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SPH Adventures

Imagine walking in on the star quarterback while he is changing, his big ego clearly compensating for the tiny friend between his legs, and he squeals out of embarrassment of his little secret being caught by the hottest girl in school.

Imagine the big know-it-all stuck up nerd bragging about how smart he is and being the top off his class, only to have shorts yanked to his ankles to reveal his little problem as the class erupts with laughter.

Imagine a big tough guy cat calling women on the beach, showing off how big his muscles are, only to lose his shorts in the ocean revealing his small little dick in between his legs.

That's the thrill of SPH stories. The humiliation, the embarrassment, the revenge, and the pure rush of feeling what it would be like if you were in their position. That is what this is all about.

All characters must be 18+. They can be high school seniors (as long as it's indicated they are 18+, but juniors, sophomores, or freshman all imply underage. They should clearly be 18+. Ideally this should also just be about ENM (nudity) not so much ABDL, although if you want to go there I won't stop you as long as it doesn't go too far. This story is Public so just be aware of the rules, but know you can add your own characters and stories and such.

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