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Pausing Anyone, Anywhere

You receive a magical galaxy mobile from what may be a sorcerer maybe a god.

It gives you the ability to pause time within a confined space or over the entire planet. To teleport to a location the time distortion is taking place in and manipulate paused individuals.

Head my warning, however, anybody not in the space manipulated by your galaxy can see and hear your actions. If they enter the field, they will be subject to it the Phones effects. They will be under it affects however they will maintain any memories occurring prior to entering. Last and most importantly any effect or item left in place during the time manipulation will remain and cause unfavorable outcomes.

For example the user does not use protection during sex within the field, it would mean the likely hood of pregnancy is no different from sex outside the field. Also, it is not recommended to use the manipulation on a planetary scale it may have considerable unforeseen consequences.

(Honestly the rational behind the premise is not all that important this is wish fulfillment for every reader and writer)

What's next?

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