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My First Exhibitionist Experience

My boyfriend introduced to exhibitionist stories from this site and others like it about a two years ago. Ever since then I've discovered I have exhibitionist tendencies and we have been exploring that ever since.

A little about us, we live in Sydney Australia. My name is Haley, I'm 22, about an AU size 6-8 which for all you US readers would be a size 4 or an XS. I've been told that I have great breasts; they're a B to C cup, very round and firm and extremely perky. I have dark areolas and my nipples are constantly hard and poke out of my tops. I go to the gym 5 days a week so have a firm body and given I work on my butt 4 times a week, I've got a firm, juicy bubble butt. James is 25 and has a great body. He's a gym junkie and although not huge, he's very lean with nicely defined abs, pecs etc. He's got those toned 6 pack like bodies you see at the beach.

Since we have started exploring my exhibitionist tendencies I've become more and more daring and my desire to expose myself has continued to become stronger. We have had a lot of what we call "adventures" which we will detail over time, but i thought I'd start off at the beginning.

My first "adventure" was around our 1 year anniversary. The details of what we did that day are a little fuzzy given it was about two years ago but I can still vividly remember how my exhibitionism started.

We had gone shopping and as is usual for us, James was in the changing room with me. I don't even think I was trying on anything, it was an excuse for him to see me naked and for me to suck his cock. Unlike most of the change rooms we had been in, this particular store had curtains instead of doors. I took in a dress for appearance's sake but I also liked it so tried it on. I slowly stripped naked and stood there in front of James, naked, my perfect B cup tits proudly jutting out, almost begging to to be touched. I tried on the dress. It wasn't anything special, more cute than sexy. Considering it wasn't that sexy I could feel James's hands around my waist, his left hand teasing my left nipple through the dress and his right hand lifting up the bottom of the dress to expose my freshly shaved pussy. I knew where this was going.

I turned around and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply. His hands found my ass and groped it, squeezing it hard just the way i like ( I love my ass squeezed by the way). He unzipped my dress and I stepped back and let it fall to the ground. Naked once more I could see the lust in James's eyes. He grabbed me roughly around my waist and pulled me in close, kissing me passionately. With his right hand he squeezed my left butt cheek and his left hand was teasing my right nipple. I moaned softly but it was muffled by his lips on mine.

He turned me around and had me face the mirror. He stood behind me and ran his hands over both my boobs, squeezing and gently flicking my nipples. I could feel I was getting really wet and wanted more. His right hand slowly inched its way down to my aching clit and gently started teasing me while his left hand continued flicking my left nipple. I wanted to moan out loud but was aware that there was only a curtain separating my naked body from other shoppers.

I needed more so i turned around, unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. I dropped to my knees and started sucking. I was savouring every bit of his beautiful cock. We knew there were other shoppers in the change rooms but it seemed to get more crowded. If anyone opened the curtain they would have found me naked, on my knees sucking my boyfriend's cock. I was terrified we'd be caught but at the same time I was incredibly wet.

James was more worried than I was so he somehow managed to push me away from his cock and we made ourselves presentable and left.

Fast forward a few hours and we were on our way home. We caught a bus from the shopping centre to the train station. The bus wasn't packed but it wasn't empty either. It was about three-quarters full. We were sitting at the front with our backs to everyone. There were people to our immediate right and people right behind us.

Still horny from earlier James put his hand round me and spread my legs open. Although he was covering me from the people to our right, I was still nervous. But at the same time, I was also very horny. His fingers made their way between my legs and teased my cit through my panties. It wasn't long before he moved my panties to the side and his fingers found my wet pussy. He teased me clit, dragging it out, making me moan softly in his ear. I needed more but he was only teasing me.

"Take your panties off babe," he whispered in my ear.

"What? No way! There's way too many people here," I replied.

"Don't worry, I'm blocking their view so no one can see. Please, you know you want to baby."

I did want to! I nervously and bent forwarded and as quickly but inconspicuously as I could, slid my panties off and stuffed them in my bag. I had never not worn panties out in public, especially in a short dress before. This was a whole new feeling. My heart was racing. I was so scared someone saw or would catch me. On the other hand, I was also incredibly turned on. I couldn't believe that despite the fear, I was enjoying this.

I was snapped back to reality when James's fingers once again found my aching wet pussy. This time his touch was more then teasing. He was now rubbing my clit with his middle finger. I was so wet that it felt incredibly. His finger was coated with my juices and it felt so good to have my clit played with on a bus with people so close by.

I almost gasped out loud when his now wet finger slipped inside me. I grabbed his hand and tried to stop him.

"No...there's too many people."

He could tell I wasn't very convincing. I was terrified but I wanted this. I needed this!

He continued fingering my pussy. I could feel how wet I was and wondered if it'd leave a patch on the bus seat. I couldn't have cared less at that time. All i wanted was him to make me cum. For the next five to ten minutes he slowly fingered me while people were sitting all around us. I was so turned on. We had never done anything like this before. Never had I thought I would actually enjoy the possibility of being caught or someone watching me being fingered in public. His finger inside me felt amazing. He'd coat his finger in my juices and then pull out and rub my clit and tease me some more. Then without warning he'd slide back inside me, each time eliciting a moan of pleasure from my lips.

We finally got to the station and I shakily stood up. I was so worried that there was a wet patch on my dress but James assured me I was decent. Once on the train and the carriage had become less packed, James took out his phone with a sheepish grin.

"Spread your legs babe."

I looked around nervously. There were people on the carriage but they had their backs to us. However if someone came up the stairs to the top carriage, I wouldn't have had time to cover myself up. Despite this, I wanted to spread my legs for him. I spread them wide and he started snapping away on his phone (this is now a tradition. When I flash or strip in public, it's always for pictures).

"Take your tits out" he instructed.

Once again nervously I did as I was told. Not only did I like turning him on but the thought of getting caught was like a drug. I pulled down the zip at the front of my dress and pulled out both my tits. I sat there on the train, legs spread with my pussy and tits on show. If someone turned around there's no way I was going to be able to hide my tits. A tiny part of me wanted someone to turn around but no one did.

"Play with your clit baby."

I don't play with myself. I've never been able to make myself cum and so never bothered. But on this occasion I was so horny and turned on by the fact I had my pussy and tits out that without saying a word I slide my middle finger inside my soaking wet pussy and then started playing with my clit. My finger was so wet and lubed up that it felt amazing. James was now recording me masturbating on a public train. I could see from the bulge in his jeans that he was really enjoying the show.

Suddenly someone got up to get off the train. The movement snapped me out of my daze and I immediately put my legs together and zipped up my dress. After that we arrived at our stop and there ended my first exhibitionist experience.

Thinking back, it's a very tame story compared to what I've done now, but it was still very exciting at the time. Even now, the thought of being fingered on a public bus is getting me excited.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my first experience. Please send us your feedback and if you want to hear more of our adventures. We'd love to hear from women or couples who have similar interests.
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