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Peeing in the Company Attic

Natasha loved being on archive duty. This gave her a literally golden opportunity to misbehave herself whilst nobody else was around. The company attic was a long and well lit affair stacked with shelves bulging with paper documents. The roof sloped quite steeply from one side to the other but there was ample room to stand up especially if you were quite short, just like her. The real beauty of the attic was the fact that if you wanted to, you could lock the door at the bottom of the stairwell ensuring that nobody could sneak up on you unannounced.

This is exactly what Natasha had done on this particular day, having told her work colleagues that she would be away for several hours whilst she did the filing. Her close work partner; Dionne, had originally given her the idea to misbehave in the company attic after she had revealed a naughty little secret one day. Apparently she been so busy engrossed in her filing and so pushed for time that when she suddenly realised that she needed a slash that she decided to go right there and then. Dionne had even shown Natasha the large white plastic tub she had used to pee into, the container still holding her lightly yellowed effluent from the previous day. Natasha had been intensely turned on by this revelation, first of all by fantasying about Dionne naked bum cheeks hovering over the tub whilst her brown hairy pussy squirted a stream of hot piss into the tub. Secondly she couldn't wait to try it out for herself.

Natasha had long ago decided that if she had lesbian tendencies then she would love to fuck Dionne. The twenty-nine year old had massive breasts and a tight athletic body. Recently she had taken to wearing tight fitting black trousers which showed off beautifully the full roundness of her tight bum cheeks. The first time that Natasha had squatted down with her own bare buttocks hovering over the 'pee tub' (as Dionne had called it) she had called up a mental image of how Dionne must have looked when she had taken a piss. It had however been a more delicious sensation when Natasha had first started to squirt her own hot pee into the plastic container that lay below her legs, fantasying at the same time about being Dionne and how she must have felt, squirt by piss squirt as she had urinated her hot pee into the plastic tub. The very hiss and patter Natasha's own pee stream made as it landed inside the white container was such a turn-on and she had put her hands to her own large bosom to massage her tits whilst she peed.

Beneath Natasha's gorgeously curved bare bum cheeks continued to play her hot golden pee stream as she squirted her pussy shower into the tub. Being half naked and taking a piss in the company archives was an incredible thrill. She could clearly hear the sound of her toilet as her golden shower squirted first over the white plastic wall and then into Dionne's former toilet spray. Just knowing she was topping up Dionne's piss shower with her own fast squirting stream was exciting her more and more by the second.

When Natasha had finally finished her first piss into the 'pee tub' she continued to hover over the container and its hot yellow contents. One hand had slipped between her legs into the warm and very damp place located there. Then, whilst still picturing a very naked Dionne taking a piss in the same location as she currently squatting, Natasha furiously masturbated herself to a thundering orgasm.

Today however Natasha wanted to prolong her excitement. As soon as she had arrived at the spot where the 'pee tub' was hidden, she had pulled it out and peeled back the large lid. Staring inside she marvelled at just how much piss was now inside. Although the tub had a diameter of fifteen inches and a depth of around twelve inches, it was now half full with female piss. It was a lovely shade of yellow and just seeing it was turning her on. Although Natasha had by now had several deliciously long pisses into the tub, she was pretty sure that somebody else had also been using the tub for their toilet. Although Dionne hadn't made any comment about the rising level of pee she was pretty certain it was her. For a second though, Natasha fantasised about the other girls she worked with, imaging each one in turn squatting down with their panties off, and showering the wall of the tub with a hot jetting stream of golden pee from their pussy lips. She was sure that the two younger girls would utterly love the chance to take a piss like this in the attic. Emma had a lovely set of wide round bum cheeks and pert tits. Rhian on the other hand was smaller in build and had blond hair. Natasha pictured her first with a nice hairy bush of pubic hairs squirting hot pee into the tub and then relived the whole thing with Rhian having a shaved pussy. Natasha couldn't decide which she preferred more; pussy hairs like her own pubic forest nestling around her love lips or the schoolgirl look with a hairless crack squirting golden piss from a fully open pee hole.

Lindsey the last girl in the department had already mentioned that she had a shaved pussy with pierced pubic lips. Natasha had often wondered how much more fun her lovers had when delivering oral stimulus to Lindsey's love hole. Natasha was in the process of removing her black pants from around her legs when she pictured Lindsey squatting down for a piss. In her mind's eyes she could easily visualise Lindsey's hairless crack opening up as the woman started to piss into the tub. The sharp hiss as she urinated would no doubt rise into the attic air giving Lindsey the same thrill Natasha received whenever she pissed into the urine filled tub.

Natasha's black panties dropped to the floor along side her other lower garments. Now the bob-cut raven haired beauty stood in the company attic, completely naked from the waist downwards. Her bare bum cheeks seemed to tingle in the slightly chilled air giving an additional thrill to that of simply being ready to have another naughty toilet in the archives. Approaching the plastic yellow tub and its contents of spent piss, Natasha's toyed with the idea of trying something new. Rather than simply squatting over the tub before beginning to pee, she would instead try urinating whilst stood with her legs spread wide over the top of the tub.

It took only moments to get into position but then she was ready. Staring down past the bulge of her heavy breasts, Natasha stared at her semi shaved triangle of pubic fluff which covered her pussy. She could just about make out her clit and the lower lips of her love crack inside her black haired pussy. Now ready to start Natasha sent the instruction to her bladder to release the first of her golden load.

A soft tinkling sound announced the start of Natasha's pee. Having a piss whilst standing with her legs spread was not an easy task for her and the first of her pee trickled out her lips and fell without force into the waiting tub below. A warm wetness announced the fact that some of her pee had run along the base of her crack before trickling along the flesh of her left butt cheek. This was not the experience that Natasha craved. She desperately wanted to squirt her piss shower with lots of force so she could play with her stream as it flowed through the air. Desperately she tried again. This time she had more success. Natasha's pee hole opened and a long golden stream of bodily warmed urine shot outwards before proceeding to shower downwards into the piss filled tub below.

Natasha gasped with the thrill of pissing like a boy and the mess she was able to make. It was simply too much to not allow her flowing urine fountain to drift over the side of the tub and for a second or two, stain the wooden attic floor with her hot pee. Stopping her toilet, Natasha decided it was time to try something else. Squatting down, she spread her legs wide apart exposing her triangular shaped muff to the very edge of the tub. Natasha then resumed her pee, squirting her piss and using the tub like a toilet. She gasped at the sight of her golden shower pattering down with a sharp hissing sound into the spent urine that had already been pissed into the white plastic tub. She just knew that she had to persuade Dionne to come and have a pee at the same time. In her mind's eye she could just see Dionne squatting opposite her now; legs spread and a similar fat squirting flow of piss leaving her lower lips.

Several seconds passed whilst Natasha enjoyed her pee into the tub. Inside, the golden piss level continued to rise as the raven haired woman enjoyed spraying her pussy pee over the white rimmed edge. Suddenly a very naughty thought came into Natasha's mind. Between her shapely legs, her golden fountain of flowing urine started to wane and die. She finished her latest piss with last little squirt from the pee hole located inside her pussy flaps. Once done she stood up. Admiring the tub and its contents of her own and Dionne's pee, Natasha moved a loving hand down to fondle her clit before enjoying a quick pass along her crack applying more pressure as she passed down her pussy lips.

Enough was enough. Natasha had plans now. With a big step she left the tub behind still sitting quite openly on the attic floor. Approaching the first box of filing, she reached down and commenced work on her task of archiving the old documents. As she placed each file into order on the shelves she could feel the ache in her bladder growing once again. She had originally intended to keep returning to the tub every five minutes for another delicious squirt of pee into its waiting innards. However, even as she placed another file into place Natasha got another idea.

Her hands were shaking as she slowly opened up wide the A4 folder and exposing its contents to the strong white light coming from the overhead illumination. Her nervousness was being caused by the thought now burning in her brain. Moving the paper contents of the manila folder up to her pussy lips she could feel the butterflies dancing in her stomach at the very notion of what she was planning to do.

A quick hiss from the direction of her black haired muff announced the commencement of the deed in question. Natasha squirted a quick spray of her hot pee over the paperwork. God, how good it looked to see her piss staining the company documents! A second hiss as Natasha repeated her act. Hot golden urine sprayed across the once white sheets as the paper greedily accepted her pee. Stopping her slash she fumbled the folder into its place on the shelf and quickly grabbed another one from the box on the floor. Seconds later and it was being subjected to another golden spray of piss emanating from Natasha's pussy as she enjoyed another naughty little pee.

Natasha repeated this act for the next five folders, peeing into each one in turn before filing it away. By the that time she was really bursting to simply let her piss come squirting out in one long floor. Desperately she rushed back to the tub and was just about to squat down and resume her toilet when her eyes lingered on the nearby wall. After all now that she had mastered pissing like a boy, why shouldn't she continue to enjoy the sensation? Another five steps and Natasha's pussy was scant inches away from the bare brickwork. Then, with her wide bare bum cheeks facing the open attic and her pussy aiming over the wall, she started to pee.

The thrill was immense. Hot, wet piss squirted from her hairy muff and sprayed the wall with her golden fountain. Natasha stared downwards in wonder at the sight of her urine shower squirting from her flaps. Already a large stain was marking the wall where her pee had already played over the brickwork and yet more and more piss was still flowing from her pussy lips. This was by far the naughtiest thing that Natasha had ever done. She really wished that she had saved her entire piss for this one spot. Finally, as her golden torrent of urine started to vanish as her piss came to an end, she desperately wondered what Dionne would think when she saw the obvious pee stain on the wall. She was still thinking the same thing when she reached orgasm, the two fingers inserted inside her pussy fingering herself to sexual bliss.

The semi naked Natasha waited whilst her breathing and racing pulse returned to some semblance of normality. Another hours worth of filing awaited her so she decided to remain panty-less for the duration. One final slash in the far corner of the attic saw her fully spent of pee with a dark puddle staining the floor where her urine had played as it had squirted from her dark haired muff.

It was two days later, on a Friday, when Natasha returned to the attic. She was just about to slide out the 'pee tub' for her latest piss when her attention was drawn to a second wide stain on the attic brickwork. Her hormones were racing in overdrive as the realisation that Dionne had created this stain with a piss of her own over the wall. It was at moment that Natasha knew that the two of them were destined to have a piss together in the company archives and afterwards, who knew what would follow. Unfortunately that is a tale for another day...
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