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Porshe's Escapade Ch. 08

...I awoke as Gerald came into my room, I guess it had already been about an hour.

"It's time baby."

Gerald comes to me and attaches the leash to the choker around my neck and he begins to lead me as I crawl behind him.

As I'm crawling behind me he is telling me how Horse and Stallion are twin brothers, they do mostly landscaping and some security here.

We come to their bedroom, it has the names Horse and Stallion on the door. Gerald leads me in and tells me to keep my head down until I'm told.

I'm waiting in the middle of the room, Gerald calls out to Horse, I'm staring down at the floor and I first hear a low deep black man's voice reply to Gerald and I hear his footsteps as he walks in and stands in front of me, while I'm on all fours on the ground.

"What do we have here?" Asks Horse.

"This is the new pet Porsche the Leopard, she will be staying in the guest house, and is here to meet you and your brother." Replied Gerald.

"Stallion ain't back yet, but make her stand up so I can check out this fine ass pussy."

Gerald demands me to stand up, giving a yank on my choker.

I slowly stand up, steadying myself on the 6 inch spike heels, I keep looking at the floor, I see his bare feet.

Gerald tugs at my choker again, "lift your face and look Horse in the eyes." demands Gerald.

I slowly started to lift my head, looking up at Horse, I first see his large muscular legs with sculpted calves, well defined thighs, then I keep looking up and see a ripped upper body, flat tight six pack, bulging pecs, huge muscular arms with massive biceps and triceps and big broad shoulders, you can see all the muscles are so well defined and his veins popping out all over.

My God Horse is a huge, muscular, ripped black man, still glistening a little from just getting out of the shower, probably weighing over 300 pounds and six and a half feet tall, super sexy, then my gaze quickly dropped down to the largest, longest, fattest flaccid cock dangling between his legs.

Oh my God I know why he is called Horse now!

I couldn't help but stare at that monster dangling between his legs, it had to be like 10 inches totally flaccid.

Horse stepped forward to me, started rubbing his hands over my body, he took my face and started kissing me, pushing his tongue between my lips.

He stepped back, Gerald unhooked me and stepped to the back of the room to watch I guess.

"What a gorgeous leopard pussy!"

He started kissing me again and rubbing me all over, I had no control of what was happening, or I imagine what will happen.

I'm starting to feel excited inside, and as his large tongue probes inside my mouth he seems to be getting a little excited too, his monster black cock started poking forward a little into my leg.

Horse pushed me down forcefully onto my knees, I knew what to do.

I looked up at it, without using my hands I came from underneath it, opening my mouth wide, slipped the head in my mouth, licking the tip with my tongue, slowly i took a little more, as it dangled from above me, I pushed upward to force more in, stretching my lips as it quickly got too fat around to even fit my mouth. I licked and swirled my tongue best I could around the tip as I slipped my lips back and forth ever so slowly.

God its so fucking big, and still not fully erect, getting a little harder, starting to stand up and out now as I struggle to fit more in my mouth.

I spit on my hands and wrap both of them around his hardening cock, with my bright pink nails wrapped around his shaft, I start using both hands to stroke up and down while I put the giant head back in my mouth pushing it as deep as possible.

Horse moans slightly as his cock is sticking straight out now as I slurp his cock head and stroke the remaining shaft.

I lean back for a second to take in the sight of this beautiful massive black cock, now fully erect from my sucking and stroking, has to be 16 to 18 inches long and nice and fat too, with some equally large balls hanging below it.

I take one of his giant balls gently into my mouth, slowly, gently sucking on it also using both my hands to stroke his cock slowly circling my hands up and down. Then release his ball and take the other in my mouth and do the same.

After taking my time slurping and licking his giant balls, I lean back and again slurp his cock head into my mouth, rhythmically taking it in and out, swirling my tongue all around his head, one hand stroking the shaft and the other hand caressing his balls.

I feel his hands come around the back of my head, he pulls forward, forcing giant cock to the back of my mouth, I knew it wouldn't fit, I almost choked a little, then breathed in through my nose as he pulled again harder, forcing it down my throat.

Oh my God its fitting down my throat, I can barely breath, my lips stretched as far as they go, his giant cock head in my throat, I bob my head up and down but quickly have to pull away as I gag and choke a little.

Horse then reaches down, grabbing me and picking me up like I weigh nothing, in mid air he spins me around so my face lines back up with his cock, which I quickly grab with my two hands and put it back into my mouth to continue sucking, and stroking his humongous member.

Horse holds me with one giant arm and in one quick move yanks my plug and tail out of my little hole, I would have yelled out from the quick jolt of pain but my mouth was all full of Horse's cock.

He pushes his big tongue up my little hole and slowly tongue fucks me while I stroke and slurp on the biggest cock I've ever seen or sucked.

As I'm hanging upside down, his massive arms wrapped tight around my body, I try to focus on his giant head engulfed in my mouth, I keep swirling my tongue around his head and rhythmically stroking his shaft with both my hands, meanwhile Horse is fucking his tongue in and out of my hole and flicking the outside too, driving me crazy, making me so hot, so horny.

I'm sucking the best I can, he lets me slip a little forcing more cock into my mouth and throat, my lips already forced open as far as possible, I'm so horny now I need to have him fuck me. I'm not even thinking about how I could possibly take that giant cock in me, I'm just so horny I need it!

I need to be filled! I need to be stretched open! God I want Horse's cock to fuck me so bad!

Horse must have sensed my need, he pulled me up and spun me back around, I wrapped my legs around his body, and my arms around his shoulders, now kind of dreading what was next. He was holding me with one arm and reached down to grab is cock with his other.

We were staring into each others eyes, I was captivated by him, as I felt him line his monster up with my tiny hole he moved his lips to mine, slipped his tongue inside my mouth and began deeply kissing me.

I felt it nudging a little inside me, he removed his hand placing it back on my waist and began forcing my body down, very slowly but forcefully.

The head was being forced inside now, I had the plug inside before but it did nothing to make me ready for this monster. I'm trying to scream out as he slowly forces in more, but he is kissing me so passionately, I'm so hot and horny yet this monster cock is splitting me wide open as I slowly take more, the pleasure and pain are almost unbearable.

Horse pulled me up a little, so just the head was still inside me, then pushed me back down forcing more inside, I thought I passed out for a second.

He keeps passionately kissing me as he grips me tight around my waist, and starts to use me as his sex toy, moving me up and down on his monster cock, each time pushing me down he forces a little more deep inside me.

Horse starts increasing the speed, fucking my tiny little hole faster now with his monstrous cock, forcing more and more deep inside me with every forceful push down, trying to bury his entire length inside me, as I'm now more accustomed to the massive girth the pleasure of being filled up with such a huge cock is taking over and becoming overwhelming.

I'm moaning uncontrollably into his mouth as I can't control my body, I feel I can't possibly take any more inside me, Horse keeps pushing a little more deeper and deeper. He's increasing speed and forcing my body to bounce up and down rapidly on his massive member, I'm in pure ecstasy, feeling pleasure I never have before.

Then just like that he pulls me up all the way off his cock, sets me down on the floor on my knees, grabs the back of my head in one hand and his cock in the other, pushes the head in my mouth and says in his deep voice, "swallow."

With that he strokes his cock a few times rapidly with the head in my mouth and erupts spurt after spurt of cum, so much cum I had to quickly swallow mouthful after mouthful to try and keep up.

Then he picks me up and throws me onto the bed. I'm on my back with head on one side of the bed and my ass on the other side.

Horse came walking over, his cock as hard as ever, he lifted my legs into the air and in one fell swoop sunk his cock back inside me, filling me all the way back up again.

I scream out as the pain shoots back, he pulls almost all out then forces it all back in, I can't help to scream again, he stays deep inside me and then starts fucking me hard and fast, deep inside me with his humongous cock, filling me like nothing I've ever felt, feeling so amazing to be that full of cock, to be stretched so wide, I continue moaning and panting as he is ravaging me now like an animal, fucking me so hard and fast, holding me from sliding with his large, muscular arms.

My eyes squeezed shut, in ecstasy as Horse continues without abandon to keep fucking me, I don't even realize his twin brother Stallion is now standing above my face, but I quickly come back to when his flaccid cock is dropped onto my open mouth.

My eyes snap open as I look at up another amazing specimen of a black man, practically identical to Horse in all aspects, I open my mouth wider to take in Stallion's equally magnificent cock.

Stallion quickly becomes massively hard, and in unison Horse forces his rock hard massive cock in and out of me hard and fast while Stallion forces more and more cock into my mouth, stretching my lips as wide as possible, pushing into my throat, I try breathing from my nose as I'm sucking and getting fucked by two massive black cocks.

After what seems like an eternity of being ravaged by these two black twin brothers, Stallion tenses up and shoots load after load after load of hot cum directly down my throat as Horse doesn't let up for a moment.

Stallion finishes and pulls out, then trades with Horse, and in one quick motion buries his cock inside me, this time I take it much easier as I've already been forced wide open. Horse quickly buries his cock back into my mouth and after a few strokes cums again, filling my mouth quickly with another huge load, I again swallow as fast as I can to take all his cum.

Now that Horse is finally done, Stallion takes over, flips me around on my hands and knees, never removing his cock from deep inside me, and begins ravaging me just like Horse, he grips me tight around my waist with his very large hands, and fucks me hard and fast, deeper, and deeper he fucks me.

Again I can't help but moan and scream as the pleasure is so intense, being filled so full again, so deep inside me, he fucks me harder and harder, oh my God!

Gerald must be tired of standing in the corner watching, as he appears in front of me with his hard small white dick, he pushes it up into my open mouth and I take it all in and suck it hard as I get fucked hard.

Gerald doesn't take but a minute and he erupts in my mouth, I quickly swallow his load, and Stallion continues fucking me, never stopping for another eternity, then finally pulls out, walks in front of me, he plunges his massive cock back in my mouth and I suck for all I can, quickly making him cum again, and just like Horse, Stallion erupts another massive amount of cum inside my mouth and I devour my fifth load of cum, swallowing it all.

Stallion slaps my ass, tells me how nice it was to meet me, such a fine ass leopard pussy, then leaves.

Gerald pushes the tail back in my hole, which slips right in, and hardly stays in, attaches my leash and tells me to follow him.

Again on all fours I crawl out of Horse and Stallion's room being led by Gerald, thinking I am going back to my room, maybe for a nap.

Gerald says he is taking me to meet Pitbull now as he recently got home. Oh great I'm thinking, I just got ravaged by two humungous big black cocks for hours and now I'm headed right to Pitbull's room.......
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