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Playing Goddess Ch. 03

So what's a guy that has been transformed into a goddess gonna do first? Now I know what you're thinking but I did not run into the bedroom and play with my new body. Firstly, it just seems wrong with a goddess watching me and secondly, I was still processing what happened so I decided to see a friend to help sort this out. I hope he is home.

Step out my front door and realize I am still in that renaissance fair style dress. Need to change this up right away. Hmmm what would a goddess wear out in public? She would want to blend in with the people but not go unnoticed. The Morrigan prefers darker, royal colors and to be viewed a beautiful and sexual woman. Wow this is harder than I thought it would be. I'm thinking high black boot cut jeans with black combat boots (I am a war goddess now gotta keep the hints there. Its a cooler day so maybe hoodie? Deep Purple with a faded celtic style crow on the front. the hood is form fitting, displaying my assets but not skin tight. the hood pulled up to hide my face as is the Morrigan's style to keep her face hidden. Now there may be those of you who think that the Morrigan would wear a cloak overtop her a revealing dress or in her battle gear but right now I am trying to blend in a little. Remember I am still 6 foot 5 and fucking gorgeous. I am still a goddess so i move with grace, power and confidence fitting my status.

With my outfit ready I need to figure out my way of travel. I could walk or call an uber. Or I could just appear at my friend's house but where is the fun in that. I decide to transform into a crow and fly there, it should be fun and it is a new experience for me. I focus on transforming an its an instantanious process. I'm standing in the grass a large crow, with an ominous caw I take flight. How can one describe flying without a plane? It is amazing, the wind flowing over your body, your muscles working to generate the lift needed to stay airborne. The description doesn't do the experience service. Now i am flying towards my friend's place, seeing the world from a new vantage point. If i didn't know exactly where i wanted to go i would be very confused on how to move about this way. I swoop in to land on his porch, transforming back into my human form as my feet make contact with the wooden planks in front of his front door. I knock on the door hard so that he can hear it and step back and yell, "Varg! answer the door you brillow pad chested fuck!

A little information about Varg. His name is Varg Stigandre. His family is of Nordic and Northern European decent. We served together and he has become a close friend. More than a friend, he's a brother. Someone closer to me than my own real family. If you were ever in the military you would know that hurling insults is way to greet friends. His home is a large old mansion that he inherited from his family. i yelled because its an old building with no central air or even air conditioners so he always has windows open to keep air flowing through the house.

"who is yelling on my porch this Ear-" Varg hollered but cut him self short when he sees me. he's 6 foot 2 so he doesn't look up to many people let alone beautiful women that give him a creepy vibes. He always claimed to be and empath of some kind, I never really doubted him but I was unsure how he could prove it. Now as the goddess i can tell he has the abilities and is also claimed by another god. Which one I wonder? I look into it later.

"Come on Varg, you don't recognize your best friend?" I chuckled knowing full well that he has no clue who I am.

"Well I can honestly say I have never seen you before."

"Don't you remember that time you tried to trap kangaroos with some shoe laces, only to find the traps and the anchors you used completely destroyed?"

Now he's just staring at me slack jawed.

"Ok, ok. I know you won't believe me but I am Derek."

"Bullshit! Derek ain't a woman. Did he put you up to this? Is he that bored?" Vary asked with a bit of exasperation in his voice.

How can I get him to believe me? what else can i bring up that only i would know or remember?

"Remember that time when like half your shop went to that fishbowl and you guys took photos of the walks of shame after. including the guy who lost his virginity?"

"Derek could have told you about that too."

"Damn it Varg do I need to mention the stories on your old hard drive that I read that was made from that laptop that committed suicide out of the 4th story window of the barracks?"

"Well if he did tell you all that its a little over board for him. But you have to admit its very hard to believe that you are Derek."

"How do you think i feel? I woke up like this with Jennifer in bed next to me. by the way she thinks I snuck a woman, my current situation, into the apartment and then bailed for her to find. She ain't the most stable right now, just in case you run into her" I explain.

So, one detailed explanation later Var is still doubtful. I guess I need to give him a demonstration of my powers. Lets see what should I do? transform into a crow? Wolf? Hmmm...Oh! i got it. Without saying a word i just look at Varg and smirk that transform into my "battle mode." My outfit disappears and in its place A leather almost bikini forms the base layer, leather boots that run up to my knees with fur lining the openings. A furred skirt that has slits on the outside of both legs that allow for mobility the drops to above my knees. on my hands and forearms leather gloves again with fur trimmings and also steel plates of armor aren't connected to allow for mobility and movement. There is also a breastplate and should armor also composed on leather with steel plates formed to my body parts to allow range of motion and movement. at a closer look the meat plates have the texture and shape of feathers. the helmet is leather lined steel in the shape of a crow's skull with actual feathers lining the top and back. In my left hand appears a celtic spear. the blade of the spear is steel and leaf shaped mounted on an Ash pole that is stained black with a black feather lashed to the cross guard of spear head. on my left hip, a Falcata, a sword with an inward curving blade similar to a Kukri, its slung as to be drawn with ease by my right hand. I would say I kinda look like a viking with a metal and feather fetish.

Varg is dumbfounded, may have pissed himself, I'm not sure. slow the shock is replaced with fear as it dawns on him that I am actually a goddess. He sputtering, trying to reboot his brain so he can communicate something or anything. he seems to be forming a sentence when there is a flash of light and a clap of thunder. we both turn to his front yard to see a man clothed in white robes and bathed in a blinding white light. to describe him is impossible. he may have wings or it could just be the waves of power rolling off his body. he is beautiful beyond words. at this point Morrigan prompts my brain that this is the angel Gabriel and the god I noticed connected to Varg is the God, the creator the supreme one. Varg, well he may have just shit his pants at this point. To his credit he hasn't fainted or started screaming in terror. He's just frozen with a look of shock and awe plastered on his face.

"Morrigan, you know that he doesn't belong to you nor should you hurt him. He belongs to the creator." Gabriel states with an authority that trumps my own.

"Yes I know that Gabe. I have no plans for him I was just talking with a friend." I say with a tone of boredom and exasperation in my voice. The Morrigan again whispers in my head that this is the way i should deal with other gods and angels. only the creator gets full respect and honor.

"So, you have chosen an avatar to help spread your tales and influence again have you? why have you waited so long?" Gabriel asks, apparently ignoring my tone and shortening of his name.

"I felt it was finally time to reintroduce my self in person. The Christians have stopped the horrid persecution of any who don't fall in line with their dogma so I won't be sacrificing followers like before. It still infuriates me that the creator allows his name to be smeared and run through the mud for corrupt humans to control others."

"You know exactly why he stays hands off. The free will human so cherish also stills his hand in direct intervention. he provides opportunities but it is up to the humans to take them and work for them. "

With that Gabriel vanishes telling us he is satisfied with my presence and goals. I turned back to Varg only to find him still frozen in shock.

"Hey! Varg! You furry fuck! Wake up!" I shout in his ear. Nothing. I shake him. Still nothing. Ok time for drastic measures. I slap him across the face. And I am reminded that i am far stronger than i was before as i watch Varg's body fly across his porch, crash over the railing and land in the bushes next to the porch. I rush to the railing and look into the bushes. Varg finally regained his senses as he is rubbing his cheek and trying to figure out how he wound up in the bushes.

"OWWWW! What the fuck! What just happened? Why does my face hurt so much? Why am I in the bushes? What is that smell? Never mind on the smell I figured that one out." Varg yells angrily.

"Well that was the angel Gabriel. I'm pretty sure you know who that is. He was checking me out to make sure i wasn't hurting you. the pain in your face and your location in the bushes is my fault. I was trying to snap you out of your stunned stupor but forgot how strong I have become and slapped you so hard you flew across the porch and into the bushes. Sorry about that by the way."

"First question, why was he here? Second question, How am I going to explain this to my neighbors? Third, can you change out of the armor? Thats just even more shit to explain."

"To you first question. i told you he was checking on me to keep me from messing with you. You are chosen by the creator. You are his and any attempt on you summons forth an angel to stop the transgressor, if they are of a supernatural source. And before you ask, I have no idea why you were chosen the creator doesn't tell us his plans. Secondly, your neighbors never saw Gabe. when the angels appear they usually block everything happening from everyone not directly involved in their actions. Thirdly, yes i will change again."

Now I now what he meant but I couldn't help messing with him so I transformed into a crow. Vary is just glaring at me now. so I go back to my street clothes.

"What? No sense of humor?" I ask cheekily.

"Fuck you man...woman...god... dess what ever you are now. I had a crazy morning and now you wanna fuck off? Jesus this is nuts. So what do you do now? you just gonna run around messing with people?"

"According to the actually goddess I am supposed to spread knowledge of her around the world to help return the world to a better place i guess? I'm not sure really the gods are not really forthcoming with information and I am supposed to figure it out. I supposedly have access to all her knowledge and memories so i guess i need to think on it."

With Varg thoroughly worn out from the excitement of the day i decide i should go and let him process all that he has learned. We say our good byes and I tell him I'll visit later and then i transform into a crow again and take fly with no real goal or plan in my mind.

Then I feel a urgent pull on my mind. i listen to the voice that is calling to me and decide I must go investigate.
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