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On the set of Supergirl

Melissa Benoist was finished in hair and makeup and wardrobe. She strode out onto the set as her alter ego, Supergirl. Katie McGrath was already on set waiting, dressed as Lena Luthor, the would be friend or villain. The scene was going to be shot in the office of Lena Luthor which was actually a leased office space in the Hyatt hotel in downtown Vancouver. The lights, sound equipment and cameras were in place. Gaffers ran around franticly making sure all the technical aspects were in the right place. The director, Kevin Smith was going over the script.

Katie eyed Melissa and said, "Looks to be a grand day Melissa. I likes working with Kevin. He's a proper director," in her thick Irish accent. Katie could work her practiced American accent as good as any actress in the business but when the cameras were off, she often reverted to her native brogue.

Melissa giggled in the way that made her so adorable, squinting and flashing her teeth while trying to cover her face with her hand. She blushed and said, "I just love working with you Katie, I'm so glad that we are doing another Lena Luther episode today. Have you read any of the fan posts online shipping us as SuperCorps again?"

Katie blushed a little, smiled at the blonde superhero and winked. That made Melissa giggle uncontrollably. Katie then asked, "So where's the guest star for this episode? She should be here"

Melissa shrugged her shoulders, "Probably still in wardrobe. Her costume is new and probably more complicated than mine." After so many episodes in two seasons, Melissa was quite comfortable in her red and blue Supergirl costume. When she wore it, it made her feel strong, powerful and confident.

No sooner had they mentioned her, the guest then appeared on set. Karen Gillan, the red headed actress from Scotland who had appeared in Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, strutted out in her black and yellow Batgirl costume. The tight fitting, spandex cat suit clung to her tight curves. The body of the suit was a bodice of black leather. The yellow bat on her chest spanned between her budding breasts. Her cape was black outer and yellow inner to emphasize her body. She also wore the yellow gauntlets and boots of Batgirl. She had a yellow utility belt which hung low on her hips. The cowl she wore was solid black but with large cat like eye holes cut in that showed off Karen's bright hazel eyes. Her red hair hung down her back from the back of the cowl.

When the two actresses looked at Karen and smiled, Karen did a little twirl to show off the costume. Karen announced, "I'm ready to get my super hero on girls," in a thick Scottish accent.

Melissa giggled again saying, "I feel out numbered today. I'm the only American actress on set."

Katie laughed, "No worries darlin'. We're all foreigners here in Canada anyway." The show had been filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada since it started two years previously. All the CW superhero shows, including the Flash, Arrow and Legends were filmed there.

As the three actresses giggled, there was a short in the wiring somewhere and a sound recorder began smoking. The tech unplugged it quickly and sighed as he had to get it replaced. It was already the third electrical problem that morning. It meant a longer delay. The director, Kevin Smith looked pissed off and cursed at the equipment. He then called for the electrician again to get on the problem. He looked over at the three stunning ladies, who were ready to work and sighed. "You may as well take five ladies, I don't know how long this delay will be.

Katie stood up and smoothed out her skirt suit. "Well then, if you'll excuse me, I need to use the loo," she claimed in her Irish brogue. Katie skipped over the cables on the floor gracefully in her high heels and left the set for the ladies room. That left Karen in her Batgirl costume and Melissa in her Supergirl costume alone on set.

Melissa stated, "That's a great costume Karen, very sexy on you. It really shows off your great figure." Melissa was eyeing the camel toe showing in the pubic area and licking her lips. "Do you have any cool gadgets in that belt?" She asked to save face.

"Fucked if I know. Props filled it full of techie stuff. I don't understand much of it. Even though I've been on Doctor Who, I'm technically challenged. I can barely work my cell phone and I'm a shagger with a computer," the redhead replied. That made Melissa giggle again.

"You're a great actress then Karen, cause you had me fooled," the Supergirl replied. "I'm glad you're here though. I'm a big fan of yours. You're so pretty and fun," she went on. That made Karen blush. The cowl didn't hide her pink cheeks.

"I'm just so happy to be here. I love this show and have been hounding my agent to get me on here for months. I think you are so adorable as Kara and so inspiring as Supergirl. That and the hot lesbian story lines had me dying to get on here. I bugged Kevin until he finally told me that he was writing an episode with a guest appearance of Batgirl. I told him I'd do anything for the part. Well, here I am. I worked out so hard to get in shape for this costume and I took a martial arts class so that I could do most of my own stunt work. I am so excited. I hope they fix this electrical shite so we finally get rolling," Karen explained.

Melissa smirked as she eyed the visiting actress, "So you like the lesbian action on the show, do ya? Do you ship me and Katie too?" she asked.

"Of course I do. There is so much heat between you two on screen. It makes me wonder if it's there off screen too," Karen pried. She knew Melissa was previously married to a man. She had seen her sex photos on line too. But in show business, so many performers were bisexual. That had been her experience anyway. She already knew that Katie was bi. She heard it from a mutual acquaintance who worked with Katie on Dracula.

Melissa eyed the new comer suspiciously and said nothing but licked her lips in response. Indeed, Melissa had done her homework too, digging up a few tasty bits of info on Karen Gillan. She had heard how she seduced a fellow actress on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy and how the two of them, painted blue and green had made a huge but colorful mess on some linens back stage. They stared at each other, both of them licking their lips.

Just then, there was another spark right next to the two ladies. Both actresses jumped in fright right into each others arms. Both girls let out a squeak of a scream. They turned to look and the room was aglow with a strange blue light. Karen thought it was just a special set light but Melissa who was familiar with the set had never seen it before, on set at least. It was like a glowing blue cloud about three feet in diameter, hanging in mid air. Melissa knew it looked familiar but it was impossible.

Suddenly, the blue light expanded and turned into a ring about four feet across. Then, emerging from the light stepped a person. He was a young Latin man with shoulder length black hair, wearing a Star Labs sweater and jeans. On his face were a funky pair of metallic sunglasses.

Melissa looked on in confusion and asked, " Carlos? Carlos Valdes? Is that you?" Carlos was another CW actor who played Cisco Ramon on the show "the Flash". She had worked with him a couple of times on cross over episodes. As odd as the situation was, it looked just like him and he was in full Cisco as Vibe costume.

The man answered, "Carlos? No Supergirl, it's me, Cisco Ramon. I had to vibe here for an emergency. The world, my world is in great danger again. You're our only hope. Please, you have to come with me. Oh wow, Batgirl's here too. That's even better. Come on, time is precious, let's go."

Karen was in shock and disbelief. She figured it was some kind of weird hazing ritual but vowed to herself that she would be a real trooper and play along and not get upset. Melissa was beyond confused. The light looked exactly like the inter dimensional breeches from the show but that was all post production animation. This was happening in real time. It didn't make any sense. "Cisco grabbed Karen buy the wrist. She played along. Then he grabbed Melissa's wrist. "Come on Supergirl, we have to go now!"

Melissa shook her head, "But wait, I'm not Supergirl, I'm Melissa Benoit. I just..."

But then the three of them slipped into the light cloud and for a second there was a weightless feeling and a feeling of speed which lasted less than two seconds before they emerged again in the same location. Melissa stumbled and Karen fell right on her arse. Melissa held her stomach. I think I'm going to be sick. She gagged but the feeling past. Karen was a bit dizzy as she stood up on her feet. "What the fuck happened?" she asked in an American accent.

Cisco replied, "Inter dimensional travel. It often causes motion sickness. It passes quickly." Karen and Melissa looked around the room. They were in the same office but gone were the cameras and the lights. Gone were the cables and equipment. Gone were the gaffers, techs, makeup people and interns. The office looked just it would to viewers watching the show.

"Where did everybody go? Where are the cameras?" Melissa asked in stunned amazement.

Cisco Ramon explained, "You're in a parallel universe now Supergirl. Anybody who was in Lena Luthor's office back in your dimension will still be there but on this earth it's just us three. As for cameras, I think there's two security cameras in the room, one above Lena's desk and one aimed at the door. See, there and there."

Melissa shook her head, "What? No, not those cameras. I'm talking about TV cameras."

"I must have caught you guys doing an interview or something on your world. There were a lot of cameras there now that I think about it," Cisco answered.

Melissa was getting flustered and was about to explain herself again when Lena Luthor stood up from behind her desk. She had been hiding underneath it. The three newcomers turned and noticed her.

"Supergirl? What are you doing here? And who are your friends?" Lena asked in her east coast Metropolis accent.

"Katie? What's going on here? You were off in the bathroom a second ago. And why are talking in character?" Melissa grilled.

Lena looked at her confused. "In character? What are you talking about? This is my normal voice. And why are you calling me Katie? It's me Supergirl, your friend Lena Luthor."

Karen Gillan had been taking in the situation and studying the room. She grabbed Melissa by her arm. It felt incredibly strong to her. Melissa turned to her. The actress dressed like Batgirl whispered into Melissa's ear, "I'm not sure what's going on here. Something is definitely out of wack. I recommend playing along, in character. Let's just see how this plays out."

Melissa thought on that for a second and answered, "Right, sorry Lena, I was thinking about something else when I said that. These are my associates, Batgirl and Vibe. We're here to...uhm, Vibe, why are we here again?"

"The Justice League members have gone missing when they set out to defeat the Legion of Doom. Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter have all disappeared. We found out that Lex Luthor has been communicating with the Legion from prison. We think they are planning on breaking him out. I've been tracking Black Manta and found that he came here to National City and was seen heading to the L Corps building, Lex Luthor's company. In my dimension, Supergirl was missing too, so I vibed to your earth to bring you here."

The two actresses looked stupefied. Lena Luthor spoke up defiantly, " It's not Lex's company anymore. It's mine and I don't have anything to do with the Legion of Doom."

Cisco Ramon challenged her, "What about Black Manta? Why did he come here to L Corps?"

Lena asked, " Is he the big guy in SCUBA gear with the flying saucer on his head?"

Ramon answered, "Ya, that sounds like Manta, why?"

Lena replied, "Because he killed two of my security guards and forced his way into the building. We are under lock down. He's roaming the floors looking for something, that's why I'm hiding under my desk. Thank God you're here Supergirl."

Melissa was so sure that everything was just a big set up prank, probably Kevin trying to punk her. If it was, then everyone was doing a good job. She couldn't explain any of it to herself. It all seemed so real. While she was pondering everything, the door to Lena's office suddenly went flying off of its hinges into the room with a loud bang. The door knocked Cisco in the back of head and sent him to the floor unconscious. All three of the ladies screamed in fright. Black Manta stepped into the room, a seven foot tall creature in a wet suit with breathing apparatus running from a tank on his back up to his over sized saucer shaped helmet that emitted glowing red eyes. He was holding a spear gun.

Karen, in her Batgirl attire instinctively somersaulted to the corner of the room out of Black Manta's vision. Manta saw Lena Luthor and fired his spear gun at her from less than ten yards away. Melissa instinctively dove toward Lena, who she knew as Katie McGrath, her costar. She landed in front of Lena in the blink of an eye. The spear hit Melissa in the back of her Supergirl cape. It bounced off of her with the metal point bending from the impact. Melissa didn't feel anything. She turned to see the spear on the floor next to her, bent.

Karen, reached into her belt and pulled out a batarang, a steel, bat shaped boomerang. She was in full adrenaline mode and not thinking. Instincts seemed to have kicked in. She hurled the weapon at Black Manta and it cut his tubes and cables from behind. Sparks flew from his helmet and the glowing red eyes went dim. She had cut the power to his laser eyes. She then cart wheeled over to the super villain. He took a big roundhouse swing at the girl but she easily ducked it. She hooked his ankle and turned, sending the beast to the floor. His head hit with a thud. He quickly got back up and Karen sent a kick at his head. She made contact but the hard shell helmet hurt her foot and she reeled back toward the corner.

Black Manta turned back to Lena Luthor who was being shielded by her hero Supergirl. Manta was reloading his spear gun. Lena clutched onto Supergirl tightly. Melissa could smell Lena's scent intensely. She could hear the other woman's heart beating rapidly. Her only instinct was to protect Lena for whom she felt a deep affection for. For a moment she wanted to kiss her but the situation forbade that. Melissa was scared but held onto her friend tightly and stared at Black Manta with intensity. She seemed to see the whole room going red. Manta glowed bright red and fell to the floor, smoke rising from his prone and lifeless body.

Lena let out a breath of relief. "Nice shot Supergirl. I think your heat vision fried him good," she told her friend. The enemy combatant was laying prone on the floor, smoke rising from his motionless body, the stench of burnt rubber and flesh rising in the air.

Karen stood up and surveyed the opponent. "Holy fucking shit Meli...I mean Supergirl. You fish fried that fucker with your eyes!" she exclaimed. "How did you?" she went on before stopping herself. The redhead bent down and examined the spear. The tip was bent at a right angle. She tried to bend it back but to no avail. The metal was solid steel. She then helped Melissa and Lena Luthor to their feet.

Lena looked deep into Supergirl's crystal blue eyes with a deep love and affection. "Supergirl, you saved my life again," she cheered as she hugged the super heroine tightly. "You are making a real habit of that," she announced as she placed a gentle, loving kiss on the cheek of the hero of National City.

Melissa was beyond confused. She looked down at the smoking wreck that was Black Manta. "Did I do that?" she asked with astonishment.

"Boom! Laser fucking beam eyes. Wow!" Batgirl admired. She bent down and examined the super villain. She checked his vitals as a paramedic would a victim. "Ya, he's pretty dead, I'm sure. I'm going to check on Vibe," Karen added as she jumped over to Cisco Ramon and checked on him. "He's unconscious but has stable vital signs. Took a big blow to the head though. Probably a concussion," she diagnosed.

Just then, two security men arrived, weapons ready, entering the room in panic. "It's okay men. Stand down. Supergirl and her friend Batgirl saved the day. I'm alright," Lena Luthor informed them. The security men lowered their weapons and took a sigh of relief.

Melissa had approached Karen as they stood over the prone figure of Cisco. Karen grasped Melissa's elbow and leaned in close to whisper, " Look Melissa, I don't know what the fuck is going on here. This is some weird fucking shit. I think we should take Cisco here and remove ourselves from this situation. We need to figure out what the fuck is happening. Where can we go?"

Melissa was equally confused, more so actually. None of it made any sense. There were no camera crews, no director, no lights, no makeup girls, no interns. The fight seemed very real and she could not explain how the steel spear just bounced off of her back without her even feeling it. Nor could she explain the heat coming from her eyes which apparently fried a super villain. The inter-dimensional breech was another mystery. And why were Irish Katie McGrath and Scottish Karen Gillan speaking with American accents for seemingly no reason? Indeed, regrouping seemed the wisest course of action.

"Okay, let's get Carlos out of here. We've got to figure this out," the blonde heroine agreed. Karen tried to lift Cisco but his weight was more than she imagined. She leveraged him to his feet non the less but it was a struggle to keep him up.

"A little help?" Batgirl asked her friend. Melissa, as frail and small as she was grabbed the Latin man by his other arm to help even though she thought he was too heavy for her. She thought that between her and Karen, they would struggle to carry their comrade. As soon as she tried however, she felt almost no weight at all. Lifting Cisco felt like lifting a bowl of soup. Even Melissa surprised herself.

"Why is he so light," she asked Karen? Karen let go, a little winded and let Melissa take the load. She too was stunned by the ease that her friend displayed in carrying Vibe.

Karen replied, "Light? He's like one eighty easily. Looks like you have super strength too." Melissa had no explanation. Even if he was one fifty, she would not normally be able to carry him but he literally felt no heavier than a small kitten.

The two girls made their way out of Lena Luthor's office and hurried down to the lobby. As many times as Melissa had been on this set, she remembered the Hyatt hotel check in desk and hotel staff in the lobby. This time however, there was a security desk, metal detector and information desk with a big L Corps sign in the lobby. "That's weird," the would be Supergirl stated. They stepped out onto the street, with Melissa still carrying Vibe like a baby. Even the exterior of the building looked different. Sure, they would put a big fake, cardboard "L Corps" sign out there for exterior shots but there was a big steel sign on the building that read the same. A big solitary US flag flew in front of the building where Melissa was used to seeing a Canadian flag.

Karen strode over to a newspaper box and retrieved a local newspaper. The front page was titled, "National City Gazette," and the headline read, "JLA Still Missing During National Crises."

Karen showed the paper to Melissa and asked, "Okay Supergirl, is this normal? Does the props department usually go to this much detail?" Melissa shook her head, herself in awe still. Karen rolled up the paper and stuck it in her utility belt. She looked around. "Okay Supergirl, where can we go that's private around here?"
Melissa thought for a second before coming up with an inspiration. "How about we use the loft where we shoot all of Kara's apartment scenes? I know it's not too far away. The drive is usually only five to ten minutes or so."

Karen looked anxious still. "Alright, we can try that. Where is it?" the Batgirl asked.

Melissa looked perplexed. "I never do the driving. Damn it."

"Well, what's the address?" the redhead asked.

Melissa clued in. "Oh ya, I know that. It's on the corner of Comox and Bute Streets." She smiled at being pleased with herself.

Karen pulled a device out of her utility belt that appeared to be nothing more than a cell phone. She quickly pulled up Google maps and searched for the corner that Melissa told her of in Vancouver, BC. She appeared flustered as the maps would not display even the City of Vancouver. It appeared to not even exist. In it's place was a city called Empire, Canada. She tried three times but failed each time. Flustered, she came up with a different idea. She ran a search in directory assistance for Kara Danvers. She was able to find a listing at 499 Lincoln Blvd. National City, USA. She punched that into Google maps and it showed a mark that was about twenty city blocks away from where they were standing which read "Lex Corp building" on the map. Karen showed it to Melissa.

"Holy fucking shit. Even Google maps has National City. That looks like the right spot. So how are going to get there? Should we hail a cab?" Melissa asked.

"How about you fly us there Supergirl?" the Batgirl remarked with a little cheek.

Melissa laughed at the thought. She even snorted a little. "What? No! Fly? Are you crazy? I can't fly. That's all cranes, wires, and green screens. Fly? That's ...that's just..." the blonde actress replied. She started blushing as she saw how serious Karen looked in her Batgirl mask.

Karen stated, "You don't have super strength or heat vision either, remember?" With that she walked around behind Melissa and wrapped her arms around her neck. She pressed her spandex and leather covered body tight up against the star of the show. Melissa could feel the warmth of Karen's body pressed against her back. It made her feel sensual and she began growing wet again between her legs. Karen kissed the hero on the cheek and said, "Now, fly Supergirl, I'll give you directions."

Melissa knew that the other girl was right. She blew out a breath of air and pushed off of the ground like she had so many times in the harness with cables. Suddenly she was off the ground, a hundred feet above the pavement, with a one hundred eighty pound man in her arms and a one hundred pound girl hanging onto her back. "Holy fucking shit! I'm flying. I'm really fucking flying!" Melissa exclaimed. Holding Lena Luthor had got her warmed up. Karen Gillan's body pressed into her back got her more excited. The turn on of flying had made Melissa's pussy a sopping wet mess.

Within a few seconds, the trio arrived at the building where they shot the scenes for Kara Danver's apartment. Supergirl landed gracefully on the fire escape and Batgirl let go. Melissa climbed through the unlocked window of the top floor loft. Karen followed her inside. Melissa scanned the room. Indeed, it looked exactly like the set of Kara Danver's apartment. The bed was on the north wall. There was a dressing screen in front of it. To the right was her rack of Kara clothes. To the left was the bathroom. Further right was the kitchen area, living and dining areas. The one thing missing or rather in place of, was that she was used to the far wall being out for space for the lights and cameras. Instead there was a solid wall there. Hung on it were framed photos of herself and costar Chyler Leigh, who played her sister Alex Danvers. The photos were not any that she remembered taking however. They indeed looked like family photos, some of which looked as much as ten to fifteen years old. It was impossible, as she had only met Chyler two years previous while auditioning for their roles.

She set Vibe down on the sofa in the living area. Karen had already gone to the refrigerator and was getting ice out for a compress. "That's just a prop fridge, it doesn't actually work or have anything in it," Melissa tried to say but she was proven wrong as Karen came back with some ice in a wet rag. She placed it on Vibe's head over the big bump he took. "Oh, never mind," Melissa added at the sight of yet another surprise. It was quite clear that this whole thing was not a prank. They really had jumped dimensions and in the process, she had developed all the powers of a real Supergirl.

Melissa paced the room, her cape flowing behind her as she tried to rationalize the situation. "So, this is all real. We actually jumped to another earth. Here in this world, I'm actually Kara Zor-El, fucking Supergirl with real fucking super powers. Are you really Batgirl?" she asked.

Karen sighed. "No, I'm Karen Gillan, Scottish actress, a regular on Doctor Who, who just got the part of Batgirl for a guest appearance on the Supergirl TV show on the CW network. Yet here I am, ripped from my world into a strange parallel universe." she stated without emotion.

"And I'm Melissa Benoit, a simple actress. I was on Glee for fuck's sake. This can't be happening. Does this mean you have Batgirl powers now? I noticed that you lost your Scottish accent somehow," Supergirl inquired.

Karen thought for a second. "Funny, I've been talking normally. I never noticed my own voice. Strange. As for special powers, Batgirl doesn't have any. She's a mere mortal. Even if I did turn into Batgirl somehow, I still won't be able to fly or have bullets bounce off me or shit like that," she replied.

"Ya, but you handled yourself pretty good back there. You moved fast and graceful. You've kept a level head through all this and seem to know what to do. I thought all your Batgirl toys were supposed to be useless props too. What's up with that?" Melissa argued.

Karen sighed. "Very true, I thought they were useless props too but somehow I just instinctively knew to pull out that batarang and this cell phone is not any name brand phone. It's a home made mini computer. All these compartments are full of useful shit too. Funny, in the comics, Batgirl is a detective, a computer genius, a master strategist and a nimble athlete and fighter. She has an extremely high IQ. I was never any of those things. Ever since we came to this world, things have been making sense to me. I believed that the breech was real from the beginning. I wasn't sure so that's why I suggested playing along for a while. When I saw you use super powers back there, I was certain. All the other clues confirm it. The question is, what do we do next?"

Melissa looked down at the still unconscious man on the sofa that Karen was attending to. "We need him back. He's the only way that we can get back to our own world. When he comes to, we get him to open another breech and we go back to our own earth," Melissa suggested.

Karen didn't looked pleased. "We can't do that. If this is all real, then so is his story. The earth is in some real bad shit and right now and you and I are the only hope of saving it. We have to help," she resided.

Melissa knew that was true too. She was wearing the Supergirl costume and knew what it stood for. She wasn't afraid, only confused. She was feeling more confident knowing that she had super powers. She watched as Karen stood up and looked around the room. She decided to test her powers a bit more. She focused on the front of her new friend in the skin tight Batgirl costume. She concentrated on looking beyond the surface. Suddenly, she saw more. Melissa grinned and blushed at the same time.

Karen looked at her suspiciously. "What?" she inquired.

Melissa giggled. "Just testing my x-ray vision. So, you are a real redhead I see," she joked. Karen crossed her legs and blushed herself. She placed a hand awkwardly in front of her vagina that was so proudly displayed by the tight black fabric.

"No fair bitch! That's cheating. I was hoping that you'd get to see it sometime during this filming but not like that," Karen announced with embarrassment. Melissa giggled at her. Finally Karen stopped trying to cover herself and boldly stood facing Melissa with her hands on her hips in a classic super hero pose. She cocked a red eyebrow and asked, "Well super vision, did you get a good look?"

Melissa stared a little longer. She continued to giggle. She teased, "Oh yes, a real good look. Very nice. Very puffy and very wet as well I see." She batted her eyes at the redhead and winked.

Karen had regained her composure. "Well, what do expect. I've been fantasizing about working with you for months. Then, as soon as we start working, shit happens and my adrenaline gets going. Then I hold onto my fantasy girl as she flies me across the city and find out that she is the real deal. So of course I'm dripping wet. So, now that you've seen mine, do I get to see yours?" she asked boldly and bravely.

Melissa was surprised by the boldness of the redhead. She looked down at Cisco Ramon, who was really Cisco Ramon and not actor Carlos Valdes after all. "What about him? Is going to be okay?" she distracted.

"He'll be fine. He'll come around soon enough as soon as the swelling goes down. In the meantime he's going to sleep it off," Karen replied. With that, the Batgirl slinked over to the blue and red clad girl and gently embraced her. Melissa turned her head and opened her mouth. Karen pressed her lips against Melissa's. She pulled herself into the body of the powerful blonde, squashing her breasts against Melissa's. The girls were of a similar height and their bodies meshed together perfectly. Their tongues met in each other's mouth and gently played with the other's. Karen's hands reached down Supergirl's back until they found her red skirt. Karen reached under it and grabbed hold of Melissa's super ass.

Melissa moaned her excitement and kissed the redhead harder. Her own hands moved down the back of Batgirl, stopping at the complex utility belt. Karen realized the dilemma and let go of Mellissa's bum for second to undo her belt. It fell to the floor with a thud and Karen stepped out of it, never breaking the sensual kiss. Melissa's hand reached down further and squeezed the spandex covered butt of the dark knight damsel of Gotham. Karen's hands returned to Supergirl's ass and they both felt each other up as they made out with passion.

Both women were wet and excited. They could barely contain themselves. Karen was sucking on Melissa's tongue like it was a cock. They groped at each other's bodies as they kissed. Melissa was squeezing Karen's ample tits through the fabric of the Batgirl suit while Karen's hands had reached between Melissa's hard thighs and had begun rubbing the soaking wet panties under Supergirl's skirt. It continued for several minutes until Melissa finally broke the kiss.

Supergirl stepped back one pace and began taking off her boots. She did it slowly and methodically for show. Karen looked on, drooling. Melissa then undid the back clasp of her costume and pulled it off of her body by the sleeves. The tight material peeled off of her tone body revealing Melissa's small but perky tits. Her nipples were soft pink and stood out at attention at an upward angle. The looked very proud. Melissa pushed the uniform off of her body and onto the floor. She was left in grey pantyhose and her red panties. She slipped them off too to reveal her clean shaven peach. Melissa's little pussy was puffy and pink, the lips protruding a little and the hood of her clit peeking out. Karen was biting her lip and touching her own sex as she watched the slow strip tease. Melissa sat back on the bed and teased Karen some more by spreading the lips of her vagina with her fingers to show the pretty pink folds which were dripping with juice.

Karen couldn't get her costume off fast enough. She quickly unfastened her cape and pulled off her cowl. The gloves she flung off in one motion while at the same time she kicked off her yellow boots. She struggled to get the fly of her body suit but managed to get it off rather quickly which left her standing in a black sports bra and black cotton panties. Melissa couldn't take it any longer and reached up to Karen and tore the women's underclothes off as easily as if they were a band aid.

Karen moaned at the show of strength and crossed her legs to squeeze her own sex between her thighs. Melissa pulled the naked redhead to her and kissed her forcefully. She rolled Karen onto her back and climbed on top of the titian star. They made out with open mouths as if their lives depended on it. Their naked bodies writhed and rubbed against each other. As their nipples touched, shock waves of excitement rolled through their bodies causing both of their pussies to get wetter. Trails of wetness traced down their thighs as each girl's clit made contact with the other girl's thigh. Hands grabbed whatever body part they could find. Hair was caressed and butt cheeks were fondled. The kissing became frantic.

Karen was moaning in agony and Melissa was panting heavily. Both girls were feverish with lust. Melissa finally spun herself all the way around so that her face was in the crotch of the Scotswoman. She spread her own legs over Karen's head and lowered her juicy twat to the redhead's face. Both girl's attacked the other's pussy with intensity. Karen made a lip lock on the blonde girl's clit and sucked on it with all she had while jamming two fingers easily into Supergirl's twat.

Melissa had stuck her tongue into the Karen's box and tongue fucked her sugar walls. Karen grinded her hips on Melissa's face, rubbing her clit on the blonde's chin. Melissa pried the redhead's butt cheeks apart and shoved her nose into the pretty pink starfish as she ate the savory pie of her friend. Karen enjoyed the contact on her asshole and decided to play with Melissa's while she made a meal of her perfect vagina. She took her two wet fingers out of Melissa's snatch and pressed them into the girl's back door. She then put her other two fingers back into the slick sugar cave.

As they sucked each other's pussies, both girls frantically gyrated their bodies in the sixty-nine position trying desperately to get off. Tears of joy filled the eyes of both woman as they tried to get the other off while feeling their own orgasm approaching. Fingers and tongues worked at electric speed on gashes that flowed freely with pungent juices covering the faces of both lovers. Both girls whimpered and cried as they were overcome by their own orgasm. Neither girl yielding their mouth clamp on the other's clit. They bucked and cried as they came together simultaneously. Both of them flooded the other's face with a splash of hot, wet girl cum.

They peeled apart and panted. Melissa's head was swimming with pleasure and euphoria. She panted and sweated in orgasmic bliss. Karen was soaked and still full of lust. She wasn't ready for it to be over and gingerly scissor her legs with Melissa. As soon as Melissa felt the other woman's pussy bump up against her own, her head came around again. They grabbed each other's ass and started gyrating their hips together like a well oiled machine. Their slick boxes mashed together as they grinded hard with their hips. They humped like two bitches in heat. Each of them was grunting and groaning.

"Oh God, fuck me Supergirl!" Karen screamed. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she bit her lip so hard it started to bleed. Melissa was crying with joy, tears rolled down her cheeks mixing with the girl sauce left behind from Karen's twat.

"Fuck me, I'm coming again. Yes Batgirl, smash my super pussy you fucking bitch!" Melissa screamed out. Her body shook as her orgasm raged from her body. Her juice squirted from her vagina and splashed over both of their bodies. Karen could taste it on her tongue still. She savored the flavour. Melissa was still humping her at a feverish pace causing an orgasmic wave to flow through her. She didn't hold back and arched her back as she came in a violent orgasmic rush, her own cunt spraying a jet a girl juice into Melissa's body and face.

As Karen caught her breath, she panted, "Holy fuck. I got fucked by Supergirl." As the two ladies lay on the bed catching their breath, their faces met again as they tenderly kissed and tasted each other's cum on their lips. As their lips softly touched, each of them suddenly felt a hot splash on their faces. They heard a low guttural grunt at the same time. As they opened their eyes, they saw Cisco standing over them stroking his uncircumcised cock with drips of cum still erupting from the head. Both girls winced as they realized that Cisco had just jerked off on their faces while they were sharing a tender moment.

Melissa got angry. "Fuck off Cisco, you pervert. We were having a beautiful moment together before you spoiled it," she protested. Karen was wiping her face off on the bed sheets.

Cisco grinned from ear to ear, not at all sorry for his action. He was still woozy and unstable on his feet. "Sorry guys but that was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen and I've watched a lot of porn, believe me. I couldn't help myself," he claimed.

Melissa pulled her red cape over herself to hide her nakedness. "Damn you Cisco, If I weren't a good guy, I'd kick you in the nuts so hard, you'd land on the moon. Don't think I can't do it either," she roared. Cisco understood that she could and his dick quickly shriveled up in his hand. He put it away before he got into any more trouble with the powerful Kryptonian.

Karen seemed less ashamed of her own nakedness and strutted around in the nude over to Cisco. She grabbed him by his balls and spoke closely into his face. "Okay motherfucker, now that you're awake again, here's what's going to happen. First, Supergirl and I are going to have a shower and finish our moment privately. While we do that, you're going to cook us up some bacon and eggs because we are starving. Then, after we eat, the three of us are going to sit here and figure out how to save the world. Once we accomplish that, you're going to send us home and never tell a soul about happened in here. Got it numb nuts?"

Cisco looked on in horror and pain at the redhead. He simply nodded his head in agreement. Karen finally let go of his balls. He reeled back in pain, clutching his groin. Triumphantly, Karen grabbed Melissa by the wrist and marched her into the bathroom for a shower.

The two new super heroines made out as they soaped each other's bodies and cleaned away the evidence of their heated sexual escapade. Meanwhile, Cisco did as he was told dutifully. He never dared peek on the girls in fear of retaliation. He seemed to be more frightened by the redheaded dare doll without any powers rather than the powerful alien from Krypton.

The two women emerged from the bathroom wrapped in white towels. They both still had damp, wet hair. When they saw their meal in front of them, bacon and eggs, with toast and salsa, they both dove right in. It was so good, they were almost ready to forgive Cisco for coming on their faces. Neither girl spoke while they shoveled the food in but when they smiled, Cisco was partly relieved.

Both were done their meal in minutes, perhaps seconds for Supergirl. Karen looked up at Cisco and said, "Okay, that was pretty fucking good. Now tell us. What was Black Manta looking for at L Corps?" as she went into detective mode.

"I'm not sure but it may have been something to do Lena Luthor. Maybe she's helping the Legion of Doom," he hypothesized.

Melissa jumped in, "No way. She innocent. That monster tried to murder her. She's only alive because Batgirl and I showed up. You took a bump in the head in the action as well."
Karen added, "I agree with Supergirl. Black Manta seemed like killing Lena was his priority. I also can't see why she would involve herself with the Legion when she stands nothing to gain by them and everything to lose if she were caught mixed up with them. It must have been something else. Maybe some kind of tech.?"

Melissa spoke again saying, "Could be some tech. L Corps might still have all kinds of Lex Luthor's tech in there hidden away. If Lex was orchestrating this all somehow, he might have been trying to get his sister out the way so that he could take over."

Cisco pondered, "That may be so. We should try to figure out what Black Manta was after. Can we question him?" The girls stared at each other for a second with guilty looks.

Melissa turned to Cisco and said, "Well, I don't think he's going to be answering any questions soon. We... I mean I sort of accidentally might have killed him earlier. Oops!" Melissa blushed beat red.

Cisco looked surprised. "Oh. I didn't expect that. Wow. Okay, no problem. We will just have to ask Lena Luthor then if she has any of Lex's tech laying around the place still," he surmised. Melissa nodded her head and smiled trusting that her friend would help.

Karen shook her head. "Wait. Sorry Supergirl. I know that she's close to you and that you trust her but we have to consider all the angles. Even if there is a tiny, one percent chance that Lena is involved, going in and asking her for full disclosure would be a critical error. She could steer us away and cover any evidence because we trust her. So long as there is a fraction of that chance, we can't risk that approach. Believe me Supergirl, I want to trust her too, I really do. You're most likely right but the world is at stake and the stakes are too high. I recommend a stealthier approach," she suggested.

Cisco nodded in agreement. "Sorry Kara, Batgirl is right. The risk versus reward. We have to approach this as if Lena had something to do with it. I hope for you and her both that we are wrong but it's the right move. The safe move," he told her.

Melissa looked angry at both of them. She was near steaming. "Well, I know that you're both wrong about her. She's good. You'll see," she said before sighing, "But you're right. It's the smartest way and the stakes are too high. So what are we going to do?"

Karen leaned forward, "First, we hack into L Corps' main computer system and search for inventory. Something might pop out at us," she suggested.

Cisco didn't look too enthusiastic about it, "I tried already. Their system has a multi layered firewall system with state of art security encryption. If I can't hack in than no one can," he told them.

"I'd like to take a crack it," Karen said with a grin. Less then five hours before that moment, she couldn't even change her Facebook password. Suddenly she felt a confidence she had never felt before. "Where's your laptop?" she asked Supergirl.

Melissa looked at her funny then scanned the room. Yes, there was always a prop laptop on the set of her apartment. Sure enough, it was sitting on a shelf under the TV. "Over there, but it's always just been a prop," she said.

Karen grabbed the notebook and opened it up. She started banging away on the keys frantically. Melissa and Cisco looked on. The computer was truly functional. "Nice Facebook page Kara Danvers. Relationship status uncertain. Geek much? Hey look, honeymoon photos from Alex and Maggie from Rome. Did they just get married?"

Melissa squinted. "Huh? Oh ya, I forgot we filmed that episode last week," she informed Karen. Cisco looked puzzled. She then corrected herself, "I mean filmed the wedding, you know with my camcorder. Right. Anyway, what are wasting time on that for? Aren't you supposed to be hacking into L Corps?" she scolded.

Karen looked up unconcerned. She smiled and said, "I'm multi tasking. I'm running an encryption algorithm which takes a while. Meanwhile I'm looking to find some other interesting stuff including the latest on the JLA disappearances and Lex Luthor's status. I'm also getting a schematic of the L Corps building."

Cisco excused himself to use the bathroom. As soon as he left the room, Karen turned to Melissa, "Want to see something else juicy? Have a look at ourselves on this earth." She turned the computer to face the blonde. Melissa saw two photos of two women who looked somewhat similar to themselves but not quite right. Karen explained, "Here on this earth, Karen Gillan is a housewife in Aberdeen Scotland with four kids. She's missing a bunch of teeth and weighs over one hundred seventy pounds. Her husband is a used car salesman. As for Melisa Benoit, she is a mousy haired convict in an Arizona state prison with a tattoo on her face of a spider web and a Mohawk haircut doing ten to fifteen for selling drugs and assaulting police with a weapon."

Melissa exclaimed, "Wow! We're real losers here. I guess we're both pretty lucky to be doing what we're doing." Meanwhile, Cisco returned to the room. Karen ditched the files on their doppelgangers.

"Anything yet?" Cisco asked Batgirl.

The redhead flung her wet hair over her shoulder and stated, "I got past nine of ten firewalls so far, waiting on the last one. Wait, there, I'm in. Okay, let's have looksie." Cisco pulled up a seat next to her and admired her handiwork.

He smiled at her and said, "Nice work red. I'm impressed. You might be as good as Felicity Smoak. What do we have here?" He pointed out something on the screen. They both stared and then frowned and then sighed. "Damn it!" Cisco said in frustration.

Melissa was waiting for answers uncomfortably. "What? What is it? You're in right? What did you find?"

Cisco sighed. "It's another dead end I'm afraid. The departments are linked into a mainframe which is cool, but the sensitive data is wiped daily from the system. The data is compiled onto a hard drive which is removed and put into a closed internal network which stands alone. It's impossible," he proclaimed.

Melissa said, "Well, I guess we'll just have to trust Lena then and ask her."

Karen stood up, looking around the room and noticing the rack of clothes, announced, "Wait! I just got an idea."

An hour later...

Two smartly dressed women, one blonde and the other a redhead show up at the security desk at L Corps. The guards recognized Kara Danvers, the reporter from CatCo who had been there numerous times and was known to be a personal friend of the CEO. She was wearing a simple grey pencil skirt and a pink sweater and low heel grey shoes. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she wore the big dorky glasses that were her trademark. "Ms Luthor asked me to come over," she told the security guard who didn't hesitate to buzz her in. They had all received the notice from the boss to always allow Kara in.

The redhead approached them next. She was in a crisp blue skirt suit with a white blouse. She wore sensible black low heel shoes with her outfit. Her hair was also up in a tight, military looking bun and wore big framed glasses. She presented her ID to the security guard. "Detective Barbara Gordon, homeland security. I'm here to look into this attack by Black Manta," she announced. The guard had a swipe station which he used to scan the ID tag. Karen looked on confidently. His monitor showed a positive match with homeland. Her fake ID was flawless. She and Cisco had also planted the ID in homeland's actual database without them knowing. He phoned up to Ms Luthor's office to tell her that Detective Gordon was coming.

The two of them went over the plan again in the elevator. Karen went in first. The door was still missing, replaced only by police tape and some debris was still on the floor although the body of Black Manta had been removed. A tapeline on the carpet marked where the body had been. Karen announced herself, "Ms Luthor I presume. My name is Detective Barbara Gordon, homeland security. Got here as soon as I could. What can you tell me about today's attack?"

Lena Luthor began telling the story as best as she could remember which was pretty much as Karen remembered it herself. A couple minutes into the story, Kara Danvers stuck her head into the office of her friend. "Lena, I rushed here as soon as I heard the news. Are you alright? Oops, sorry, I didn't know you had company. I can come back later," the awkward girl announced.

Lena stood up and smiled. Her face beamed at the arrival of friend. "Kara? No, come in please. I'm so glad to see you," she said. Lena came around her desk and gave Kara a big squeezy hug and kissed her cheek. "You were worried about me. I'm so glad you're here. What a bad day I've been having. Oh, excuse me, where are my manners. Kara, this is Detective Gordon from homeland security. Detective, Kara Danvers, a reporter from CatCo and my best friend," Lena introduced.

The two women looked at each other and shook hands. "Please to meet you Kara, call me Barbara please, both of you. Look, Ms Luthor, I can see you're emotionally distraught right now. We can talk a bit later. I can let you catch up with your friend. In the meantime, I'd like to review all the security footage from these cameras if you can give the access," Karen asked.

"Okay sure detective, I mean Barbara. I can set you up at the security terminal on this floor, down the hall. Kara, wait here, I'll be right back darling," the L Corps CEO instructed. Kara blushed when she heard Lena call her darling. Her eyes were so intense and she felt herself get a little damp in the crotch with every eye contact into those deep blue pools.

Lena took Barbara Gordon down the hall to the security station by the elevator. The guard who had been there earlier was in the hospital and since so many guards were injured or dead, L Corps was short staffed. Lena insisted that her floor was safe enough and that the remaining guards be posted at the lobby and other sensitive areas. Lena turned on the computer and logged in with the company password. She opened the security feeds and recordings for the detective. Karen thanked her and Lena returned to her office to see her friend.

Melissa was seated on the sofa and stood up to hug Lena closely again when she came into the room. The feel of the other woman's body pressed against hers made Melissa weak in the knees with lust. Lena breathed in the fresh scent of Kara and squeezed her close. "I'm glad you came over Kara. My day has been more fucked up than usual. I thought I was a goner. Thank God for Supergirl and her friend Batgirl or I would have been sushi. I don't know why that monster was after me," Lena told her. She was almost in tears.

"Yes, thank God for Supergirl, again," Melissa responded with a hint of jealousy. "That's a good question though Lena. What has the Legion of Doom got against you? Or do you think they were after something here at L Corps?" She asked casually one friend to another.


Karen Gillan, posing as Barbara Gordon, a detective for homeland security had been busy. She ran a patch from the security terminal to the in house closed circuit data feed. As soon as she completed the connection, she got to work hacking the internalized network. She ran her algorithm to decrypt the secure server. She needed time to complete her mission.

Back in Lena's office. ..

"I don't know Kara. The only connection is Lex. Maybe he is trying to assassinate me from prison. Why he want to do that is beyond me," Lena suggested. She held Kara out at arms length. Her deep blue eyes locked onto Kara's sky blue eyes. Lena let out a soft sigh and said, "Well Kara, thank you again for dropping in and checking in on me. It means a lot to me. I should really be getting back to that detective though. I can call you later when this all gets settled down."

Melissa began to panic and held on tight to Lena. "Wait!... uhm. You know what Lena? When I heard that you were attacked today, I was so worried. I felt like part of me was missing. I cried at the thought of loosing you. I just wanted to say... uhm," Melissa fumbled with her words. Lena looked deep into her waiting for more. "Uhm, I just wanted to say that life is short and you never know when something might happen to you; Something bad happen to you. We don't want to miss out on things that we might regret later. We should seize the moment and do what we feel in our hearts because we may never get that chance again," she continued. It was her mission to keep Lena distracted.

Lena took it all in. She smiled at Kara, "You're so right Kara. That's true. Maybe next time we can talk about those things that you want to do with your life. Let's get a drink or something later," she said. Again she motioned that their meeting was over and was about to show Kara Danvers out.

Melissa panicked some more. "Wait Lena! Uhm..." she said nervously. Lena waited with her patience wearing out. Melissa saw that she was losing the attention of the foxy brunette. She blurted, "I can't hold this back any longer. Lena..." she paused. "Oh, fuck it. Carpe Diem," she said and planted a hot kiss on Lena's mouth. Lena was not expecting the kiss and tensed up. Melissa Benoit, posing as Kara Danvers embraced her love interest with passion. The kiss was genuine. Even in her own world, their had been a mountain of sexual tension between herself and costar Katie McGrath who played Lena Luthor.

A few seconds into the kiss, Lena began to melt and opened her mouth to her trusted friend. Soon she too was overcome with passion and returned the kiss with heat and love. Soon her arms wrapped around Melissa's waist and pulled her tightly to her own body. Her tongue invaded Melissa's mouth, probing inside and tasting the cute blonde's tongue. Her hands roamed down to Melissa's butt and lightly squeezed her taught bum through her skirt. Melissa moaned with pleasure and sucked on Lena's tongue. The kiss got even more heated. Melissa began squeezing the breast of the voluptuous brunette. Her tits were so big and full and meant to be played with.

Lena finally broke the kiss in confusion. "Wow Kara! I had no idea. I mean I've been fantasizing about this ever since I met you, but I always thought you were totally straight. I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised," she confessed. The entire time, Melissa was kissing Lena's neck. Lena was melting but interrupted, "Now may not be the best time for this however. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving this but..."

Melissa had to act quickly. She pulled Lena over to her big executive office chair and pushed her down into it. Lean was surprised and in shock at Kara's strength and aggressiveness. Lena panted in heat. Melissa was happy to see that. She leaned into the sexy CEO of L Corps and kissed her forcefully again. Lena tried for a second to protest but her body betrayed her. She opened her mouth to Melissa's kiss again and her pussy grew damp as a used sponge. Melissa licked the inside of Lena's mouth expertly and then moved herself down to the floor.

Once in the kneeling position in front of Lena, Melissa forced the skirt up on the woman. Lena scooted her butt to allow the skirt to rise up over her ass and end up around her waist. Melissa was very happy to see that the hot brunette was wearing stay up stockings instead of pantyhose. Her panties were a tiny little black lace number from Victoria Secret. Melissa kissed the inside of Lena's thighs from her knees up to her crotch. The womanly aroma of Lena's sex was powerful. Melissa breathed it in like perfume. She ran little circles with her tongue around the exposed flesh at the top of Lena's stockings. Lena was moaning at the teasing she was receiving from her new lover. Melissa finally reached Lena's crotch and took a good long suck on Lena's panties and drank in the juice. "Mmm," Melissa moaned as she savoured the taste.

Lena began wriggling her hips in anticipation. She grabbed onto Melissa's ponytail and directed her into her now wide spread legs. Melissa pulled off her glasses and then reached up and hooked her finger inside Lena's panties and yanked them to the side. Lena's little pink clam was exposed and fully flowered with excitement. Melissa dove in with her tongue and immediately began tongue fucking Lena's pretty and well groomed snatch.

Lena groaned and bit her lip. She had been dreaming of that moment for so long whishing for it but never expecting it. The young blonde's tongue was so talented too. Lena had a hard time believing that it was her first pussy eating experience. She felt Kara's hand reach inside her designer blouse and forcefully grab her luscious C cup boob. Lena undid her own buttons to make it easier for Kara to feel her up.

Melissa's tongue moved rapidly and she occasionally pulled out to lick at Lena's exposed clitoris. Lena was going nuts with ecstasy. She pulled Melissa's head in tight to her box and was humping her hips at the blonde. Lena's cunt was juicy and wet as Melissa slipped three fingers up inside it. Melissa lapped away with a fury and kept swallowing down mouthfuls of Lena's liquid. Lena was in tears and her body shook. Melissa clamped her lips around Lena's clit and sucked hard on it while circling the tip with her tongue. She pressed her fingers up against Lena's G spot. Lena cried out and screamed, "Fuck Kara, I coming! Your tongue is amazing. Holy fuck, comingggg!"

Melissa sucked and licked as Lena squirted even more lady cum onto Melissa's face. Melissa kept lapping away throughout Lena's orgasm. She drank all the delicious fluid down surprised by how much the woman delivered. Melissa made sure to lick it all up from Lena's thighs and her butt crack. She teased the brunette's little starfish with the tip of her tongue while she did. Lena thought that she was in heaven. She had never had her pussy eaten so well in her life by a man nor a woman. She took deep breaths. She began to pull the girl up to her face to kiss her. She smiled and asked, "Damn girl! Where did you learn to munch rug like that? That was the best face I've ever had. It was...super!"

Melissa giggled. She had plenty of experience after all. Some was only a couple hours earlier. Kara Danvers however was a sweet innocent girl who was possibly a virgin. That could pose to be a problem. She giggled innocently and blushed. "Beginner's luck I guess," she evaded. To keep Lena from inquiring further, she kissed her again on her open mouth and allowed Lena to enjoy the flavour of her own pussy from her tongue.

Lena was still hot and in the moment. She grabbed Melissa by her shoulders and spun her around to take her place in the chair. Melissa allowed Lena to manhandle her. She sat back in the leather chair which was still hot from Lena's ass. Lena dropped to her knees in front of the blonde. Melissa quickly remembered the glasses and put them back on in haste. "I want to see your pretty face down there Lena," she covered. Lena smiled at the compliment. For a second there she thought Kara looked a bit like Supergirl when the glasses were off. That was another fantasy though. She skillfully maneuvered the pencil skirl off of her new lover. She was pleased at the sight of her cute little pink, cotton panties. Lena ran her hands up to them and yanked them off the hard, fit legs in front of her. She was pleased to see the smooth, shaved lips of Kara Danvers with little pink folds and protruding pink clit right in front of her face.


Karen Gillan, posing as Barbara Gordon had finally hacked the internal server of L Corps. There was too much information to examine in the short time frame so she downloaded it all onto a zip drive. While it was loading, she poked around inside the cyber system looking for clues. She spotting one thing of interest. She made a note of it and waited for her download to finish. She just hoped that Melissa was doing her part to keep Lena distracted.
Back in Lena's office...

Melissa Benoit was leaning back in Lena's executive chair with no skirt or panties on. Lena's head was between her muscular thighs licking Melissa's tender and juicy pussy. Lena's hands were up under Melissa's pink lace bra fondling the pointy nipples on her perky boobs. She had pushed Melissa's sweater up under her chin. Melissa was getting her pussy ate for the second time that day. Lena had a very talented tongue as well. She went to Vassar after all. Melissa ran her fingers through Lena's long brown hair and cooed and moaned her pleasure. Lena was flicking Melissa's hard clit with the tip of her tongue very rapidly. Melissa bit her lip and curled her toes. Lena inserted two well manicured fingers up inside Melissa's juicy love canal. Melissa rotated her hips, trying to grind her snatch in Lena's beautiful face.

Lena sucked on Melissa's little bud as she finger fucked her. Melissa felt like crying with pleasure because it felt so good. Lena picked up the pace and made Melissa flow like a river. Lena rolled her fingers in the juices. Melissa's cute little pink rosebud was right there and she decided to go for it. She lowered her face and gave the tight little opening a teasing lick. When Melissa groaned her approval, Lena shoved her tongue up Melissa's asshole. "Oh God yes!" Melissa screamed. Lena gave Melissa's ass a good tongue fucking while purposely leaving her pussy alone. It made the blonde girl squirm in frustration. Lena giggled as she ate Melissa's asshole.

When Melissa tried to touch her own pussy, Lena blocked her hand. Melissa began sobbing in frustration. Finally, Lena was done teasing the poor girl and took mercy on her pussy. She withdrew her tongue from Melissa's asshole and inserted her ring and pinky fingers in its place. Her index and middle finger went back inside Melissa's sweet little snatch. Melissa swooned at the sensation. Lena finger fucked her holes like a piston motor. Lena dove back onto Melissa's clitoris and sucked at it with abandon. Her tongue flicked at it to as she sucked the sensitive pink bud. Melissa screamed as she was overcome with an orgasmic spasm. Her twat gushed girl cum onto Lena's chin and her fingers. Lena continued to suck for several seconds as Melissa's body jerked, shook and spasmed with an intense orgasm.

Finally, Melissa calmed down and admired her handiwork. Lena's face was soaked. She still looked incredible. Melissa grabbed the brunette by her chin and lifted her face to her own. They embraced in a sweet, sensual soul kiss. Melissa made sure to lick Lena's face and suck her tongue clean. As they kissed, Melissa opened her eyes and saw Karen Gillan standing quietly at the doorway. Karen was holding the zip drive and gave Melissa a thumbs up. Melissa winked back. Karen then withdrew back to the security station.

Melissa finally broke the kiss and giggled. "You're pretty fucking awesome at that yourself Lena. Wow!" she complimented. She began adjusting her clothing back to normal. As she dressed, she said, "I'm so sorry if I got carried away there. I just couldn't help myself. I know how busty, I mean busy you are with everything going on. I feel guilty for taking up your valuable time." She blushed as she said it.

"Oh Kara. You sweet, sweet girl. Never apologize for being you. Besides, I really needed that. I love you Kara Danvers," Lena confessed.

Melissa blushed even more, a shade closer to beet red. "Oh Lena. Stop it. You're making me blush. Oh, I fucking love you too you beautiful babe." The two women straightened themselves out, adjusting clothes, hair and makeup. Melissa made her way to the door.

Lena gave her one more small kiss and said, "Okay girlfriend, I have to go see this detective. Will you call me later?"

Melissa kissed her back. "Of course Lena," she answered. She grinned and blushed again. She skipped out of the office like the cute dork that she was, singing, "I've got a girlfriend, I've got a girlfriend."

Lena checked in with Karen who had by then returned the wiring to normal and covered all of her tracks. "How is everything going Detective Gordon?" she asked.

Karen answered, "I believe I've seen all I need to see Ms. Luthor. I'll be on my way and let you get back to your company. Thank you for your cooperation."

The two women exchanged business cards. Karen had a good fake already made up. "No problem detective. I'm glad to help in any way that I can," Lena told the redhead.

"Good. I'll be in touch. If there's anything else that you can think of later on, don't hesitate to call me," Karen instructed. The two women smiled at each other and Lena lead Karen to the elevator. Karen couldn't help herself and added, "Oh, Ms Luthor, you have something on your neck there. Looks like syrup or something. Here, let me get that for you." She reached over and wiped the juice from Lena's neck. "There, got it," she said as the elevator door closed. On the way down, Karen laughed out loud as she sucked her wet fingers clean, knowing it was Melissa's pussy juice.

Melissa and Karen rendezvoused back at Kara Danver's loft. Vibe was there to greet them. "What did we find?" he asked enthusiastically. Melissa was still in la-la land from her encounter with Lena. Karen gave him the news though. "We'll have to analyze the data to see what someone was after but someone was after something," she explained. Cisco just looked confused. Melissa poured herself a glass of wine. Karen went on, "I noticed that we weren't the only ones trying to hack in. Another attempt was made yesterday. It was way too sophisticated to be a coincidence. They left an IP trail behind which I think I can tag.

Karen pulled up Kara's laptop and went to work. In a few seconds, she had a location. "Here, just outside St. Roch in an old swamp area."

Cisco looked confused. "There's nothing there just an old swamp. Why would someone there be trying to hack Lex Corps?" he pondered.

"L Corps!" Melissa corrected.

Karen interrupted, "Because, it's not just some hillbilly hacker. That is probably the secret location of the Legion of Doom's HQ. Look at the power draw. There's enough juice there to light up half a city." She kept pounding away at the key board. "I've just discovered what they were searching L Corps for too. Something called a psycho-wave inhibitor. Let's look that up in the data base," she continued while in the zone. She pounded away at the keys some more looking into the stolen files. She found the file and opened it. She turned to Cisco, " Any ideas what this might be?"

Cisco studied the file. He seemed to figure it out. "It's a device that blocks out telepathic intrusions. It can stop a psychic from reading your mind or from mind control..." he paused. A light bulb seemed to have gone off over his head. The girls looked on in anticipation. Cisco continued, "Grodd! He's a telepath and can control people's minds temporarily. Lex Luthor had the only working device that he used to keep Brainiac and Grodd out of his head. That's how he stayed on top of the Legion. Now the Legion wants it. If Grodd is running the show now, he might be trying to destroy the only working defense against his mental power."

Karen jumped in, "Which means that we have to steal it first if we're going up against Grodd. I'll bet that's how they trapped the JLA. They baited the Justice League members in one at a time and Grodd mind controlled them long enough to capture them. If they are still alive, they might be there at their HQ. If we go in on a rescue mission, we'll need this device to defend ourselves from Grodd's psychic abilities."

Cisco agreed with Batgirl. "So how are we going to steal it from L Corps," he asked.

Melissa jumped in, "Leave that to me. Wait here, I'm on it." Then, in a flash, she was back in her Supergirl costume and flying out the window before anyone could say anything. Cisco and Karen looked at each other in confusion. Meanwhile, Karen got back to work, using the computer to scan the area where she suspected the Legion was hiding.

Twenty minutes later, Supergirl flew back in the window. She was carrying the device known as the psycho-wave inhibitor and two copies of it. They were simple looking devices, a small battery powered control box the size of a matchbox with wire leads that connected to ear buds. With buds inserted into the ear canals and the device turned on, telepathic waves were blocked. The two accomplices looked at Supergirl in wonder. Cisco stammered, "How did you? How? You didn't even know, how?"

Melissa smiled. She said, "I just asked Lena if I could borrow it to save the world. She asked me how I knew about it and I said that I remembered that Lex used to have one before and all his old junk was put in storage here. She checked into it and discovered that their R&D were able to duplicate it. They have five sets. She told me I was welcome to them. She was in a very giving mood." She grinned.

Karen laughed, "I know she was." She and Melissa traded conniving glances and giggled. Cisco had no idea. Cisco checked out the tech and was convinced that it would work.

Melissa said, "Well super friends, suit up and let's go save the world." Karen donned her Batgirl uniform again as Cisco prepared himself too. Melissa wrapped an arm around both of their waists and announced, "Next stop St. Roch." and lifted her two companions away.

Outside the Legion of Doom HQ in a swamp twenty-five miles out of St Roch...

The three super friends, Supergirl, Batgirl and Vibe crouched down behind a tree. Cisco followed the power lines to where they disappeared underground. "There, see it, through those trees," he said as he pointed to a odd domed structure made of black metal protruding up from the swamp floor. He concluded, "That's it, LOD headquarters."

Melissa Benoit, dressed in her Supergirl costume, stood up and declared, "Okay, let's go."

Karen Gillan, dressed in her Batgirl costume, grabbed Melissa by the wrist, urging, "Wait! Not yet. They must have security measures. They don't know that we're coming. We have the element of surprise but if they are alarmed, we could end up in a trap, or worse."

Melissa looked impatient. "So what do we do then?" she asked with hands on her hips.

Melissa suggested, "Use your X-ray vision Supergirl. See if you can see inside." Melissa focused her X-ray vision but to no avail.

"It's lined with lead I think. I can't see shit. But there is some kind of shaft on the roof, like a chimney or something," Supergirl told them.

"That could be a way in. Do me one more favour Supergirl. Blow a breath of cold air across the surface of the swamp," Karen asked. Melissa looked confused as did Cisco but Melissa blew a breath of frosty air over the surface. Immediately, a fog arose up from the swamp. The cool air mixed with the warm, moist air rising from the swamp created fog. Then, through the thick fog, red beams began to show. It was a grid of laser motion sensors protecting the exterior of the structure. Melissa nodded in her discovery. "Just what I thought, a laser detection grid. We'll have to avoid those beams. Maybe we can sneak in through that airshaft if we can get to it without tripping those beams. Supergirl can you fly me over the beams to that spot over the air shaft?"

Melissa picked up Karen and flew her over the beams slowly, careful to avoid them. Two meters above the air shaft, it was visible that a beam crossed directly over the shaft opening. Karen saw it but didn't panic. "Lower me slowly by my ankles. I have a plan," she instructed the blonde heroine. Melissa took hold of Karen by her bat boots as the dynamic dare doll hung upside down. She removed a device from her utility belt. It was a simple makeup compact. She opened it and placed the mirror in the beams path. The light reflected directly back on itself to contain the loop. Karen hooked the mirror on the edge of the air duct. With the beam contained, she pulled out a mini screw driver and removed the grate from air duct. With that success she instructed Melissa to let go of her ankles. Melissa was reluctant because she was admiring the view of Karen's crotch the entire time she worked. As Melissa let go, Karen, nimble as a champion gymnast which Barbara Gordon was, inverted her body into a pike and lowered her feet first into the shaft.

Once inside she pinned her feet against the sides to avoid sliding down. She took out a piece of thin cable and attached it to the duct opening and lowered herself down slowly and carefully. She crawled through the air shafts until she found the junction leading to the main room, a big, open gallery. She peeked through the grate to see inside. She was about ten feet above the floor. Below she could see a big ape, a big woman, and several colourfully clad villains sitting around a big table. Off to the left she could see the members of the JLA. Each was in an unconscious state laying on an individual upright table with restraints. Each had a metal halo around their head with cables attached. The cables ran from each super hero's head to the master control panel.

Karen's attention was shifted as the big ape began to speak. She listened in on the conversation. Grodd said, "Black Manta is dead. I just heard the news from National City. It appears there are still some heroes left out there. They must be minor fringe heroes because we got all the main JLA members. This news does not stop our plans. We will still proceed with the next phase. We will use or mind controlled slaves to do our crimes for us. When Superman smashes into Ft Knox or Wonder Woman assassinates the president or Batman shuts down the NSA or any other crimes we set our thralls to do, they will look like the villains to the public. The world will put everything they have into stopping them which means no one will be bothering us. It's time to set out the tasks for each one of these goodie two shoes."

Karen had heard enough. She climbed back up the shaft and found Supergirl still hovering. They flew back to Cisco. Karen then explained everything she had seen and heard. It was true that the devices they were wearing worked as Grodd could not read that she was there. After the explanation, Karen described her plan. "We go in through the airshaft again, Supergirl first, then me. We'll catch them off guard and get the first punches in. Once we are engaged in battle, Cisco, you'll enter as stealthily as possible and make your way over to the control panel. You'll have to figure out how to turn it off and get the Justice League awake. We will be greatly out numbered so you'll have to work fast before we get our asses kicked. Supergirl, make sure you go for Grodd first. He's their leader and smartest member. Take him out and the others won't have direction. Got it?"

They all agreed and Supergirl lifted her two friends over the air shaft. Once all three were inside they made their way to the main gallery. Once all three were ready, Melissa smashed the grate in and flew top speed into the room and double punched Grodd in the head, sending the giant ape crashing against the wall. Taken completely by surprise, he was knocked out cold. All the super vilains were slow to move in shock. Melissa then turned to Solomon Grundy who had stood up. She began fist fighting him. Karen had then sprung into the room and cart wheeled to a flanking position. The Riddler had already stood up and started running for the control panel. Karen intercepted him and flattened him with a punch and kick combo.

Giganta had grown fifteen feet high and tried to manhandle Supergirl. Scarecrow and Toyman ganged up on Batgirl. She knocked out Scarecrow with a side kick to his face then turned to fight Toyman. Cisco Ramon had snuck in successfully and made his way over to the control panel. He quickly went to work trying to figure it all out.

Meanwhile, Supergirl was getting the best of Giganta who couldn't match strength with Supergirl. Before she could deliver the knockout blow however, Sinestro shot a beam from his power ring that pinned Supergirl to the wall. Giganta regained her feet and started punching the pinned girl. Grodd had regained consciousness too and went after Supergirl. The petite blonde was taking punches. Batgirl had just knocked out Toyman and saw her friend's dilemma. She took out a batarang and flung it at Sinestro. The sharp metal weapon cut Sinestro's finger right off. It pumped blood as he fell to the ground. The ring disengaged and Supergirl was free again. She started trading hits with Grodd and Giganta.

Just then Captain Cold and Cheetah entered the room. They had been in another room fucking when they heard the commotion. They suited up and ran into the hall to see the fight. Captain Cold blasted Supergirl with his cold gun, temporarily stunning her. That allowed Grodd and Giganta to get some hits in. Cheetah made for Batgirl with incredible speed. Batgirl flung a batarang at the spotted woman as she approached but Cheetah ducked it easily. She was soon on Batgirl and launched her attack with sharp claws. Batgirl dodged the other woman's claws as best she could but Cheetah was surprisingly fast and agile. She avoided all of Batgirl's strikes easily. Karen began to worry that she was out of her league with the wiry cat lady.

Supergirl was beginning to tire too from taking on several villains at once. She used her heat vision to disable Captain Cold's gun but got punched in the head by Giganta when she did. Grodd jumped on her and threw her into the nearest wall, causing it to crack. Her head was reeling from the attack. Batgirl wasn't faring well either. She had blocked Cheetah's claws several times with her armored gauntlets but had got caught by a few glancing blows on her thigh and arm causing blood to flow. She still had not landed a single blow of her own. Cheetah landed a kick to Batgirl's face and knocked her on her ass. She then stood over her groggy, prone victim planning on how to best finish her off.

Suddenly, Cheetah was knocked on her own ass. Standing in her place was a statuesque Wonder Woman. Cisco had succeeded in freeing the super heroes from the mind control device. Superman and the others were close behind and soon had the upper hand over the super villains. Grodd angered, "No, you are my minions, you will do as I command!" Even with the machine disconnected, his psychic powers still had effect at close range. Melissa knew it too and quickly jumped up on the big gorilla's back and applied a sleeper hold. Grodd faded and so did his power. He slipped into unconsciousness and it was all over. The good guys had won the day.

After, the JLA lined up to thank Supergirl, Batgirl and Vibe for the rescue. The oddest moment was when Melissa met up with her doppelganger, the real Supergirl. Melissa explained how Vibe jumped dimensions to bring her and Batgirl to this other earth. Since the real Supergirl had gone with Vibe on other adventures, she understood. Melissa saw how cute she looked and understood the appeal. It was like looking into a mirror but in 3D. She had the urge to bang herself right there but knew that the real Supergirl was wholesome and innocent.

She did feel obliged however to give her doppelganger a heads up. "Hey Supergirl, just to let you know, I kind of took your relationship with Lena Luthor to another level as Kara. Please don't be mad. She really loves you and I know that deep down, you really love her too. Please trust me, just give it a chance," she implored her other self.

"Sure, I know Lena and I are already super besties. We couldn't be any closer," the naïve Supergirl replied.

Melissa smiled and blushed, "Actually, you can and in fact you are now. Just look at your sister after all."

Supergirl got the hint and was in shock, "You mean we... the two of us, Lena and I, we..." she was speechless but made a gesture with her fingers of two scissors locked together. Melissa nodded her head. "Oh my!" the native Supergirl replied.
"Trust me Supergirl, just go with it. She is amazing. You two are perfect for each other. Now, you and Lena can double date with Alex and Maggie," she giggled.

Karen came and got Melissa and took her back to Cisco. The redhead said, "Great job Cisco, you did it. You were right to come and get us and you freed the Justice League. You saved your world. Now vibe us back home."

Cisco opened a breech and the three of them shot back to where they started. They were back on the set of Supergirl, the TV show in Lena's office with all the lights and cameras. The three of them hugged as they said goodbye. Cisco asked, "No hard feelings about that other thing, back in the loft?" The two women traded glances and shook their heads. Cisco asked, "Any chance of a blowy or a even a handy, then?"

"Don't push it Ramon!" Melissa told him and Cisco left back through the breech to his own world. The two actresses laughed as they hugged each other.

Kevin Smith, the director, entered the room screaming, "Not another power failure! That's got to be a record for one day. Somebody get on that!" He then noticed Melissa and Karen in their costumes looking a little beat up from the fight they were just in.

He yelled, "There you are. Where have you two Divas been hiding for the last six hours? And why are your costumes damaged? Wardrobe! Makeup! On set now!"

Later on...

Shooting was so far behind schedule that they had to carry it over for another day. After the cast was released for the night, Karen Gillan and Melissa Benoit met up at Melissa's trailer to talk about the day's events. Melissa hugged the redheaded Scotswoman. Melissa was freshly showered and wearing a loose blue silk robe that had a Supergirl crest on one side. Karen was similarly freshly showered, her hair still a little wet. She wore yoga pants and a loose black sweater. "Wow! Can you believe the shit we went through today?" Melissa asked.

"I know lass, we're fucking heroic," Karen answered with her Scottish accent fully intact. They settled into the small space and sat next to one another on the small bed/sofa.

Melissa handed Karen a glass of white wine who took it enthusiastically. Melissa toasted, "Cheers, here's to you and I saving the planet, even though it wasn't ours." The girls took a long, well deserved pull on their drinks. They gazed into each other's eyes as if they both knew what the other was thinking. Melissa bit her lip. Karen did too.

Karen suddenly remembered. "Oh ya, I brought something too," she said as she reached into her bag. She pulled out a jar of clear lube and an eighteen inch double headed dildo. Melissa giggled hysterically for a minute before leaning into Karen and sharing a soft, sweet soul kiss. Karen pulled Melissa's robe open to reveal her slim, fit body. Her hands traced the curves of Melissa's body which made the blonde girl shiver. Karen's fingers found Melissa's damp pussy as her mouth found Melissa's perky nipples. Melissa groaned with anticipation.

"Take your fucking clothes off Karen!" Melissa demanded as she enjoyed the redheads attention. She helped Karen peel off her sweater to find her braless underneath. Karen's pink nipples were already standing firmly at attention. She had a bid gauze bandage covering her arm wound. Karen peeled herself out of her skin tight yoga pants revealing that she wore nothing underneath except for a similar bandage over her leg wound. Melissa let her fingers wonder into Karen's love cave as she kissed the other woman aggressively. The two got heated and started finger fucking each other with intensity as they made out.

Each girl had her legs spread apart and was giving the other girl easy access. Finally Karen couldn't take it any more and rolled on top of Melissa in a sixty-nine. She buried her face in Melissa's muff and started deep tonguing her. Melissa was also quick to latch onto Karen puffy red love nest. She lapped away at the folds of her guest star and flicked at her clit. The girls enjoyed their mutual oral stimulation for several long minutes. Both girls got busy with their fingers again, fucking the other's slit while sucking on her clitoris.

Karen had three fingers in Melissa and Melissa added a third finger to match her game. Both pussies were wet and willing and stretched from earlier. Karen added her little finger and Melissa took it like a champ. She did the same for Karen and Karen grunted as the fourth finger penetrated her box. They both pumped feverishly as they sucked clits, trying to get the other girl to come first. It was like a challenge. Neither girl budged though, regardless of how much pleasure they were receiving. Karen upped the ante and began working in her thumb. Melissa attempted the same. It was going to be a race to see who would take the other's fist first.

Both girls twisted and writhed on the other's hand. Melissa released Karen's clit as she felt like screaming. She took a deep breath and felt Karen's hand slide inside her vagina up to the wrist. "Oh God!" she groaned with blissful agony. In her agony she plunged her fist right up into Karen's snatch.

Karen cried out in pleasure. She looked down to see Melissa's forearm spreading open her tiny pink flower. "Holy fucking shite, you got your whole fist in my fanny Melissa," she stated. Both girls began pumping the other's pussy, stretching out the tender flesh. Karen sensed Melissa was getting close to orgasm and wrapped her mouth around the American's clit. It was working and Melissa was crying in tears as her whole body vibrated. She went into a spasm as she went off like a fire cracker. Melissa's pussy contracted around Karen's wrist and gushed girl cum all over Karen's pretty face. Karen pulled her fist out and drank in all the juices from her blonde lover. Karen lapped away at Melissa's thighs until she was sparkling clean.

Melissa meanwhile, though dejected and embarrassed for coming first, went at Karen's pussy with a vengeance. She fisted the redhead's pussy like a jack hammer. Karen was loving it and cooed like a dove. She turned on her side to get more comfortable which put her ass right in Melissa's face. Melissa dove into Karen's bum and licked at her pink starfish. Karen gyrated her hips as an invitation. Melissa wasn't shy and probed into Karen's asshole with her thin pink tongue. She timed her tongue thrusts to oppose the fist thrusts into the red snatch. "Yes girl, eat my delicious arse hole," the Scottish star commanded. Melissa obeyed and ate her perky behind.

Not long after that, it was Karen coming again. She grabbed the blanket and bit the pillow to muffle her scream as she came like a freight train. Both girls were sweaty but far from exhausted. Melissa grabbed Karen's toy, a blue, jelly, double headed dildo. Karen was still quivering from her orgasm as Melissa shoved one end of the toy into Karen's box. Karen jumped at the assault. Once she realized what was going on, she smiled and rolled over on her back. Melissa thrust the rubber penis deeply into Karen's sex. Karen bit her lip and winked at Melissa. Melissa scissor her legs with Karen's and inserted the other end of the toy into her own vagina. She eased herself down onto it as it probed her deepest areas.

Soon both girls moaned as their clits ground against the other girl's thigh. The dildo had bottomed out inside both of them. Silently they grasped each other by the forearm and began pulling at each other. Then they both thrust their hips as they fucked the toy from both ends. Like a wet machine, they pumped away. They locked eyes and neither girl would blink. On every down thrust, their clit's would smack against together. They created a wet sloshing noise as they fucked. The dildo was slick and well lubricated with girl juice. They pounded one another with a fury. It went on for several minutes until neither girl could hold on any longer. They were pumping so fast, Karen slid right off the end of the dildo. The slick toy came shooting out of Melissa's twat with a plop and landed two feet away on the bed. The girls kept banging their pussies together as they grinded out a simultaneous orgasm. Juices squirted up from their joined crotches and splashed all over their bodies.

Both Melissa and Karen were laughing in hysterics at their comical orgasm. Once they settled down, they pressed their bodies together and kissed lovingly. Both girls were tired and sore. They made out until sleep was upon them. "What time's morning call?" Karen asked breathlessly.

"Five thirty in the morning," the show's star replied.

"Fucking hell!" the guest star responded. With that the two girls fell asleep in each other's arms, well satiated sexually and with the knowledge that they saved the world.


The Supergirl show had wrapped for that particular episode. The cast and crew were exhausted and would have a few days off before shooting the next episode. For Karen Gillan, she would be catching a late flight out of Vancouver back to the UK. She was packed up and ready to go. The cast and crew were having an impromptu party. They all said their goodbyes to Karen. Melissa and Karen had a long hug. Melissa was teary eyed. "I'm going to miss you Batgirl," she sobbed.

The redhead was getting tears too. "Don't worry lass. Kevin seems to think that their might be a spin off show for me. He's going to pitch it to the network. Then we can do some cross over episodes together. Hopefully, I'll back again as the dynamic dare doll and we can save the world again," she ensured.

They hugged it out. "I sure hope so Karen," Melissa said.

Karen looked out over Melissa's shoulder and spotted Katie McGrath watching them closely. Was that a little jealousy in her eye? Karen sighed and looked Melissa square in the eyes. "Listen Melissa, promise me something. Don't let what you and Katie have go to waste. I know that you two have the right chemistry and you saw yourself what happened with her doppelganger. Just go for it, okay?" she implored Melissa. Melissa bit her lip and nodded her excitement. Karen gave her a friendly kiss on the lips and waved goodbye. She caught her taxi and left for the airport.

Melissa made her way over to the Irish woman who played Lena Luthor. The memory of fucking her doppelganger was still fresh in her mind. Katie said, "Well you two seemed to really hit it off. I think you quite fancy her and she you." Was there a tone of jealousy there?

Melissa locked eyes with Katie. They seemed to swim together in their own little world whenever they did. "True, we did get along great. I loved working with her. She's a lot of fun," Melissa confessed. That seemed to hurt Katie who began to look dejected. Melissa continued, "But, it's different than what you and I have Katie. What we have is special." She grabbed Katie's hand and held it tight.

Katie was wide eyed. "What do you mean?" she asked.

Melissa smiled. "How do I say this?... hum, oh ya. I just wanted to say that life is short and you never know when something might happen to you; Something bad happen to you. We don't want to miss out on things that we might regret later. We should seize the moment and do what we feel in our hearts because we may never get that chance again...."

Carpe Diem
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