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Pup Ch. 03

I'd fallen asleep again.

My glasses were still on and my face was pressed into the sheets. My brain wasn't working enough yet to figure out why I was awake. The blanket was perfectly warm though. I tried to burrow back under it and go back to sleep but I only got it tangled and a thin bit tucked over my stomach. I won't be picky as long as I can sleep some more-

"I didn't know you liked to cuddle after sex, pup."

Any hope I had of going back to sleep was killed. Brutally.

Forcing myself to wake up, I took inventory of what was going on- my brain that wasn't fogged up my hormones a lot more worried about what I would find. Gavin and I were in bed together. My pants zipper was undone, his jean clad dick was pressed against the crack of my ass, and my face was growing steadily hotter the more I remembered what led to this situation.

It's not fair, he has the whole my voice will turn you into a slut in five seconds thing going on..

I realized it was his arm I was keeping tucked around my stomach and I threw it off to scramble away, only then realizing I was on the edge of the bed.

I fell off.

Gavin just laughed.

Later I would appreciate the way it reminded me of warm soup when you're sick, or hot chocolate on Christmas- but right now I just wanted to punch him for enjoying my pain.

"You're a bully. A selfish, conceited, arrogant bully." I mumbled as I gathered all my coordination (what little there was) to stand up after only a few minutes of fumbling. My shirt and underwear were stained with cum.

Gavin had been back in my life for what, a couple hours, and this is what happens?

I looked around my room for clean clothes and ignored the idiot still chuckling on my bed. Taking off my dirty shirt and switching it out for a clean one, I realized as I slid my pants past my hips that I was about to take my underwear off.

In front of Gavin.

I glanced over at him to find him leaning against my head board and watching me back. Bed head is a good look on him...

"Don't mind me, pup." He held up his hands and looked at me with an innocent face. That lasted for about a second before he smirked at me. "If you think I'm going to pass up a chance to see your bare ass you're kidding yourself." How much blood could gather in my cheeks? I didn't even know there was that much blood in my body.

Just get it over with. Maybe if I did it quick enough it wouldn't be as bad..

I shoved off my jeans and boxers and bent down to grab my other pair before sliding them on- praying to god that he didn't see as much as I think he saw. Putting on my jeans took longer than usual because I had absolutely no desire to see Gavin's reaction. But I couldn't avoid it forever.

Thankfully his face didn't look any more threatening than usual, but something about the lack of reaction was making me paranoid.

"I want to fuck you. Then see you get dressed like that, slow cause your ass is too sore and leaking to move any faster.." How did he make everything sound filthy and casual at the same time?

Gavin was just.. not safe.

Alone in a room with him for less than an hour and I cum twice, turn into some kind of nymphomaniac, and get covered in his cum.

The guy has skill..

"Listen, that's not going to happen. I haven't even talked to you in years, and yeah we were best friends when we were little but that was years ago- you think you can just show up and start planning how to get into my pants?" My voice only shook a little, and I kept my chin raised the whole time. I was pretty proud of myself- until he smirked.

"So you think I'm going to wine and dine you before I fuck you?" He rubbed his jaw and eyed me with a look I didn't understand, but I could tell I wouldn't like. " I don't think you get what's happening here, pup." Gavin sighed like he was explaining to a child who needed to be told several times until they understand.

"Okay so we fooled around and it was great and all but doesn't mean-"Something in his eyes just shifted and suddenly he looked more intimidating, I had no power against him when he looked at me like that. My words died in my throat because he was looking at me like he wanted me to give him reason to do something horrible to me (which he probably would have made me end up liking anyway).

"Come." Gavins voice was hard, and I had too much common sense not to do what he said. I stopped at the foot of the bed but a slight narrowing of his eyes had me climbing up and sitting next to him. Again with the uncomfortable silence. Was I not close enough? He couldn't want me to sit--

"On my lap, pup." That same look in his eyes had me awkwardly straddling him and sitting on his lap. I didn't know what to do with myself then, I fidgeted and just prayed whatever he wanted would be over soon.

Gavin just watched me for a minute, reclining against my headboard like it was his throne. The afternoon sun coming through my window made the sharp angles of his face stand out even more and gave his dark hair touches of gold. I knew I was watching him a bit too closely but he was just stunning. Not beautiful. It seemed like too soft a word for Gavin's appeal, and not handsome in the traditional sense.

Something about his face just made me want to keep looking.

I was so distracted by the way his jaw looked and how his eyelashes really shouldn't be allowed to be that long-- I didn't notice him moving until I felt strong hands on my ass. Any self respect I had was destroyed.

I squealed like a little girl.

Gavin just smiled.

"Problem?" I opened my mouth to say yes obviously there was a problem- but his hands started squeezing and kneading my ass and I couldn't do anything but whine.

I didn't like being groped like this. I couldn't like being groped like this. And yet..

If my pants got a bit tight from my hardening cock it was because biology didn't obey common sense.

"Didn't think so." Gavin was so satisfied with himself, one touch and I was rendered speechless.

"You see pup, your body is begging to fucked. I've decided I'm going to be the one to help you out." Pulling my ass closer in a way that had me falling against his chest, his mouth latched onto my neck. Nipping and sucking on that godforsaken spot that had me moving my hips against his, squirming on his lap desperately- anything to ease the ache.

When he finally decided I was enough if a mess, panting and whimpering with my hands fisted in his shirt as if to ask him not to stop, he pulled away to move his mouth to my ear. "All that nonsense about not seeing me in a while, what does that have to do with anything? My hands and my mouth do this to you. That's all that matters. Isn't that right, pup?" He asked me like I could actually form coherent words. Like I could understand anything besides this neediness he created in me.

"If you answer me like a good boy, I'll let you cum again." I hated how easily he could get me to do whatever he wanted. My tongue was heavy and getting it to move was almost impossible, but I needed to cum.

Orgasms were addicting.. or was it because they from Gavin?

"Yes.. you're right. Please.. " My head was on his shoulder, so the words were spoken into his neck. But I knew he heard. I could feel the smugness radiating off of him.

Once again his hand was my chest, pushing until I fell back onto the bed. That same hand snaking under my shirt to pinch my nipple. Hard enough to make me sigh- but then harder and harder until Gavin had me moaning so loud I was almost screaming.

"Quiet pup, or I stop." Even the hand I covered my mouth with wasn't enough. He moved his mouth to my neck and it was pointless. I just couldn't stop moaning.

My pants disappeared then, followed by my underwear. I didn't even remember when he started pulling them off. Again- the guy has skill..

"On your belly." I froze, without his mouth on my neck my mind was clear enough to start listing all the ways that could not end well- "Or I could leave you here, aching and needing me until dinner." Damn him.

I was on stomach in about 10 seconds.

"Good boy, pup." I loved it when he called me that, but I really shouldn't have. At the moment I couldn't decide if I wanted to kill the smug bastard or beg him to get on with it. But then his hands were on me and all thoughts fled.

I could feel his gaze burning into me as his hands spread my cheeks open. His hands were callused and rough without any care of whether or not his grip was too tight, large enough to make it feel like his touch was everywhere.

In short, I was already done for.

"Grab a pillow, bite on it, and shut the fuck up. Wouldn't want your mom to see you moaning like a whore, would we?" I rushed to do as he said because I got the feeling even if our mothers did interrupt us.. he wouldn't stop.

A split second after I had the pillow stuffed against my mouth I felt his tongue.

The attack on my neck couldn't even compare. His tongue wasn't slow, it was pushing into me like he wanted to fuck me with it. Embarrassment only seemed to make the pleasure sharper, more intense. I couldn't have stopped from pushing back onto his tongue if I tried.

The noises I was making didn't do anything besides urge Gavin on. It was disgusting the amount of spit falling down my thighs, even more disgusting the amount of pre-cum soaking the sheets beneath me.

I tried not to think about how hard my cock was from just how filthy Gavin was making me. I was going to cum from Gavin eating my ass and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

He pulled away and ignored the nonsensical pleading I immediately voiced, his thumb pressing into me easily from his vigorous ministrations (the guy was way too skilled with opening up a hole, and all I could think was what he could do if his goal had been to fuck me). His other thumb joined in and he stretched me open further than I thought was possible.

I was twitching, screaming into the mattress, trying to get away or to get closer-- it wasn't really clear. All I knew was Gavin had thick, rough fingers and they were inside me.

"Such a tight ass, pup. It's going to be fun breaking you in. I just have to show you how much you'll like it." His voice was amused as he looked over me. Fingers much longer than his thumbs sank into me. I wish I could say being fingered that rough (with too little care about the fact that I was a virgin) made me uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, Gavin had at some point made even the pain pleasurable.

Twisting, pulling, pushing fingers in my ass and watching it with so much heated focus had me ready to cum for Gavin in less than a minute. A jerk of my hips made his finger brush against something inside me that tore my voice from my throat until I sounded like some kind of animal.

I felt Gavin lean over me, his mouth attacking that spot on my neck with more accuracy than should be allowed. He'd angled his fingers now to keep abusing that thing inside me in tandem with his teeth scraping over my throat.

"I'm going to fuck you like this, pup. Spread and dripping and desperate for my cock to wreck you. Even when you cry from cumming too much, even when you think you're too sore to handle anymore..I'm going to fuck you nice and deep until your ass learns the shape of my cock. That way when I push you into a wall cause I need to drop a load in your guts, your body will be ready for me."

"Please..." I wasn't sure if I was begging him to stop, my body was wrecked enough as it was, or begging him to stop telling me all the things he was going to do to me and just do it.

I could feel that same burning that had come before each orgasm so far building quickly, too quickly. His erection was pressed into my ass, but his jeans were still on. Even while I was moaning and pushing back at him (because by now it was definitely clear that I wanted more) but he apparently wasn't tempted enough to try and get himself off from the sight of me.

And it pissed me off.

He makes me a moaning mess in seconds but I'm not turning him on enough to get him to touch himself?

I found a way to back talk him, the words leaving my mouth before I thought about what he would do.

"You know what.. what they say.. promises promises.." It wasn't as smooth as I would've liked, but I thought it was good enough considering that Gavin was making it hard to even breathe.

I felt him freeze against me.

His hand paused with his fingers still pressing into me, his mouth still having my skin between his teeth. Then his mouth moved away and I heard his zipper being lowered.

He didn't even speak.

All I could do was lay there with his fingers in my ass and pray I wouldn't be too stupid to do something like this again.

Gavin let out a low moan and then I knew he was jacking off, the sight of his fingers violating me almost enough to get him off. A warm smugness grew in me as I listened to his husky groans. When I heard his breath grow ragged I waited for his cum to cover me. I tried not to question how hot I was getting from imagining how my ass would look covered in his cum. Like he was marking me.

His fingers pulled out of me and I only got a sharp slap in response to the whine that escaped at the loss, but then his thumbs were pulling me open again and something blunt and big was pressing into me.

Was he going to fuck me?

What bothered me was how little I seemed to mind.

The head of his cock was wide, my ass was still too tight.

He didn't care.

Pushing and pushing until his tip was stuck inside me. I was screaming from the pain of being stretched too wide too fast, but Gavin just grabbed my hair and shoved my face into the mattress.

He rocked against me for only a couple of seconds before he was cumming inside me. I could feel the warmth and wetness sinking into me, and it was too much.

I came so hard from just feeling his thick load inside me that I think I blacked out.

When I next opened my eyes Gavin was back against the headboard. Not bothering to do more than squint at him from where I was still sprawled, I felt my gut tighten at the small smile that curved his lips. He hadn't bothered to zip up his pants so I could see the base of his cock above his waistband. Even soft I could see the outline of his unnecessarily large dick. That had been inside me.

"Holy shit.. you you just- fuck." My eyes rolled back into my head because just thinking about it made me realize how wet my thighs were.

How sore my ass was.

I was getting hard all over again.

"You alright there, pup? It's just one load. Next time I'll probably fuck two or three into you. I won't have the time limit and we'll be alone. You're so goddamn loud." It didn't sound like he minded that much though. It sounded like he liked how loud he could make me scream.

I barely managed to focus my eyes enough to glare at him.

He only shrugged and turned his gaze pointedly towards my ass. "I like how your ass looks, gaping and wet and just begging to be violated over and over again.. yeah, your ass is going to be mine for a while. Finding a slut like you with such a tight ass is rare."

He really needed to shut up.

I could never think rationally if he was always saying things that made my body ache for more abuse.

I stuck my tongue out at him childishly, then blushed when I remembered what he'd done with his. He grinned.




"Whore that likes me being a pervert."

"I do not-"

"Lying whore."


Gavin only laughed.

Really, meanie? What am I like 5? It was not my proudest moment.

"I made you cum three times. How was that mean?" He was looking at me like he was honestly confused. I stood up and pulled on my boxers and jeans, my face burning as I tried to hold onto my anger in the face of my growing embarrassment.

"You got off on and in me!" I snapped and crossed my arms over my chest. I immediately regretted standing up, my sore ass was protesting everytime I moved and I could feel his load leaking out of me and soaking into my boxers.

"I seem to recall you rubbing my cum into your skin and daring me to fuck you up. You got off just feeling me cum in your ass. Don't act like you didn't like every second of what I did you." He looked too relaxed.

Here I was, all discombobulated to the point that the best insult I could think of was meanie and he looked like this was a regular occurrence for him. And that just made me angrier.

"It was my first time doing anything, of course I liked it." Finally, a reaction.

Only the barest squinting of his eyes but still.

"So you think anyone would have been good enough? You think I'm that replaceable."

He stood up and zipped up his jeans, straightened his shirt and looked perfectly put together. As if he didn't just ruin any innocence I had. But the apprehension of having him stalk towards me took precedence over the strange and subtle hurt that came from thinking that no matter what he did to me he'd always be the same.

"I think it was a one time thing that we would be better off not repeating. It was just hormones.." Lying whore. His words came back to me and I blushed. I didn't know why I was trying to ignore the obvious, that I was starting to crave every touch and lick Gavin inflicted, but it seemed like what I should be doing. It was the right thing to do.


"I come all the way back here, finally get my hands on you, on your tight little body, and you think one time is enough?" His voice was calm and dangerously soft. But there was still that slight squinting in his eyes, the growing tension in his jaw. He reached me and stood a scant few inches away. He didn't touch me, and I cursed myself for wishing he would.

"Yes." I wasn't surprised by the doubtful wavering in my voice, even I didn't believe myself.

"Pup, if you lie to me again I'll take you over my knee. A proper spanking would fix your attitude and would do you good. Come on. Tell me again that anyone can touch you like I do." Gavin watched me with anticipation glittering in his dark eyes. He would enjoy taking his hand to my ass. I told myself that tightening in my belly was fear, I couldn't be turned on by this. By the threat of him taking me over his knee and spanking me like a child.

"Anyone--" I knew what would happen. And I was strangely excited by it.

"Boys! Time for dinner!" My mom called from the kitchen, making me feel guilty for the anger I felt towards her for deriving me of what I was sure would've been the fourth orgasm of my life.

"We're nowhere near done, pup. Trust me." He said backing away toward my bedroom door with a calculating gleam in his eye, like he was planning all the ways he could fuck me up even more because of the interruption.

"When dinner is over your ass is mine."
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