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New Roommate

You are sat on the couch watching a day time game show on your TV whilst idly surfing the internet on your laptop your eyes regularly glancing at the clock in the corner of the screen. Your new roommate was moving in today you were forced to advertise online to find someone to live with wince in your first year of College you hadn't managed to make any friends, largely due to your own shyness, apart from the fact that it was a woman moving in you new little about the person who would soon be coming through the door.

After another episode of the mundane game show an some more browsing of the internet you you became aware of some activity at the door to your apartment. After a few moments of jangling keys and some other sounds of commotion the door swung open to reveal your building manager. Fred was a pretty average middle aged man slightly balding and a little over weight he moved a few bags inside with a grunt. letting out a little sigh he looks up at you "She'll be up in a minute shes just grabbing a few of her bags" he says and after a slight pause "And kid you are in for a treat. I tell ya if i was 15 years younger" he lets his sentence tail off with a smile before turning and heading back out the door. This makes you quite nervous, your shyness had always been an issue especially with women, you decide a coffee will calm your nerves.

After fixing your self a cup you turn around to see your new roommate stood in the doorway holding some bags much smaller than the ones Fred had carried up. Having not heard her come in your slightly shocked and nearly weaken the grip on your coffee. Regaining your senses slightly you now get a good look at her.

What's next?

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