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Respect the Cosplay

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, people, places, conventions, events etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Jessica Nigri (Cosplayer & glamour model)

Respect the Cosplay

A celebrity erotic story

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral.

* * *

Moments after stepping off the stage following judging a Cosplay contest at the Festigame 2015 convention on the 16th of August, 2015 in Santiago, Chile, one of the world's most talented, well known, and not to mention gorgeous Cosplay models Jessica Nigri is shaking her head. Being upset is putting it mildly at the reaction she got from the disrespectful crowd who not only rudely chanted "too much clothes" at her for deciding to change into a regular attire of jeans and a hooded top, covering up her curvaceous body, but at the crowd's non-reaction to the impressive "gender-bent" winners of the contest of men portraying female characters from the League of Legends videogame.

"That totally sucked!! What was with those people? Those rude chants, and not caring about all the effort those awesome Cosplayers put into their costumes??" The blonde American thinks aloud, shaking her head again. "Damn I wish Ryan was here... I'm gonna have to vent about this on my Facebook page, and no doubt I'm gonna get shit about speaking my mind..."

She's about to continue thinking out loud when she notices now that someone's following her, and no doubt has been since the contest ended. All too used to deal with people like that, fans or otherwise, she stops and lets out a sigh. "Can I help you?" Nigri questions as she turns to face the approaching, clearly local man, or at least from this South American part of the world, dressed in a shirt, jeans, and having an official pass around his neck.

"Forgive me Jessica, but my name's Ricky and I'm a big fan of yours." He has on a big smile as he speaks in indeed a thick, local accent but in good English. "I was watching from the side of the stage, and I want to say, on behalf of all my countrymen that I'm truly, really sorry for how they acted towards you out there." He says, sounding somewhat sincere.

"Oh?" Jessica says as she eyes him up, her instincts from previous conventions making her smell a rat, especially as it sounds to her like he's trying to feed her lines to get on her good side. "Well, when I was speaking with fans one-on-one earlier, and over the last couple of days everyone was nice and respectful. But out there? That was flat out rude and hurtful!" She says, speaking her mind but also playing along to see what his intentions are.

"It was that, really terrible... I can't imagine how horrible it must have felt to be up there and to be treated like that..." He continues the sucking up, just making it more obvious to her what he's trying to do but not knowing she's seeing through his act. "That is no way a beautiful woman like yourself should be treated.

Stopping herself from rolling her eyes at the line, she instead places her hands on her hips. "No, it isn't... Cosplayers deserve respect whether they are myself, someone just starting out, or those men who rightfully won the contest out there." She states, giving him another look over.

He was certainly an attractive guy, but sadly one obviously just wanting to use and no doubt ditch her, thinking she's vulnerable after the rude response from the "fans" minutes before. Jessica starts to smirk for a moment, thinking that while she can't get one over all those disrespectful people out there, maybe she can teach this guy a lesson for thinking he can get into any Cosplay babe's panties just by feeding her some lines. Maybe she might have some fun as well out of this...

"Say, Ricky? This might sound a little... Forward..." Nigri changes her tone, deliberately getting a little seductive to slyly rip control firmly into her hands. "But after what happened out there I don't feel too comfortable leaving here on my own... Would you mind taking me back to my... Hotel room, and maybe... Since you seem such a nice guy... We can cool off after all this garbage that's happened."

"Absolutely!" Ricky all too quickly says, showing again this was what he'd been hoping would happen but thinking that it's all happening because his plan has worked. "I can call the taxi up for us right away if you want to leave now!" He adds, already reaching for his cellphone.

"Sounds fun! If you wouldn't mind helping me collect up some of my stuff from the dressing room, then we can head off..."

* * *

Later in the evening, at her hotel room in the city, Jessica Nigri has "banished" the skirt-chaser Ricky to the bathroom area so she can take the time to slip into an outfit that she quite rightfully didn't treat the rude fans at the earlier contest to. A skimpy and stunning Blood Elf outfit of red with gold and green gemstones, with small thong-like bottoms strategically covered up with material down the back and front that covers her shapely backside, and a tight, low cut top that wonderfully shows off her large breasts with deep cleavage. All that was missing was her "elf ears" that she figured wouldn't be required for teaching this guy a lesson in respect.

"You can come out now Ricky... I hope you're ready for this..." Jessica calls out, smirking at her own plan as she sees him stepping out, wearing only a towel and clearly having already spent a bit of time "getting ready" as she sees a hint of a tent being pitched.

"Fuck!! That's stunning Jessica..." He grins, taking a long leering look at her stunning body on display and thinking that his plan has scored and then some. "Since you've shown off some of you, let me show off all of me..." He says, dropping the towel to show off his toned and desirable body.

"That's quite a lot of you to show off!" Nigri remarks, laughing playfully as her eyes widen in surprise, seeing that he's got quite a meaty looking and lengthy cock. "This might be kind of fun after all..." She adds, talking to herself in the most part as she steps forward, her tits jiggling with each step as she sinks down to her knees in front of the grinning man who is unknowingly being played instead of being a player.

"I had thought you were after having some fun in the first place?" Ricky chuckles in a cocky manner, truly thinking he's sucked up to her enough to make her into his slut for the night, and having no idea about the double meaning behind her words.

"You bet we're going to have some fun!" Nigri says with a laugh, leaning her head in so she can start to run her tongue across the tip of his rod, giving him a couple of pumps as she works over the crown with a couple of slow swirls. Looking up, she leans her head down, licking along the side towards the balls, a brief flick onto them before she smirks and then gives his big cock a long, slow lick up the underside before finishing with a groan at the head. "Hope you can handle a fun little blowjob, or else this outfit isn't coming off..." She playfully warns, giving him a wink to further play up the act she's using on him before she opens her mouth and sinks down, taking his dick in and planting her lips around his fat length, causing them both to moan as she pushes a little further down, already making him feel the pleasure as she starts to lift herself up towards his bell end, only to repeat the motion by heading straight back down.

"Mmmmm... I can handle it Jessica..." He smirks, watching the gorgeous blonde slowly slurping away at his member, seeing already his plan working as it's getting him a blowjob that feels better than fine as her lovely, soft lips run back and forth over his shaft as she rocks her head onto him, her long hair already swaying from the effort she's using in her steady and very pleasurable motion. "Ahhhhh... I just hope... Mmmmm... You can handle me... Because it feels so good already..." Ricky slyly challenges and continues to push her buttons, knowing that while as hot as getting sucked off by the busty beauty might be a prize enough for some, as his moans of joy are proving, he's aiming to get more out of the woman currently gorging herself on his meaty fuck-stick.

"Mmmmmmppphhh!! Mmmmm..." She groans around his dick as she applies her saliva onto him from the repeated and smooth motion, showing off her oral skill as she pushes her warm and damp mouth downward to over the half way point before lifting back up, and then doing the same again to make him moan as well as she easily handles his lengthy rod with his firm pace. "Mmmmmphhhh!! MMMM... Mmmmmphhhh GAAAAWWWWKKKK..." She makes herself loudly gag onto his cock when taking the bait, she forces her head right down onto his member but lets out the cry when the tip of that long rod hits the back of her mouth. To her credit, she doesn't let it stop her as she keeps on sucking his dick, now letting out that erotic gagging sound in between her groans to show she's still getting turned on by this oral act even as it's causing her discomfort when she takes him in too deep into her mouth.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmm yeah Jessica... Suck that dick..." He grins and moans, loving the sight alone of the one of the world's most well known, not to mention drop dead gorgeous, cosplayers bobbing away on his cock, feeling her saliva coating his meet as it drips down his inches and starts to fall onto her sexy cleavage of her Blood Elf outfit. "Ahhhhh... Take it deep... Mmmmm... Show me... Awwwwww FUCK!! Show me how you suck some dick..." He doesn't hide his approval or his lust, his gaze fixed on her starting to water eyes along with the rest of her pretty face that's pushing down close towards his crotch when she gags and fights to keep her lips wrapped around him, before she lifts herself upward. Sensing she's aiming to catch a break, but not quite done with her mouth yet, he grabs the back of her head to keep her down and instead fires off a round of thrusts into her oral hole, making those eyes widen as she gags loudly as he feeds her his thick length with a firm pace of his own.

"GAAAAAAAHHH!! AWWWWHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMMMPHHHH!!" The eyeliner of the Reno, Nevada-born stunner starts to run as she takes this face fucking, her saliva splattering over the dick being sent deep between her lips, the torn look of lust and discomfort in her eyes showing she didn't expect things to suddenly get rough this quickly with this supposed fan of hers. "GAHHH!! GHHHLLLKKK GHHHHLLLLKK GAAAAAAAH!!" She continues to groan and gag, her fingers gripping his thighs to make him hiss as he feels her nails into him, but he's getting more than enough pleasure from fucking her hot and damp mouth to outweigh that pain, even if the same clearly cannot be said for the beauty currently taking this oral abuse to make this look like a scene from a fantasy-themed porno as he pumps the mouth of the busty "Blood Elf" kneeling in front of him.

"Mmmmm... Sorry Jessica..." Ricky lies with a smirk, mercifully pulling out of her mouth to let her gasp and draw in air, which in turn allows him to admire all of her saliva that's covering his tool. "Got a little carried away there..." He claims as he steps back, offering a hand to help her up.

"It's... It's OK..." Nigri says once she's recovered, accepting the hand as she's raised up to her feet, taking a second to wipe the tears from her eyes. "Just warm me next time..."

"How about I make it up to you? Hop onto the bed..." He offers as he leads her over, giving that well trained friendly smile to reassure her.

"Yeah, you'd better!" She smiles back getting back into "character", glancing down at his dick to make him think she's already reeled back in, further "proven" by how she accepts the suggestion by pushing down her bottoms, showing off her shaved pussy and nicely rounded ass, before she kicks them off and moves up onto the bed facing him in the vintage hands and knees fashion. "Say, you got any, you know, protection on you?"

"What was that? Didn't hear you..." He lies again, blatantly ignoring the request as he positions himself behind the stunning Cosplay model and quickly going in bareback, pushing that cock that's already coated in her saliva into her pussy, feeling instantly how tight she is along with a nice wetness too, helping to let him break into a smooth and firm pace of his own that makes them both moan out in quite a shameless manner. "Mmmmm!! Oh Jessica! Fuck!! You're... Mmmmmm... So tight..." He doesn't have to twist the truth with that statement, feeling her vaginal walls clinging to his thick man meat as he pushes in, having to pace himself and let her get used to a size of dick she's obviously not used to taking, but from the way he's grinning and moaning with each back and forth motion he doesn't mind savouring the sensations at least for the moment.

"Oh fuck!! Wa-wait a second!! You're not.. Oooooooooh FUCK!!" The stunning American groans, her objections to him not using protection on her soon breaking as she feels his fat, South American cock pumping into her snatch from behind, his grip on her ass keeping her in place so he can smoothly and with a steady rhythm fuck her pussy and work his inches further into her hot twat as he drives into her. "Ahhhhhh!! Mmmmmm!! Oh God!! Oh yeah!! MMMMM!! Oh yessssss!" She lustfully moans, tossing her long blonde hair back so she can look over her shoulder at the cocky hunk giving it to her and showing he's no novice when it comes to a good screwing, that smooth thrusting filling her up nicely and making her groan as she feels her folds stretching just enough to accommodate that vast size and let him drive in deeper.

"Mmmmm... You like that Jessica?" Ricky smirks, already knowing the answer as he sees the look the still partially-clothed beauty is giving him as he fucks her snatch with another series of deepening and stiff pumps, keeping himself moaning as he enjoys fucking the beauty he knows has a boyfriend, but he's the one currently giving it to her and making her cry out in delight with every thrust from his thick rod that he delivers into her. "Ahhhhhh... You like that big cock... Uhhhhh!! Fucking that tight fucking pussy??" He almost taunts her as he takes her from behind, pushing in deeper now so that his muscular waist starts to connect with her ass cheeks, that impact along with the force of his pumps making her now jolt forward but his grip allows him to stiffly pull her straight back onto his member with a groan, so he's now easily fucking her balls deep and there's no complaints from the Internet-loved model if her loud moans are any indication.

"OH FUCK!! Mmmmmm!! Oh yes!! It's... MMMMM!! So fucking good!!" Jessica admits a little too easily, grinning back at him as she moans and her long blonde hair sways as she's pulled and made to push in a sexy rocking motion on her hotel room bed by the stud she's only known for a couple of hours but is letting not just bang her tight, wet pussy from behind, but fuck her well as she moans out her approval. "Ahhhhhh... MMMMM YEAH!! Fucking give it to me!! FUCK!! This is just what I fucking needed... AHHHHH... After today..." She states between her lusty groans, not objecting now to a bit of rough action in this hole as he plunges in deep and stiff each time he sends his hips forcefully forward into her snug twat, loving all that cock filling up her damp tightness that's making them both moan out in delight even if he's true intent all along was to just get into her panties, a mission already accomplished but far from being finished with.

"Mmmmm!! Glad I could... AHHHHH... Help you out with that..." He chuckles for a moment, raising a hand so he can give her shapely ass a sharp spank, making her gasp as her tanned flesh jiggles but soon she moans out in shameless joy when he drives in to the hilt and gives all of his thick inches to the curvy beauty who right now looks like she'd fit in better on a top-rated porn site than any of her usual YouTube "Mail Monday" videos. "Not every guy... MMMMM!! Around here is that bad, right?" He smirks, looking to push her buttons further to get what he wants out of her, even though he's already getting that after getting his dick sucked and fucking her mouth before, and now is pumping her balls deep from behind, admiring how her booty is jiggling each time he thrusts into her and makes himself moan by filling up her love tunnel with his manhood.

"Mmmmmm... You still keeping up that act huh?" Jessica grins, seeing his wide-eyed look of shock as she shifts forward to make his cock fall from her snatch. "And it wasn't you suddenly fucking my mouth that tipped me off that you were only looking for to nail me either..." She adds as she shifts off the bed completely to stand up and take a hold of her top.

"Damn... Yeah, guilty... Guilty as charged..." Ricky mumbles, his focus elsewhere with his eyes locked onto her chest as she removes her Blood Elf-cosplay top, letting her large tits bounce free and make him lick his lips. "Still... Still wanna fuck?"

"Hell yeah I do! A big cock like yours? I'm not gonna pass up!" She laughs sexily, seeing his reaction and his trance-like state allows her to easily grab his arm, a pull forcing him down onto the bed and before he can response, she's up and mounting him. "I could see through your act the moment I saw you bud... Takes a lot more than that to fool a woman like me..." She adds, reaching down to blindly take a hold of his shaft, lining him up with her snatch.

"Shit... Well if you're not mad... I'll still give you a good time..." He grins, quickly getting with the program even with him no longer being in the control he thought he was in, especially as he's made to moan as he feels his dick once again entering her pussy as she pushes down.

"MMMMM!! Oh I am still pissed... UHHHHH!! At fucking those disrespectful people at the contest... I'll write about that shit later..." She hisses, slowly moving her body downward until she's taken him to the base, allowing her to grind her wet snatch against his cock with a couple of quick rocks of her shapely hips, which is more than enough to make them both moan from the feeling as she leans forward and gives him a visual treat as her big tits hang down. "For now I need to feel good... Mmmmm... And there's nothing like a good fuck to get me in the right mood!" The stunning model grins, starting to fuck herself on his rod as she rolls her hips, sliding his man meat back and forth into her tight, slick hole and even glancing back over her shoulder to check his shaft is lodged up into her before she looks back, focusing on the task at hand to make sure both she and the hunk underneath her get the most out of this no-strings-attached sex.

"Ahhhhhh... Shit!! If we're gonna skip the bullshit... MMMMM... Then I'm down just to fuck!" He all too happily says, returning the lusty smile as he doesn't hesitate to reach up, taking a hold of her rounded breasts and squeezing them in his hands to make her groan as she works over his cock. His fingers have no problem digging into the more than ample tit flesh on offer even with him not using a firm grip at all, enough of grope to increase her pleasure and keep him grinning as he toys with those big titties. "MMMMM... God, these fucking tits... So amazing..." He marvels as he leans his upper body up, bringing his head in and starting to suck on her boobs while she fucks herself on his cock and he still fondles and gropes her chest, his lips tightly wrapped onto her nipple to slurp away and make her moan, squeezing the other tit as he does so before he switches to give the other ripe mound the same treatment.

"MMMMM!! Oooooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM!!" The stunning Cosplayer moans out, grabbing his shoulder and the back of his head as the licking and sucking on her big tits sets her off, as she starts to properly bounce her stunning body on his long cock, her ass cheeks instantly slapping against his thighs when she drops down and takes him in to the hilt as she breaks effortlessly into a swift riding motion. "UHHHHH!! MMMMM... Oh yes!! Yes yes YES YES!!" She shamelessly moans out, approving both of the feeling of his length filling up her still tight but now very wet twat as she rides him, and of the way he's hungrily sucking on her chest that's now jiggling even in his grip as he attempts to keep his mount planted on the nipple of the breast he's dining on.
"MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM... Awwwwww... AHHHHH FUCK!!" He has to pull away, his hands now gripping her toned midsection for support as she increases the force and pace of her bounces, putting on a truly pornstar performance on this lucky hunk that she's allowed to get a piece of her, despite having only met him a few hours ago but now has his cock lodged deeply up into her tight, wet pussy. "Oh shit!! MMMMM!! Fucking get it Jessica!! MMMMM!! Own... Own that fucking cock!!" He grunts his approval, beads of sweat forming across his forehead as he gets more than he bargained for from this energetic to say the least rhythm she's using to drive herself down hard onto his crotch when she takes him in balls deep before smoothly and swiftly lifting upward to not even the halfway mark before she repeats the lustful motion over and over again.

"MMMMM!! Bet you've got... AHHHHHH!! A lot more respect for Cosplayers now, don't you??" The stunning, fun-loving and often wacky model grins, letting out a deep groan when she drops down hard onto him and makes the slap of her tanned skin meeting his naturally dark-toned body ring out around her hotel room to mix with their completely shameless moans of delight from this one night stand of a fuck. "Oooooooooooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM!! Bet you thought I was just... MMMMM!! Another stacked, blonde bimbo huh??" She now is the one teasing even as she controls the action with ease, bouncing her curvaceous body at a quick pace that keeps her large breasts jiggling away, rubbing over the handsome face of the stud she's riding like they've been lovers for years, despite the fact she's happily in a relationship with another man but is taking this lucky guy's rod deep up into her hot snatch.

"MMMMMM... Oh yeah... I was dead... UHHHHH!! Dead fucking wrong..." Ricky admits with a groan as she leans back, giving him a chance to breathe after being essentially motorboated by her chest as she rode him.

"Good boy..." Jessica jokes at the reversal of roles they now have, dismounting him and rolling down so she's laying on the bed on her back. "Now how about you give me a damn good fucking? Help make up for trying to fool me from before..." She teases again, licking her lips as she looks over his still hard and ready to go cock.

"Gladly..." He wisely says as he moves back, allowing her to take position right in the middle of her own hotel room bed before he goes back in, spreading her legs apart.

"Yeah... Give it to me good... You're gonna see what none of those asshole fans at the contest will probably ever see..." Nigri states, staring down and watching as he lines up, and then pushes his unprotected dick back into her pussy, enough to make them both moan out before the first thrust is even sent into her.

"OH FUCK!! Mmmmmm!! MMMMM YEAH!! UHHHHH!! Fuck... Fuck me!!" The horny, sweating blonde groans out, already reaching back behind her to grab the sheets of her bed as he does just as she demands as he thrusts his rod right deep into her wet hole, making her body rock back as he forcefully ploughs into her box, her pussy still staying nicely tight around his thickness even after the repeated balls deep fucking she's already taken, and once again is willingly getting. "MMMMM!! YESSSSSSSSSS... Keep... Keep fucking me!! MMMMM!! OOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUCK..." She groans again as her eyes close, getting lost in the sinful pleasure that this hunky South American hunk is giving her with his long, fat cock as he drives in deep into her snug and soaking wet North American snatch, the force of his thrusts making those large breasts bounce in time with the motion her body is being made to do every time her goes balls deep into that lovely and wet pussy.

"AHHHHHH... Mmmmmm!! OH FUCK... So good!! MMMMM..." The lucky hunk says between moans as he thrusts his big, dark cock into the stunning, tanned blonde's love tunnel, unable to tear his eyes away from the stunning sight of her big tits bouncing away as a result of his stiff pumps but watching her boobs shake and jiggle is fueling him on to keep on banging her with everything that the sweating stud has left in him. "UHHHHHH... AHHHHHH... MMMMM FUCK!! FUCK... MMMMM..." That tight feeling of her vaginal walls still all around his cock has him moaning away each time he either thrusts his dick forward into or pulls some of his inches out of her soaking hole, keeping her legs held apart by the ankles so he has full access so he can smoothly and swiftly slam his shaft into her slick and still snug snatch.

"Oh fuck!! OH FUCK!! OH YESSSSSSS... GONNA... OH FUCK!! GONNA CUM! GONNA FUCKING CUM!!" The stunning Cosplayer moans out, strands of her long blonde hair sticking to her cheeks from all the sweat coating her desirable body that also make her big, rounded tits look even hotter than before as they bounce away as she all too happily, for a woman in a relationship with another man, takes this intense, balls deep pounding from a hunk she barely knows. "YES!! OH SHIT!! FUCK!! AHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOH MMMMMMM!! MMMMMMM!!" She squeals in delight, eyes closing and body arching off the bed even as she rocks back, showing exactly how intense this sexual high is as Jessica Nigri starts to cum hard all over this long and thick cock slamming into again and again, her juices flooding out to soak that dick that she's already had deep in her mouth over the course of this no strings attached fuck with this handsome stranger.

"Awwwwwww FUCK!! MMMMMM!! Oh SHIT!! MMMMM..." Ricky groans as he feels her cumming on his thrusting member, his pumps not stopping but it's not to aid her in fully riding out this orgasm, it's for his own sinful pleasure as he feels his cock starting to throb within that snug and now dripping wet pussy but wants to get every moment out of this fling that he can get from one of the world's most infamous, not to mention sexiest, Cosplay models. "UHHHHH... OH FUCK... SHIT... Ahhhhhhh..." He hisses, feeling his dick pulse again and knowing he hasn't got a condom on he wisely pulls out of her snatch, taking just a moment to draw in breath and look over the still moaning and writhing in pleasure beauty on the bed in front of him, who in her worn out state doesn't offer any objection as he moves up over her and mounts her chest.

"Mmmmm... Well isn't this a surprise..." She laughs in a sexy tone as she lifts her head up to watch him slide his big rod in between her large, rounded tits and uses his hands to squeeze those mounds around and against his shaft, making him moan already as that flesh surrounds his on-the-brink cock. Unsurprisingly he goes right to work, thrusting his cock between her breasts to make himself groan deeply, perhaps more than any time when he was fucking either her mouth or pussy but using a steady pace in order to truly enjoy the final moments of this already flaming hot sexual action. "Go on then, fuck my big tits! Fuck them like... Mmmmm... All those assholes at the convention can only dream they could..." She encourages, watching the head of his rod pop up from between her tits when he thrusts forward, soon pulling back to make it vanish into her deep cleavage before repeating the action, and while he's moaning out loudly as he uses her breasts for his own pleasure, the way she's groaning as he pumps her tits shows this is far from the first time she's had her boobs fucked.

"UHHHH... UHHHH YEAH... MMMMM!! OH FUCK... MMMMM!!" He grunts and sweats, squeezing and feeling up her large breasts as he keeps them pushed against his cock as he slides in deep between them again and again, loving the feeling of all that soft, ample tit flesh around his dick, leaving the remains of her orgasm over her boobs as her pussy juices rub off from his cock as he fucks her tits. "Awwwwwwwww FUCK!! YEAH... AHHHHH FUCK... SHIT!!" The South American hunk groans, sweat dripping off his nose as he feels his rod throbbing again between her tits, perhaps wishing now he'd pulled out of her pussy sooner so he could have spent longer pumping these fantastic, rounded and sizable breasts but left with no choice but to keep on fucking her tits and keeping his own cock sandwiched between them.

"Ooooooooooh fuck!! Mmmmmm... Yeah, let it rip!!" Jessica laughs when his cock suddenly blasts the first thick shot of spunk up her neck, hitting the bottom of her chin and the second one further giving her a "pearl necklace" as his spunk lands on her neck. Not wasting the chance, he pulls out from between her boobs and grips his member, able to start jerking off and aiming down onto her tits, the next couple of shots falling onto her right breast before he aims over to stroke out some of his load onto the other mound. "Damn, that feels good... Yeah, cover my breasts..." She groans, watching as he does just that, continuing to jerk off and ease out every drop of an impressively sizable load all across her big breasts, giving them the kind of coating they deserve and topping off, in more ways than one, a red hot round of sex with the stunning Cosplay model.

"Not bad Ricky, not bad..." Jessica comments as he dismounts her, letting her get a clear look at her cum-covered tits as some of his jizz trickles off her breast to rest between those large mounds. "Not a patch on my boyfriend, but certainly a good one... Almost as good as that time those two best friends nailed me in that hotel gym..."

"Not bad?? Damn... I know that was... One of the best fucks I've ever had..." Ricky admits as he sits on the edge of the bed and looks her over.

"Just a shame then you're never going to get a piece of me, or these again then!" Nigri taunts as she gives her breasts a quick squeeze, sticking out her tongue as she shifts over to stand up from the bed. "Now it's time for you to get going buddy... I've got a rant of a Facebook post to write!"

"Woah, wait, what??" He says, stunned as she grabs him by the arm, and in his spent and a little dazed state he doesn't resist as he's led to the door, and she opens it in order to push him out into the hallway, stark naked with sweat covering his body. "The fuck?? My clothes!!" Ricky yells, now pissed at ending up being the one used instead of what he'd wanted to happen, but before he could shout again suddenly his jeans and shirt are tossed into his face, making him embarrassingly stumble back as he trips over himself and falls to the ground.

Closing the door, Jessica has another laugh to herself as she locks the door and turns away, all too casually heading into the bathroom area and switching on the light. "That's what you get when you don't Respect the Cosplay buddy..." She smirks, glancing back and hearing the muffled shout of no doubt Ricky yelling to be let back in but ignoring that, she looks over her body and her cum-covered tits in the mirror. "A nice shower will do the trick... Clear my head so I can think about how I'm gonna word my rant about those assholes at the Cosplay contest..." She thinks out loud, giving her reflection a big smile before she turns to get the shower running.

* * *
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