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Older Woman Holiday

This is a story that takes place on a Holiday. You pick which Holiday

It also a tale of 3 mature women that hang together. They are 3 women with an appetite for young men and women (especially virgins). They are 3 women who loved to get into trouble and have adventure

The characters

Beth- Beth was black with short black hair and big hazel eyes. She was 55 and had a tattoo that said Wild child on her ass. She used to be an exotic dancer and made a good fortune at it. She was sassy and very cool. She had smooth old school coolness about her. She was 5.9 and had big juicy red lips. She ass had a plump bottom. She was in amazing shape for her age to. She loves to seduce and try new things. She was also very smart.

Ann- Ann had giant milky tits from her time as a nurse made she had curly blond hair and motherly way about her. She was white with deep blue eyes. She wrote a lot of sex books and considers her self a therapist. She was a teacher but got caught sleeping with a couple of her student. She admitted to it because she said it was helping them. She was very peppy and warm. She loved to hug people. She was a bit of a hippy. She ran a brother at one point and made a lot of cash. She loved young men. She liked the shy one. She also was a tease

Veronica- Veronica was a tall leggy Mexican woman with nice tan skin and juice red lips. She was tall 6.5. She had long flowing hair and green eyes. She had a big bust and nicely tone body. She used to be a pro dominatrix and now did it just for fun. She owns several fetish operations where she taught women how to be a Mistress. She was very aggressive and loves controlling people. She was also a nympho.

What's next?

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