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Shannon, intergalactic detective

Shannon was an officer of the Intergalactic policing agency, charged with maintaining the peace across the cosmos. She took her job very seriously, and was very young to reach detective. Being a woman also made her have to push harder then most. Though the human race had advanced far sexism had been hard to drive out, and still existed in male dominated fields like policing.

Shannon also had to be more stern to be taken seriously. She was short, standing at four 11. She was in good shape, with curvy legs, a thick backside that could easily be referred to as a bubble butt. She had moderate (okay, small) B cup breasts. Well, B or A depending on brand. Okay, more like A, but she wore a B cup regardless. She had spiky auburn hair, pierced ears and a nose ring. She was tan, with a slight glow of freckles on her rounded cheeks. Her heart shaped face was cute, with doe eyes, a pouty mouth and small chin.

She did not look the way most people thought police would, and had to struggle for respect as an officer. So she worked hard. She took no guff. She wore a fine suit, with her badge clipped to her belt next to her gun, an advanced laser which could do anything from stun to disintegrate.

At the moment she was on an interplanetary flight to her next case...

What's next?

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