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Plaything Pt. 03

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


PT 3: Priya's Public Fucking

what up fam, here's part 3 of plaything. It didn't take two years this time and I'm def more focused on where im taking it. This story was actually an idea i got from a forum.

On another note, if you didn't like my two previous chapters, I respect your tastes, but my coming stories are going to very much in the same vein. I also got requests early on to make this an incest story but I want to dispel any misconceptions with that. This is a cuckold story that's listed under "Mature", not "Incest/Taboo". Now, for those of y'all that like this you may enjoy.

P.S. big ups to EnglishTeacher AKA WIRProductions for helping me out with this. appreciated.


"Rohith! Come down to eat!"

Rohith flinched at his mother's call, still very much in shock at the events he had witnessed earlier in the day. His dread and humiliation had morphed into denial and disbelief, and then lust as he furiously masturbated over and over again to the fresh memories of his mother's carnal behavior. Her cries of ecstasy, her defiled writhing body, her cum-caked face. And now finally, Rohith was overcome with shame.

Begrudgingly, Rohith left his room and walked down the stairs to find his mother and father waiting for him at the dinner table. He could never see her the same, but she gave no indication that anything had changed, and there was a kind of unspoken agreement between them to not mention their situation to Rohith's father.

Priya had changed into her most modest clothing, wearing a blue low-cut sweater. She moved and acted as if nothing were out of the ordinary, setting up the dining table for her husband and son as she had for the last 19 years.

Rohith's dad was already eating, stuffing his face with the rotis Priya had prepared. He was a heavy-set man, teetering on obese, and so clearly undeserving of the beauty that was his wife. They had only ended up together as an arranged marriage, or else Priya would have taken up residence in an American or European brothel long ago.

"Come Rohith, eat!" Rohith watches his father continue to devour the food in front of him, unaware that hours before, his wife was being sodomized by thick American boys at the very table they all sat at.

Rohith shifts his gaze to his mother, who he noticed was not eating very much. Her "liquid diet" had left her full, and she seemed to feel the need to keep her anal cavity clean for the next day's activities. She looked up to see her son studying her, and smiled at him, a naughty gleam in her eye.

"How did that tutoring go today Rohith? I hope you're not wasting your time doing a favor on your auntie." Rohith was snapped back to reality by his father's question. His mother answered for him, still with a devious tone about her.

"Oh they seem to be doing well. They're both leaning a lot." Her voice just dripping with innuendo as she smiles motherly at her son. That damn smile. It was the same one she'd given him his entire life. But now every time Rohith saw her face, the image of a cock in her mouth flashed in his mind. Carter and Johnny had ruined his mother's face forever.

Rajesh barely notices his wife's comment, continuing to eat his roti and paneer at the very spot Priya was bent over and anally reamed by thick white cock. The juxtaposition was almost comical. Priya's husband hopelessly oblivious to what his wife was up to when he was not home, but her son was now painfully aware.

Rohith silently eats the food his mother prepared occasionally glancing at her as she smiled dreamily remembering the meals she had eaten earlier in the day, how much had been dripped onto her face, squirted in her mouth, shoved down her throat, now sitting in her stomach...

"Rohith! Did you hear me?" The Indian teen was snapped out of his reverie by his dad, his mind was still fried from the day. He was unable to think of anything else.

"No papa, what was it?"

His dad grunted and continued to disgustingly chew and talk at the same time.

"I will be gone for the rest week, so you will need to be home right after school everyday. Don't want to leave your mom all alone in this house."

Rohith nearly choked on his food. Normally, his father leaving for work wouldn't be a novel idea, but Rohith now knew that his mother would hardly be alone, and take full advantage of the situation.

"Yes papa," Rohith answered dejectedly, but his father barely noticed his reply.

"Don't worry dear," Priya addressed her husband like a doting housewife, "Rohith and I will have plenty of fun together."


The next day Rohith sat in his fourth period Biology class, still numb from his experiences of the last day. His time at school felt like an escape, a solace from the painful truth that awaited him at home. He noticed that Carter and Johnny weren't at lunch today either but he had a very good idea where they were, who they were with, and what they were doing.

As if the universe were responding to his thoughts, his phone vibrated in his pocket. He glanced down to see that he'd received a text from his mother's phone. Dreading what it was but unable to stop himself, Rohith opened the text to find an image no son should ever see.

His mother's face looked back at him. She on her hands and knees, dressed in a scantily clad blue bikini looking up at the camera with a large white cock in her mouth. Her lips were sucking on the head emphasizing the length. Whoever was holding the camera (Johnny or Carter) had one hand on top of her head and their fingers laced in her hair. Priya's eyes were glazed over, clearly loving what she was doing, and seemingly posing for the picture. The look she had on her face was one of ecstasy and pleasure, the same way she'd looked at Rohith the day before. The entire picture was taken from above her, so her entire back was in the frame. She seemed to be on a pool chair at the community pool, and behind her was another white boy flush against her ass. Her back was arched sluttily to accentuate her curves, her exposed breasts peeking out underneath her

Rohith nearly screamed his head off right then and there. He felt himself hardening in his pants at the image, but could do nothing about it at the moment. Unable to look away, he stared at the picture of his mother sucking the thick white cock, wondering to himself why this was happening to him...


"Oh yeah that's it, all the way down." Carter chuckles to himself as Priya continues to consume his dick below him.

She lets out a muffled moan as he places both his hands on her head. Carter pulls her face to him as he thrusts forward, forcing his long cock into her throat.

Her eyes start to water and she makes choking sounds but doesn't pull away. Her saliva runs thick around his member and seeps out of her lips, beginning to drip in long streams. Carter was enjoying his place in her throat, and starts to facefuck her. Priya continues to choke with each movement the white boy makes, and her drool keeps running like a river.

Johnny continues leisurely fucking Priya's pussy behind, enjoying the sight of her bobbing head into his friend's crotch. Carter was delighting in torturing Rohith, and Johnny would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy it too. On a whim he wound up his hand and smacked her ass, eliciting a moan from the Indian woman.

Priya shivers at the contact in pleasure. Her eyes roll up into her head and her pussy gushes at the sharp pain, excited at what the boys had in store for her. Carter finally removes his hands from her head but Priya doesn't let go of his cock, eager to suck and be fucked at the same time.

After a double blowjob at Priya's insistence in the foyer of her house, the trio had come to community club pool that Carter's friend was lifeguarding at. The public spot was empty on the Wednesday morning, so they settled down and immediately got busy. Priya had texted the two boys that her husband was gone for the rest of the week, so Johnny and Carter knew they could use their plaything from dusk to dawn. They'd skipped school for a full day this time, knowing that their athletic status would protect them from any consequences the school would want to impose. They'd planned on staying at Rohith's house for the next three days, endlessly indulging themselves in his three-hole, live-in, cock-sleeve of a mother.

"Don't ruin her face too much man, we've got errands to run today," Johnny warned his friend. The plan was to spend a day out and about, and see just how raunchy they could get in public. It was Priya's idea to occasionally send Rohith updates of their adventure.

Carter grunts in response as Priya lifts her lips to his tip and suckles on his sensitive head. "I can't help it," he replies, "she's so good at it and the bitch loves it."

Proud of herself, Priya moans around Carter's dick and swallows around him hard, then resumes sucking up and down his length.

On the verge, of cumming, Johnny picked up his pace and started to pound into Priya from behind. The mother knew what was coming next, so she grabbed her phone and hastily handed it to Johnny, never removing a cock from her mouth. It was just in time, as Johnny thrust himself into Priya's gushing pussy from behind and her eyes rolled up into her head, the Indian mother fucktoy was instantly immobilized in lust by the white cock spitroast.

Carter being Carter didn't hold back, and began fucking Priya's face at a breakneck pace. Her mouth never stopped sucking him off but her mind was being overridden by the pleasure surging from her pussy. Carter knew what she wanted him to do, so he framed the scene in front of him as well as he could, and took the picture.


Rohith's phone buzzed again, and he wasn't sure what to expect. He'd tried to pay attention to his Bio teacher but his mind kept going back to what his mother must be doing. He could imagine and it wasn't very pleasant for him. But he was about to get his answer.

Once again it was a text from his mother, another picture.

This one was of just her, sitting on pool chair with her legs spread open. The blue bikini was spread around her breasts exposing them, and other than that she was naked. On her face was the obvious outcome of her blowjob, a wad of cum on each cheek and a stray streak across her forehead. Her hands were spreading her pussy lips to show another load had been shot in her as well. As if he needed any reminder, they were fucking his mom, from the look on her face she was loving it, and Rohith could do nothing but watch.


Carter sat in the driver's seat up front by himself. In the backseat Johnny was splayed on the back seats without his pants on, relishing his turn in Priya's mouth. She was bent over with her lips sealed around the boy's long member, her mouth stretching to accommodate him. Her movements were slow, not rushing to have him cum but just enough to keep him hard.

The trio had spent themselves at the community club, filling Priya's mouth and pussy in and around the pool. Priya asked to suck off the lifeguard but they didn't let her, she'd get her fill of white cock soon. Priya didn't mind, rubbing their ejaculate into her skin, but Johnny and Carter were frustrated as they still had plans. They wanted to fuck Priya again in the shower, but she insisted she needed to get clean for their day out. The boys needed to recover anyways, and now their hardons were raging. Carter planned to change that at their next destination.

They were now driving to the mall in Priya's Pontiac sedan, a birthday gift from her husband. Rajesh probably never imagined that his traditional Indian wife would be pleasuring his son's bullies in the backseat. But here they were.

Carter parked the car in front of the Macy's, and took a look into the back. Johnny had sat up in the seat behind the passenger and Priya was still hard at work sloppily stroking and sucking his cock, her saliva now coating the long appendage. Bubbles of spit were gathering at the base of Johnny's groin from Priya's double-handed jerking, her mouth drooling from above.

"We're here," Carter says with a smile. Johnny looks up at him and then out the window as if he didn't believe him. Seeing the mall, he pulls Priya's mouth off his drenched dick forcefully — or else she would not have let him go — and buckles up his pants.

Priya sits back on her knees pouting, wiping her mouth with her finger, still hungry for cock. The two boys exit the car and head to the Macy's, Priya following them obediently.


For an hour and a half Rohith felt safe. He was now sitting in his AP Physics class, the two pictures he had received still plaguing his thoughts but no longer at the forefront of his mind. The best solution he'd come up was to my think of it, and preoccupy himself with different things. And what better way to do that than his favorite subject. Physics, the science of motion. Kinetic and potential energy, pendulums, friction. Something about it was exciting to him. For almost an hour and a half he had nearly forgotten. And then his phone buzzed.

He knew what it would be. And he tried to ignore it. But it buzzed again, and then again. He wanted to just make it through this class without having to think about what his mother was doing with those two at that very moment. Rohith just wanted this piece of himself to be normal. Why couldn't they let him have that? Why couldn't his own mom let him have just this?

But inevitably, the bell rang, and he had to leave class. His next period was study hall which was essentially a free period, so he made his way to the bathroom and settled into a stall. He checked his texts to find two images, and a video. From the thumbnails he could make out very little, so he tapped on the first picture.

The view was from behind his mother facing a mirror in a small dimly lit room. Again, she was nearly naked except for a black lace bra that barely covered her breasts. In the reflection Rohith could see Carter holding up the phone behind Priya, and the hand not holding the camera Carter had used to grab her hair. The white boy's camera angle was almost brilliant; using the mirror he managed to capture Priya's entire front body bent slightly forward, as well as her entire backside. Priya's hands were behind her on her ass cheeks, spreading herself wide open for the white bully. At the bottom of the picture was a clear shot of Carter's cock entirely ensheathed balls deep in the Indian mom's asshole. The athlete's naked pelvis was flush against Priya's ass, clear proof that he was lodged as deep as possible into the MILF's anal canal. Rohith looked into the mirror to see his mother's face in the middle of an orgasm, her mouth twisted in the throes of silent pleasure, and her eyes looking straight into the camera's reflection. Rohith had to wonder if she even knew that he was receiving these pictures, but he couldn't imagine her not. There was clearly no point in hiding anything from him, but actively showing him was another thing. He drank in the image over and over again before swiping right to the next one.

This picture showed the couple in the same position but from a profile angle. The small room was now clearly a fitting room, and the picture was most likely taken by Johnny. This time Carter had his right hand holding onto Priya's arms, pulling them behind her back to hold her up as he railed her from behind. His other hand was wrapped around her mouth and face, probably in an attempt to keep her quiet. The white boy towered over Rohith's mom, a very clear show of his dominance over her and her body. Rohith swiped right again, and the next thing was the video. He clicked play.

The video was half a minute long, and begins from the same angle as the last picture. Carter is thrusting into Rohith's mom almost violently, no doubt fucking her ass, and she's begun to cum. The only sound is the loud pop music playing through the store speakers, his mom's soft and desperate whimpering, and the slapping of skin from Carter's short but fast thrusts.

Carter's cock was assaulting the brown mom's asshole, his short jutting movements building both of them to cum again. Within 10 seconds, Rohith watches his mother experience an intense orgasm from an ass-fucking and let out a muffled scream into Carter's hand clasped over her mouth. In mere moments Carter has pushed her off his cock, ready to cum himself. Without hesitation Priya scrambled to turn around and drops to her knees, opening her mouth in desperate hunger for white cock and cum.

Johnny has now moved closer and passes off the phone to Carter, who aims it down POV-style at the Indian mom as she shoves his ass-coated cock into her mouth. Priya stares up right into the camera and nearly swallows the white boy whole. Priya braces herself against Carter's thighs as he grabs the back of her head with his free hand and starts fucking her face almost as hard as he was fucking her ass. With a quieted groan, Carter starts to cum into Priya's mouth, indicated by his erratic spasms and Priya's excited head movements. Her hands work up and down his length and her mouth twists side to side on his head, hoping to coax more and more cum out from Carter's spewing cock.

The video was now at 20 seconds, and Rohith watched his mom desperately work her mouth up and down an incredibly thick white cock — an incredibly thick white cock, mind you, that she had just taken out of her ass from a balls deep reaming. Carter's breathing had slowed, and he finally spoke to the Indian mother on her knees.

"Say hi to your dipshit son whore," he snarled.

Priya looked up into the camera, her mouth kissing the side of Carter's shaft. She dislodges just barely and smiles a sultry smile. Just for a moment, Rohith thinks he recognizes his mother. Through her smile. Whilst holding a thick white cock in her face, she is once again the mother that had raised her "dipshit son", and she says just two words.

"Hi Rohith."

The same words she's said to him almost everyday when he comes home from school, and Rohith sees a glimpse of the mother he once knew.

And then she goes right back to suckling on the tip of Carter's dick, once again begging for more cum. The video ends on the last still image of Priya sucking cock, and with that Rohith presses play again and begins to stroke himself...


"We should leave soon, we've been in here too long. Somebody might notice." It was odd for Carter to be the cautious one, but Johnny was preoccupied pounding away at Priya on the fitting room bench. After watching her and Carter go at it Johnny was anxious for his turn to use Priya's ass, so he'd pushed her into the missionary position on the small bench covered in clothes and mounted her.

Carter watched them from the door, posing as their lookout as Johnny furiously hammered down into the small Indian mom. It'd been over hour since Johnny had cum so his urgency was understandable, but he wasn't usually this rough with their plaything. He was acting less like himself and more like Carter.

Priya's legs were raised in the air as Johnny thrust down into her, making her shake and shiver with every movement. He also had to clasp a hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming her head off, which she did anyway as her ass we ravaged to her near breaking point. Priya was on the verge of passing out from the rough fucking she was receiving just after her mind-shattering ass orgasm. Both types of orgasms made Priya go nearly insane, which was why she'd become addicted to having them multiple times a day. With a twitch and spasm, she begins to cum from Johnny's rough uncharacteristic fucking. The white hunk uses his free hand to reach between them and angrily attack her clit as he shoves himself into her as deep as he could go.
Priya begins to slip into a cock coma from the stimulation, and goes quiet from the mind numbing orgasm. Johnny notices her silence and removes his hand from her mouth, the only noises escaping from the mother's lips being erratic gasps and soft moans. He continues rubbing her clit but ceases his fucking. He wanted to cum too, but on her face this time. It was important to mark your fucktoy.

Withdrawing from Priya's ass amid a stream of pussy-juices, Johnny rose back up and smacked her raised thigh to get her attention.

Priya was sure she was in nirvana, still dazed and nearly mindbroken from the pleasure of the last hour. She'd come to a Macy's fitting room and willingly been fucked in her shithole by her white masters. The public danger, her own submissive sluttinesss, and the two bullies' neverending sex drives had led them all here, and she wasn't even close to done.

Snapping back to reality, Priya instantly knew she still had to comply with the third rule. So she clumsily slid off the surface she was lying on and lowered herself to her knees in front of the cock that had just given her an incredible orgasm. She wanted to take the cock into her mouth, as she knew a good brown plaything should. This position felt the most right to her, on her knees in front of a dominating white man ready to suck and swallow cum. Priya could not explain it but she felt in her very core that this was her place in the world, and she couldn't be any happier. Looking up submissively into Johnny's face she could see he'd felt something similar, so she finally uses her words, not caring if she was heard.

"Are you gonna cum daddy? You want to cum?" Johnny doesn't speak but just strokes his cock faster, and nods at his plaything. His left hand goes to the top of her head, and his breath becomes ragged.

Looking to Carter at the door, Priya addresses him with lust in her voice. "May I have my phone daddy?" Entranced by where she was taking this, Carter hands it over.

Priya opens the camera and begins recording a selfie video. She points down at herself with Johnny's stroking cock in her face, looking up at both the camera and the white boy on the verge of exploding.

"Cum on my face daddy. Pleeease cum on my face. All over my face, just cover me in your cum. Please Daddy give that thick white cum that I love so much. Thank you for fucking my slutty ass daddy, please give me your cum now. I love your cum I want it everywhere please. I'm your good whore, I'll swallow it too please daddy..."

With the mother's dirty talk cementing his orgasm, Johnny erupts onto her face. He spurts three major streams on her nose, forehead and cheeks, dollops of cum collecting on her mouth and lips. A stray shot made it into her hair, and her chin was quickly collecting a deposit. Priya kept her phone aimed at herself, determined to capture every moment of her white cock facial.

As Johnny began to spasms once his orgasm petered out, Priya latched onto his tip and sucked, eager for more cum. Johnny pushed her away from the overstimulation and pulled his pants back up. Carter takes a quick peek outside to see if anyone would notice them leave and calmly makes his way out of the store, a still-buzzing Johnny following suit.

Priya remains on her knees in the fitting room, still recording herself and rubbing the cum on her face. She brings a cum coated finger to her mouth and extends her tongue to lick it, a deep moan escaping from within her.

"See baby, mommy just needs that sweet cum from her daddies," She was almost surprised with herself, speaking directly to her son. "They just fuck mommy so good and feed her so well. I just love it betta."

With the thick load quickly drying on her face, she winked at her phone and stopped recording. She sends the video to her son, with the caption "more to cum".

Pleased with herself, Priya rises and begins to dress herself, careful to not clean off her cum-caked face. She had already decided to buy the bikinis the boys had picked out for her, and figured she could make the cashier's day a little more interesting.


Rohith made it to his last class of the day, drained in more ways than one. He'd gotten two more pictures and a video, this time of his mother receiving a cum facial. She then addressed him directly again, further proving that she knew who the pictures and videos were for, and promising there was to be more in store. Rohith dreaded what she could have meant, but had no doubt that he would soon find out.

As if on cue, his phone buzzed again...


This was where Carter had wanted to bring Priya ever since he'd first fucked her. The red and black room was dimly lit just like the fitting room earlier, but there was a muskiness in the air. Priya was in love with it. She loved the perverse smell of cum and the filthiness of her position: on her knees in the restroom of an adult video store. Such places were rare, but Carter knew of every depraved corner around town, and was dying to take Priya to every one of them.

She was bobbing her head noisily sucking off Johnny just in front Carter, who was taking pictures as often as he could. They did not bother to hide their activities, in fact they were trying to draw attention to themselves. Carter had left a note on the door that read "White Cock Slut Inside" and an arrow to the right. This was no ordinary dirty restroom, they were at a gloryhole. And here came their first customer.

Through the hole in the wall came a cock, and for the first time in a while Priya frowned at a penis. The member was darkly colored, black. She went back to sucking off Johnny and Carter burst out laughing and yelled at the wall.

"Sorry buddy, but just like the sign said, only white cocks allowed. She won't do it if you're not white."

A voice came from the other side. "Man what kinda shit is that."

This time, Priya removed herself from Johnny's pelvis to answer. "I only service white men. I only want white cum from White cocks on my face and in my mouth." With that, she resumed pleasuring Johnny.

They heard laughing on the other side of the wall, and the black penis eventually retreated. Immediately, it was replaced by a white one, bigger than the last.

Priya moaned and took her lips off of Johnny for a third time when she saw the new dick she was to suck. Shuffling on her knees to the wall, she places both hands on the wall and admires the new comer.

"That's better, a big white cock just for me. This little Indian whore will suck you dry baby. Thank you for providing me with this beautiful white cock."

Seductively, she lovingly wraps her lips around its head and takes it into her mouth, licking it all the while. In seconds, she is sucking on the cock like a vacuum.

Carter is now recording a video of Priya on her knees sucking a cock sticking out of a wall. Her head moved rapidly, as if trying to literally eat the dick off of whoever it was attached to. He recorded a few more seconds of the blowjob and then put the phone down on the chair next to Priya,

Carter grabbed Priya by her hips from behind as she continued enthusiastically sucking on the anonymous cock. Her mouth smacks and slides on the surprisingly girthy white prick, her saliva dripping in copious amounts already along the length. She moves her head to each side to properly lick and kiss the bottom of the dick, and then immediately resumes deep throating it as far as she could.

Behind her Carter has maneuvered her to stand bent over, so that her body is at a right angle, and in a perfect position to receive his angry erection. With little preamble, Carter slips his thick head into Priya's asshole once again, stretching her sphincter causing her to let out a muffled but loud groan of pleasure. Carter enjoys the heat and tightness of the Indian mother's rectum, and then begins to thrust himself in.

All the while, Priya refuses to relinquish her treat from the gloryhole, stroking the base while hungrily attacking the head and shaft with her mouth. As Carter begin to fuck her, the dick slipped further into her throat, which must have been too much for the man in the next room. She continued to stroke quickly, erratically because of the now-violent ass-fucking she was receiving, and then suddenly cum was shooting onto her face.

Laughing and moaning, Priya continued to stroke the cock dry, sucking its head and foreskin until it retreated back into the gloryhole.

"Oh gaaaawwd this cum tastes so good. I want more—-uhh!, more cock. I'm still so hungry..." Priya stuck her tongue through the hole desperately for white meat, On cue another white appendage poked in through the hole, hitting Priya's face. This one was much longer than the last, making her mouth water with excitement.

Without hesitation Priya started chomping down on the new dick as Carter continued to pound into her from behind. All the while Johnny sat the in chair right next to Priya, jacking off while watching her pleasure the dick-in-the-wall as Carter fucked her ass. Johnny just slowly stroked himself watching the two of them, waiting for his turn...


Rohith sat alone on the bus, on his way home. He'd refused to look at the final pictures he'd received from his mom, or rather, Johnny and Carter. But as he sat there the dread began to consume him. He knew what he was walking into when he arrived home, so it felt futile to pretend like it wasn't happening.

With the dread eating him alive, Rohith reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He unlocks it and finds two pictures and a video waiting for him. They were sent to him less than an hour ago.

The first picture he sees is a clear shot of his mom bent over in a dirty looking bathroom. The shot is a profile from her left side, and her face is turned towards the camera. Her lips are wrapped around long white dick protruding from the wall, and there was already a gleam covering her face. This initially confused Rohith, until it clicked. His mom was at a gloryhole. His mom had some random guy's dick in her mouth sticking into her cheek so that there was a clear outline of it. And this was obviously not the first one she'd taken, because her face was nearly covered in cum already. There were streams on her forehead and cheeks, her eyes were focused on the camera, but if what Rohith had learned anything that day was that she was looking directly at him. Her son.

Her brazen cheating aside, it was her desire to be seen doing filthy, slutty things by the boy she had birthed and raised was the pinnacle of her debauchery. It was like she was trying to let him know that how she'd wanted to be treated, and how he was to be treated for the rest of his life. If the woman most important to him now would rather be a slut for white men than his own mother, then what hope did he have for love in the future?

Putting his existential despair aside, Rohith swiped to the next picture, which showed him something that he'd still not seen his mother do. The picture was at an odd angle, from above and to the side, so that he could see his mother fully, bent over Johnny in a chair against the wall. The basketball player's face was visible on the other side of Priya, nearly covered by her hair. Rohith's Indian mom was still dutifully sucking on a white cock in the wall while taking one in her pussy it seemed, but Rohith realized the reason for the awkward angle was because Carter was flush against his mom's ass behind her. It registered to Rohith that his mom had a thick white dick in her asshole as well. This was a picture of his mother airtight. Each of her available orifices were being occupied by white boys, and she wanted her son to see it.

The second picture had a poorly written text following it before the video. It read 'your mom's holes feell so gud wanna spend a while occupying her like wedid ur xountry'. Racist subtext aside, it was clear that the text was badly composed because Carter was probably fucking his mom's ass while writing it.

Rohith wanted to die. And then he clicked play on the video. The thumbnail barely registered to him before it started playing. His vision seemed to be playing tricks on him. And then suddenly the video started playing. It was almost a minute long.

His mom is sitting back on her knees on the dirty floor of the bathroom/gloryhole. Two cocks were in front of, stroking themselves and clearly intending to add to the pool of thick viscous cum already on her face. The POV was of one of the boys, possibly Carter from the voice that came from behind the phone. Angry, demeaning.

"You dirty fucking whore. Here, take all seven loads on your fucking face. Goddam you disgusting little bitch. Talk to your son. Tell him how much you want this cum on your face."

Rohith watches his mom sultrily swipe a glob of semen from her cheek and put it in her mouth, visibly tasting and then swallowing it. Then she starts to talk.

"Rohith baby look at what your friends are doing to me. They're giving me just want I need betta, as an Indian foreign woman, I need big white cock. I'll do anything for it baby. I need their cum. I love the taste of it in my mouth. Please cum on my face, oooh thank you daddy..."

In the middle of Priya's dirty talk, Johnny jetted a sizeable load, making the opaque cum on her face white again. She continues talking to her son.

"I just love how if feels on my face. Thank you for using my dirty holes daddy. I need them to fuck my tight asshole Betta. It feels so good in my pretty pussy. It makes my cum, it makes me feel so good and wet and dirty. I just love big white cock Betta. I'll do anything for big white cock. I live for white cock. I need it, I love it, I just love it..."

With a loud groan Carter unloads himself onto Priya's face, his cum leaking and dripping onto her lips and into her open mouth.

"Yeah cockwhore, take that cum. Marking you like you're our fucking property. Eat that cum. Take that cum you brown bitch. Show your boy what you're good for."

Rohith observes his mom is in a daze, playing with the cum collection covering her visage. She moans deeply, gasping and breathing heavily as she scoops cum off her face and spills it into her mouth. Her tits were splattered by drops of cum that had dripped down from her face. Her body looked like she had sat through a literal cum shower; the white liquid in her hair, covering her eyes and nose, and trailing all the way down to her stomach and thighs.

She kept eye contact with the camera as she played with the cum that covered her, conveying her desire to the son she knew was watching. The video continues as Rohith watches his mother act as slutty as possible with the cum that decorated her, the sound reduced to her moaning and breathing, clearly dickdrunk and cumdrunk on this filthy floor.

For almost 20 seconds Priya just plays with cum and drinks as much of it as she could get into her mouth, all as a show for her son. The video ends on a frame with the mom's finger in her mouth, tasting more cum. Then Rohith sees his tear finally hit the screen of his phone, and he realizes he was crying. The tightness in his chest was at a fever pitch, and his mood had fallen into a deep depression.

At the same time, though, the tightness in his pants was equally uncomfortable. In horror Rohith realized that he was more turned on than he'd been his entire life. He'd been in shock for the last 24 hours sonothing had really registered for him. He'd expected to be turned on seeing a naked woman for the first time, even if it was his mom, and seeing her perform extreme sex acts in front of him was no doubt arousing.

But now he'd realized the truth. Seeing his mother used by his bullies in front of him was the real trigger. What did this make him now? A cuckold? A beta? He couldn't come up with the appropriate word.

Before he knows it, the bus has brought him to his street, and he steps off to walk to his house. He makes his way to his house in a daze, trying and failing to mentally prepare himself for what he would was waiting for him on the other side of that door.

He could hear them before he even entered. They heavy grunting of one the boys and the unrestricted dirty talk and squealing that was his mother. He unlocks the door and is greeted by his mom have sex in the foyer upright in front of him: his mother bent over facing him and Carter pounding into her from behind. The white boy was holding Priya back by her elbows, thrusting into her like he was trying to pop her arms off. He sees Rohith first and snickers wickedly, then pulls Priya to stand up so she can look at her son.

"Bitch-boy is here, welcome him home fucktoy," he growls into her ear as he continues to pummel her asshole. Bitch-boy. That is what Rohith was now.

Priya's body was shaking from the fucking, her hair flying forward and back, her tits swaying freely in rhythm with the action. She had to take a moment to recognize her own son in front of her as she tried to focus from her mind-numbing ass-fuck. Then her face breaks out into a smile, a loving maternal smile. And then she tries to talk to her son through her sodomy.

"Welcome home Rohith! How was your day? UUUUHG FUCK ME!" Rohith flinches from her scream and watches her eyes roll up into her head as she cums.
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