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Introduction / Guidelines

This story contains some explicit scenes that all might not find tasteful to their pallet, the story can contain various characters existing on the same or alternative timelines to the main story, it is completely up to participating authors whether or not they tie in the events to the cannon storyline, what aspects they add, change or delete is also up to their discretion - this story is public and can be coauthored by anyone at any time - my one and only rule is that you stick to your own storylines and don't go editing or taking over others without their permission to. All other website rules still apply, no underage sex or bestiality etc.

Some of the kinks that you may find detailed in this story are as follows: Rape, non-con, humiliation, corruption, water sports, oversized cocks, SPH, femdom, maledom, heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, sissification, mind break, NTR, Cuckolding, race play, Harem, cock worship, submission, slavery, deep throat, throat fuck, cervix pounding and all manners more messed up and depraved kinks that I might add as I think them up. You have been warned.

Following from this chapter you can either go onto the world building chapter which will then lead to the start of an individual characters storyline, or you can choose to check out the character sheet which is an ever updating encyclopedia detailing characters and their traits as they are introduced to the story, this is being added to act as a reading aid. Once more I stress that if you want to make your own character, you have to start from the world building chapter that follows this one.

Every story can contain aspects of almost every kink I mentioned above, no story branch is safe from these themes, however some experience it more than others and in some instances you can override some scenes so you don't have to experience them, some branches have tags on them to let you know what it is you are being promised, so you can browse and not be disappointed with what you came here to read.

As a final warning, this story contains a lot of violent and in some cases, snuff like scenes. I personally do not get off to snuff or torture, however I felt the theme of the story calls for a more gorey vibe to it than I am used to writing. You have been warned.

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