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Rescuing Sophie

Copyright Oggbashan June 2011

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


"Sophie's joined a free-love commune."

Rory nearly dropped his beer.

"She's done what, Mary?" he asked.

"Joined a free-love commune," Mary repeated.

I was as shocked as Rory. I could have understood it if Mary had, but Sophie, her little sister? Sophie was too much of a tight-laced person. She belonged in the early 1950s not in today's swinging 60s.

"How?" I asked.

"She went down to Brighton for a weekend to stay with Maureen. Maureen was working Saturday morning so Sophie went into central Brighton to look at the shops. She never came back. Maureen rang us at two o'clock when Sophie hadn't arrived. That was all we heard until a letter arrived on the Wednesday to say that Sophie had joined the commune and wouldn't be coming back..."

"But, she's what? In her second year at university? And doing well?" I asked.

Mary nodded.

"And term starts in a fortnight?"

"Yes, Angela. We thought that Sophie wouldn't want to miss that. Mum was hysterical. She persuaded Dad to take a day off work that Thursday and drive to Brighton to see Sophie. They did, but it wasn't the daughter they knew. She was listless and scarcely aware of who they were. She seemed spaced-out and just kept repeating that she wanted to stay with the commune. Of course, Mum and Dad went to the police who couldn't or wouldn't help. After all, Sophie is 19 and therefore my parents had no rights if Sophie had decided to leave home."

"And she's still there?" Rory asked.

"Yes. I went myself on the Saturday. I wanted to persuade Sophie to leave the commune. They wouldn't let me see her. They scared me stiff. The leader wanted me to stay too. Once inside they shut and locked the main door behind me. If the taxi driver who took me there hadn't refused to leave without me, I might still be there."

Mary was really upset. Normally she was very levelheaded. If the commune had frightened her, Sophie must be terrified.

"What can we do?" Rory asked.

"You've got a rugby match in Brighton on Sunday?"

"Yes. Angela's coming as our tea lady, as usual."

"Could you try to see Sophie?"

Mary was pleading.

"We're going by coach. I'll have to speak to the team and the manager. I'll try."

"Please, Rory. Sophie's important to me, and to my parents. If the commune is really what she wants, then we might eventually accept it, but I can't believe that she made the choice freely."

Mary was crying. Rory and I hugged her. If we could help, we would.

We were naïve. We had good intentions. We just wanted to help a friend and her parents.

During the following week we had discussed Sophie several times. The team were willing to help because most of them knew Mary and Sophie. We thought that if we arrived at the commune with the whole Rugby team we would have a better chance of finding out exactly what Sophie wanted. Perhaps we could even load her on the coach and take her home.

That Friday Rory pulled a calf muscle during practice. He wouldn't be fit to play but we would still go with the team to Brighton. The team would eat the sandwiches I'd made, have the drinks I'd provided, and would try to manage without me. The coach would drop Rory and me off near the commune, go on to the match, and collect us afterwards. We thought that a few hours with Sophie would be enough to find out what had happened to her.

The company's largest coach turned up. The smaller coaches were all being used for other groups. Although the driver had some difficulty finding the commune's base, Rory and I were able to jump out a few hundred yards from the gates. The coach left and on its return would enter the commune because there was a turning circle in front of the dilapidated house.

The gates were wide open, hanging drunkenly, and probably couldn't be shut. We walked up the drive holding hands. I was sure that with Rory beside me I wouldn't have the difficulty that Mary had had. Rory is the team's lock forward, their largest and heaviest player and even limping slightly he looks as if nothing and nobody could stop him.

The house looked like a sprawling Victorian vicarage but draped across the massive porch was a crudely hand-painted banner reading "Temple of Free Love". The house didn't look free. Every window was fitted with external bars.

The door was ajar but we pulled on the bell chain. A distant clanging told us that the bell was still operational. A tall thin man emerged into the hall.

"Welcome," he said, smiling. "Have you come to join us?"

"No," Rory replied. "We have come to see Sophie, Sophie (surname omitted to protect her family)."

"Yes, she's here. I think she is working in the kitchen at the moment."

His smile had switched off as soon as Rory mentioned Sophie. "Dawn!" he shouted. "Can you take these people to see Sophie in the kitchen?"

There was a distinct emphasis on the word 'kitchen'. It sounded as if it had a specific meaning. Dawn had come out of the same room. She would have been attractive except for a deep scar on her face from her ear to the edge of a twisted mouth.

"OK, Carl," she said. "This way, please. The kitchen is at the back, downstairs. We think that the Victorian servants had to keep out of the way. We're hoping to build a new kitchen on this floor but we haven't got round to it yet."

As she was speaking, she led us past the staircase, opened a door behind it and climbed down dark stairs to the basement. We followed picking our steps carefully. At the bottom of the stairs the floor was covered in stone flags. Dawn turned towards the back of the house. We passed through two doorways, the second equipped with a barred grille, into a large room bare except for a raised dais covered in mattresses. It could have been an exercise area for gymnastics.

Dawn stopped just inside the door.

"Sophie's in the kitchen, just through there."

She pointed to a closed door on the other side of the room.

"I'll leave you to meet her. I'm sure she'll make you a cup of tea or something."

We started across the room. There was a loud clang behind us. Dawn had shut the barred grille behind her. Rory rushed towards it as Dawn ran to the stairs. The grille was locked with no sign of a key or keyhole. He shook it. It was immovable.

"I think we've been fooled," he said. "But we'll check if Sophie is here."

We opened the far door. It was a kitchen but showed no signs of use. There was a door on the far side, firmly locked. We searched around. Off the kitchen were a scullery, a basic old-fashioned bathroom with toilet, and a small storeroom. There were windows high up on the walls with bars on all of them. We were trapped.

"Angela? It is Angela, isn't it?"

Carl was standing just beyond the grille. Behind him was a group of women. Dawn and another woman were holding Sophie. Dawn's hand covered Sophie's mouth, gripping hard. Sophie's face was very pale. Her eyes looked frightened.

I went to the grille.

"Yes, I'm Angela. This is Rory. We came to see Sophie and to talk to her. It doesn't look as if she's here willingly, does it?"

"You are in no position to ask questions, are you? I'm in control here. And I'm going to issue some orders. If you don't obey..."

"Why should we?" Rory interrupted.

"...Because if you don't, Sophie will suffer."

Carl took a cut-throat razor from his pocket, opened it, and held the blade next to Sophie's cheek.

"Sophie? Tell them!"

"He'll slice my cheek open, as he did to Dawn," Sophie sobbed.

Dawn turned her face to show the disfiguring scar.

Rory whispered in my ear.

"We need time."

"No whispering!" Carl shouted. "Strip off all your clothes. We want to see that you aren't coppers' narks. Off with everything and push it through the grille. Now!"

The razor's blade dented Sophie's cheek. We started to strip. I had never been naked in front of Rory. I had seen most of him after Rugby matches but not all. Slowly we peeled off our clothes and passed them through the grille. One of the women took them, shook them out, examined them carefully, and then neatly folded them on a bench we hadn't noticed on the way in. I covered my pubic area with a hand. I was very aware that Rory had been interested in my body as he undressed.

"Good," Carl said. "Now go and sit on the mattresses with your hands clasped behind your head."

He looked at Sophie.

"Dawn, take Sophie away for a while. Don't worry, you two, you'll see her again soon but first, since you have entered the temple of free love, you have to experience what we are here for. Angela? Are you on the Pill?"

I shook my head. I wouldn't admit that.

"Oh well, that limits our activities somewhat, but never mind. Girls? You know what to do."

Sophie was disappearing towards the stairs still held by Dawn and another woman. Carl followed them, shutting the next door behind him. We heard the key turn in the lock. We two were in the large room, stark naked. At least ten women were in the corridor between the locked grille and the door Carl had locked.

As Carl left Rory dropped his hands. So did I. He took my hand and squeezed it. He put an arm around me. I turned my head to his shoulder. He gasped. I looked around to see all the women starting to undress. They were soon as naked as we were.

One of them shouted "OK!".

There was a click from the grille. A woman pulled it open and pushed it flat against the wall where it had been when Dawn brought us.

The women came through and stood close to the mattresses.

"Hi, Angela and Rory," one of them said. "I'm Helen. We are here to show you what this temple does."

Suddenly they grabbed us and pulled us backwards. Rory's objections were silenced by lips against his. Only two women grabbed me, but as I wasn't expecting a physical attack I was soon helpless. Rory struggled a little but even he couldn't resist eight women who had obviously practised subduing a man. Once he was flat on his back two of the women joined those holding me.

"Since you're not on the Pill, you can't participate in the same way, Angela," Helen said, "But I'm sure Rory will appreciate this..."

I was lifted, my legs were pulled apart, and my pussy was lowered to Rory's face. I was tightly held. I couldn't lift myself from him, nor throw myself sideways or backwards. Despite myself I was excited. Rory had never even seen my pussy. Now it was in his face. His lips moved slightly as he struggled to breathe.

Helen bent down to speak in Rory's ear.

"You can breathe if you use your tongue on Angela. Blink once for yes, twice for no."

Rory blinked once. My body was lifted slightly. He panted for breath and then extended his tongue. I looked down at my man worshipping my naked body. I would have preferred a different scenario but this was my Rory where I had often dreamt and wished he would be. A warm flush spread through my body as his tongue began to arouse me. The hands holding me firmly seemed irrelevant to the unfamiliar sensations that Rory's tongue were producing.

"It's my turn now, Rory," Helen said.

I felt her body sliding behind mine. Her naked breasts pressed into my back. Her hands cupped my breasts.

Rory gasped under me. Helen had impaled herself on his erection. She began to move up and down. Her hands on my breasts and those holding me synchronised my movements with Helen.

Rory's tongue penetrated further as my lower muscles spread to receive him. I leant further backwards, unknowingly pushing Helen down on Rory's erection. His head followed my movement. One of the women positioned herself with her legs clasping Rory's head before humping her hips and shoving his face deeper.

Helen squeezed my breasts. Her heated body pressed against my back. The woman clasping Rory's head reached for my face and pulled my lips to hers, her tongue lashing inside my mouth. Instinctively my arms went around her, pulling her tight to me. Poor Rory had nearly vanished between our thrusting hips yet his tongue kept licking me. Eventually the three of us were too much for him and he ejaculated into Helen. We still kept pounding away for several minutes. When we stopped, I was able to lift myself slightly to look at his bright red face as he panted under us.

Helen helped me off Rory whose legs and arms were still firmly held. She and I stretched out beside him. Helen guided my hand to grasp his flaccid prick.

"Angela," she said, "keep hold of that. We'll need it again, soon."

Many hands caressed both of us. Rory looked exhausted but I felt faint stirrings between my fingers. He and I were enjoying the undivided attention of more hands than I could count in my excited state. I wanted Rory inside me, now! I couldn't have him yet because I wasn't supposed to be on the Pill. Once I got him home we would make love as soon as possible.

I would get him home. All we had to do was prolong the sex until Rory's team mates arrived. The inmates of the Temple of Love wouldn't be able to stop a determined Rugby team who had promised not to leave with the two of us and Sophie. How long before they came? Rory was still wearing his watch. I glanced at it when I thought no one was looking. It would be at least another hour before the team arrived.

If we hadn't been made prisoners we might have enjoyed the sex more. Rory's skills with his tongue were better than I had expected and the sensations he had produced in me were incredibly good. I hadn't expected to enjoy having my breasts fondled by a woman, nor being kissed sexually by another, but while Rory was licking me so well, I seemed willing to try anything.

Helen put her hand lightly over Rory's mouth.

"Rory, I need to talk to Angela and I don't want you to interrupt. We could force you into keeping silent. I'd rather not. Will you agree not to say anything for a while? You'll get your turn, soon."

Helen lifted her hand.

"Yes, Helen. I'll keep quiet." I made the mistake of squeezing what I held to reassure him. He jumped. Helen's hand dropped back to his mouth but was still gentle.

"Angela? Did you enjoy what we just did?"

"Yes, but I enjoyed Rory's contribution most."

"I thought you would. Has he ever done that before?"

"Never! He's never seen me naked before."

"If you joined the Temple of Love, you could have that every day, twice or more times a day if you wanted."

"If Rory was willing, I could without joining you. And why should I join you when we are held as prisoners? Free Love? It seems more like rape, and we've raped Rory."

"I'm sorry you see it that way, Angela. I think Rory might have enjoyed it too. You are sure you won't join us?"

"No. I won't. We won't. We came to collect Sophie and take her back home with us."

"And you are going to do that? How? You are in a locked and barred basement, surrounded by women who are holding you and Rory. You are both stark naked, without your clothes which are the other side of a locked door. You don't know where Sophie is or even if she is willing to leave."

"I don't think Carl would need to threaten Sophie with a razor if she was here willingly."

"Perhaps it was an act, and Sophie wanted you to join us?"

"No. That was no act. You've known Sophie for what? Ten days? Sophie and I have been friends for most of our lives. I can tell when she is frightened, and she really believed that Carl would cut her face."

Helen lifted her hand from Rory's mouth.

"Do you think Sophie was acting?"

"No. She was terrified." Rory replied.

"And why aren't you two? Why are you so calm? You are prisoners in the locked basement of a house miles from anywhere, with no clothes or anything that could cover you, and you are calm about it. Why? Rory, will you tell me?"

"Because we're not staying here." Rory said.

I nodded.

"I suppose that you have left a note somewhere saying 'come and get us if we don't return'. That won't work. We will just say that you came, saw Sophie, and left. If a dozen of us say that, and Sophie confirms it, who will the police believe? There are places in this building where we could hide you away from anything except the most through search. You couldn't stop us from tying you up and gagging you effectively. There are too many of us and you are only two, a helpless two."

We didn't answer.

"Can I ask a couple of questions?" Rory said.

"Yes, I suppose so. Whether we'll answer? Maybe not."

"Where are the men? Or is Carl the only one?"

There was a murmur from some of the women.

"There are a few men. They're in Brighton today. Working. We'd like more men and you would be a suitable recruit, Rory."

"But there aren't enough men," one of the women said. There were nods of agreement.

"Are you all willing to stay here? Is Sophie the only unwilling one?"

"Who said that Sophie was unwilling?" Helen replied. "I thought that her scared act was quite good."

"Are you all here of your own free will?" I asked because Helen hadn't answered that question.

Some of the women looked at each other. Helen didn't answer.

"What I want to know," Helen said, "Is why you two are so calm? You are in an awkward situation with no way out of it, and yet you don't seem bothered."

"Perhaps because we have been enjoying ourselves so far?" Rory suggested.

"I don't think that's it. But thank you for reminding me. Now for act two. Girls!"

I was lifted into the air. I let Rory's prick go as I felt the movement. They reversed me before lowering me with my face in Rory's groin. My pussy was across his lips.

"Time for sixty-nine." Helen announced. "Open wide, Angela. Rory needs your lips."

I'd never gone down on a man. I had wondered what it would be like. Rory's erection was returning. I slid it into my mouth. I couldn't take much of it until his tongue between my legs made me gasp. Helen's hand pressed at the back of my head until Rory filled my mouth. I fought against the pressure. There was no way I could take all of him, not this first time.

I felt Rory being pushed hard against my pussy. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see some of the women mimicking our position and beginning to lick at each other. However there were still enough women holding us to make resistance futile.

Rory's erection grew. I gagged on it until Helen relented and let me pull away slightly.

"Up and down, Angela, up and down. Tense your lips around it and keep moving."

I followed her directions. Helen's hand gave me the timing. I could feel Rory's skin becoming hotter against my bare skin. My breasts slapped at his chest as Helen made my movements faster. I was losing myself in the reaction to Rory's tonguing. Without Helen's prompting I would have just let myself surrender to the feelings that Rory was producing.

Long before Rory was ready to come I shuddered into an orgasm. Then another, and another. I had never had three orgasms in quick succession and each one seemed stronger. Helen's hand insisted that I continue sucking. Rory's tongue kept arousing me to greater and greater heights. I felt my consciousness disappearing into one continuous ecstasy that I didn't want to end.

Rory's cum filled my mouth. I tried to swallow but his prick was too far in. It dribbled around my slackened lips and ran over his groin. My head was lifted away and two women lapped at the cum. I felt some resentment. That was mine! I'd worked hard for it. I swallowed. I still had most of it. What I really wanted was Rory's cum where it should be -- in my pussy. Rory was still tonguing it but his heart wasn't in it now.

I looked around. Helen was sitting back with a tongue lapping between her legs. Most of the other women were still in a sixty nine position working hard. I rolled off Rory and twisted until I was head to head with him.
"Enjoy that?" I whispered.

"Yes, Angela. No one has ever done that to me before." Rory whispered back.

"Nor has any man ever licked my pussy before."

"We can do it again, without help."

"Of course we can, Rory, and will."

"And now, our friends should be arriving soon."

"I hope so. I can't take much more of this without..."

We were interrupted by loud shouting from the other side of the locked door. All the women stopped pleasuring each other.

"What?" spluttered one as her face lifted from her friend's groin.

The door crashed open. A group of sweaty men piled through. Carl was struggling between two Rugby forwards, one from our team, and one from the opponents. Dawn was held by two others.

"Open this," one shouted in Carl's ear.

"There's a lever, back there," Carl spluttered.

The grille swung open. One of our team threw our clothes at us.

"Get dressed, you two! Quickly! The police are on the way!"

"The police!" Helen shrieked. "Why the police?"

"Stupid coach driver radioed for them as we grabbed this cunt."

"Watch out!" I shouted. "He's got a razor in his pocket!"

"This one?" one of the team replied, holding it out. "It's as blunt as wooden ruler."

He demonstrated by drawing it across his palm.

"Then Sophie was acting?" I asked Helen.

"No. We all thought the razor was sharp."

"Sorry," Carl said apologetically. "Dawn's scar was a motorcycle accident. We just used it..."

"Where's Sophie?" Rory shouted as he pulled his jeans on.

"She's coming. We had to break down the door of her room and provide her with clothes." Someone replied.

I turned to face the naked women.

"Any of you want to leave? You can. And all of you can get dressed."

There was a rush for their clothes. Carl was pulled back to make room for them. The rugby players watched the frantic dressing with interest. I doubt that any of them had seen so many naked young women before.

The rest was anticlimax. Sophie rushed into my arms and sobbed against my shoulder. We loaded everyone who wanted to go onto the coach. As we reached the main road we heard the police car's bell in the distance. We went back to the sports ground in Brighton where we left our opponents and half a dozen women. I don't know what happened to them. Presumably they went back home.

Mary and Sophie's parents were delighted to have her back. Sophie recovered enough to resume her university course on time but had nightmares for a few months. She too hadn't admitted that she was on the Pill so hadn't had to face penetrative sex. Carl had been getting impatient and had threatened to force her to take the Pill. He had given her an ultimatum of next Monday.

Rory and I had the best of it. Helen and friends had taught us how to enjoy each other. We practised often until I learned how to suck and swallow, and he learned just where and how to lick my pussy. We had to get married because we couldn't find enough places and times where I could scream with delight as he made me have orgasm after orgasm.

Carl and Dawn's Temple of Free Love vanished as if it had never been.
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