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Pausing Youtubers

Welcome internet walker. If you have come across his interactive story then you have been selected to join in a little experiment. An experiment that will give you the power to pause any female YouTube personality in the same position as in a video and teleport to her location at that moment in time with the help of a special ipod.

For your understanding here is an example:

This is a captured image of Dodger from YouTube one one of her video is which is paused. In this experiment doing this with our special ipod would transport you to that moment in time with dodger froze. You will still have the ipod and you are free to unpause the video if you would like. However be warned when you play the video you also start time again as such the female will react to you being there.

In a paused state you can either allow the female to be able to talk or be frozen. Along with this this experiment allows you to do whatever you wish to your chosen youtube be it move them about, sex up them or even put a pie on their head. However be warned as the time stopping effect only reaches the area of that persons living space meaning the outside world will not be effected. So please reference from going outside as this will cause a hole in time and space... No this is no joke. Along with this a warning we must issue is your actions can effect the life of that person e.g if you have unprotected sex with a female there is a chance the future may change to her having your child.

Alas time is against us here as such i will now leave you with the ipod and a choice of youtube women to choose from. Please have a good time and remember what i said. Good luck.

What's next?

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