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Panty Husband and Wife Share

I'm a university professor at a large public university. It's an enjoyable job that is 95% mental. It's a job that allows me to work past normal retirement age. It's also a job that allows me to interact with young females. Teachers are 85% female and so are my students. My students have a tendency to be older than most college students. I teach at a variety of locations, not always the main campus. These satellite locations usually attract women who are seeking a teaching degree after raising a family. They are in college to start a new career.

My wife and I enjoy me wearing panties. I usually only wear them when we go out together simply because panties get me super charged up sexually. Wearing panties to teach just doesn't seem right to me. There are exceptions to that. If I know my wife and I will fuck when I get home I might wear panties to teach rather than change into them at home. Once in a while I wear panties to teach because it just feels so good. On those days I usually make a pornographic phone call home during the day. My wife enjoys those phone calls.

One day I wore a pink pair of my wife's older panties to teach a class. Her newest panties are Victoria Secret. The newer styles are much skimpier and very sexy. They are lower on the waist. My wife's older panties, which she always gives to me, have higher waist lines. This is perfect for me because it gives my cock a lot of room. My cock slips above the waist line in the newer VS panties. I love my wife's older panties the best and she loves me wearing them. The main thing she likes is the silk stretching tightly over my cock and ass. The head of my dick is clearly outlined and obvious in her panties.

The pink pair I wore to school had a high waist and lace along the waist and legs. My wife checked me out before I left for school. I thought she just wanted to look. Instead she stood on my side and used her right hand to stroke my balls and cock and her left hand to massage my ass. I immediately get a slight erection when I put on her panties, but her touch got me rock hard.

She said, "I really love your thick cock and tight ass in panties. Now you are ready to teach your students. Have a good day at school."

My reply was, "Thanks for the special touch, but it's hard to think and teach with all of the blood rushing out of my brain to my crotch." We kissed and I was on my way to my 5pm class.

Most of my classes are early evening because my students have jobs and they come to school after their work day. This class was 5:00 to 8:50 every Tuesday.

The class went well as it usually does. I demonstrated some math teaching techniques using manipulatives and then passed some samples out to students to try them. The class stacked the manipulatives on a table at the front of the classroom when it was over. Several students stayed after class to ask questions.

Finally, there was just one student left. Sherrie was in her early 40s. She was divorced several years earlier and was finishing her degree in elementary education. Sherrie had two teenagers in high school and lived with them. Her husband lived in a nearby city.

As I was placing the manipulatives in a box it fell to the floor. I bent over to pick everything up. Sherrie moved behind me to get a few items that had rolled farther away. With the box back on the table I thanked Sherrie for the help. She asked her question about one of her children's high school math classes and the left.

I got an email from Sherri before the next week's class asking if she could talk to me privately in my office before the next class. I made an appointment with her and thought nothing about it. Sherrie arrived to my office. She seemed hesitant to talk.

Finally she said, "I'm really embarrassed to ask this question. I respect your professionalism and skills as a teacher, but I have to ask you. Were you wearing pink panties during the last class?"

I was shocked. I was wearing pink panties, but how did she know my secret? I said, "Why do you ask that?"

She said, "I realize it's none of my business. I know you have a very strong, loving marriage, but when you dropped your supplies last week your shirt pulled out of your pants and I saw pink panties."

She explained she had been thinking about the pink panties every day since the last class and was intrigued by the sight. She didn't want to cause a problem, but she had to ask. It was driving her crazy. She then added that she was older than most students and felt she could ask a personal question in private.

I really didn't know how to answer Sherri. I felt it would be OK to discuss it, but with reservation. I said, "I pride myself as a professional educator. I also pride myself as a loyal husband. I love my wife and would never do anything to damage that. I also am a very ethical person. I would never do anything to jeopardize my job or my marriage."

She indicated she understood and then added, "I respect you so much. I hope you are not offended. I guess I'm asking how you and your wife decide on you wearing panties and what it has done for your relationship."

I said, "I am surprised by your request. If you don't mind I would rather ask my wife if she is OK with this conversation and we can meet again on a different day."

She agreed and left my office saying, "I respect you and your wife and I will accept your decision and not bother you anymore."

I went home and told my wife what happened. At first she was apprehensive. Was this a student that just wanted to have an affair with her professor? On the other hand she was excited that someone was actually interested in our panty enjoyment. My wife eventually said, "What if I go with you to the next appointment and we can openly talk to her together."

I said, "What a great idea. You are the best. Let's wear matching panties to the meeting."

I emailed Sherri to set the appointment. She actually seemed excited that both my wife and I would be coming. My wife picked out our matching VS pink panties with white lace trim. Somehow my wife had flipped a very embarrassing situation into a meeting that was very interesting.

Sherri met us and it was a great discussion. She admitted she was very interested in men wearing panties. She actually had a boyfriend. They were very active sexually. She wanted him to wear panties, but couldn't decide how to approach him. My wife suggested a panty party. The idea is to lay the boyfriend down on the bed on his back nude and place a lot of panties on him. Make sure they are silk with minimal lace. When he is positioned with all of the panties on him start a very light touch massage of his entire body not touching his cock until the very end. Stimulate his nipples and rub his face with panties. When he is really excited take a pair and start stroking his cock.

When he is rock hard simply say, "Honey you love panties so much. Please do a favor for me and put this pair on so I can see your big, thick cock in them." His sexual excitement will push him over the edge and he will be wearing panties. Then good communication will decide if and how often he does it in the future.

Sherri was so appreciative of the discussion, mostly with my wife. Just before she left she said, "I hate to ask this last question professor, but are you wearing panties right now?"

My wife said, "Yes, we are wearing matching pink VS panties with white lace trim."

Sherri said, "Since your wife is here is it at all possible that I can see your panties."

My wife and I looked at each other. I said, "It's up to you baby."

My wife said, "I see no reason not to, but it's look not touch."

My wife then said, "Drop your pants to your ankles and show her front and back. Take your time and let her get a good look. Before you do let me take my skirt off so she can see our panties match."

Sherri got a good view and loved it. Sherri said, "Now I want my boyfriend to wear panties even more. Thanks so much to both of you."

Months went by and it seemed like Sherri's interest was over. She had a big grin in class a lot. The semester ended, Sherri graduated and my wife and I thought Sherri was in our past. Then I got an email from Sherri asking for another meeting with both my wife and me. We agreed. My wife picked my panties and I pick her panties. What could this meeting be about?

Sherri arrived on time and seemed relaxed. She was no longer a student so the conversation was not as uncomfortable for any of us. She bluntly said, "I know you two have a great sex life. Your suggestions for my boyfriend work and we love our panties. I'm here today to get advice how to spice our lives up and move toward the relationship and enjoyment you have with each other."

My wife asked her about her sex life and it seemed to be typical. They added panties, but they fucked mostly in the missionary position with occasional doggie style action, but not much more. My wife explained in detail so many things. Sherri's head was spinning. She said, "This is so interesting, but it is so much to take in. I wish I could see you in action. It sounds so loving and passionate. It's not the normal porn type of idea. It's far more romantic and erotic."

My wife suggested that Sherri take one step at a time. She said, "Just try something new each time you have sex. Planning sex does not take away the excitement. If you plan it with your boyfriend it actually makes it more exciting."

Sherri said, "Is there any way I can watch the two of you have sex, just once."

My wife said, "Wow, that's a lot to ask. I'll think about it, but we are very private and like it that way. Before you leave do you want to see our panties again?"

Sherri said yes and loved my black flowered panties and my wife's navy blue with lace. Sherri left and my wife seemed overly excited. She said she was all fired up that someone would think we were so good sexually that they would want to learn from us. She said, "I'll consider letting her watch us if it's not at our house and no video is permitted. What do you say?"

I said, "I'll do whatever you want. I always do."

My wife said, "OK, I'm going to plan this and make a day out of it. Sherri can hang out with us and see how the entire day is communication about sex and ends with great sex."

Then my wife said, "This is going to be a long love session, no less than an hour. I can't do this without fucking your ass with a strapon while you wear panties. The rest is going to be just us doing what we do."

My wife contacted Sherri and told her we would agree if Sherri paid for a day and night on the beach with adjoining rooms. The rooms had to have a door between them so Sherri could be in our room or peaking from her room. Sherri eagerly agreed and the date was set.

The day came and my wife had one bag packed with sex toys and panties and one bag packed for a simple overnight trip for both of us. We met Sherri at noon. I explained the ground rules. No cameras of any kind. Sherri was not permitted to join in the sexual activity. She could only observe.

We went to the beach to relax in the sun. My wife and I discussed positions we wanted to use and toys we thought might work. Sherri listened. We took a long walk on the beach and talked some more. We intentionally discussed our best sexual adventures so Sherri could listen. Eventually we went to our rooms to get ready for a romantic dinner. I always shave my legs, balls, cock and nipples. I cleaned them up for the evening's adventure. Sherri was permitted to walk in our room and observe at any time. She actually watched me clean up the hair around my nipples and balls.

Our dinner was in low light. It was extremely romantic. The three of us shared my wife's favorite wine. We explained to Sherri that my wife usually takes off her jewelry and make-up before we start our love session, but I always undress her. On the other hand I strip to my panties. While my wife is in the bathroom removing her makeup I light the candles and incense.. The candles create a romantic mood. The light is low, which we love. In this case the light was not too low to keep Sherri from getting a clear view of everything.

I noticed that Sherri had gone to her room and removed her clothes except for her panties and bra. I told her she could wear whatever she wanted, but to remember our agreement that she not join in or touch either of us. She was welcome to touch herself if she felt the need, but not us.

I lay down on the bed and waited for my wife. I pleasured myself in my panties while I waited for my wife. I do this all the time anyway, but I wanted Sherri to see me pleasuring myself. In the early years of my marriage if my wife saw me stroking myself she would quickly say, "What are you doing? That's my job."

Now she doesn't mind me pleasuring myself and it has become a common thing as we enjoy our sex together. My wife often pleasures herself while I suck her nipples. Self pleasure has a place in our sex lives.

Finally my wife walked out of the bedroom. This was new. She had undressed herself except for panties, bra and lace top stockings. She was wearing her big black strapon cock. It was bouncing as she walked. She looked extra sexy this night. She said, "I know you like to undress me, but I also know how much you enjoy getting your ass fucked, so I am going to work your ass real good, before you fuck me. I hope you are ready to get fucked because I am so fired up with our friend watching that I am going to pound your ass like never before."

I was surprised, but pleased. I stood up and kissed my wife. I said. "I love you so much."

She sat on the bed and I stood in front of her. She said, "I always have to play with your cock and balls in your pretty panties. Your thick cock looks so good tonight."

I love the feeling of silk on my cock and my wife rubbing my cock in that silk. She got me real hard and then slipped my panties to the side and pulled my cock out to suck. She got up off the bed and kneeled in front of me sucking my cock and playing with my balls. Eventually her hand went to my ass and under my panties to my ass hole. She put one finger in and it felt so good. She stood up and said, "Bend over the bed like a good panty husband."

I was wearing my panties as always. She said, "Pull your panties to the side so I can lube your ass. While you are doing that spread your cheeks. I want your ass so bad. I'm know I'll cum while I fuck you and I need to cum real bad. I am so excited."

I did as I was told and heard a moan from the room. I looked up and saw Sherri in a chair on the opposite side of the bed. She was fingering herself and having an orgasm. I had no time to think about her. My wife needed to orgasm and I needed my ass stretched and fucked with her 8 inch black cock.

As soon as my wife got me lubed good and I had my panties pulled to the side I felt her cock at the edge of my ass hole. This is the time I try to relax and enjoy the pleasure that is to come. I do not want any tension to tighten my ass hole. When I'm this excited it is hard to relax. My wife pushed he cock in me and it went in easily. Her first stroke went deep in me. I could feel her cock in my deep into my ass and her balls on my ass cheeks. She had her hands on my hips and was pounding hard right from the beginning. It seemed like seconds until I heard my wife screaming, "I'm cumin. I'm cumming. I love this so much. I'm cumming."

She slumped over my back and said, "Let's change positions. Ride me for a little bit."

She got on her back and I rode her cock cowgirl style. She was smacking my ass and saying, "Fuck yourself panty husband. Drive that cock deep into you. Enjoy my cock deep in your ass."

I was enjoying myself. I had forgotten that Sherri was in the room. I glanced toward her chair and she had the biggest smile in her face. She was playing with her nipples and clit at the same time.

Finally, my wife said, "I need some cock in me."

I rolled off and she took off her strapon. Somehow I was able to keep from cumming so far, but I was rock hard and ready. My wife and I both still had our panties on. I pulled her panties to the side and licked her nectar. She always tastes and smells so good. That musk smell is so erotic. I love to suck her clit when it gets hard. She had another orgasm with my face in her pussy.

I stood on the side of the bed and grabbed her legs to pull her ass to the edge of the bed. I put my cock in her. She was so wet she swallowed my cock into her pussy. I stroked her slowly, sucking her nipples and moved to her mouth. I feels so good to thrust into her with her 36D tits crushed onto my chest and my cock in her sloppy wet pussy and my tongue In her mouth.

I got her off the bed and stood her up leaning against the bed. I pulled her panties aside and she tucked my cock into her pussy. With one thrust I was deep into her. Fucking her from behind standing up is so special. Her big ass in panties is amazing.

I asked my wife if she would play with my nipples. She said, "I'd love to play with your nipples. Put some lotion on them." She sat on the bed with pillows stacked against the headboard. I sat in front of her. He arms reached around me and she teased the tips of my nipples with lotion all over them. I was moaning with pleasure. I was stroking myself as she gave me some of the most intense nipple pleasure ever.

I was screaming, "I want to cum in you. I want to fuck you hard."

My wife said, "I want your cum baby. Let me get on the bed and fuck my ass deep and hard. Fuck me, baby."

She got on her side. I was on my knees behind her. I could tease her nipples while I fucked her. She could reach back and tease my nipples. This is my favorite way to cum in my wife. I am over one leg and under the other. He ass in panties is getting pounded. I have one hand on her tits and the other on her ass covered in silk panties. I can stroke her slow and then hard, slow and then hard. She always moans with the faster strokes.

Eventually, I wanted to cum so bad. I said to my wife, "Is it OK if I cum baby?"

She said, "Give a big load. I want your cum. Give me your cum. Fuck me hard."

I started fast strokes. My wife was screaming. "Cum, Cum, Cum. I want cum."

I blew a big load. I could feel it explode all the way up my cock and out the head. It was special.

I rolled behind my wife and played with her tits, teasing her nipples. My cock eventually softened and fell out of her. She said, "I'd love to lay here, but I'm dripping cum. I need to get a towel."

I tucked my cock back into my panties to soak up the final cum drippings. My wife walked to the bathroom.

I heard a sound. Sherri said, "Professor that was amazing. No words can describe it. It's love. It's raw sex. It's intense pleasure. It's so special. I just watched and I had five orgasms myself. I know we have two rooms, but if you don't mind I've prepaid for everything. I want to call my boyfriend and meet him right now at his house. I need to fuck him and talk to him about making our sex life like yours."

I said, "I had forgotten you were her most of the time. My wife walked out and said good-bye to Sherri. She hugged both of us and said, "I have a brand new pair of panties in my room. I'm going to go get fucked in them."
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