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Office Affair Ch. 04

Thursday- the ever-hated day of the staff meeting. Ugh! What an incessant hassle! Sitting in a room full of higher-ups to watch them all have a dick-waving contest has NEVER been my idea of "increased productivity!" Today however, it managed to serve as a pretty effective countdown timer.

"No, no. I don't need you here. It's just the stupid staff meeting. Go home and spend some time with your wife while she's off work," I conned my counterpart to enjoy a decent lunch for a change.

I teased him with the fact that I was now alone. My implication crystal-clear, I convinced him to sneak away for a little visit. While I waited, I even went so far as to set the stage by turning off the glaring overhead lights, leaving only the desk lights on to bathe the room in a soft glow.

The instant the door closed behind him, I strode across the room. Without pretext, I leaned in, invading his space, standing mere centimeters in front of him. I stretched my petite form to its full height of 4'11". After a few seconds charged with anticipation, he lowered his head to mine. Our lips met, softly at first, teasing almost. With a groan- mine or his? - the kiss deepened. Our tongues met in an incessant battle, each of us seeking to draw the other in.

His hands found my hips, then slid back to cup the softly rounded cheeks of my ass as he pulled me against him. Mine reached up to grip his firm arms in complete agreement. Then, without breaking the kiss, he walked me backward, not stopping until my stance was broken by the small round table halfway across the room. He lowered me gently down on the table, still devouring my own lips with his.

He broke off the kiss then, and leaned back away from me, though he still remained firmly ensconced between my parted thighs. His hands, freed from supporting my weight, began to explore. He found each of my breasts, kneading the soft globes through my clothes. Then he snatched my tee shirt free from the waistband of my pants to stroke the newly-bared flesh. His fingertips teased over every inch of the smooth skin of my belly, then slid higher to graze across the upper part of my breasts not covered by my bra. I could feel his piercing stare caressing my flesh almost as well as his touch as he looked down at me while he pushed the offending fabric upward, forcing my breasts to spill out from beneath it.

I sighed quietly when he lowered his head and his lips followed the same path of his hands. I felt my skin break out in goose flesh as his soft teasing kisses trailed upward from my belly button, along my side, finally stopping at the rosy peak adorning my right breast. I found his head with my hands then, arching my back as I pulled him to me, encouraging him to deepen his kiss. He obliged my silent request, closing his lips around the nipple before drawing it and the surrounding skin sharply between his teeth. I rewarded him with a gasp and tightened the hold my hands had on his head, further arching my back to meet his onslaught. He suckled deeply for a moment, then moved to the left breast to lavish it with the same savage attention.

He continued his path upward, trailing fiery kisses along my chest and up the side of my neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer to me, grinding my hips against his hardness. My hands still on his head, I turned back into his kiss.

Our lips met again and again, wildly, almost violently this time. My moans as his hands renewed their exploration of my breasts were muffled as he squeezed and kneaded the tender flesh while his tongue darted past my teeth. I held his hips in an iron grip, my legs wrapped firmly around him, seeking to mimic what I really wanted, to feel him driving into me as he had before.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity of making out on the table like teenagers, he broke off our kiss and stepped back away from me. I opened my eyes and looked up at him then, completely dazed and somewhat confused by his sudden withdrawal.

"You have to go to the staff meeting," he said, motioning to the clock on the wall. "12:20" it mocked me. The weekly staff meeting was at 12:30, and in the next building. I stood up then, quickly rearranging my disheveled state to some semblance of professionalism.

"I have time. I want to taste you," I emphasized my statement with a mock pout.

"No you don't. It's 12:20. You've only got about 5 minutes," he replied matter-of-factly.

"That's more than enough time," I grinned devilishly, and reached for him, one hand finding his belt while the other zeroed in on the prominent bulge beneath it.

He sighed at me then, almost argumentatively, but I wasn't taking "No," for an answer. Not today. Not after that. I pushed him defiantly backward until he was forced to lean back against the conference table.

I quickly loosened his belt and snatched apart the buttons on his fly. Just as quickly, I separated the now open flaps of his pants and grabbed at the waistband of his boxer-briefs. I pulled them down with me as I lowered myself to kneel before him. He sprang free, rock-hard and begging for my attention, just as my knees made contact with the floor.

I gave one slight flick of my tongue to lap at the drop of pre-come formed on the tip, then I wrapped my lips around him. For a second, just around the head, then I took in more and more of him. I lavished every inch with my tongue as I swallowed him, inch by delicious inch.

Finally, I felt my lips make contact with the base and his head tease deliciously along the back of my throat. Perfectly moistened by the tongue bath I had administered as I took him into my warm mouth, I now slid up and down his shaft easily. I reached up with my free hand and grabbed at his hip, pulling him to me as much as I propelled myself into him. Each stroke of my lips along his length renewed the fire we had just created. As he neared his orgasm and grew even harder against my tongue, I felt my own juices flow. Stroke after stroke, I slid him deep into my mouth and down my throat. As my pace quickened to a fevered pitch, muffled moans escaped from between my lips, vibrating along the length of him.

He tangled his fingers into my hair, grabbing my head to pull me closer still. I heard a soft moan filter down from him then, as he twitched against my tongue. Then his fluid released, filling my mouth with spurt after spurt of his warm, salty liquid. I drew my lips tighter around him, not wanting to waste a single drop, as I swallowed all that he offered me.

Once his release subsided, I eased the pressure of my lips, still surrounding him fully as I gently pulled away from him. Once he was free, I slid my tongue softly up and down the length of his now-softening shaft, lest I miss any of the precious fluid. When I was satisfied with my clean-up job, I pulled the waistband of his underwear back up and released it to settle back into position.

I stood up then, allowing him to finish refastening his pants. My eyes sought the clock. It was 12:24. I smiled at him then, indicating the offending timepiece. "See? Told you I had plenty of time!" I taunted him gently, a wicked gleam in my eye.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever," was his smart-ass reply. He pulled me back to him then, meeting my lips for one more of his amazing kisses. "Now get out of here before you're late!" he ordered sternly.

"Yes, sir!" I did my best to sound obedient, as I reached down to adjust my sopping-wet panties, allowing my fingertips a second of extra time to brush against my heated, throbbing flesh.

Then, I opened the door to peek out. Once I ascertained that no spying eyes would see, I allowed him to precede me out the door. One quick flip of my fingertips, and it was locked. With only seconds to spare, I made it over to the next building and into the conference room, still trying to wipe the grin off my face as I slid into my seat.

To be continued...
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