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Overwatch Bootcamp

The coach shuddered to a stop. Despite the smell of thirty athletic guys and girls sweating their asses off, and being cramped into an uncomfortable seat that felt like it was made out of concrete, your heart was racing. You were finally here. You were doing this. Ever since you were a little kid, all you could dream of was becoming an Overwatch agent. What kid didn't want to go on missions and save the world?

Of course, they gave up on those dreams and settled for more realistic ideals. Being a doctor, or an engineer. But you never gave up. You kept up your fitness, you practised every single thing they asked for in the entry exams. Combat training, rapid-fire IQ tests, decision making. You learnt three different languages on top of English, pushed yourself to get the top grades in every class. Finally once you hit eighteen, you applied and took the entry tests. You thought you had failed, for sure, especially when for some reason your acceptance letter was delayed in the mail. You saw the news online of people across the world getting their invitation, and with a lack of confirmation, your hope deflated as you tried to think of what else you could do with your life.

But then it turned up. You couldn't believe it. And luckily enough, it turned up just in time for you to get everything packed up. It was a little bit of a rush, sure, but you were here now and that was all that mattered. You followed everyone else off of the coach, slowly shuffling towards the front of the vehicle and climbing off. Immediately you felt the warmth of the bright sun hit your face. It was incredibly hot, and you had no idea where you were. The coach driver was driving for hours.

You were hanging near the back of the crowd, and it was obvious that everyone was unsure of what to do. You tried to find someone to talk to, spotting a cute girl with short brunette hair, her ears filled with piercings. She had a flight jacket slung over one of her shoulders, wearing a black tank-top covered with sweat patches. You couldn't help but notice her cleavage, staring at it as it glistened in the sun. Maybe you should introduce yourself to her?

Before you went over to talk to her, however, you noticed there was a muscular black guy with his top off, flexing his muscles as a couple of guys around him laughed. They seemed like good fun, and they were certainly grabbing the attention of the people around them. Maybe it would help to be in with the popular crowd, at least for the first few days whilst you find your footing.

(Choose Guy Option to play as a guy, and Girl Option to play as a girl.)

What's next?

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