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OMG Mom!

You pull into the driveway of 15 Preston Road at around 3pm on a friday afternoon. The light of the late spring sun pours over you as you come to a halt, parked behind the red BMW belonging to Mary Lange. She is a gorgeous blonde, who looks far younger than her actual age of 39, and is unarguably the head of the Lange household.

You don't see her husband's car anywhere, but next to her sportscar is a hulking black humvee, with the righthand rear door open. On the ground lays an exercise bag. You don't recognize the hummer as belonging to anyone you know, but figure it must have something to do with the other strange events. You can hear loud music coming from the house, and a pungent smell you think you recognize. This is definitely out of the ordinary for this upperclass WASP neighborhood.

Undoing your seatbelt, you hop up and out of your car. You quickly reach into the back seat.

What's next?

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