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Shelacta Tales Ch. 06

If this is the first Shelacta Tale you have read, please go the appendix to learn about this world.

Sixth Tale: Sexual Roulette

Many men on Shelacta are immune to women's sexual traps. This is good for the man in one sense. He is his own master. There is a downside. Sex given by a woman's sexual trap is always completely satisfying. Normal sex, like sex on our world, varies from the sublime to the boring and most normal sexual experience is not as good as it might be.

Men like to take risks. If there is good satisfying sex to be had they will take stupid risks. That explains why most pre-fertile women have no difficulty in finding five men to force to ejaculation and thus become fertile themselves. So what if one of those five men has to die? The man always thinks that he will be one of the four who will survive. Perhaps he will, with the first pre-fertile woman. Or the second. But if he allows himself to be trapped by ten pre-fertile women, the statistics are against him surviving all ten. Yet men continue to take such risks.

Some men refuse to play that game with the long-term odds loaded against them. They take a different risk which does not have death as part of the stake.

Almost all women have a sexual trap. That trap will enslave a man unless he has immunity. If he is another woman's slave the new woman's sexual trap will replace the original slavery with a new one. But there is a way to experience a woman's sexual trap without becoming her slave. It has dangers but they are not fatal dangers.

If a protected man, or a man who is already some woman's slave, freely consents to submit to another woman's sexual trap then he can enjoy the release and sexual satisfaction of that trap if the woman refuses to become aroused by his submission. On our world the closest parallel would be a man holding back so that the woman can achieve multiple orgasm. It can be done but it ain't easy!

If the woman accidentally becomes aroused then the man's freely given submission overrides his protected status and he will be enslaved. If the woman says that she will not be aroused she might be overestimating her ability or – she might be lying. 'All's fair in love and war' applies in Shelacta too. If a woman wants a man who is protected she might offer her sexual trap for his enjoyment. Once he has submitted and overridden his protection – surprise – she couldn't hold back. He is now her slave and cannot reverse that.

The different types of sexual trap have different parameters. It might appear to be easy for a woman who does not have actual contact with a man to maintain an aloof state. Women who have breast traps, pussy traps, lip traps would find it much more difficult than a woman with a foot trap who just has to place her foot on the man's face.

Angela, who had the clothing trap that would work even when she was some distance away, would have seemed to be an ideal person for the sexual game of roulette. The man touched her clothing, not Angela. There should be no risk that Angela would become aroused. Wrong. There was a risk. Angela enjoyed seeing men in helpless paroxysms wrapped in her clothing. She could restrain that arousal but there was another danger. Angela's trap was so strong and so effective that even if she wasn't aroused the man's will was completely swamped by her trap. No man who willingly submitted to Angela could avoid becoming her slave. No man who was unprotected could avoid becoming her slave. It has been said but never proven that some protected men became her slaves despite their protection. If true it might have been because subconsciously they wanted to be Angela's slave and thus inadvertently submitted.

If the man was in a stable relationship, for example if he was married, if he inadvertently became another woman's slave could get his wife to use her own sexual trap on him and claim him back. If the new woman had genuinely not intended to claim him that was the honourable solution.

Once Jonas Smith had become protected by Mary's milk he evaded Eva's next trap. Then he used Eva to play these sexual games in the privacy of his own home. Eva's sexual trap is employed by putting her hand over the man's mouth. She used to give Jonas seven seconds and no more. That would bring him to as much of the sexual trap as he could enjoy without succumbing wholly to it. They had worked out the seven-second limit by trial and error.

Three times after Jonas had sought protection but entered another slavery caused by Mary's milk he lost his useless freedom to Eva. He sought Mona's weak breast trap to nullify his slavery to Eva. From the time Jonas became protected until Eva became a milker she never overstepped the bounds by issuing any further unsuitable commands to Jonas while he was enslaved to her. The only command she gave was for him to go to Mona and seek Mona's trap.

What Jonas never understood and many men who risked their liberty for sexual gratification didn't realise were that repeated voluntary submission to the SAME woman eroded their protection against that woman's trap. Jonas never reached that point with Eva because other things happened before he became unable to resist Eva.

One of Adam's friends found out about the erosion of his will. James was a student of electronics at the local University. He was destined to join the family electronics company when he graduated and eventually would be one of the directors. He made friends with a woman attending a non-graduate course on the campus for classroom assistants. Fawn was an older woman in her mid thirties. James was twenty. They met in the University canteen by accident because they had to share the only free table. They exchanged small talk and agreed to meet again. They had found each other pleasant company. Neither thought anything of their relationship except as mutual sounding boards.

Fawn was vulnerable because she had recently lost her husband who had died in a pre-fertile woman's trap. The woman hadn't intended to kill. Barry, Fawn's husband had an undiagnosed heart defect, and the shock of the woman's trap had been too much.

James had been trapped twice by fellow pre-fertile female students. That was almost inevitable in a student society on Shelacta. He had enjoyed their traps but didn't want to die young. He talked to Fawn about his fears. One thing led to another and Fawn offered him her trap. Her trap was her hair. She had long tawny brown hair that reached halfway down her back when she let it loose. Her trap operated as soon as a man's face touched her hair and became more intense depending on how much of his head was covered by her hair.

Fawn thought that she could restrain herself from arousal. After all, James was a mere youth compared with her. She felt motherly towards him, didn't she? She was deluding herself but her willpower was sufficient. She held herself in check while James thrashed like a landed fish beside her. At night, alone in bed, she enjoyed reliving his surrender to her. In her own room she could imagine James as her slave, willing and docile. Each time she used her trap on James she had to exert her self-control more strongly.

However James was finding that Fawn's sexual trap was addictive. Each time he submitted to her was easier and deeper. As he started to feel the effect of her trap he felt her scented hair wrap over his face, her hands caress his body, her lips press against his, her tongue slide into his mouth and force his tongue aside. Fawn would sit absolutely still as James' imagination ran riot.

One evening in her flat Fawn was sitting still, her lips pressed tightly together, her hands folded primly across her skirted lap as James writhed in the trap of her hair.

Yet she didn't know how deeply James was sinking under her spell. While she controlled herself fiercely he was surrendering himself wholly to his imagination of her. Her breasts were spreading across his chest. His face moved down between them. He tongued and nibbled at her nipples. He smothered himself in her cleavage. He kissed her navel. Daringly he moved his mouth between her thighs and licked at the soft flesh before moving upwards to the fringe of her pussy's hair. There was a faint warning in his mind that he should not actually approach her pussy but as he came closer the warning became fainter.

Some women have the ability to detect the exact moment when a man becomes her slave. Luckily for her, Deirdre the Golden Siren didn't have it. The sensations at the fatal concert would have overwhelmed her and possibly driven her mad. Fawn had that ability and suddenly knew that James was very close to the point of no return. How that was possible didn't matter. Fawn reacted instantly and lifted her hands to James' hair enwrapped head to break the trap. Unfortunately James' brain detected her hands as pushing him against her pussy. He was swamped by the sensation and succumbed to Fawn's trap.

Fawn felt his surrender. That triggered an orgasm in her. She pulled his head from her hair and thrust it down to her lap. With one hand she pulled up her skirt as with the other she pushed his head against her naked pussy. Her skirt dropped over James and both of them shuddered in paroxysms of sexual fulfilment. Fawn recovered first and was horrified. James was still jerking against her. She now had a slave that she had never intended to have. How could she retrieve the situation?

James didn't want the situation retrieved. He was Fawn's willing slave and totally enraptured by her. Once he had surrendered to her trap he wanted to surrender again and again. Fawn was weak-willing enough, as she put it to herself, to let him. Every time James was her helpless slave she was on a sexual high. Even when he wasn't with her the knowledge that she owned an attractive younger man gave her self-confidence and validated her sexuality. Fawn knew she should break the bonds that bound James to her, but not yet. Another day, another week – that wouldn't harm him, surely?

Adam's proposal of the services of a free 'milker' brought Fawn to the realisation that it was now or never. She sent James with Adam with a strict order that James was to drink the milk. After James had left she broke down in floods of tears. She knew that she had made the right decision for both of them yet she would lose James.

When James' milker left the clinic and vanished, James returned to Fawn. He hadn't really left but their sexual experiments had ended. Now he wanted to start them again. Fawn resisted but her own need overrode her caution for James.

They sat down on her settee for another session. Now that James was protected by breast milk they thought their play would be safe. James rested his face against Fawn's hair. She screamed out loud as she felt him surrender to her sexual trap instantaneously. His freely given submission had nullified his protection. He was helplessly lost in Fawn's trap and experiencing her body controlling his. He moved to her rhythm. She abandoned herself to sexual arousal as soon as she knew James was enslaved again. There was nothing she could do to reverse his slavery so she enjoyed it.

Fawn pushed James unresisting body flat on the settee loosened and removed his trousers and lowered herself on to his thrusting hips. She rode him almost like a bucking bronco until his movements slowed to a more normal speed. By that time Fawn herself was spent. She had orgasmed over and over again with a young man's insatiable prick buried in her and thrusting so hard that she was bumped into the air.

She collapsed across his torso and fell into a satiated sleep as he continued to drive into her. When she woke it was hours later and she was still being penetrated by a gently moving erection. She lifted her head and gazed down at James' closed eyes. She leant forward to kiss his closed lips. Her hair brushed across his face.

James spasmed back into action. His hands grasped her buns and forced her down on to him. Fawn squealed as she realised she had triggered her trap again. She screamed as he pounded into her sore pussy. By the time he slowed down again she was sobbing uncontrollably. She eased herself off him gently keeping her hair well away from his head. She crawled away to her bathroom to anoint her sore and abraded skin. She looked back at James still thrusting into an imaginary Fawn. His prick was bright red and even bleeding slightly from the friction it had endured.

She walked back to James very gingerly. She spread a duvet over his still twitching body before seeking her own bed. She slept until morning waking with a feeling that she had been run over by a heavy truck. As she went to the kitchen to make coffee and toast she saw that James had fallen into a deep sleep. She left him to rest and went shopping.

She walked into a chemists and asked to speak to the pharmacist. She wanted the chemical that would make her lactate but she wanted to know how quickly it would work. The lady pharmacist explained that it was preferable to take a three day course of tablets because that avoided breast pain as the milk glands were stimulated. In emergencies, such as a wife wanting to reclaim a husband enslaved by a milker, a quick acting injection could be self administered. The downside was that the breasts became inflamed and painful rather like severe mastitis. The first flow of milk might have to be manually expressed and that would be painful like hitting a severe bruise. The impact of the strong drug would be present in the milk. It might cause the man to lactate as well. That would be painful and embarrassing to him but men's milk had no special properties.

There was a compromise. A liquid preparation would produce milk within twenty-four hours. The woman would feel uncomfortable but would be unlikely to experience pain. What did Fawn want to do?

While Fawn was contemplating the alternatives the pharmacist, who up to now had spoken in professional tones, leant forward and whispered in her ear.

"I shouldn't say this, but why should you endure pain for something that is the man's fault? Use the liquid IF you can keep the man controlled until it works. Control doesn't have to be sexual. Handcuffs and a chain to a bed are enough and would teach him a lesson."

"Handcuffs?" Fawn whispered back. "Where would I get them?"

"There is a sex shop four doors down. They stock them."

"I'll take the liquid," Fawn said aloud. She drank it in the pharmacist's office.

She went to the sex shop and bought three pairs of fur lined handcuffs, some plastic covered chain and a padlock.

When James came to about five o'clock in the evening he needed soothing ointment almost all over his body. He couldn't apply it himself because he had been handcuffed and chained to Fawn's bed. He didn't know how. Fawn never told him that she had persuaded four women students to help carry James to her bed. They thought it was a great joke that someone as old as Fawn had trapped a stud like James.

Fawn applied the ointment carefully. Her hair had been severely put up and covered with a tightly wrapped headscarf. She dare not let her hair touch James. She was afraid that either she or James would not survive another session with her trap so soon.

She had to nurse James. He was so battered by their lovemaking that he needed strong painkillers. Fawn gave him a blanket bath, brought a camping toilet to the side of the bed and let him have sufficient slack on the chair to use it. He didn't even question the handcuffs. He was Fawn's slave, and a willing one. Whatever she wanted to do she could do. He wouldn't object.

Fawn started to feel her breasts filling up by the afternoon of the next day. By the evening she was ready to give her breasts to James. She asked him to sit up in bed before she bared her breasts. She still had her hair tightly wrapped. She presented one breast to James' mouth and ordered him to suck. As his mouth touched she felt her milk spurt from her in a strong stream. The unoccupied breast began to leak and a trickle ran down her. She swapped breasts, dabbing at the drops of milk still exuding from her glands. The second breast spurted into James' mouth. At this rate Fawn might produce the whole pint necessary to protect James in this single feed.

Suddenly she snatched her breast away from his mouth. She didn't want James to be protected or free from her. He'd nullify that protection by surrendering to the first attractive girl to offer the use of her trap. She wanted James as her slave until he had learned caution.

James remained Fawn's slave until he graduated. He had taken Fawn home to meet his parents at the first holiday. He didn't notice that Fawn had long talks with his mother or that they seemed too friendly. Fawn promised his mother that she would protect James until he graduated but that she would release him then. Fawn kept that promise and delivered the milk necessary to protect James on his last night with her. On his return home he met the 'girl next door' whose family had been friendly with his family for years. At his homecoming party the girl offered him the use of her trap. By the end of the evening he was enslaved and engaged. Fawn attended their marriage as a friend of the family and met one of James' uncles who was widowed. A couple of months later Fawn became James' aunt.

* * * * *


Shelacta (pronounced She-Lacta) is a contemporary parallel world very similar to our own early 21st Century world except in its sexual practices.

Sexual changes have affected the human race. Young women have become forced to be sexual predators. Once a woman has reached the age of 18 she is mature but she must force five men to orgasm before she becomes potentially fertile. At least one of the five of the five men must be killed by the sexual act of the pre-fertile woman. To help her achieve this women have mutated into developing sexual traps.

If a pre-fertile woman allows a man to penetrate her she loses her sexual trap and it is very difficult for her to become mature except with the help of consenting men. If a man penetrates a mature but pre-fertile woman he becomes immune to women's sexual traps. If he penetrates a fertile woman her trap makes him her slave, whether or not conception occurs. The fertile woman controls whether she wants to conceive or not. The number of male slaves a woman has determines her status. Any of her slaves is at risk of death from a pre-fertile woman, or capture by another fertile woman.

A woman who has lost her sexual trap is an outcast even when fertile because she has no normal means of making a man her slave.

Chastity belts for either sex are both immoral and illegal. The possession or use of such a device is a capital offence and execution is almost inevitable.

A pregnant woman freezes her status once the pregnancy is confirmed. She can immunise her male slaves against other women by wiping her pussy over their faces at least once a week. She can do this if she is actually pregnant but the pregnancy isn't yet confirmed.

A lactating woman is special. Even if she has lost her sexual trap she is attractive to men because her milk can free them. Every man who drinks a pint of her milk directly from her breasts becomes his own master again. He will be immune to sexual traps for life but from the first sip until he has drunk the whole pint he is the lactating woman's slave and that slavery overrides all others even after she ceases to produce milk. Lactation is the only way for a woman who has lost her sexual trap to achieve status.

Males under the age of 18 are taboo and incapable of arousal. The best birthday present a family can give a son is to buy the services of a lactating woman until he has drunk a pint of her milk. Women who can produce a genuine pint at one feed are rare and much sought after. Most paid 'milkers' have to have several sessions with the fortunate son until the pint has been delivered. The procedure is embarrassing to the son because until he has drunk the full pint he is the 'milker's' slave and as she is usually an outcast of low status his predicament makes him the butt of humour from his contemporaries. There have been several stage farces written around this situation. If she cannot deliver the full pint for whatever reason, he is her slave for life.
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