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My Perception of Time

"GET OUT! WHAT THE FUCK LAINE! HOW DID YOU EVEN GET IN HERE?! OUT! NOW!" She screams at the top of her lungs as I scramble to pull my pants up and run out of my neighbour's bedroom.

I still remember the fear I felt that night, fear for what she would think of me, fear for what her parents would do, and what mine would do. That was the first time I used my eye for selfish gains, I was 14 and couldn't control it. I spent the next few years avoiding it, resulting in my current eye patch... The benefits outweigh the bad. At least so I keep telling myself.

I sit up in bed and open both my eyes. The alarm stops immediately and the world goes quiet. I swing my legs off my large king bed as I put my feet onto my carpeted floor, the time reads 06:45 AM.

I've always hated the restraints of some clothes like underwear and socks, so when I'm in private, I go without and I sleep fully in the nude.

I put on my Calvin Klein pajama shorts as I step into the connecting bathroom I share with my twin.

I take a quick glance in the mirror and notice how messy my hair is, but I leave it alone. I open the door to my sister's room as I see her sleeping in her bed. She has long brown hair that is currently stretched out in all directions, she has fairer skin than me but we share the exact same olive-green eyes, except for my strange left eye. She's facing me but she's still asleep and unless I close my left eye, she wouldn't even notice I'm here.

I close the door as I head back into my room and into the hallway, I do a quick morning check on my family, it's Friday and this evening we're heading out to go camping. I used to like it but the older I get, the more I feel it's an obligation.

I walk past my older brother's room and quickly open it. He's awake! I'm surprised at the sight, I guess he's become a morning person since he joined the Marines. He's on the floor next to his bed currently doing push-ups. At 21 he's everything I aspired to be when I was younger. He's 6'2 with a lot of muscle on him. He looks like dad, except more serious. He has dad's light brown Italian skin and dark brown hair and mom's dark blue eyes.

I close the door and walk around the staircase in the middle of the second floor as I open mom and dad's room. When I go to check on them I always make sure I'm careful since they are still as amorous as ever. The double doors slide open but the bed is empty, messy, but empty. I go to their en-suite bathroom but it's also empty.

I walk downstairs and around the corner through the living room into the kitchen. We have such a large house it feels excessive at times. I see both my parents there, mom is in her pink silk kimono and dad is in his boxers. They are being their usual selves.

I stand on the other side of our large kitchen island as I look at them standing completely still on the other side, facing the big windows towards our backyard. Mom has a bowl and whisker in her hands and dad is hugging her from behind.

Dad used to be a famous Italian model but now he owns a large modeling agency. Sometimes his work makes him travel a lot. He still does shoots sometimes as he is incredibly fit. He's 45 now standing at 6'2 with defined muscles. He's sporting a dark brown stubble that outlines his jaw, his face is square and he always looks groomed. Sometimes he shaves his body but I can see from here that right now, he's letting it grow, giving him light hair on his chest going down his thick abs. He has green eyes with a dash of brown in them and very thick eyebrows like me.

Mom met dad when she was just starting out as a flight attendant. She kept working while they dated but eventually she settled into the housewife role, she works a few days a week at a large florist shop in the city. She's German and has very much a classic European look. She's blond with insanely long straight hair going all the way down to her bum, she's really proud of it. She has a naturally beautiful body with dark blue eyes, thin lips, and what she calls troublesome D cups. Her breasts grew quite a lot when she had me and my sister, dad has thanked me in secret before. Mom has fair skin but she tans really well and she's incredibly attractive at her age of 41.

What's next?

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