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Red Pt. 02

This is a continuation of the adventure Avi wants to go on but has put Shana through a horrific time. To know how the events bring out their hidden characters and introduce them to pleasures they had not known before, please read on.


Perth. Month 1. Day 6.

I could not believe that my feet were moving towards the red latex suit. My mind still believed that Avi loved me and that I carried immense love for him, albeit the events from the past few days. I quietly wore the latex suit and the boots. I did not wear the mask as it was not mentioned by him. Just as I approached the glass box, its door opened. I entered the chamber and sat in the chair. Soon enough, the main door opened and Avi walked in with a serving trolley, behind which lingered an aroma that would only be defined by the word, heavenly!

He came smiling into the glass cabin, immediately cuffed my hands to the chair and gave me a kiss on the lips. I felt disgusted and resented it. He stood back and stared at my pale face and then started running his hands through my hair. His gaze never shifted from my eyes and his smile was radiant, like a ray of sun beaming through the dense stormy sky. I don't know why, but I felt comforted and said

"I am yours."

Tears broke from my eyes as if the gates of an overfull dam had been opened. I had accepted my fate and I could not believe that my heart was feeling at ease after making the decision. After seeing me in this condition, Avi could not hold it anymore. His strict and sinister demeanor crumbled like an old rotten wall. I could see his facial emotions change from day to night. He struggled to get a key out of his pocket, opened my cuffs, picked me in his arms and then carried me to the bed. He lay the food in front of me and said in a trembling voice

"I am sorry Shana. My Desires had possessed me. I did not want to go to such an extreme in such a manner. It was my dream since my teenage to have a kinky partner who I could transform as per my fantasy; with whom I could regularly and actively practice BDSM and who could in turn transform m..."

Transform me? Is that what he meant to say? The way he suddenly dropped the sentence, felt like he had mistakenly spilt out his deepest fantasy. Did he want to be transformed? Did he also want to be tattooed and pierced? But these questions came in and flew out faster than a passing bullet train. The only thing I was concentrating on was the food that I was having after so long. Avi continued,

"I am sorry again for whatever I did. I am your culprit and I will face any judgement that you shall pass on me. I will leave the door open and you can enjoy the house that I have made for you."

Perth. Month 1. Day 15.

It had been a week since I was set free from my prison. I was living in a hotel so far as I needed some space to process all that had happened and that he had said. During this week, he did not stop texting me and apologizing and begging me to come back. After a week of recovering, I was ready to go back but on one condition. When I reached home, Avi had to be sitting on the piercing chair, wearing exactly what he had asked me to wear, including the mask. He readily agreed, not knowing the surprises I was getting along. I entered the room wearing a little black dress and heels, holding a big box and saw Avi sitting still in the chair. He looked towards me and smiled. He was about to get up and come towards me but I motioned him to be sitting and he obeyed promptly. I was feeling a rush of power mixed with a surge of anger; something I had never felt in my life before.

I opened the box and took out a gag - a double sided penis gag. As I walked towards Avi, swinging the gag in my hand, it was hard not to notice the uncomfortable bulge growing under his latex suit. Avi was a little larger than me and hence the suit was even tighter for him. I went close to him and saw a vine of uncontrolled lust flowered by small buds of surrender, in his eyes. Did he want this? I could not understand his state. I moved close to him and slapped his face as hard as I could. He felt ashamed and his eyes met the floor. But his bulge was only tending towards the sky. My latent rage took over and I slapped him a couple of more times, with some harsh words that followed.

"You want me back right?", I said, "then you must be my bitch! You will be my whore until I wish, and if you manage to keep me happy, only then will I believe in your love. Oh, look at that! You cannot stop your erection, can you? You want this. You always wanted this!" My Rage was doing all the talking.

Just as he opened his mouth to throw an explanation towards me, I pushed one side of the penis-dildo into his mouth and strapped it tight.

"Suck that bitch! You like being a bitch, don't you? How did I never see that? You mean little slut! Suck that dildo now!"

Saying that, I pulled him by his dildo strap and took him out of the glass box and on to the floor. I removed my panties and sat on his face. The arousal mixed with the rage and disgust for this man, made me moan louder than the roar of a hungry lion. I had not felt this way ever in my life. His hands moved along my things and upwards towards my waist. They carried my dress along and then over my head. He was enjoying this as much as I was, I assume. He slowly pushed me up and lay me on my back and continued gag-fucking me and I held his head and did not let it go until I had orgasmed for the second time. I enjoyed seeing this red suited, penis-gagged mean little fuck toy, giving me the pleasure of my life. I removed his gag and instructed him to pleasure me with his wet and warm tongue. He obeyed like a dog. I came for the third time - the highest I ever have in one setting! He was extremely overjoyed with this new-found arrangement and was happy to see me happy. As a gift and a mark of my love, I undressed him and spanked his naked butt with my new leather bat. I had brought the bat to exhibit my rage onto his ass, but now it had become a medium of joy for both of us. I finally lay on my knees, took his sticky, throbbing and delicious penis in my warm mouth and brought him to ecstasy. I could feel his pleasure through his strong grip that I felt on my hair and the canons of cum shooting from his penis. Oh, he loved my hair!

We both lay spent and fell asleep inside the red room, with the scent of a new-found sexual arrangement lingering around the room and our hearts celebrating the birth of a new relationship between us - the Mistress and the slave!

Perth. Month 1. Day 20.

Four days had passed since the unimaginable had happened and a Pandora's box had let out demons of eerie silence and awkward eye-contacts around the house. None of us dared to bring the topic up and acknowledge what had happened. Then one night when Avi was sitting in the living room watching TV, I went up to him and sat on his laps and started kissing him vigorously. If our mouths were too shy to break the silence, our lips had to talk. He returned the kiss just as vigorously and took my clothes off with the speed of sound; just as I removed his. He gripped my hair tight and spun them around his wrist and pulled me hard. I liked it! I liked when he took control of me - just as I liked taking control of him the other day. He pulled my head by my hair and lay me on the couch. His fingers were digging in my skin and mine into his. He broke off the kiss and moved towards my breasts. Wasting no time, he started sucking on one and biting it every once in a while. It felt like sudden brain freeze whilst enjoying an icy cold drink. I was not initially a fan of this, but I had gotten to appreciate the feeling to the point that it is one of my favourites things by now. He moved south to my vagina and got my juices leaking and my voice moaning. Suddenly he stopped, kissed me on my lips and told me that he had something he would like me to try. So, he ran in and brought several metallic clamps with chains and balls. I assumed that they were nipple clamps. This time he asked,

"May I?"

I smiled and nodded my approval. He surprisingly proceeded towards my vagina and attached some clamps to my lips - one on each side and then one on each nipple. He then asked me to stand and I felt the sudden weights and the pain associated with them. I was loving this experience and got me thinking why I never got into this before. As a gift, I went on my knees and took his throbbing stick in my mouth. I spanked his bare ass simultaneously and the motion made the clamps swing and deliver even more pleasure. Mid-way I removed by vaginal clamps and hung them on Avi's nipples. His moan churned my lustful organs and I asked him to penetrate me. The pain and the pleasure finally culminated to two exhausted and happy souls.

Minutes later and I decided to take another giant leap with Avi, and said,

"I am ready to let you pierce and tattoo me, only if you accept the proposal I am going to put forth. I have realised that you have submissive desires. That day you mentioned, though by mistake, that you would like to be transformed. I heard it. Don't deny it now. But I can also see that you like to dominate at times. Hence, it is essential that we be equals in this case and embark on this journey together. I will thus allow you to pierce and tattoo me, if you get a piercing and a tattoo along with me at the same places that you choose for me. Of course, the choice of jewellery and the tattoo will differ. I will let you choose for me and I will choose for you. You have a day to think about it. If your answer is yes, I will find you tomorrow at 7 in the evening in our red room. You should have a piece of jewellery for me and I will get something for you. And for your information, it will be a nose piercing."

Saying so I got up, kissed Avi's frozen face a good night and walked with the confident gait of a lioness, into the bedroom.


Shana has thought this through, but how will Avi take this sudden surprise? Will be agree and possibly put his normal life and career on the line, just for his kinky desires and fetishes? Do leave your comments.
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