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Mrs. Honey

"Are you ready for this, Mrs. Honey?" Professor Vanessa Barnes asked, with barely concealed excitement.

"Y'all know I just come off a double-overtime shift, right?" warned Mrs. Maxine Honey, the middle-aged chief custodian at Urban University. "Didn't have time to shower or even change, so I'm really sweaty an' probably kinda stinky too. Just sayin'."

"So much the better! That will serve as a good lesson to this little cheater, as to what honest hard work really means!" replied the Professor. "And...stinky is kinky! I mean—doesn't it get you hot just thinking about this very naughty young man having to service your sweaty body with his tongue?"

"Yeah—it does—and believe it or not, I get real horny after a long day's work!"

The statuesque, thick, plush forty-two-year-old African American lady custodian strongly resembled the buxom actress Niecy Nash, except that she was taller, bigger-boned, and even curvier.

Mrs. Honey broke into a lewd smile as she gazed down at twenty-year-old Donald "Skip" Richardson, a worried White university student who had been tied down, face up and nearly naked, atop a wide, padded examination table.

Skip was patrician in appearance: slim, well-groomed, blonde, blue-eyed, and baby-faced. His legs were spread partway and his ankles were restrained by leather straps. An elastic strap around his lean, hairless chest held him in place. Only his arms were left unbound, so that his hands could be put to service as needed, along with his mouth and tongue.

An impressive erection—the result of an experimental male-enhancement pill the Professor had compelled him to swallow a little earlier—was already tenting the front panel of his grey cotton boxer briefs, the only item of clothing he had on. Though he was lean and slight of frame, the college boy was clearly well-endowed down below.

"Well what are you waiting for, dear?" the Professor asked Mrs. Honey. "Show him what you've got in store for him!"

"Roger that!" Mrs. Honey began peeling her work uniform off her plush, nearly six-foot-tall body—pulling off her shoes and socks, and lowering her baggy khaki trousers, to reveal lime-green panties that clung to her broad curvy booty and rode up into the hot, humid crack between her sizable butt cheeks. Then off came her uniform shirt, revealing two enormous dark-umber breasts barely restrained by a formidable lime-green brassiere.

She draped her clothes carefully over the back of a chair placed near the examination table.

Mrs. Honey had solid, broad shoulders, and strong arms with colorful, flowery tattoos on each of her biceps. Her middle-aged belly pooched a little, and there was a hint of sag in her otherwise magnificent ass, but she was in excellent shape overall. Her skin, the color of strong dark coffee, was unblemished and smooth.

You could easily tell the lady janitor had been quite a beauty in her younger days, and even in middle age she was still inarguably hot. By any standards of female sexual attractiveness, she qualified as a milf—though a large one.

"You're a big girl, aren't you, Mrs. Honey?" asked Professor Vanessa rhetorically. "Our skinny little slave boy might not survive the whole night underneath you! Well...there are worse ways to go, right? Perhaps you'd like to begin by having our young male slut worship your beautiful big breasts?"

"I'd like that!" With her strong arms, Mrs. Honey effortlessly boosted her thick body up onto the exam table, and got on all fours directly above the prone Skip. She looked down teasingly into his worried eyes and ground her pantied crotch against his firm boner.

The erotic sensation caused them both to close their eyes and moan at the same time—the older woman in anticipation, and the college boy in frustration.

Then Mrs. Honey pressed her pillowy lips against his. She knew how to kiss, and in spite of his nervousness and fear, Skip actually enjoyed it—until Mrs. Honey broke the spell by pushing her whole tongue into his mouth, signaling her intended sexual conquest of his young male body.

Then she slid her own body forward, bringing her big, dusky boobs directly above the young man's face. They were still restrained within her strong brassiere, but they looked as if they could burst the cups at any moment. Mrs. Honey brushed them across the tip of Skip's nose. A lusty scent emanated from her steamy cleavage: mostly perspiration, but also the faintest trace of a flowery perfume that she'd probably applied before she started work, and which was now all but faded away.

"Take my bra off, white boy," the imposing lady commanded.

Skip hesitated.

"Do it!" ordered Professor Vanessa.

If he didn't do what the Professor told him to, he'd fail her class. If he failed her class, he'd lose his scholarship. So Skip shakily stretched both of his arms around Mrs. Honey's broad brown back, causing the older woman to murmur her approval. But he fumbled with the double-strength clasps of her bra strap. He'd wiggle one open, only to have it catch again as he worked on the other. Mrs. Honey rolled her eyes—and finally pushed Skip's arms away and reached around her back to finish the job herself.

She reared up for a moment to let the the unclasped triple-D cups slip down off her front—as her magnificently plump, round, ebony breasts, each of them bigger than Skip's entire face, swung free. They gleamed with spicy work-sweat. Her areolae were purplish-black and seemed as wide as saucers, and her already stiff nipples protruded out a good half-inch or more from each.

Professor Vanessa picked up the bra and placed it with the rest of Mrs. Honey's clothes, then returned to her seat to watch the breast worship play out. The Professor was also an attractive middle-aged Black woman, but more of a Halle Berry type with a perfect hourglass figure and long legs, dressed in a tight top, short skirt, and stiletto heels.

With a soft plop, Mrs. Honey pancaked her upper body down onto Skip, engulfing his head in her steamy voluptuous ebony flesh. She shoved her heavy sweaty boobs in his face as he moaned softly from fear—and from lust. His erect cock jolted in the prison of his boxer briefs.

"Suck my titty!" Mrs. Honey commanded him, grabbing her right breast and pushing her fat, purplish nipple against the young man's pursed lips. Without further bidding he opened them—and not only the nipple but an ample portion of the imposing woman's fleshy tit invaded his mouth.

As Skip drew his lips together and began to suck loudly on Mrs. Honey's impressively large boob, he could taste her sweat-salt and her skin, and could feel her coarse nipple swell even stiffer and bigger inside his mouth.

Mrs. Honey drew a sharp breath through her teeth and threw her head back with immediate delight.

"Ooohh damn—that's nice! Suck it baby! Suck it HARDER!" she exclaimed, pumping her ebony tit again and again into Skip's face, fucking his mouth with her steely nipple. After a few minutes of this, she withdrew the saliva-slick right breast and immediately jammed the left one into the White youth's mouth for the same forceful treatment.

"I think he enjoys nursing on your generous tits, my dear," observed the Professor. "But then again, who wouldn't?"

Mrs. Honey's big body was firing up in full female arousal. As she continued to bob up and down on Skip's mouth—sighing and moaning as the young man groaned under her fleshy onslaught—she could feel the heat rising at her southerly end.

"I'm really startin' to juice know...down there, Professor Vanessa," she said.

"I can see that from here! Your panties are already soaking through! So—why not sit your no-doubt VERY fragrant pussy right on this little male slut's face, and get him started on orally pleasuring you—first through those wonderfully wet panties, and later more directly?"

The severe lady academic smiled in satisfaction as Mrs. Honey slid herself farther forward over the college boy's tied-down body. She brought her meaty thighs together to scissor both sides of his head, turning it firmly face-up toward her groin.

"Time to go downtown baby," she said.

The slim White college boy looked helplessly up at the damp crotch of the Black milf's lime-green panties, now positioned directly over his face. The outer lips of her pussy were already swollen and pressed against the cloth, so that their shape was clearly visible to Skip. The wet vee of cotton that covered them was thickly saturated with all of the voluptuous lady's most intimate scents: work-sweat and a sharp tang of pee, together with a penetrating, creamy musk of female sexual arousal seeping from her aroused vulva. Wiry black pubic hairs, already glistening with her pussy juices, curled out from the sides.

The strong raunchy scent of Mrs. Honey's unwashed lady parts cascaded down like an invisible fog over Skip's nose and mouth.

"I've been wearin' these panties for about twelve hours now, baby," the working woman mentioned casually while looking into Skip's nervous eyes. "All through that long shift. I'm sure they're plenty full of me."

"Ha!—very good—now sit on his face!" said Professor Vanessa eagerly. "Let him soak in your femininity for a while—before you remove those panties and make him use his mouth and tongue to pleasure you directly, front and back!"

"N-no...don't..." pleaded Skip, frightened by the sexually explicit threats—and fearful of being smothered beneath the overheated, sweaty body of an aggressively horny lady who was bigger and heavier than he was—not to mention more than twice his age!

"You brought this on yourself, son," the Professor retorted. "You said you'd do anything to pass your Women's Studies class after you were caught cheating. Anything, you said! And I'd say this penalty fits the offense perfectly well!"

"C'mon baby, be a man about it," Mrs. Honey urged as she slowly lowered her wet, aromatic crotch toward Skip's nose and mouth. "Imma teach you how to make a lady really happy."

Just before the Black woman's sopping panties made contact with Skip's boyish features—with her juicy lady-lips no more than a hair's breadth and the thickness of a cotton panel away from his mouth—she paused.

"Kiss the pussy," she instructed him.

Again, Skip hesitated.

"You heard Mrs. Honey, slave boy!" scolded the Professor. "Kiss her pussy!"

Seeing no alternative, he pursed his lips and gave the curvy woman's wet panty crotch a quick fastidious little peck.

"Aww c'mon! You can do better than that, baby," Mrs. Honey pouted. "Just pretend my pussy is your girlfriend's mouth—gimme some tongue!"

Skip shuddered and pressed his mouth harder against the lady janitor's crotch. His tongue reluctantly slipped out and slowly ran along the steamy furrow between Mrs. Honey's puffy labia. He got his first salty, slimy taste of her feminine juices.

At the touch of his tongue, Mrs. Honey gasped in pleasure—and dropped her body down onto him! As her groin made full contact with Skip's boyish face, her swollen pussy lips made a soft juicy squishing noise as they spread out over his nose and mouth.

"Ohhhhh!" moaned Mrs. Honey as Skip's nose grazed her clitoris, which was already throbbing and swelling almost to the thickness of her pinky finger.

"MMMMFFF!" came the young man's flesh-muffled cry—as the aroused, heavily perspiring ebony lady laid the full weight of her curvy backside onto his trapped face.

"Yes!" gloated Professor Vanessa. "Smother him with that big beautiful body of yours!"

Skip's nose was forced between Mrs. Honey's meaty labia into her oven-hot pussy. The sex juices now oozing abundantly through the crotch of her panties made them stick to his face as if glued there. Through the sopping cotton fabric he could feel Mrs. Honey's pulsing clit and the wiry roughness of her coarse natural bush.

Professor Vanessa leaned forward and looked to ensure that the White college student's nose and mouth were fully imprisoned between the Black lady janitor's thick thighs, and pressed into her wet and musky crotch as deeply as possible.

"Now—SMELL her!" she commanded Skip. "Bury your nose in her, boy! I want to hear you sniffing DEEP inside Mrs. Honey's vagina!"

"Yeah—you get that nose all up in my pussy!" demanded Mrs. Honey. "Right through my dirty panties! And LOOK at me—you look into my eyes while you're doin' it, white boy!" She leaned forward over her big bust and leered down at her young sex slave's face.

Skip looked meekly up into the big woman's lust-filled deep-brown eyes as he took a long, deep sniff of her lady parts. The funky, musty, powerfully female odors of her unwashed sex made him dizzy. He moaned, and by reflex tried to twist his head away—but Mrs. Honey clenched her thighs and thrust her crotch even more firmly into his face.

"Oh no you don't, son!"

In spite of Skip's distress, his drug-enhanced horniness was clearly being affected by Mrs. Honey's overpowering female musk, thick with strong fuck-me-now pheromones. His erect cock swelled taller and thicker, and it spasmed and bobbed to the beat of his racing pulse, stabbing out desperately against the restraining fabric of his boxer briefs, betraying his slavish lust.

The Professor saw this and laughed out loud. "He may be moaning and whining under there, Mrs. Honey—but it's quite clear the little bitch actually likes what you're doing to him!"

"MMMMFF!" groaned Skip, imprisoned between the ebony milf's strong thighs.

"You keep sniffing Mrs. Honey's pussy, slut boy!" commanded the Professor. "Push your nose deeper into her—DEEPER!"

Skip submissively complied, drawing in an even bigger whiff and moaning again. He continued to gaze up into the lady janitor's eyes, watching them glaze over as the feel of his nose against her labia and clit sent jolts of sexual delight throughout her ample body. Skip could smell nothing other than Mrs. Honey's funky female odors, as she rubbed her wet pantied crotch over his face, erotically riding it from her oily pussy lips to her sweaty ass crack and back again, over and over.

And even as the White college boy, tied to the table, took his first dose of femdom sexual abuse from the older Black woman, his ignored but hugely erect cock kept on throbbing painfully underneath his briefs, as his balls swelled with spunk and ached for release that was not forthcoming!

"Ohhhh Lord in heaven!" cried Mrs. Honey. "This boy's nose feels SO good rubbing my pussy—even through these panties!"

"That's excellent," Professor Vanessa crowed—then teased Skip: "And now you know what a REAL woman smells like, son! Nothing like those perfumed plastic sorority Barbie dolls you frat boys are all accustomed to—is it?"

Skip moaned again, while Mrs. Honey's eyes fluttered and her whole body shook with pleasure.

"Fuck his nose, Mrs. Honey!" urged the Professor. "Fuck it as hard as you can! Put all your weight into it! Don't worry about smothering him—just take your pleasure!"

Mrs. Honey pumped her swampy pussy ever more forcefully into the young man's nose and mouth, feeling the bodily thrill as Skip was forced to keep sniffing her musky sex through the ooze-drenched crotch of her dirty lime-green panties.

"Ohh!—sweet Jeezus YES!—YES!" the big-bodied ebony milf cried, as she forcefully fucked the slave-boy's helpless face, making loud squishy wet noises. "This feels—so GOOD!—OHHH!—UNNGH!"

"Go right ahead and come on the little slut's face if you want to, Mrs. Honey," Professor Vanessa encouraged. "There's nothing wrong with having a little appetizer before the banquet begins!"

Mrs. Honey growled like a mama bear as she worked her powerful leg and buttock muscles to increase the ferocity of her groin thrusts into Skip's face—making the solid examination table rock and bounce beneath their conjoined bodies. If not for the plump, swollen, slippery pussy lips that cushioned the force of each thunderous lusty downstroke, Mrs. Honey's aggressive face-rape might have broken the youth's nose!

"UHHNN!—UHHNN!—UHNNN!!" the thick voluptuous lady chanted, keeping time with her violent erotic thrusts. Her huge brown tits swung forward and back as she noisily pumped her juice-soaked crotch harder and harder against the college boy's nose and mouth.

Mrs. Honey's big ebony ass cheeks flexed and bounced as the buxom Black milf kept face-fucking the bound skinny White college boy for many long minutes—craving the sweet release of her first orgasm of the night. As the pleasurable sensations mounted, she let more and more of her ample body weight onto Skip's face, pressing her hungry vulva ever harder into his nose, lips, and tongue.

"Daayum—I'm so close, I'm SO CLOSE!" she cried as she pounded the youth's face.

But even though Mrs. Honey's body floated right on the fringe of ecstatic release—with her pussy pulsing and by now almost gushing her pungent female juices—the stimulation from Skip's nose and lips through her panties still wasn't quite enough to finish her off.

For that, she knew she'd have to remove her panties and ride the college boy's face bareback, so she could have his tongue deep in her hot pussy and his mouth all over her big, swollen clit!

So the lady janitor stopped for a breather and sprawled out, resting her thick sweaty body on top of the prone young man while her heartbeat slowed down a little. In this position, Skip's entire face was still trapped in her thick thighs and curvy booty, breathing sultry air that was heavy with her musk. Mrs. Honey's smooth, glistening, dark umber skin contrasted with the pale-white skin of the slender slave panting under the weight of her voluptuous form.

A few minutes later, when she felt fully ready for the next act, Mrs. Honey lifted herself off him and stood alongside the examination table.

Dazed, his face already gleaming with a coating of her sweat and pussy juices, Skip stared helplessly at the curvy dusky older woman as she peeled her thoroughly sodden lime-green panties down over her thighs and legs and turned them inside out.

"Here you go baby." She grinned, bent down, and wiped the juicy cotton crotch of the panties off on the youth's face—reinforcing her strong scent in his nostrils and her lusty tang on his lips and tongue—before placing them on the chair with the rest of her clothes.

Skip groaned, but his drug-enhanced erection bounced eagerly inside his boxer shorts, making the two dominant women laugh heartily.

"Guess you really do like the smell and taste of my dirty pussy, dontcha white boy?" Mrs. Honey asked. "That's good 'cause imma give you a LOT more of it—a lot closer up too!"

"Use him in any way you wish, my dear," offered Professor Vanessa, looking on from behind her desk. "In this room, nothing is off limits—there is no sexual act that can be considered too nasty or too kinky for a male slut to perform on a woman who demands it!

"Oh—and by the way, this room is completely soundproofed!"

"I LIKE it!" With surprising speed for a woman of her size, Mrs. Honey jumped back up on the examination table, on her knees spread-legged, straddling Skip's face, giving him his first close look at the naked, ravenous sex between her plentiful ebony thighs. It both intimidated and aroused him!

Mrs. Honey's pubic thatch was all natural: midnight-black with a few grey highlights; curly; thick in her crotch—and very wet. Her outer labia were dark purple-brown in color, and big—they hung down almost an inch below her bush. Her inner labia were deep pink, swollen, and gleaming with juices. And her clit was engorged and stiff, protruding from its hood and aimed straight at Skip's mouth. The musky odor of the big woman's arousal was stronger than ever.

She winked at the prone young man—then as he looked on from beneath her, she tensed her groin muscles to make the inner folds of her wet pussy purse together with an audible SMACK!—like a lower mouth eager to be thoroughly kissed and licked and sucked!
"This fat pussy might just eat YOU up baby," Mrs. Honey said, only partly in jest. "Okay now—stick your tongue straight up, white boy. Far out as you can stick it. Imma sit on it!"

Skip pleaded, "No—please don't, Missus Honey—I might suffocate in all that—"

The lady janitor cut his whining off by reaching back to squeeze his erect cock hard—painfully hard!

"Owww!" wailed Skip, as the two dominant women chortled.

"I said: stick that tongue OUT, son," Mrs. Honey repeated, and squeezed his dick a little harder.

"OWW!—Hey!—Okay, okay!" The college boy abandoned any pretense of resisting the dominant woman's lust-fueled commands: he extended his tongue straight up to await the inevitable messy, funky, smothering face-fucking.

"That's a good boy," Mrs. Honey murmured. "Nice long tongue you got there. This'll be good!"

"Take him!" urged the Professor. "Sit on his face!"

Mrs. Honey lowered herself onto Skip in the forward-cowgirl position, forcing his nose between her meaty, oily outer labia and impaling her searing, dripping, unwashed, very aromatic cunt down on his extended tongue. The walls of her vagina fluttered pleasurably against his warm tongue as it slid inside her.

Only Skip's gaping eyes and the top of his head remained visible as Mrs. Honey buried the rest of his face deep inside her hairy, sweaty groin, and settled her thick curvy body down on him with a juicy squishing sound.

"Is he licking you?" the Professor asked.

"Ohhhhh yes, yes!—his tongue's SO deep inside me!" exclaimed Mrs. Honey as she wriggled on Skip's trapped face, painting it with a new coat of her sex fluids. "Oh Lordy, Professor—I don't think I've ever been this wet before!"

"Splendid! Obviously you are taking very well to the dominant role, my dear! And young Skip to his as well—as your submissive oral slave!"

Mrs. Honey lifted herself up for a moment to eyeball and chuckle over her "submissive oral slave's" gasping, ruddy, thoroughly slimy face, before plopping back down and resuming a steady, delicious grind of her engorged, sopping vulva on his features.

"That's right baby—you stick that tongue right back in that pussy! Daayum, he's sure wet with my juices all right! But not nearly as wet as he's gonna get when I bust a nut right on his face—"

Professor Vanessa sat up excitedly. "You mean—?"

"Yes ma'am—I always squirt a ton when I come!"

"You're a squirter, Mrs. Honey! That's absolutely perfect!" the Professor cheered, then added, "But have you ever squirted directly and completely into a male's mouth?"

"No ma'am—my ex never let me do that!" The ebony milf chuckled. "Maybe that's why he's my ex!"

"Well, this time it's going to happen," said the Professor with authority. "We all know that at climax, a man's sexual pleasure is amplified by the knowledge that he is putting a little of himself inside of his partner. It's only fair that the woman should also have that same kind of pleasure—by discharging ALL the proceeds of her own lust into her slave male's mouth, for him to swallow!"

"Ohhh...jeezus, that sounds SO hot," cooed Mrs. Honey as she began to fuck the young man's face a little harder and faster. "Damn, I do wanna cum in his mouth!"

"And you'd better be ready for it, slave," Professor Vanessa enjoined Skip. "You're about to learn first-hand that a squirting orgasming woman is capable of ejaculating a much, MUCH greater volume of fluid than any man can! And YOU'RE going to have your mouth wide open when Mrs. Honey cums—and you'll SWALLOW every drop!"

"Just—uhhnn!—one problem though," added Mrs. Honey as she rode the college boy's face. "When I come REALLY hard like I think I'm gonna—ohhhh!—I can't control myself—I have to pee some too!"

"Don't hold anything back," the Professor assured her, grinning devilishly. "He can swallow that too."

Surprised, Mrs. Honey stopped pumping for a moment. "Really? You'd let me do that?"

"Like I said: nothing in this room is off-limits! Anything the mistress desires, the slave must perform. Anything! So go ahead, Mistress, and tell this slut exactly what you're going to do to him!"

The big buxom ebony milf lifted herself up again and leered down at Skip.

"Imma keep on FUCKING your face, white boy, and you're gonna keep on licking and sucking my dirty wet pussy 'til I CUM! And...imma cum SO hard in your face imma SQUIRT and PEE right in your motherfuckin' mouth! In your MOUTH! You hear me, boy?"

"No—not that!—no please, Missus Honey!" begged Skip. His sexual experiences were limited, and certainly none of his few previous bed partners had ever squirted—let alone pissed!—into his mouth. The prospect of this large and uninhibited woman letting loose on him repulsed and terrified him!

"You have no say in the matter, young man," insisted Professor Vanessa. "Unless you want to end it right here and take the consequences!"

Skip only shook his head and said nothing more.

"Please continue, Mrs. Honey!"

The horny lady janitor quickly plunged her hairy, sweaty, voracious pussy back down onto the college boy's nose and mouth and began riding him again—this time with a vengeance!

Professor Vanessa watched with satisfaction as Mrs. Honey's voluptuous middle-aged nude body writhed and wriggled atop the trapped face of the much slimmer and slighter young man. It was quite a spectacle. Her huge brown breasts were bouncing and swinging; her belly was rippling; her queen-sized buttocks were rolling back and forth; her pussy was making loud slurping noises; and her vocalizations were becoming more and more filthy and uninhibited!

"OHHH!—AHHHH!—YESSS!—Push that tongue in deeper!—DEEPER, slut!—UNHHH!—Lick my fucking CLIT!—YES!—SUCK my pussy!—TASTE it!—OHHHH JEEZUS this feels so good!—LICK me deeper, you motherfucker!—Come on!—And FASTER, goddammit—!!"

The odor of Mrs. Honey's sex was becoming so thick around the examination table that the Professor had to roll her chair a little ways farther back to escape it. But Skip's face was pressed right into the source! Squashed beneath the older woman's pounding, juicing, and sweating flesh, he moaned and gasped and grunted—though the only sounds that emerged were "MMMFF!—MMMFF!—MMFFFFF!"

Mrs. Honey's eyes closed and she began to pant heavily as she fucked her slave's face steadily faster, harder, and wetter! "OHHHHH!—OHHHHH!—OHHHHH!"

"You're close!" cheered the Professor. "You're SO close! You're gonna CUM! DO IT, Mrs. Honey!"

"OHHHHH you motherfucker, you SLUT!" the ebony milf yelled. "I'm CUMMING in your face!—In your MOUTH!—Ohhhh JEEZUS I'm—I'm—OHHHH YEAAAAHH—!"

Her fists clenched—her back arched—her buttocks tightened—her head flew back with mouth agape—and the lady janitor-turned-dominatrix went over the edge and came—and CAME!—more intensely and deliciously than she'd ever come before, shouting out her ecstasy!


Mrs. Honey's powerful vaginal and buttock muscles squeezed and throbbed uncontrollably, flooding her body with waves of pleasure, as she let loose squirt after squirt after copious squirt of slippery, gamy lady-cum—mixed with a steady trickle of her acrid yellow-gold piss—straight down into the open mouth of the helpless young male submissive!


"Wow, multiple orgasms too," observed the Professor. "You're quite a woman, Mrs. Honey!"

Pinned between his mature ebony mistress's scissoring thick thighs, Skip writhed and groaned and sputtered as her hot raunchy juices kept showering his face and spraying into his mouth!

"SWALLOW HER SQUIRT!" Professor Vanessa commanded. "ALL of it!"

Skip really had no choice—he could either drink down the older lady's heavy discharge or drown in it! He desperately gulped and swallowed, barely keeping up with the incessant spurts from Mrs. Honey's erupting pussy as she just kept on cumming! But as he did, the musty orgasmic ooze coated his tongue, his teeth, and the roof of his mouth, leaving a pungent taste to match the overpowering female musk in his nostrils.

Through the euphoric haze caused by the sweet barrage of orgasmic contractions, Mrs. Honey thought: It really is so much hotter, cumming in his mouth like this! From now on...!

To Skip the big ebony milf's climactic thrashing and squashing and squirting seemed to go on for hours, but finally it came to an end. Mrs. Honey sighed deeply, rolled over, and stretched out like a lazy lioness on the examination table alongside her sex slave, basking in the afterglow of her multiple orgasms. Several gleaming, snot-like strands of lady-cum stretched from her swollen vulva back to Skip's mouth and nose.

Skip lay there gasping, red-faced, and trembling, his head and shoulders drenched in his mature mistress's spendings. He was well-marinated in the earthy scents and tastes of Mrs. Honey's lady-cum and piss, and his belly felt full of her squirt. With shaking hands he plucked out a half-dozen or so curly black pubes that had gotten caught in his teeth.

"Now that's what I call pussy-whipped," sneered Professor Vanessa.

Even after all that, his erection still tented his now sweat-soaked briefs. Skip wondered if the dominatrixes planned to grant him any relief.

"Ridin' his face hard like that sure was fun," Mrs. Honey said to the Professor, as if Skip were nothing more than a pleasure toy. "He was actually pretty good with that tongue."

"Ha! Who'd have imagined that he would perform better between an older woman's thighs than between the pages of his textbook?"

Mrs. Honey's eyebrows lifted mischievously. "Kinda makes me wonder how'd he'd perform between an older woman's butt cheeks."

The Professor excitedly clapped her hands together. "I was hoping you'd want to try anilingus next!"

"Gotta say I'm awful sticky and nasty back there," Mrs. Honey warned. "Don't think he's gonna enjoy it all that much. But I sure will!"

"That's all that counts," Professor Vanessa said. "Slave, get ready to service your mistress's ass!"

Skip whimpered and shook his head in protest—to no avail, of course! Mrs. Honey got back on her knees and stretched one leg out over the prone college boy to straddle him again, this time facing his feet.

"I might need a little help gettin' his face in deep between these phat cheeks of mine," she said.

"Of course!" Professor Vanessa got up and approached the table, as Mrs. Honey moved her prodigious brown bubble booty into position just above Skip's head. For the first time, both Skip and the Professor got a good view of a tattoo the lady janitor had on her lower back: a pair of big red lips, from which a long tongue extended and curled down into the cleft between her buttocks.

"That body art is...most interesting," observed the Professor. "Are you sure you haven't played the dominant role before, Mrs. Honey?"

"Maybe just in my mind."

Positioned this close to Skip's face, Mrs. Honey's wide and curvy ass filled his field of view. Each of her dark-chocolate cheeks was bigger than his head. They were sleek and glistened with sweat. The ebony dominatrix playfully shook her hips to make her booty bounce and bump against the young man's face. Both women laughed heartily again.

Then the Professor slid her hands underneath Skip's juice-soaked head and lifted it up, as Mrs. Honey reached around and pulled her sticky buttocks wide apart in front of his face. The smell hit him immediately—his head jerked and his body jolted! Even the Professor scrunched her nose and made a face.

"You were not kidding! That is certainly rather ripe!"

"Hard as I work, just can't avoid gettin' real sweaty and dirty back there," replied the lady janitor as she lowered her ample ass onto Skip's face, then wiggled it to help the Professor wedge his head tightly between her queen-sized cheeks.

"How's that for deep, Mrs. Honey?"

"Mmmmmm! That's real nice, Professor!"

"I think he's trying to breathe through his mouth!" Professor Vanessa lightly slapped the back of Skip's head and scolded, "We'll have none of that, slave! You must SMELL your mistress's butt—DEEPLY!—before you service it with your tongue!"

"But—it's so—" he tried to protest, until the Professor slapped him again.

"Just DO it, slut! Sniff her DEEPLY through your nose—and we want to HEAR you smelling her!"

Skip submissively complied and drew in a long, loud, shuddering sniff of Mrs. Honey's unfiltered butt funk: a potent mix of sweat, musk, urine, pussy juice—and a few other unclean scents he didn't want to think about! He sputtered and coughed. He felt his squirt-filled belly churn, and hoped he wasn't going to puke!

"Good! And keep on smelling it!" the Professor ordered, tightening her grip on the back of his head. Skip groaned in abject misery, but he kept on sniffing.

Diabolically, the Professor held the young man's face inside Mrs. Honey's dirty ass and compelled him to take several long and deep sniffs, until she figured that his sense of smell was going numb—then yanked his head out for a couple of gasps of fresh air, before pushing him back in to savor the odors at full strength once again!

She did this again and again for several tortuous minutes, while Mrs. Honey laughed and rubbed her ass crack all over Skip's face, marking it with her funk.

"All right, white boy," she said after a while, "now lick me clean back there."

The way it smelled, Skip couldn't imagine the taste! He hesitated—until Professor Vanessa roughly shoved his face even deeper between the lady janitor's plump sweaty buttocks.

"You heard her, slut! Start licking the crack of her ass! NOW!"

Skip realized it was futile to resist the kinky commands of the two sexually dominant older women. They were in charge here and—like the Professor had said—nothing was off-limits!

He shut his eyes and grimaced, slowly extended his tongue into the depths of Mrs. Honey's ass crack, and began to lap up all the pungent juices that had collected in there, groaning and moaning with distaste all the while.

Skip couldn't believe he was being forced to rim the big, smelly, unwashed ass of a much-older woman he'd only met barely an hour ago!

"Heh, heh!" chortled Mrs. Honey. "I think imma get off on this!"

"You could definitely get used to it," offered Professor Vanessa. "And the way this little male slut is going at it with that tongue, maybe he'd like to be your regular ass and pussy cleaner after work every night!"

"Ohhh, that would be HOT!" At that thought, the ebony milf shivered and her pussy gave forth an extra gush of woman-juice, which dribbled down into Skip's mouth as he licked her foul ass crack with long wet strokes. His tongue swiped back and forth across her tight rosebud, which twitched and throbbed in response, as if anticipating the next kinky sexual demand that was sure to follow—and soon did!

"Now kiss my black asshole, boy."

"He can do better than that!" the Professor insisted. "Slave, you're going to FRENCH Mrs. Honey's anus! Press your lips against it and work your tongue in the hole until you can slide it in there DEEP—all the way into your mistress's rectum! Just as if you were french-kissing the mouth of one of your hot little blonde sorority chicks!"

She thrust his face even deeper into the lady janitor's ass, pressing his mouth up hard against her crinkly brown shitter! And once again, Skip acquiesced. Just as the two dominant older women demanded of him, he performed the perverse soul kiss on Mrs. Honey's dark and dirty nether mouth. He puckered up and pressed his lips to her anus, and wiggled the tip of his tongue there until her sphincter muscle relaxed, and yielded—

"OHHHH hell YEAH!" Mrs. Honey cried, and shoved her ass into him, forcing the entire length of his tongue through her sphincter and deep into her hot and slippery rectum! She immediately clenched her sphincter hard, to trap his tongue there.

"It's inside me—it's in ALL THE WAY!" she cried triumphantly. "Goddamn this feels GREAT!"

"His tongue is right where it belongs," said Professor Vanessa. "Deep in a woman's asshole!"

Skip groaned in utter sexual humiliation: his eyes were pressed into the spongy flesh of the forty-two-year-old lady janitor's huge buttocks; his entire face was pinned deep in her sweaty, unwashed ass crack; and his now thoroughly defiled tongue was buried full length in her fetid shit hole!

"Taste good?" the Professor taunted him.

"Bet you never done THIS with any of them sorority girls!" cackled Mrs. Honey—as she began to pump her big booty in Skip's face, fucking his tongue with her poop chute.

"Pleasure your mistress's asshole, slave!" barked the Professor. "Work that tongue DEEP!"

She held the youth's head in place as his tongue was forced in and out, in and out of Mrs. Honey's brown rosebud anus, lubed by his saliva and her nasty juices, making loud wet slurping noises.

The curvy lady janitor's hefty breasts swung to and fro and her buttocks clapped against Skip's head as she pumped him with gusto. She moaned in bliss each time his tongue went deep in her rectum. Her raunchy bodily smells and tastes and the tight hot embrace of her sweat-slick booty cheeks saturated his senses.

Still, this wasn't enough for Mrs. Honey. She reached back and grabbed Skip's right hand, and jammed it into her dripping vulva, shoving three of his fingers into her oozing pussy and pressing his thumb against her engorged clit!

"Rub it slave boy! I want you to get me OFF again with your fingers AND your tongue!"

With his face buried in Mrs. Honey's enormous ass, Skip couldn't see what he was doing, but still did his best to comply with his mature mistress's dual demands of masturbation and deep anilingus. He worked his fingers in and out of her boiling cunt and strummed her clit with his thumb, even as she fucked his tongue harder and faster in her sloppy, smelly asshole.

"YESS!—UNNHHH!—Tongue my black ASSHOLE you white slut!—OHHH jeezus YES—so HOT, you're lickin' me right where I SHIT!—OHHH rub that CLIT good!—UNNGGHH!—OHHH you motherfucker!—Make me CUM, I wanna CUM!!"

"That's right!" the Professor urged. "Use your slave, Mrs. Honey! Take your pleasure!"

Skip felt almost as if he had been swallowed up by the ravenous body of the curvy ebony milf: his tongue pumping in her rectum could feel his fingers furiously thrusting in her vagina, and vice versa!

"HUNNH!—UNHHH!—OOONNH!" she grunted, almost like a chant, as her pleasure grew and the secretions of her pussy and ass steadily trickled down onto her slave. After many long minutes of messy face-fucking and forced fingering, he suddenly felt Mrs. Honey's lower body tense up: the precursor to another staggering orgasm!

"OHH jeezus I'm cumming again!—I'M CUMMING, MOTHERFUCKER!"

The Professor stepped back to watch in awe as Mrs. Honey's buttocks slammed down on Skip's head—forcing his tongue to its maximum depth in her asshole—and her voluptuous brown body began to jolt and shimmy in erotic climax atop his face!


Still laboring deep inside Mrs. Honey even as she popped her cork, Skip's tongue and fingers felt every clench and contraction of her mighty groin muscles as she juddered in ecstasy. Her sphincter squeezed so hard on his tongue that it felt like it would be pinched off at the root! Another flood of tangy lady-cum poured out of her pussy around his fingers and splattered all over his face and chest.

The Black dominatrix let out a long, satisfied sigh and let her throbbing body go slack. She didn't seem to notice or care that—trapped under the weight of her profusely sweating woman-flesh, with his nose pressed tightly between her butt cheeks, his tongue still fully embedded in her tight asshole, and his mouth full of her cum—Skip was unable to breathe!

The young man's cries of alarm were muffled in her ass. He tried to pull his head free but he was trapped too tightly. Finally, growing desperate, he reached around and lightly swatted Mrs. Honey's buttocks.
"Hey," she barked, "I didn't say you could give me no spanking!" She lifted her ass a little bit—and then farted! Skip's tongue popped out of her asshole and he gasped.

"Very nice coda!" said Professor Vanessa with a chuckle.

Mrs. Honey kept Skip's face between her cheeks for a moment, to breathe in her aromatic gift at close range, before she got down off the examination table. The college boy lay quietly, trembling slightly, overwhelmed by the experience.

But even after all the sexual abuse he'd just received from the big horny lady janitor, evilly egged on by his own Professor, his cock was still fully erect and pointing straight up—whether from the lasting effect of the drug he'd been given, or from his own arousal, or both!

With a sly smile, Mrs. Honey slipped his boxer shorts down to his knees and took the hot, engorged, circumcised penis in her hand.

"Ohhhhhhh," moaned Skip.

"What a slut he is," the Professor sneered.

"Poor baby," said Mrs. Honey, more sympathetically. "He did everything we told him to, and he hasn't gotten no relief. An' he's got a nice dick—might be a pretty good ride!" She started stroking it, and Skip's moans grew louder and more throaty.

"Hmmm...He's definitely earned the passing grade he sought, and I was just going to dismiss him, but given the situation...Have you got one more good come left in you, Mrs. Honey?"

"I think' I'd sure like to see how this young cock feels in my old pussy."

"Then by all means—fuck him!"

"Roger that! But first I've gotta get that stink off of him. I sure as hell don't want MY face too close to all that!"

There was a sink in one corner of the room. Mrs. Honey took a handful of paper towels, moistened them, and used them to wipe the whiffy mix of pussy juice and lady-cum and pee and butt-sweat and fart-scent off Skip's beleaguered face and upper body. She removed his boxers and placed them alongside her own clothes.

"Okay—now I can screw you proper, white boy!"

Smiling wolfishly, she got back up on the sturdy table and squatted over the young man's midsection. Skip looked on with open-mouthed anticipation as she took hold of his stony erection and pointed it toward the sopping lips of her hairy pussy.

"Look at me boy."

He turned his eyes up to hers like a puppy dog waiting for a command.

"Don't you dare come before I do!" she said sternly.

"I'll try not to, Missus Honey...I...I...won't—"

The middle-aged dominatrix kept watching the college boy's face as she dropped her thick curvy body onto his slim pale form, taking his whole cock deep into her searing, soaking, clutching love box!

Skip's head flew back and he bellowed at the long-delayed and incredibly pleasurable sensation of that initial penetration!

"Ohhh GODDDDDD Missus Honey—!!"

"Oh yeah, that's nice huh, that's nice baby!"

Sitting astride her prone submissive like a great ebony Sphinx, Mrs. Honey began to fuck him with long, powerful strokes. She knew exactly how to maximize the pleasure for both of them: again and again, she would pull up until only the head of the young man's swollen penis remained inside her, parting her outer pussy lips—then plunge down all the way and grind her haunches hard into his pelvis, to stimulate her clit and push his cock as deep in her vagina as it could go.

With each delicious thrust, she would pick up the pace just a little bit more. Skip's body was still tied down to the examination table, so he could do little except hold onto his mature mistress's hips as she plunged and wriggled and ground down on his erect dick with ever-increasing speed and force. From time to time, she would lean forward and plop her heavy sweaty breasts onto her sex slave's face, forcing a swollen left or right nipple into his eager mouth.

"Ohh jeezus YES boy!—Suck my big black TITS!—OHHH suck that NIPPLE you motherfucker!"

"MMMMM!—MMMMM!" he answered, sucking for all he was worth!

Skip had never before experienced such intense sexual stimulation and physical pleasure—and it went on and on as the lusty, larger-than-life, dominant older woman rode him more and more vigorously and noisily. The drug the Professor had fed him was delaying his climax, while at the same time turning the sensitivity of his cock up to eleven! Every nerve in his body was on fire and every muscle was throbbing. His balls were loading up for what was sure to be the most explosive orgasm of his young life!

And Mrs. Honey was clearly feeling much the same way: her eyes were shut and she was breathing hard and moaning incessantly. She was savoring the feel of her slave boy's thick, hot, rigid cock pistoning in her slick, clutching vagina and sliding against her juicy clit. She was right on pace for her own titanic orgasm.

Professor Vanessa watched the loud and furious fucking with awe—and with deep satisfaction at what she had wrought here tonight by bringing this unlikely dom/sub pair together. Minutes passed, and then—

"OHHH GOD Missus Honey!—I can't hold back any more!—I gotta CUM!—Please, I gotta CUM!!"

"ME TOO BABY!—MEEE TOOO!!—Cum WITH me!—Cum in my pussy baby!!—OHHHHHH!!"

So Skip let loose—his fingers dug into Mrs. Honey's flanks, his buttocks clenched, and his abdomen spasmed and jerked as his cock fired several enormous blasts of body-hot semen deep into the middle-aged lady janitor's womb. He screamed in relief and ecstasy with each ejaculation!


Simultaneously, the voluptuous dominatrix reveled in one more mind-melting, gut-jumbling orgasm atop her slim young slave: thrashing and thumping and squirting and crying out at full volume!


When it was over, her spent body sagged, and she sprawled on top of Skip for a while, waiting for her heartbeat to slow and her breaths to calm, as the equally exhausted college boy panted beneath her bulk, his face buried between her pillowy boobs.

Eventually, Mrs. Honey propped herself up on her elbows. The forty-two-year-old ebony milf's eyes twinkled, and she was grinning from ear to ear. The twenty-year-old student looked profoundly stunned, as if he had just been run over by a racehorse—but nevertheless he too had a big goofy smile on his face!

"My goodness," murmured the lady janitor, "that was nice but he sure came a ton inside me!"

"You can make him clean it all out of you with his mouth," suggested the Professor.

"Nahh—I'll give 'im a break this time. Maybe next time though. Oh Lordy, Lordy, Professor Vanessa—I ain't NEVER enjoyed sex like I did just now! Imma do this white boy again just like this—real soon!"

Skip said nothing...but he didn't look upset at the prospect!

"No doubt you will, Mrs. Honey! No doubt you will! And—I anticipate that young slave boy Skip, here, will eagerly comply. I was right about the both of you! I saw the sexually submissive potential in you, young man—and with Mrs. Honey as your kinky dominant, you've just proven it beyond any shadow of a doubt!

"I'm sure you two lovebirds will be getting it on again together very soon!"
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