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My Reluctant Wife Private

My Story begins like this: I am the husband of Edora a beautiful sexy lady whose sex life has been interrupted because of me and has been unfulfilled sexually for many years ever since I was diagnosed diabetic and which eventually culminated in me becoming impotent and unable to get an erection.

Thus, for a number of years that we have been married there was no sexual consummation at all. In this regard I pity her because I know and feel that deep inside she remains a very sensual and sexual lady waiting to be fulfilled. I have mentioned it to her that I know it is hard for her and unfair to be denied the fucking she crave for and I know this because we talked about it and she would admit that she has the strong craving to be fucked and gets real frustrated because I am not there to fulfill her sexual desires. I said therefore that I will understand her behaviour in the event that she meet a man that is willing and able to fulfill her needs. I dreamt about her being with another man wholly fantasizing watching her being fuck by another man but I never or never ever dawned on me that that day is forthcoming!

Edora by the way has never been with another man. I was her first and only man; she never had experience how it feels to be fucked by a very virile man This thoughts has eventually taken me to realize that fulfilling her sexual hunger could also give me fulfillment in some ways.

My wish finally came true when by coincidence I met an old friend right here on the internet. We started chatting about our life and wives and came to realize that we share a common bond -- Thus, when he made me an offer to fuck my wife, I did not object and instead tried to encourage him at all and in fact promised to assist him in making his wish and my wish come true and the only condition was that he would let me watch him fuck Edora my wife.

Before this, I took my wife Edora to Las Vegas just to have some fun and upon our arrival there, I asked her for the first time if it is ok for me to eat her pussy since I could not and she knows, get an erection and she responded "yes, I would love that very much!" . The day we arrived in Vegas we devoted our time in getting comfortable and getting on with my plan to eat her pussy and here's what happened. She took a shower and we had a few drinks. After that I proceeded on taking off her panties and asked her to lay down on our bed face down and which she obligingly did though she was as usual shy she laid down exactly as I asked her to do except she would not spread her legs!

I asked her why and she responded that she feels very shy about it even to me. Without uttering any word, I then proceeded to stand behind her and slowly spread her legs apart revealing her beautiful pussy and firm ass; I staring at her cunt thru her panties has even more raised my blood to great ecstasy. I wish I could fuck her instead of just eating her pussy but though my mind was very active about sex my cock would not cooperate. Anyway, I spread her legs and since her panties were still on, I put my hand under her crotch and gently pulled her panties a little until I can see her beautiful pussy waiting to be licked. At this time I then proceeded to split her pussy lips revealing the seemingly throbbing cunt; I slowly started licking it around until I reached her clit which swelled up so quickly. By this time Edora started moaning and groaning.

Surprise the heck out of me cause I never had seen her moan and groan so much and she was mumbling to get my tongue deeper if I could and go into the motiion of tongue fucking her. It did not take long to see my Edora starting to cum and cummed a lot! And.for the first time I tasted a real lady cum. What a delight!

On New Year's Eve 2000 opportunity presented itself. My best friend's wife went on vacation overseas leaving him alone at home. He invited me and my wife to come and visit him and spend a few days at his house. Edora had no idea at all about the real purpose of his invitation except that he is a good friend of mine.

So, when the day came, my wife and I packed up and drove to my friend (Larry's) home which was about 120 miles from our home. As soon as we got to his place, Larry prepared dinner ties and drop it down to the floor. Then Larry my good friend held my wife's hand and guided her to unzipped his pants. Edora did not offer any heavy resistance or objection at all and eventually unbuttoned and unzipped Larry's pants.

I watched my wife the way she stared at Larry's hard cock. She seemed very eager though on the surface she was shy and reluctant. Larry then grabbed his cock and point it directly to my wife's mouth and asked her to kissed and suck on it. She submissively opened her mouth started sucking on Larry's cock slowly until all of Larry's 8" cock disappeared into her mouth. Larry then started fucking my wife's mouth faster and faster until he cummed and I watch my wife for the first time swallow a man's cum.

After that, Larry told my wife to get down on her knees which again she submissively obeyed and this time Larry called me and asked me to spread my wife's ass cheek thus showing her virgin ass hole. With his precum, Larry rubbed it around my wife's anus to lubricate it. Edora having a virgin ass hole she was never fucked in the ass started protesting and this time she was really assertive in telling Larry not to fuck her in the ass -- Larry responded by shoving his middle finger slowly into my wife's asshole as I watched and as she continues to protest but to no avail.

After that I watched and saw Larry's cock touched my wife's asshole and I for some reason and feeling I could not understand although I could not and did get an erection, my mind and body was so aroused and excited by what I was witnessing.. Seeing my wife for the first time on her knees with a strange cock just about to enter her asshole.

Larry by now was slowly pushing his hard cock into my wife's virgin asshole inch by inch while Edora, my wife moans and groan and asking Garry to push it deeper and fucked her hard.... And she came twice -- something I have never seen happen ever since our first wedding night...
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