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Mr. Wiggles Goes Undercover

Hi, Harry Wiggles here; back with another story for you lucky people. It seems every time my master goes to a party, I meet the most attractive pussies. These ladies can come in all sizes, shapes and colors, as far as I'm concerned, because when it comes down to it, they all open up for Harry.

The other day Master received a phone call from some CIA person telling him he would be part of an undercover operation, codename TPA. How we got involved with CIA business, I don't know, unless one of those ladies from the last party we were at was a spy. Yeah, that was it! One of them must have been a spy. These people were calling to get our help tracking this woman down. I was all for it, so I sent a message to the brain, telling him to accept the mission.

Next thing I know, we were on a plane, on our way to Maui. I was thinking, wow! A vacation on duty! What a deal! I could only think about the many women he would meet and the countless pussies I would come in contact with while he was undercover, or should I say, under covers.

We boarded the plane to Germany, since that was the first place the CIA told us she would hide out. We landed in Germany at six in the evening and Master immediately went to the nearest restaurant because he did not like airline food. As we were seated, Master spotted a platinum blonde bombshell; he motioned for her to join him. They chatted during their dinner, all the time my thoughts were of my dinner, her pussy.

After they were done eating, Master invited her up to his room for an after dinner mint and whatever popped up, if you know what I'm talking about. As soon as they got to Master's room, off came the clothes and I saw Gloria for the first time. She was a brunette who was shaved quite closely, but not totally bare. I noticed some oozing from her lips and I offered to go in and try and stop it.

She told me she would be ever so grateful, seeing as how her Mistress seemed to be horny twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I asked Gloria, while I was fixing her problem, if she knew anything about her Mistress dealing with government secrets. She couldn't think of anything, but told me that a friend of hers might be able to help. After a few more squirts, her problem was fixed, for the moment, and I told her to call me if the problem arose again. I then said good-bye to go in search of Katrina.

Luck must have been in my corner, because at the corner store, Katrina's Mistress was just coming out of the door. Master bumped into her and I bumped into Katrina, lucky me. The groceries that Katrina had in her arms fell to the ground. He offered to replace what was damaged and I could hear in her voice a hint of passion, as she said,

"Well, I'm not damaged, and that's the most important thing! Hi, I'm Patricia."

"Well, if you're not hurt, at least allow me to escort you home," Master said, with a devilish tone in his voice.

We took Patricia and Katrina home, and she insisted that Master come in and have a few drinks with her. Not being the rude type, Master graciously accepted and entered the apartment. The moment he set foot inside the room, everything changed. Katrina was no longer a clumsy little lady, but a whip-wielding dominatrix, in a full leather costume.

She locked Master in handcuffs and started telling him to tell her everything he knew. He started spouting off nonsense from the third grade and she grabbed his head and yanked it back. If Master hadn't realized it, I did…this was our spy. And I was so hoping to travel more and meet several other girls.

Good thing the CIA had Master place a micro recorder in his anus. Everything that she said was caught on tape. As soon as he could get a breath, he asked to go to the bathroom, since I was almost overflowing. He went towards the restroom, but quickly turned the corner and went to the telephone.

"Hello, I'd like to make an overseas call to the CIA," said Master.

"One moment, please," came the nasally voice of the operator.

"Hello, Chief Inspector Henderson here, who is this?"

"Special agent TPA, sir."

"Oh, yes. Agent TPA, how is the investigation going?"

"I think I've found your spy, sir. Her name is Patricia Peltz."

"Don't attempt to apprehend her yourself. I'll have officers there within the hour. Good job TPA."

"Just doing my job to protect my country, sir."

We went back to the bathroom and flushed the toilet, not to arouse any suspicions. After a few drinks, we ended up back in her bedroom, as she again turned from the clumsy blonde into the wicked dominatrix. Before she got in a lash with that whip, however, there was a banging on the door as it collapsed and the CIA entered.

"No one move! CIA! Hands where we can see them!

Master was commended for his bravery and rewarded with a sweet blonde secretary, whose name was Diane, and let me tell you, she was sweet. I was introduced to Stephanie, Diane's pussy. That night the Diane and Master went at it tooth and nail, while I got to know Stephanie very well.
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