna have to punish you when we get home."

I thrashed about trying to regain my footing but it was too late. She scooped me up into her arms. I kicked and punched trying to break free.

"Well if you insist on acting like a baby I'm gonna have to treat you like one."

Something sticky grabbed my fist. Turning my head I saw her swimsuit was stretching out like putty encasing my hand. More tendrils shot out ensnaring the rest of my limbs. I was pulled forward and through a world of sticky red material. The next thing I knew I was pressed up against her belly in the fetal position.

I could feel myself being bounced around as she walked. Suddenly she stopped and I felt myself being forced down through through her suit. Oh that's what she meant by treating me like a baby. Plopping out onto a bed I realized I was now completely naked. Before I could figure anything else out she tackled me to the bed slipping my hands into ropes looped through the headboard. Her glasses and swimsuit dissolved away.

"Get ready Baby," she told me, "Mama's gonna make you feel real good."


I sat in a tree watching the jungle below. There had to be a way out of this mess. A village! Thank God! I was almost free! As soon as I reached the village I could call for help. A woman dropped from a higher branch to the one just below me. She was a sexy redhead in a tiny bikini even redder than her hair. It made a great show of her big bouncy ass.


I jumped down and made a run for the village.

I didn't make it. The snake from the Jungle Book jumped out of the tree above me. It crashed into me wrapping itself around my like a living rope ensnaring me in it's devious binds. A pair of feminine bare feet fell into my point of view.

"Good job my sweet little pet."

A bent down to look me in the eyes.

"It's so cute you thought you could get away from me."

She scooped me up into her arms smiling at me like a cat with a canary. She carried me into a hollow in a nearby tree. With a click of her remote our clothes disappeared as if they never existed. Since they were only data they technically didn't.

"I'm gonna make you enjoy this."

Thus began the strangest three weeks of my life. She ravaged me. She did things to me I never knew a woman could do to a man. As the days passed I begin to feel something change inside of me but I couldn't really figure out what that was. Then one day I awoke to find my captress and her pet asleep. The snake's coils had fallen from my body in the night. I was free!

I ran and ran until it felt like my legs were going to fall off. Finally I reached the outskirts of the village. It was over. I would never have to see that amazing woman again. I was going back to work, back to my normal boring old life. I wouldn't have to spend my days having hot and crazy sex with a woman way out of my league. I would go back to being alone.

I climbed back into the tree and snuggled up next to my Mistress. Who needed to be free anyway? I prefer to be wanted.


They were not going to take me! Nobody was taking my life away from me. I worked hard for it. I begged, borrowed, and stole just to get the funds needed to enter Digital Dominion in the first place. Once here I worked my ass off to become a success. Now I was being chased through the jungle by women who turned me into Mowgli! I do not need this shit!

Suddenly vines were fired from the trees under the power of an unseen force. They wrapped around my limbs yanking me up into the canopy. I was now dangling face up in a makeshift sling. A figure climbed out of the leaves to face me. She was a gorgeous brunette with the largest breasts I had ever seen. She wore nothing but leaves and vines.

"Let me go!" I shouted trashing about.

"Sh, Jungle Boy, Poison Ivy just wants a little kiss."

I tried to fight her but it did no good. She leaned in and kissed me on the mouth with the longest, most passionate kiss of my life. Then I knew no more.

Poison Ivy smiled wickedly. It worked! The Mowgli's mind had been completely erased. He was nothing more than a controllable character in a video game. She would never get tired of playing with him. To prove this point she yanked off his loincloth. The vines brought him to her so she could mount him. Then the vines encased them in a cocoon neither would ever leave but one would always enjoy.


Temple of the Goddess

The temple! I was free! I was going home! I ran into the heart of the ancient looking structure. There! In the center of the main chamber was a stone alter. Sitting dead center on the alter was a black remote like the leader woman had used on us. I won! I was free! I grabbed the remote and pressed the red button. The remote transformed into a coil of rope ensnaring my body. I fell to the floor helpless.

"And then there were none."

I turned to look as the leader sauntered in.

"Did you really think there was a way out of this? Baby this is forever."

To prove her point the temple door sealed shut behind her. She then grabbed me and hoisted me up on to the alter.

"Welcome to my temple Man-cub."

"Your temple?"

"Yes, here in Digital Dominion I'm the goddess of lust. This is my temple and you are my sacrifice."

At this point our clothes dissolved away. She then mounted me as a conqurer claiming her prize.

"Get ready."

Then she rode me long and hard for God only knows how long until we both came, twice. She collapsed ontop of me, panting.

"Rest up Baby. We've got an eternity of this left to go."

the end
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