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My First Rendezvous with Lisa

Author's Note: This story was originally written at the request of one of my favorite shoeplay youtubers. It casts her as Lisa, the person I'm addressing through the story, as though it were a recounting of what had happened between us. This isn't my usual style, but it was a very fun experiment.


"If you want to do more than stare, meet me at the address below, 8 pm. Signed, Lisa"

I ran my fingers over the lipstick mark on the note as I confirmed the address. I couldn't believe this was happening. I'd been watching you come in and out of the store where I worked for months. Those perfect legs and flawless feet, popping or slipping out of a variety of sexy flats, heels, and sandals. My heart jumped as I remembered the first time our eyes met as you dipped out of your black Dexter heels in the check-out line, your smooth bare heel giving way to an attractive sole and those impeccably formed toes. When I looked up and met your gaze, the arch of your eyebrow and the crookedness of your grin told me everything: you knew exactly what you were doing with your feet and shoes.

It wasn't idle shoeplay, oh no. You were fishing, fishing for pervs and connoisseurs of the lower body like me. And what's more, you must've enjoyed it. That gave me a thrill I'd never known. It got to where I would blush and be terrified to meet your gaze when you came in the store. Until earlier today of course.

My cheeks burned red as I took your card, but what was that? You'd slipped me a note with it. My eyes flicked up quickly to catch a glimpse of your wry, superior grin. To tease me, you leaned forward and lifted your leg behind you slightly, just out of my sight, then loudly dipped out of your Dexter pump, it struck the tiled floor with a loud "thlock" as you pretended you weren't doing anything intentionally.

"Read the note later," you cooed quietly, after I handed back your card. I nodded, stunned, as I mindlessly bagged your purchases, the note burning in my pocket, begging to be read. You made a small show of it as you worked your ankle back and forth, wriggling your heel back into your pump. "Bye," you said normally as you left with your bags. I couldn't help but watch the wiggle in your silhouette as you left.

And now, my head swimming, my erection throbbing in anticipation, I knocked on your door. The door opened immediately, and there you stood, wearing nothing but a black silky negligee, lacey matching panties, stockings, and those incredible Dexter pumps. Your toe cleavage peaked up at me enticingly. I watched your nipples visibly harden from the cold breeze whipping through the doorway.

We stood there a beat, my erection visible as it strained against my trousers, your body a feast on display to be ravished. The compact between us was instant and intuitive. You stepped back from the door, your heels clacking on the hardwood floor. As soon as I stepped in, you pushed the door closed and didn't waste a moment. "Take off your jacket...and your pants," you said. My ears prickled as I fumbled with my fly. I'd never heard your voice outside of the store; that calm outside voice we all adopt in public. Now your words rang with a hungry, jagged edge barely restrained.

You wrapped a leg around mine and your arms around my neck before leaning into my body, the lace of your panties grinding against my erection, milking out a few drops of pre-cum. "This is what's going to happen," you growled into my ear. "I want to put you through your paces." You dug the tip of your high heel into my calf. I moaned into you; your smile widened. "My tits, my pussy, my ass, my legs, and," you paused to laugh.

To my surprise, you raked your Dexter pump off against my calf. It fell to the floor with a loud clack as you pressed your stockinged toes and footpad against the back of my leg. My cock surged and grew even harder against you. "And my feet of course. I know how perfect they are. How they captivate people. People like us." You smiled as our lips met briefly. "Now put my shoe back on." You quietly commanded. Your hard nipples rubbed against my chest through your negligee.

I finally managed to pull myself from your embrace and knelt down. You raised your stockinged leg. For the first time, I marveled at your foot and toes up close. I wanted desperately to worship them, to suck your toes, to lick your soles, and to fuck your arches. You already knew my thoughts. "Not yet. Shoe me, please."

I nodded; my hand drifted to your discarded shoe. As I picked it up, I eye-fucked the in-sole: that sacred cradling platform where your foot rested. Just like with your foot, the same urges wracked me as I wondered what the in-sole would feel like against my cock. "Is this gonna take all night," you asked chidingly as you lifted my chin with your toes, your divine scent filling my nostrils.

"Maybe," I joked back as you lowered your foot. You giggled mildly. And then I took your foot in my hand. "God, your feet are incredible," I breathed; the sensation of your stocking and the smooth soft sole beneath driving me wild.

"I know right?" You asked rhetorically and I finally began to slip your shoe back on. In an instant it was over and I was tantalized beyond belief. "Now, upstairs then." You gestured to the stairs.

I stood and followed, but you just couldn't resist. As soon as you began to mantle the stairs, your pace slowed. Your panties worked themselves tighter against your ass as your hips wiggled.

I couldn't contain myself anymore. "Lisa," I dared speak your name for the first time. You stopped but only turned your head. My hands found themselves gliding against your hips and sides, the sheer material of your negligee gliding through my hands and against your body pleasurably.

I dropped to my knee and ran my cheek against your thigh. "On stairs then?" You laughed.

"Please," I begged. I needed you, desperately.

"Alright," you said. In an instant, I buried my face in your ass and raked my tongue against your panties and your anus. I knew how that silky lace would feel against the delicate skin of your rim. Your sharp intake of breath told me I was on the right track.

You dropped to your knees on a higher step than where I knelt, leaving your nethers at a comfortable face level for me. I hooked my hands around your thighs as I began to lick, press, and tease against your ass. You began to grind and wiggle your ass rhythmically. "That's good," you moaned back to me as your threw your head back.

I lowered my face a bit to your undercarriage to press and nuzzle. You were getting wet, and that just made me harder. It was time.

I nosed your panties to the side to get at your anus properly, to orally prepare you for sex. You writhed and moaned while I worshiped and licked and probed your bottom before I stood and finally dropped my underwear. My cock throbbed painfully. I seated it between your cheeks lengthwise, to grind the bottom of my dick against the tender slick skin of your anus.

"That's good," you hissed back at me between breaths. Emboldened, I rocked forward and backward, fucking in between your cheeks, your ass moving in time with me. I built the anticipation with this until neither of us could take it. I eased back and began to press the head of my cock against your anus, further wetting it with my pre-cum. "Stick it in me," you repeated mantra-like under your breath.

And so I did. I pressed into you slowly, your anus tightening and loosening in pulses as I did so. I felt you clench as I began to pull back. We shuddered together as I began to pump more vigorously. It was happening. I was fucking you.

My hands glided up and down your stockinged thighs as I leaned in and pressed my full girth into you. Breathing heavily, we pressed against each other. I doubled over, my stomach resting against your lower back as I switched to shorter, faster, shallow thrusts. Now leaning on one hand, my other reached under and around your negligee to feel your breast.

"Uhm, yes, ah. Play with my tit. Smack it," you said through a bitten lip. I did. Alternately I squeezed the breast entire, pressed and flicked and rubbed the nipple, and then lightly smacked it to shake off some of the pleasure numbness. I restrained my urges; I wanted to cum, but I also wanted this night to last forever. "Don't cum yet. I need it in my pussy." Apparently you wanted things to last too.

After we separated, you rolled onto your back, your butt resting on a step. Your barely-there lace panties were twisted and soaking wet. I plunged my face into your cunt, eagerly licking and lapping up your essence. Your fingers dug into my hair and scalp as you lifted your legs to press your heels into my back like spurs. "That's it!" You didn't scream, instead your words came out in a lilting cry as the tips of your Dexters drew thin red lines across my back.

You were more than wet, more than ready. I bent up, your legs parted. I hooked my hands behind your knees to let your legs relax. My dick flopped on top of your cunt. Like with your ass, I rubbed the underside there for a second as I drank you in, our eyes meeting.

You nodded, your lips slack, your eyes burning. I began to slide into you. "Oh yes, fuck, faster, all the way," you coached me breathlessly. And again, so I did.

Your legs bounced limply as I began to hammer your pussy. To my left, I watched the light glisten on the gloss of your right pump. Your sexy shoe was beginning to work its way off your heel. This caused me to fuck you faster and harder, I wanted to see the shoe dangle. I wanted to feel your cunt squeezing my cock while I made you dangle or lose that shoe.

Like always, you caught wise to what I wanted. "Don't cum in me," you panted between thrusts. "I want it in my toes." You saying that was almost enough to make me lose it, but I maintained. Then you flexed and pointed your toes; your right pump immediately fell into a wild, parabolic dangle. "You wanna cum in my toes, huh?"

"Desperately," I bleated, my eyes darting from your cunt to your face to your dangling shoe and back again. I watched as you began to play with and rub your clit.

"After my shoe falls off, do it. Grab my foot and cum in my toes. I want to feel you fuck them while I cum." Your words shot through me like lightning. I fucked your pussy as hard as I could, eager to get you as close to climax as possible; your pump bouncing wildly on your toes all the while. A minute later, you began to repeat, "I'm close, I'm close," as you bit your lip and craned your toes.

Then, you let your shoe fall off. As it tumbled down the stairs, I gave you a final thrust before pulling out and grabbing both of your ankles. I brought your feet together; your shoeless foot contrasting with your still-shod one; an erotic Cinderella tableau. Your fingers disappeared into your cunt as you hooked them inside, ready to pull the trigger on your orgasm. "Do it, cum in my toes, do it!"

The feeling of your stockinged toes against the head of my cock was literally orgasmic. To my surprise, you flicked off your shoe easily and then forcefully pressed those newly-freed warm, moist toes against my nose and lips. "Yes, fuck," you moaned.

I inhaled your scent, my tongue strained against the nylon of your stockings, your toes disappeared into my mouth. Then the head of my cock disappeared into the perfect curled toes of your other foot, your metallic nail polish shining through the nylon.

I pumped gout after gout of cum directly into your curled toes as you swabbed your other set of toes in and out of my mouth. Your knuckles whitened as you finished yourself and began to climax with me there on the stairs.

Wordlessness, a haze of pleasure, the incredible taste and scent of your feet and stockings filled my perceptions to their fullest. When my vision was my own again, I looked at how ravishing you still were, shoeless, your right foot covered in my cum.

With your left hand you still rubbed your pussy and clit. With your right hand, you grabbed your right leg and brought your foot up to your face. I watched in erotic stupor as you carefully and fetishistically licked the cum from your foot and loudly slurped it from your toes as you touched yourself.

Your toes slipped from your mouth with a faintly audible pop. "I like your cum," you said at last as you licked your lips hungrily. Both your lips and tongue glistened with it.

"I, uh, like your everything," I fumbled for words haltingly. You laughed quietly at my ridiculousness.

"Shoe me please," you said again, though now with different erotic connotations. "I like it when my toes feel this way, warm and wet and tucked away in my shoe, marinating in a little cum after a good fucking."

I didn't need to be told twice. I fished around and grabbed your right shoe. I took my time as I slid it on, admiring your moist foot, my cum inside your stocking and between your toes. You bit your lip as the shoe came to rest fully on. I watched you wiggle your toes, your toe cleavage darker and moister than the last time I'd done this.

We looked at each other for a time. I began to wonder what exactly I'd gotten myself into as I realized that the wildest fantasies of my life had just come true with a beautiful woman I barely knew. The knowing look on your face told me that you knew exactly what I was in for, and that you were enjoying every minute of it...
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