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My Best Roommate

You hate your job. You hate the long hours you have to work. You hate your fat, sweaty, incompetent boss. You hate the work you do and your clients' demands which are equal parts incessant and annoying. You hate that your job pays too well for you to quit.

However, despite all the bullshit you put up with, your week is finally over. And working there has paid off in at least two ways. The first comes in the form an apartment that qualifies as more than just "okay." The huge living room packed with all the latest and greatest in technology that encourages you to sit on your ass and be entertained. A lovely, fully stocked kitchen, plush and expensive furniture, and two master bedrooms that bookend your dream suite, each adorned with their own full size balcony with an advantageous view of the pool/jacuzzi combo several stories below.

The other perk? Your salary more than covers the rent and all your expenses. Which means your roommate, Roxanne, doesn't have to pay a dime. And what a roommate she is. A man could come home to worse.

You've had plenty of roommates; starting in the cramped dorms at college, to your first rathole apartment, not to mention the first time you moved in with a woman, now your ex. Roxanne is a world apart, though. Funnier than most of your friends and street smart enough to get by so far in life on her own. Cooking like a five star chef and capable of drinking you under the table, she constantly amazes you at how comfortable she makes you. No matter what the situation, hanging out is always effortless with her. Without a doubt, the best roommate you've ever had. Certainly not what you expected when she answered your want ad in the paper. Especially when it comes to looks.

She's petite, topping out at 5'5'', long, dark brunette locks that hang just above her shoulders and eyes so green they could put most emralds to shame. But she's more than a pretty face. It's almost unfair how effortlessly goregous Roxanne is. No outfit yet can hide her luscious hourglass figure, and yet she is by no means out of shape. Roxy's body comes equipped not only with naturally olive skinned curves that could drive any man wild; perky 34DD breasts refuse to stay still as she moves, every step sending undulating regardless of what bra she's wearing. Follow her long toned legs up, there rests her beautifully sculpted ass that's as firm as it is supple, begging to be spanked.

Yes, you may hate your job, but coming home to all of this makes it worth it. Not to mention, your roommate would sooner be caught dead than be called modest. When you signed the lease together, you two made a pact that roommates should stay roommates and nothing more. Doesn't mean Roxanne hasn't taken every opportunity to tease you. Popping out her room topless claiming to not know you were home. Bringing people she picks up at the local watering hole back home and being less than discrete about her bedroom activities.

Maybe she is truly oblivious...but you find that hard to believe. You're thinking about this very fact, noticing your pants growing slightly tighter as you slide the key in the lock, turn and open the door. As you step into your apartment you find...

What's next?

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