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Olympic Squeeze

Elizabeth here: this story has choking and related acts, just a heads up. Enjoy!

~~~~~ ~~~~~

Although his new piano album got no sales for its first week, Augustine was still happy when his girlfriend Amy won a silver medal for the 1500 meter race in the Summer Olympics.

He had just moved in with Amy at her house in Denver. Although he was a software developer by day, just as Amy had been before her career kicked off, music was his real passion.

It was one week after her victory, and another hot day. Augustine emerged from the front doors of the company building after having spent eight hours in the frigid basement he worked in. The sweltering heat felt wonderful. He knew the air would be agonizing in a minute, yet right now it felt so good against his chilled skin.

He made it to his car and turned on the air conditioning before it got unpleasant. The drive home only took ten minutes; his route wasn't plagued by the five P.M. Denver traffic that infested most of the other roads.

They lived in a two story house made of red brick and brown cobblestone. Amy's car was in the driveway. He parked next to her and opened the front door, and was greeted by the wonderful smell of cotton candy.

Amy was sitting there in the living room, wearing a set of red runners clothes. She was eating a big tuft of pink cotton candy on a paper cone. She was holding another one between her muscular yet smooth thighs. Her long blonde hair spun in the air when she turned her head to greet Augustine.

"Where'd you get that?" Augustine asked.

"There was this stand two blocks down. The old lady recognized me and gave us two for free." Amy handed the other cotton candy to Augustine and he happily took it. "We talked for a while and at the end she asked me when you and I were getting married."

"Who knows?" Augustine said. "You're the one who's the expert on rings." He laughed. "Maybe you ought to propose."

"I do run around them a lot. And eat them a lot. And display them on my clothes. And... hmm, I really am an expert on rings. Maybe I should buy one. But does it really matter who gets it?"

"Not really. Maybe I should."

"I think this is why we aren't getting married. Neither of us can decide who's getting the damn ring."

"We'd lose the ring banter if we actually bought it."

"That's true. Maybe we can wait another year. I really like bickering about the ring. Coming home to it is more fun than anything else I can think of."

"You won an Olympic medal last week."

"That inspired different positive emotions than fun. And... hey wait, this bickering is distracting us from the cotton candy."

"I don't mind."

"Neither do I."

"It makes the room smell nice."

"It really does."

"Fuck it, I'm using my cotton candy as an air freshener tonight. I'm not even going to eat it. It just smells too nice." The kitchen was right next to the living room, and Augustine found a tall glass to hold the paper cone in.

"Watch out for ants."

"We killed all the ants."

"There could be zombie ants."

Augustine keeled over in laughter. The image of zombie ants eating the brains of other ants as they scrambled to find the last remaining microscopic cans of beans in an ant-pocalypse was far funnier than it had any right to be. "I don't think they'd eat candy," he sputtered out.

After barely surviving another ten minutes of Amy's Olympic tier comedy, he finally got around to ordering pizza for the two of them. He put the cotton candy upstairs in the bedroom so that the wonderful smell could accumulate up there while they ate downstairs.

Augustine sifted through magazine coupons while sitting at the desk in the downstairs office adjacent to the living room, ordering from his laptop. They made over six figures, but it still made him feel good to save two dollars. Eventually, he found a good deal for the triple pepperoni and ordered one of those plus some lava cakes.

When the pizza was delivered, they tipped the driver and readied their plates. They ignored the unused dining room table and ate dinner on the couch, keeping their plates on the coffee table in front of them. Amy ate more than Augustine as usual; she was an athlete, after all.

When they were done, Amy smiled and spoke. "You know, I stopped my run for ten minutes talking to that cotton candy woman. I need to do ten more minutes of exercise tonight to meet my quota. And maybe I'll do it indoors, just because it's getting dark. Want to join me?"

Augustine smiled. "I'd love to. Any specific exercise routines you have in mind?"

"Maybe we can pick a random one. Leave it to the internet."

"I don't trust the internet," Augustine said. "But I guess that's why it's fun. Let's do it."

They both went to the office and pulled their chairs up to Augustine's laptop. Amy started typing.

Her search for "random sex act generator" brought up ads, mediocre position generators, and one reddit thread.

Amy mumbled as she searched. "Not random enough... not what i'm looking for... no, i don't want vanilla positions..."

"Try the second page."

"Has anyone ever, in recorded history, checked the second page google search results?"

"I don't think anyone has. Let's boldly go where no man has gone before."

On the top of page 2 was a promising site. Amy clicked it, and the simple website had a button that let them randomly generate a combination of two kinks.

"Perfect!" Amy said. "Up for whatever exercise routine this generates first?"

"It's probably going to give us something disgusting. But that's why we should do it."

Augustine clicked and they both stared at the output.

asphyxiation + intercrural

"Could be worse," Amy said. "Who's being choked?"

The idea was oddly appealing to Augustine. "I volunteer as tribute."

"So it's breath exercises for you, and strength training for me. Okay. You can work with this, right?"

"Like we said, the first result. And it honestly sounds exciting."

Augustine and Amy rubbed their hands together in glee. They closed the laptop and went upstairs to the bedroom. Augustine forgot that he had left the cotton candy on the nightstand. The whole room smelled wonderful.

Augustine closed the curtains, blocking out the sunset light. Still in their clothes, they hopped on the soft, white bed. Amy was in her clean workout outfit, and Augustine was in his shorts and a gray T-shirt. Neither were wearing shoes, but both had fresh socks on.

"How do we want to do this?" Amy said.

"Choking is easy, just be careful," Augustine said. "But, I'm wondering how we'll do the intercrural..."

"Maybe I can use my thighs."

"I'd like that." Then an idea hit him. "Oooh, actually..."

Amy smiled. "...You want me to choke you with my thighs?"

"Exactly. I can do oral down there while I'm at it. And maybe you can squeeze my head too, that actually seems kind of hot..."

"Perfect. It may be a little hard for me to choke you while you're licking me. How about head squeezing and oral first, then neck choking, then intercrural?"

"You bet."

Augustine slipped off his shorts as Amy took her shirt off. Her breasts were average in size, yet smooth and well-shaped. Amy's shorts and Augustine's shirt were next, leaving them both in their underwear. Augustine slipped off his boxers, leaving his hard cock hanging in the air. Amy slid off her panties. The pair threw their clothes on the floor by the nightstand.

Amy rubbed her wide thighs together. They looked smooth, soft, and wide, yet Augustine knew that they were powerful.

"I think it'll be easiest if I sit on the edge of the bed and you kneel on the floor," Amy said.

"That's a lot better than what I was thinking."

Augustine climbed down to the floor by the foot of the bed and planted his knees on the ground. His legs were bent, but his torso was upright, and his head was right where Amy's thighs would be. She crawled forward and sat in front of him, hanging her legs off the bed. The height of the bed was perfect. His head was between her legs, and he was staring right at her wet pussy.

Amy inched her body forward, bringing her wet pussy to just an inch away from Augustine's mouth.

"Just flail your arms if you want me to stop. Ready?" she asked.

"You bet."

Augustine brought his lips forward and kissed her opening. Amy gently closed her legs, gently resting her soft thighs on the sides of Augustine's head. They covered his ears and blocked out the ambient sound. Augustine slowly licked and kissed the outside of Amy's pussy, gently teasing her. Although her thighs covered his ears, he heard her let out a happy, quiet sigh.

He pressed his lips harder against her, and started to probe deeper into her with his tongue. At the same time, Amy's thighs started to slowly press harder and harder against the sides of his head. He tasted her wet juices, and his licking and kissing quickened.

The pressure built on the sides of his head. It was pleasantly tight. Amy let out another happy moan as he probed deeper and navigated to the most sensitive parts of her depths. He gently licked it, keeping up a steady pace. Her thighs tightened. He began to feel her hard muscles rather than just the soft skin. And he felt her quickening heartbeat throb against his head too. The tightness was gradually growing stronger, and he wondered how it would feel when he was being outright crushed between her legs.

He licked and licked as her grip grew tighter. Now it was getting intense. His skull held back the growing force of her legs, and it was starting to hurt: yet, he was enjoying it. Something about this was magical. He stopped probing her depths and brought his tongue to her clit. She let out a louder moan when he started licking it.

For a moment, the pressure subsided as Amy relaxed her thighs. Then, she clenched them back together, bringing the lovely sensation back to Augustine's head.. Amy let out a curious "Oh!"; It wasn't a noise she normally made during sex.

As Amy's pussy grew tighter and wetter, and her moans grew louder, she started experimenting. While tightly gripping his head, she rubbed her thighs up and down the sides of his head, massaging his ears with intense force. Augustine's erection throbbed.

Then, Amy inhaled sharply, and let out a loud gasp. She was coming. Her thighs clenched even tighter as her pussy clenched over and over from his licking. The crushing pain grew stronger and stronger, yet her iron grip filled his skull with erotic bliss. As she came, Augustine wondered why this was so goddamn arousing...

Augustine wished she would squeeze just a bit tighter in her orgasmic haze, but when the orgasm subsided, her thighs relaxed and released his head. Having adjusted to using her thighs for balance, his body wobbled and he almost fell.

"Whew, that was... are you alright down there?" Amy asked.

"Never been better," Augustine said. "I... think I have a new kink."

"Me too. When I started gripping you really hard, there was this weird emotion. I think it was sadism? I'm not sure. I've never done this kind of thing before."

"Do you still want to choke me?"

"I do. But, now that I think about it, I think the proper term is strangulation."

"Choking sounds sexier to me. Can we keep calling it that?"

"We can. So, I think you'd like to not pass out, right?"

"You bet."

"To get that lovely asphyxiation, my thighs will have to be on the front and back of your neck, not the sides. If I just squeeze the sides, then it'll just knock you out, since that's where all the major arteries are."

"How do you know so much about this?"

"Remember that one time a few months back when I got trapped in a wikipedia rabbit hole all night? Yeah, types of strangulation were what I was looking at when you woke up at four in the morning and asked me if I was alright."

"That explains a lot." Augustine turned to his left. He still kneeled on the carpet, but now he was facing Amy's right thigh. He sat up a little, and she adjusted her legs so that her thighs were level with his neck. There wouldn't be any licking this time: just choking. Anticipation shot through Augustine's groin and his neck as she gently closed her legs. The skin of her thighs just barely grazed his neck.

"Again, just flail wildly if you want me to stop. Or if you go limp and pass out, I'll also stop."

"I'm ready when you are," he said. Speaking felt odd with her thighs touching his throat.

Augustine closed his eyes and smiled. Amy's thighs closed in. The soft skin pressed into his neck. His breathing was fine for now. The back of his neck was stronger and less sensitive than the front. Her thighs pressed against the bones of his neck, and she gently rubbed them up and down his neck, teasing him. His erection hung in the air above his own legs. He wanted to keep his eyes closed and enjoy it. He swore he felt a drop of pre-cum emerge from the tip of his cock.

Her legs slowly pushed harder and harder. Her quick heartbeat pulsed into his body. He became aware of his own heart rate rising as he took in a deep breath and found it a little more difficult to breathe than usual. Or was it just his imagination?

But when her legs tightened further, it was not his imagination. He could feel an odd, uncomfortable, unusually arousing crushing sensation as his windpipe was slowly narrowed from the ever-closing grip of her thighs. He had to breathe harder and harder to keep up. And he felt a bead of pre-cum drip from his cock and fall onto his legs. Amy teasingly wiggled her legs a little, freeing his windpipe, then constricting it further, and alternating between the two.

"Give me a thumbs up if you want me to go all the way," Amy said.

When Augustine held his arm up and approved, her powerful thighs clamped around his neck with unprecedented force. A surge of crushing pain rocketed through his windpipe. He couldn't breathe. The passage was entirely blocked. The air in his lungs at the moment was trapped.

But, it was so, so arousing. The blockage of air sent a surge of wonderful bliss through his erection. As Amy's grip tightened even further, sending more and more wonderful pain through him, it occurred to his slowly-suffocating mind that she wasn't even using the full potential of her legs. He didn't want to escape, but didn't think he could without her permission. She really could just trap him here and choke him until he went limp, and maybe keep him there for a little while longer after that...

The thought made his cock twitch in delight. As the air in his pained lungs started to expire, and the throbbing, crushing pain in his neck grew stronger and stronger, he tried to figure out why he was so fucking horny, and why his cock was getting more aroused by the second.

But surely he wouldn't cum just from choking, right?

The arousal in his body climbed. Amy giggled up above, and the knowledge that she was enjoying this too sent shivers down his body. Her legs moved up and down his neck, rubbing tight against his skin and crushing different parts of his windpipe. He couldn't describe the sensation. But it and the burning suffocation were so, so arousing.

He started to feel woozy, which just made him all the more aroused. He was coming close to the tipping point of orgasm from nothing but pain and asphyxiation. His pained neck was one big erogenous zone. His cock throbbed harder and harder with every bit of burning suffocation that built up in him...

...and as he grew dizzier and dizzier, his cock climbed towards orgasm all on its own...

...he opened his eyes, and when he saw the corners of his vision starting to blacken, he finally came. His cock twitched and convulsed in burning surges of blissful, suffocating pleasure. He came into the air in front of him, drizzling jet after jet of cum all over his legs and the carpet.

"Ah!" Amy said. She sounded happy, and kept massaging his desperate, closed off windpipe between her thighs, making the orgasm last longer and longer as his mind and vision grew foggier and foggier.

When the orgasm subsided, Amy's thighs suddenly let go. Augustine collapsed to the floor, barely conscious. All he could think about was breathing. Sharp breaths. Painful breaths. Delightful breaths. They relieved the burning in his neck, and the escape felt as wonderful as the suffocation itself.

"Are you okay?" Amy asked. "You were getting limp."

"I... yeah." His voice sounded strange to him.

"At least you're fine. And you really came! How?"

"I think I'm addicted to this," Augustine said. His voice was normalizing again, and so was his breath. But his neck still hurt.

"I'm addicted too... is this healthy? Should we really be feeling this? I'm worried about your neck. I think I see a few bruises. And what does it say about me when I just love doing this to you? I didn't cum like you, but I was feeling tingly down there myself..."

"Fuck it," Augustine said. He coughed. "Choke me again as soon as the bruises go away. Please. I need it."

"I will, if in the meantime, you hide the bruises with some makeup so people don't think I'm one of those abusive athletes."

"It's worth it," Augustine said. "I'll look up some tutorials."

"Remember, the more normal looking youtubers are the ones that are the best at the kind of makeup you want. Don't watch any videos made by people who shaved off their eyebrows."

Augustine chuckled. It hurt. "I just got almost choked to death for my own sexual pleasure. But I don't understand. Who in God's name would shave off their eyebrows?"

"Beats me."

~~~~~ ~~~~~

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