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Pony Slaves for Sale Pt. 01

The room has painted black walls including the ceiling is black, a single light shone down on the long metal table which hung from a hook on an overhead conveyer belt. The young man lying there was completely naked, blindfolded and chained to the table at wrist and ankles. His mouth held painfully wide by a ball-gag, he didn't know who had brought him to this place, or why his cock was so painful.

He couldn't move his head to find out as they had strapped that down to the table as well, if he had been able to he would have seen that they whoever they were had placed it in a vice and closed it viciously tightly onto him. He shivered all he could feel was the cold of the table and hands caressing his aching member, neither could he hear them, for they had put ear protectors on him for that purpose. He felt them release his feet from the table which now span round, his feet hit the floor.

They started the conveyor which moved slowly forward forcing him to walk. They didn't stop it until they got to the cell he would occupy, they opened the door the conveyor started again, the table span round again so that he lay once more on the table they chained his feet to it once more and left. Again, everything black, the room he thought was draughty he could feel the cold air brushing over him.

While he lay there his mind conjured up images of the people who were holding him, he was a virgin considering he was a man was a strange enough occurrence, his cock twitched sending a pulse of pain to sear his brain but there was something else something he'd never felt before his mind was saying that he loved this he wanted it.

The next morning not that he knew it was morning, they returned and once more released his feet, again the table turned and went along the conveyor to a large communal room, here they replaced the gag quickly with a hollow but firm tube, they pushed feeding and water tubes through and down into his gullet. He started to weep, and wept even harder when they removed both blindfold and ear protectors. Once more his subconscious was telling him that this was what he needed, what he deserved and he wanted it to go on forever.

"Now, little slave," slave what did they mean, and God did they know his stomach could only hold so much. "That mush we feed you is special, all the nutrients to keep you nice and healthy, plus some steroids to keep you from getting skinny. We want you strong and fast."

Finally, they removed the tubes, he could hear the cries of other terrified men and women, if not see them. They brought a table with a beautiful woman attached to it, his secretary, to stand in front of him they manoeuvred them so that they stood toe to toe and linked the two together. "You two are a matched pair both virgins," how did they know he was a virgin was there a test; the only person who knew was his therapist and perhaps his admin staff.

They now freed their heads from the table and forced them together in a kiss lips to lips and fastened bands round them to hold them in place. Both tables now moved along the conveyor belt, to another large room, they freed them from the table here, and thrust dildos into their rectums. Now grooms put the harnesses on them, all matching with gold inlay. A long box, lay waiting to receive them they struggled which only sent waves of arousal to their tortured minds. They were soon confined and the slavers closed the box before loading it onto a truck, with other similar boxes each containing a slave or groups of two or more slaves.

The truck moved off, the driver grinned training would start for them soon, and his slave waited back at the training centre obedient and in the severest bondage. Hours later the truck turned and entered the grounds of a rather large stately home, or at least that's what it looked like from the outside, inside and more particularly in the basement areas slaves suffered painful tortures and training sessions, before moving upstairs to the auction room to be sold off like cattle.

"Ah, yes, Toni and Paul. Forget those names; you will answer to Tit-face and Pee-pee. We'll alter you in many ways; to start with your bodies Tit-face will have those melons enlarge to 64JJJJ, Pee-pee will also find he sprouts 64JJJJ melons handy for punch bags."

They were now separated and led to what the trainers said were stalls, straw covered the floor and grooms removed the harness they'd been wearing and forced them into the harness they would now wear always, fastening them so that their breath came in panting gasps. Their feet forced into impossibly tight boots which ended not in a human foot but forced them up on tiptoes as their toes rested on what looked like a horse's hoof.

"Yes, you are now ponies and you will learn to run pulling carts or carrying jockeys, you will race and win or else." Now they removed the tube and thrust bit-gags between their teeth, the gags had a large hole in the middle, which now received the tube which they once again forced down their gullets; the groom attached a bridle wrapping it over their heads. As he had habitually worn his hair long, it was now gathered and thrust up through the hole on top of the bridle. Again, he was in a fog of pain mixed with arousal, he wondered if the girl was feeling the same.

"Eventually, your manes will grow to fall to your waist, when it grows so long that you are in danger of tripping over it we'll cut it to waist height and use the excess to make your tails and you can guess where we'll put that." The groom fastened leading reins to the bit-gags. "When I pull, you follow, or I'll whip the hide off you with this." He held up a bullwhip and led them out and across to what he laughingly called the vetinary surgery.

"We call it that because to us you're just slaves and as such you have no rights." The man introduced as the vet looked up with him was a gloriously beautiful statuesque woman and another woman he thought he should recognise.

"Ah, yes my newest additions, I believe I mentioned that both were to have 64JJJJ breasts, implants only, I want him especially to be able to get aroused about what we're doing. You I think know my cousin, Elisabeth Forester!" Oh, god he thought, I was right the administrator. "Oh, and oh yes, the law's just been changed I've registered you on our books as slaves, the law now considers those who have already registered as slaves to be slaves for real, you are now sentenced to slavery well, I think we know where you stand don't you?"

"Right! You Tit-face! Get on the table," the girl trembling did as she was told, they forced her to lie on her back, without any more fuss the vet injected a local anaesthetic into her breasts and cut into her quickly implanting the silicon bags and sewing her up. Once they allowed her up the groom massaged her tits, making her squeal as he pierced her nipples and inserted heavy gold rings in them, then moved on and pierced her septum placing a large iron nose ring to hang down it was so large that it hung to below her chin, he linked chains between it and her nipples saying that it would help her breasts get used to the new weight. The vet also removed the vices from their genitalia the pain was gone Pee-pee felt a little bereft he wanted to tell him to leave the vice on him then realised the arousal was still there.

"You! Pee-pee! Am I going to have to wait all day, get up here! Now!" The same procedure and soon both Tit-face and Pee-pee sported rings in nose, nipples and even down between their legs, in Pee-pee's case just above his stem he wondered about that usually the ring would have gone in his penis or that's how he always imagined it. They now infibulated both of them, eyelets went either side of her vulva and along his pee slit chains then threaded through them to keep them tightly closed.

Another groom came in leading a single young slave. "Ah yes, I just sold this one. His new master wants him fully intact but he wants that sausage hidden from view, yet he will never allow the boy clothing. So, I thought if you could lay it on his sack, then stitch the scrotum over it. You never know, one day the little runt will undergo another operation to either free his thing or have both it and his jewels removed."

"Up on the table, Piss Breath!" The boy climbed up, Pee-pee thought he could only have been around eighteen. "I take it his owner will keep him on the emasculation drugs."

"Yes, we wouldn't want him breeding willy-nilly, would we? He has said that if his new owner does decide to breed from him then he will be sent back for further training."

The groom led Tit-face and Pee-pee out to another room, where they saw grooms punishing each of the other slaves. "Some of these are being punished because they were badly behaved, some because the client wants to watch," Pee-pee could see men and women laughing and pointing at the slaves. "Others like you are having their hide whipped off them to demonstrate what will happen if they disobey." Trainers came and took them to the x-frames, chaining them in place, before showing them the bullwhips and giving them both a two-hour session of painful blows with the whips. The audience came to watch them as the whips rose and fell on their backs drawing squeals of pain from them.

"Look at his cock how it begs for the whip," Pee-pee realised his cock was painfully aroused by the treatment he was getting.

The grooms now led Tit-face and Pee-pee back to their stall and tethered them in place. "Right your wounds will heal in around a fortnight, but right now, you bend forward at a forty-five-degree angle and stay there. Don't think you can straighten up when I'm not here because there's a camera watching you." He now plonked heavy saddles on their already pain-filled backs and thrust tails made from artificial hair up into their bum-holes. They leant forward obediently after all there was nothing they could do about it. The groom made sure that he had tightened all the saddle straps so that all they could do was groan and left them to stew.

From then on for the next two weeks the only time they saw the groom was when he came to feed, them by thrusting the feeding tubes through the tubes in their mouths and pumping the mush into their guts.

Finally, they led them out to the courtyard where two trainers would break them in. The trainers clipped stirrups to their nipple rings and swung up into the saddle, accompanied by their squeals of pain as their tits took all the trainers' weight. "Ha! These two are going to know the pain of slavery, the client buying these two when they've become champions, doesn't want them for breeding, but wants them to forever suffer the most acute pain possible. Look over there, you two at your future master," Pee-pee looked horrified he recognised the man he had once called father. His father wandered over and tweaked Pee-pee's nose ring.

"I'll teach these two to betray me, thought I didn't know about you and this bitch," he said tweaking Tit-face's nose ring. "Embezzling from me is going to cost you dearly. Oh, Pee-pee, I nearly forgot your elder brother sends his lust, you're a slave now, and the law states that anyone can use you even your brother. In fact, I believe that slaves are parentless, not orphans who lose parents, but to have no human parents and therefore no human rights."

The trainers made them move out onto the tracks. They kept them running until nightfall and then led them to a large room where an audience had gathered. Pee-pee saw the two chairs then, they looked like the electric chairs used to execute murderers, but they had phalluses jutting up from their seats, one with only one phallus, he assumed for him to sit on and the other with two.

His trainer took Pee-pee to the chair with one phallus and made him impale himself on it; straps now bound him to the chair, with one strap going around his head. He now watched the chair opposite him as they fastened Tit-face to it; her eyes had a despairing look in them, yet he saw arousal too.

"Your father couldn't stop, busy you know. However, he did leave instructions that you and Tit-face were to use these chairs every night after training and I thought it would entertain my friends to see you two suffer. You must remain in these chairs at your father's request for two hours each night.

The voltage isn't high enough to kill you, just cause you a great deal of pain, so you will probably wish for death. Now, Robert," the trainer threw the switch and both screamed through their gags, writhing in agony and even then arousal too, as the pain transmitted from the chair through the usual points of contact and the phalluses which proved to be goads.

The audience roared with laughter and clapped watching them struggle to rise, some even came over and caress their chests, and one even caressed Pee-pee's cock and balls. They both collapsed with relief when the two hours were up and the trainers removed them from the chairs to drag them back to their stall. More food pumped down their throats and the grooms allowed them to bed down in the straw.

Days and days of torment combined with pleasure stretched out before them then finally race day and they were led out to the tracks to have a slave girl ride them in the races, the girls grinding their sex hungry twats down on the phalluses jutting up from the saddle and putting all their weight on to the stirrups. The girls forced them into line and at the signal laid their whips into their hind flesh, the race was on, it seemed to Pee-pee to take forever but at last it was over and he had finished first ahead of Tit-face with the rest following on behind.

The last to finish a male pony, they made stand with his legs splayed while they cruelly whipped his cock and balls. "Doesn't matter anyway!" their mistress said, "I sold him to the local furniture store as a draught horse, he'll have those things whipped regularly there."

Every day, they raced and every night they sat in those chairs and suffered to entertain her clients and sometimes his father was there to watch. This went on for a whole year, and then came breeding, they led him and Tit-face out to a barn where they tied Tit-face down with her bum in the air and forced him into her.

"Fuck the bitch, slut-boy. Fuck her hard," had he a choice he took her again and again until he too was screaming his pain and arousal as he couldn't produce any more semen. Then back to the chairs and the next day the groom led Pee-pee only out to the breeding barn and he found himself yet again mating it seemed every breeder-slave they had on the property even some of the slaves who were men and first had to beg to have his cock in their ass. Then each night he and Tit-face sat in those chairs screaming and writhing for the entertainment of the free.

Finally, all those he'd serviced including Tit-face and the other pony girl slaves gave birth each child would eventually become a slave like them. After the two hours on the chairs his father had two large globes brought in they were six inches in diameter, he opened one up and close it round Pee-pee's cock and balls, they made Pee-pee stand, and he watched horrified as his father plugged it in and switched it on.

Pee-pee screamed louder than he had ever screamed before, oh God! The pain! Oh, no! Oh, yes please hurt me! Pee-pee watched through his pain as a groom placed a similar device over Tit-face's genitals, watched her register the pain as she realised her sex was being cooked. He wondered if she was as aroused as he was.

Now the trainers made them bend and clasp their ankles as they chained them in place. "He's all yours John make him your bitch now!" Pee-pee saw his brother approach and screamed.

"No, John please, don't!" What he really meant was Yes, John please take me NOW. John lashed his whip down hard on Pee-pee's ass.

"Shut-up bitch!" John freed his column already standing to attention, at the sight; he took Pee-pee's hole with one hard thrust and kept going thrusting in and out as he brutally took Pee-pee down into the depths of despair at the same time as his fogged mind realised he was going to heaven. His father was also doing Tit-face's ass with equal brutality.

Now they were freed to stand sobbing their gags once again in place and collars and cuffs on them. They were really sobbing because the pain of arousal had finished. The grooms attached leashes led them out to the horse box and tied them inside it so that they would have to stand and suffer on their way to their new home, the stables at his father's ranch to become bitches for the family and draught animals for the ranch. Pee-pee found himself getting aroused imagining his mother and his brothers and sisters taking his body to heaven and to hell.
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