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New Student (CMNF/CFNM)

Avery Williams sat in the Dean's office. It was 9 in the morning on Sunday. Classes would begin the following morning, and having arrived a day late, Avery missed out on all the orientation presentations.

"It's nice to meet you in person, Avery. How are you this morning?" The Dean asked.

"Um..fine I guess?" Avery replied.

"Good. Now, since you've missed out on the orientation, I can only give you this pamphlet and packet of information regarding the safety and rules on campus. If you have questions, you can talk to your RA regarding any issues in the dorms, and you can call or email my assistant in case you need to talk to me about any more serious issues. Emergencies are handled like if you were anywhere else. The emergency number will route to the on campus dispatcher."

"Great. Um... I think I have a question regarding the other students..." Avery spoke up.

"Oh, I suppose it makes sense. You've seen our website, but you haven't taken a tour yet have you? Well, I can assure you that we will accommodate you as much as we can, under the circumstances," the Dean explained.

"About the uniform..." Avery began.

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry, but we can only offer you the same outfits the rest of the campus has. It just doesn't make sense to pay to design a new uniform for you, as well as other school provided outfits. In your packet, it should list the items you'll find in your dorm and some you'll have to provide yourself. Namely underwear, which is also sadly limited by what the other students wear, but it has to do with how we do laundry here. We don't like to change procedures for just one student," the Dean elaborated.

"Why did you accept me if I have to conform to... everything else?" Avery asked, blushing at the implications of the Dean's assertions.

"Oh Avery, I'll level with you. The campus hasn't gotten much attention in the media lately, and we were hoping this would help boost our reputation and also get others to join when they see you among the coeds."

"You mean... I'm a publicity stunt?"

"Not in so many words. You'll still be getting a great education and have your pick of the many students here to date, if you so choose." The Dean winked.

Avery gulped and thought about it. It sounded embarrassing, but couldn't let go of that last bit. Pick of all the students? Avery didn't quite see it that way, as Avery was...

What's next?

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