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Shelacta Tales Ch. 07

If this is the first Shelacta Tale you have read, please go the appendix to learn about this world.

Seventh Tale: Degrees of Slavery Pt. 3 - Mistress and Maid

Mary's letter to Mona (see fourth and fifth tales) suggested that Mona should ask Eva to become a milker and offer the freedom that her milk could give to both Jonas and Adam. Mary went on to say that Eva should really give Adam his protection but stop short of freeing Jonas. If Eva ordered Jonas to obey Mona, as Mary had already done, Jonas's slavery could be continued indefinitely despite Mona's weakening breast trap.

Mona had been reluctant to follow this advice because she was afraid that Eva would be the real ruler of the Smith household and Mona a puppet figurehead. She didn't trust Eva's motives. While Mary's milk and order to Jonas held, Mona could wait to see how Eva behaved.

Eventually Mona and Eva became conspirators against Jonas and friends. If that were all, Mona would have happily followed Eva's advice. But that was not all.

Many women on Shelacta felt that it was unfair that men could experience ultimate sex in a woman's sexual trap, yet such blissful experiences were not available to women. The best women could experience was normal sex, the high that came with experiencing a total control over a man, or best, the orgasm that came when a man died by her sexual trap. The last came only once in a normal woman's life.

Women, being human and curious, experimented with ways to reach the sexual satisfaction that men could have. Some ordered their slaves to arouse their mistresses with particular acts that were especially pleasing. That could be good and sometimes even great but it still had overtones of masturbation. The man was being directed at every step. 'Willing' slaves could learn how best to please their mistress and would act spontaneously.

Women could also take advantage of a man's actions while entrapped, as Fawn did with James. That could have unfortunate consequences. Fawn was walking bowlegged for a week after she had ridden James.

About seventy years ago a couple of women found a way to reach the sexual excess enjoyed by trapped men. It was known that protected men could voluntarily submit to a woman and she could offer him the use of her sexual trap. IF she remained un-aroused, he would retain his protection. If she became aroused, his submission overrode his protection and he would be enslaved. Many men were enslaved either because the woman genuinely couldn't restrain her arousal, or because whatever she promised beforehand, once he had submitted she had no intention of letting a willing male escape.

The daring pair of women decided to see whether a woman could experience another woman's sexual trap by voluntary submission. Gay or homosexual women (and men) were not rare on Shelacta but seventy years ago society was not as enlightened about such things as it pretends to be now.

Although the women are claimed as lesbian icons, recent research suggests that they were actually heterosexual women who just wanted to see if they could have as much enjoyment as the men. 'Curious' rather than lesbian might have been a better description of them.

They found that a woman could succumb to another woman's sexual trap by voluntary submission. Both women had breast traps. It took strength of will on the donor's part to remain unmoved by the trapped woman's sexual bliss but they managed it for a couple of years until they came close to the point where neither had any resistance to each other. One became the other's slave; the first enslaved woman in Shelacta's history.

The 'Mistress' was devastated. She didn't want a female slave. She wanted to continue to exchange the sexual ecstasy that they had shared. She ordered her slave to offer the breast trap and lost herself in it thus enslaving herself as well. The situation was almost farcical. Both were slaves; both were mistresses. They became addicted to each other's trap to such an extent that they forget the basics of human survival such as eating and drinking. Eventually they were reported to the Temple and brought there in a near comatose state. They were separated and nursed back to health. Their mutual dependence was such that the priestesses could not keep them apart without risking their lives. The authorities of the Temple regulated their love making to each being the slave on alternate nights and keeping apart on Sunday nights.

The two women were studied and their condition was well documented. News leaked out from the Temple and other women experimented who didn't have the same strength of will, nor were so equally matched. Some found disaster. Breast traps worked well for women. Other traps could be very dangerous. Rules were devised rather like the parameters of the game of 'paper, scissors, stone'. Usually women with the same trap were suitable partners. Lip traps were not. Several pairs of women died when then trapped each other with lip traps. If one woman had a lip trap she could pull her lips away and end the sexual enchantment. If both had, neither could evade the others' lips and they died from over stimulation of their sexual urges. Scent traps were equally disastrous. Pussy traps were suitable if the partners did NOT do 69. If they did: they died.

Mona became excited by Eva's control of Jonas and Adam with her hand on mouth trap. Mona wanted to experience the sexual highs that she could see her husband and son enjoy. She resisted the urge for several weeks before confessing what she desired to Eva as the two men were writhing side by side under Eva's hands.

"Do you really want to be as helpless as this, Mona?" Eva asked quietly. "You know that they are completely overwhelmed by my trap?"

"Yes," said Mona firmly. "I want to experience the height of pleasure that you give them."

"You know it is dangerous?"

"Yes, Eva, but I have come to trust you."

Eva laughed. "Trust me? An ex-prostitute who has enslaved your husband and son? You must be mad, Mona."

"No, Eva, not mad." Mona replied. "If you had wanted to, you could have turned both of them against me at any time. You control them, not me. They only obey me because YOU order them to. If I didn't already trust you I would be helpless against you anyway. Even if I become your slave in reality my real status in this household will be no different. Everything I have, I have because you let me keep it."

"I hadn't thought of it like that, Mona," said Eva. "It is true, isn't it?"

Mona nodded.

"Yet I work for you and I am grateful to you for letting me stay despite Jonas' palpable lies about how he met me."

"I wanted you to work with me against Jonas. I needed an ally and friend. That you have been, Eva, and still are."

"You would risk letting me be your mistress?"

"You are my mistress now, Eva. You have control." Mona looked pointedly at the two men who were now in an exhausted sleep.

"Then come here and experience what they feel. No. Leave them here. We'll go to your bedroom. THEY writhe on the hard floor. You deserve silken sheets and comfort."

Mona lay on the bed. Eva sat beside her.

"Last chance to say 'No'. You are sure, Mona? This is what you really want?"

Mona nodded. Eva's hand pressed over Mona's mouth. Mona slumped against the pillows and her hips began a slow pumping which gradually became stronger. Eva removed her hand after only five seconds. She lay down beside Mona and closed her eyes thinking about anything except sex. She opened her eyes again when Mona stirred and mumbled.

"Mona? Mona!"

Mona opened her eyes. She looked at Eva.



"Yes. Wow! I have never experienced anything as exhilarating as that. If I were to score Jonas' love-making on a scale of one to ten he might once or twice have reached seven. On the same scale that was five hundred."

Eva giggled. "Only five hundred? I must be losing my touch."

"It was beyond anything I expected. I can understand why men rush into women's sexual traps. Personally I wouldn't want to do that more than once a month. I couldn't stand the strain more often because I'm not as young as I was but I'd be counting the days, hours and minutes until the month was up."

"Then we have a date for a month's time. OK?"

"Yes. Thank you, Eva."

"And what about me?" Eva said musingly. "If what you say is true, I am missing a lot."

"You could use my breast trap. It isn't what it was but it still works. Compared with the score of five hundred for your trap I think mine can still reach a hundred at least."

"You are sure?"

"Go for it, Eva. My trap is weak and will get weaker."

Mona pulled her clothing aside and showed her breasts. Eva bent forward and buried her face in Mona's cleavage. Mona wrapped her arms around Eva's head and pulled her deeper. Eva's body twitched and struggled to pull away. Mona held her tightly and Eva's struggle changed to a settled rhythm. Mona kept still for half an hour while Eva climaxed again and again. Mona relaxed her hold and pulled Eva into a resting position. She left Eva sleeping.

Mona made two cups of coffee. While it was cooling she checked on the men. They were still unconscious on the floor. Mona sipped her coffee until Eva began to move.



"Eva? Are you awake? There's some coffee for you."


Eva opened her eyes and focussed on Mona.

"One hundred, you said?"


"You were wrong. I don't know what you felt in my trap but what I felt in yours was easily worth five hundred. I have never, never known such a wonderful time."

"I'm pleased you liked it, Eva. Coffee?"

"Yes, please."

From then onwards Mona and Eva used each other's sexual traps. Mona trapped Eva several times a week. Eva trapped Mona only once a month. Although they watched themselves carefully neither saw any signs of weakening in their resistance to each other. It may have helped that the fantasies each experienced were heterosexual. They used each other's bodies as a means to an end, not because of attraction to the other's body. They were friends and allies against the Smith men, not lovers.

Meanwhile there had been developments in the Smith household. Mona and Eva had been shopping together when Eva recognised Camille, one of her former colleagues from the brothel, sweeping the shopping mall. She discussed with Mona what to do. They agreed to invite Camille to the Smiths' house for coffee and a chat. Eva approached Camille discreetly. Camille agreed to visit them that evening.

When she arrived she said:

"I can be Camille with you but that isn't the name I work under. I'm still illegal. Don't give me away, please."

"We won't Camille," said Mona. "Couldn't you have got a better job than a cleaner?"

"Not as an illegal and trapless. I could be a prostitute again but now I keep all the money I earn. I end up with more than I did from the brothel. The pimps and the smugglers took nearly every penny."

"Do you know where any of the others are?" Eva asked.

"Yes. Three of them. Aurora works as a cook's help in a burger bar. Larissa is a cleaner in an old people's home. She's lucky. She gets a room as well. Gida is luckier still. She kept her trap and now has three slaves supporting her. The slaves run a dry-cleaning shop. She stays behind the scenes and does the mending but she owns the shop, or rather one of the slaves does. As an illegal she can't own anything."

"What were they before they came here?" Mona asked.

"We were all business graduates," Eva cut in. "We hoped to get good jobs here. We were qualified enough and we all spoke good English yet we fell for the smugglers' and pimps' promises and ended up in a brothel."

"So you knew each other before you came to the brothel?"

"Knew of each other might be better," said Camille. "Gida graduated three years ahead of me. Aurora was two years ahead and Larissa one year. Eva was two years behind me, weren't you?"

"Yes. We all went through the same course. I think we all got firsts. I know Camille and I did."

"The others did too," added Camille.

Mona was horrified.

"So we have five first class business degree holders here as illegals doing stupid jobs?"

"Yes, Mona," said Camille, "Because we are illegal immigrants. We all tried to get work permits but failed."

"Eva." said Mona, "how good are these women and you at business?"

"We're the best our country produced. If we had stayed we would be working for international companies."

"OK. Camille? Can you get the other three here on Saturday?"

"Yes, I suppose so. Why?"

"I'm going to persuade, no; Eva and I are going to persuade, my husband to employ all five of you in his company on temporary management student work permits until we can get you permanent ones."


"Why? Because you will earn much more than you are doing now; because you will no longer be illegal; because our company will benefit from some new talent that might give it a boost; and because Eva and I will tell Jonas he has to employ you. He can't refuse his mistresses."

Mona stopped. She looked at Eva.

"You think it's a good idea too, don't you?"

"It would be wonderful but..."

"No buts. We'll do it."

They did. Jonas resisted as much as he could and insisted on interviewing the five women as he would any potential recruits. What he heard overrode his caution. He employed all five not as students but as management trainees. The visas were no problem with the company's backing. What Jonas really hated was Eva's insistence that all the other four women moved in to the Smiths' house. He started searching for a way to escape from Eva's control.

Mona re-read Mary's letter and decided it was time to implement it. She and the other five women set up a dungeon in the basement. It was equipped with an exercise bench to which Jonas, or Adam, could be tied in any position needed. The six women used their imagination and Jonas' charge card to add extras to the dungeon.

Eva bought the tablets to induce milk. When she was lactating she used her hand over Jonas' mouth. When he was entranced the women carried him to the dungeon and tied him to the bench. Mona fitted a metal bit to his mouth that kept his teeth apart. It arched away to leave a wide opening.

Eva trapped Adam as well. The women tied Adam up on his bed and left him there. Just before she was about to visit Jonas, Eva returned to Adam and trapped him again. He writhed ecstatically but helplessly in his bonds as Eva descended to the basement to find Jonas awake and fuming. Mona, Camille, Aurora, Larissa and Gida were watching him.

Eva opened her blouse, reached her hands behind her and unfastened her bra. Her breasts showed tiny drops of milk. Jonas' eyes opened wide in alarm. He had been trying to resist Eva's sexual trap. Resistance to her milk would be impossible. He tugged at his bonds as she bent over him.

Gida and Aurora held his head still as Eva pushed her breast into his mouth. He tried to close his lips but all he did was squeeze her breast. Milk flowed to the back of his mouth. He tried not to swallow but Camille pinched his nostrils flat. He spluttered and the milk was gone. He was enslaved to Eva until he could find another milker.

Eva stood up, refastened her bra and closed her blouse. She had given Jonas a bare taste of milk, enough to enslave him but a long, long way from the pint he would need to be free from her and protected.

She took Camille with her up to Adam's room. Camille held Adam's head as Eva fed him with as much milk as she could produce. It wasn't a pint but must have been more than half a pint. Adam didn't fight Eva. He sucked at her breasts as if she were offering him hope. She was.

Eva reinforced her orders to Jonas. He must obey her immediately. If she wasn't around he must obey orders from Mona. When not at work he must obey Aurora, Camille, Larissa and Gida as well. Jonas had to comply.

Eva completed giving Adam the pint of milk necessary for his freedom and protection by the end of the second day. Then she stopped taking the tablets. Jonas could not gain freedom from her if she was not producing milk.

Jonas made one last attempt to evade Eva's control. He approached Larissa and offered her promotion if she would become a milker and feed him a pint. Larissa stalled until she could consult Mona and Eva. They told her to agree. Once Jonas had taken her first milk and was Larissa's slave she ordered him to drink Eva's milk again. He had to obey when Eva had taken the tablets. The same thing happened when he tried the same approach to Aurora, Camille and Gida. Each time he was back at the beginning in his attempt to obtain a pint of breast milk.

Aurora, Camille, Eva, Gida and Larissa kept taking a minimum dose of the milk producing chemical so that they always had a few drops available. At the end of every week the woman currently Jonas' mistress would order him to seek the breast of one of the others. He had no time to obtain a pint of milk from any other woman and finally stopped resisting their control.

His company was revived. Although it had always made a reasonable profit, the five women managers, working with the existing staff, had increased turnover by 150% in two years and profits nearly doubled.

Adam completed his degree, enslaved twice by women students. Each time the milk of one of the five women rescued him and she would up her milk production until he was protected again. After graduation he joined the company as a trainee manager and was appointed as the liaison between the five women at work. If he did well, Eva or Gida offered him a session of sexual entrapment. He told Aurora, Camille and Larissa about the entrapment possibilities of breast milk. Then those three also praised him with their newly acquired traps. If Adam made a mistake he had to crawl under a woman's desk and stimulate her pussy until she was satisfied. He wasn't 'brown-nosing' but within inches of it. He lost his unpleasant characteristics over time. His father had been thoroughly subdued. Adam was not subdued, but educated in the skills of pleasing a woman as well as in management skills.

Over time four of the five women managers left to other employers, took husbands and moved away, returning for reunions at the Smith household. Their men dreaded the reunions because they were swapped from woman to woman. If they did not please they might end up as the maidservant.

Aurora stayed and claimed Adam as her own. When Jonas Smith retired Aurora took over the management of the company with Adam as her deputy. When they started their family Adam ran the company for a few months until Aurora returned.

Mona was blissfully happy. Jonas was her resigned if not wholly willing slave; Mona could experience a sexual trap from any of the five younger women who could send her an ounce or two of milk by mail; her son was settled and enjoying life; and Mona had grandchildren to spoil.


Shelacta (pronounced She-Lacta) is a contemporary parallel world very similar to our own early 21st Century world except in its sexual practices.

Sexual changes have affected the human race. Young women have become forced to be sexual predators. Once a woman has reached the age of 18 she is mature but she must force five men to orgasm before she becomes potentially fertile. At least one of the five of the five men must be killed by the sexual act of the pre-fertile woman. To help her achieve this women have mutated into developing sexual traps.

If a pre-fertile woman allows a man to penetrate her she loses her sexual trap and it is very difficult for her to become mature except with the help of consenting men. If a man penetrates a mature but pre-fertile woman he becomes immune to women's sexual traps. If he penetrates a fertile woman her trap makes him her slave, whether or not conception occurs. The fertile woman controls whether she wants to conceive or not. The number of male slaves a woman has determines her status. Any of her slaves is at risk of death from a pre-fertile woman, or capture by another fertile woman.
A woman who has lost her sexual trap is an outcast even when fertile because she has no normal means of making a man her slave.

Chastity belts for either sex are both immoral and illegal. The possession or use of such a device is a capital offence and execution is almost inevitable.

A pregnant woman freezes her status once the pregnancy is confirmed. She can immunise her male slaves against other women by wiping her pussy over their faces at least once a week. She can do this if she is actually pregnant but the pregnancy isn't yet confirmed.

A lactating woman is special. Even if she has lost her sexual trap she is attractive to men because her milk can free them. Every man who drinks a pint of her milk directly from her breasts becomes his own master again. He will be immune to sexual traps for life but from the first sip until he has drunk the whole pint he is the lactating woman's slave and that slavery overrides all others even after she ceases to produce milk. Lactation is the only way for a woman who has lost her sexual trap to achieve status.

Males under the age of 18 are taboo and incapable of arousal. The best birthday present a family can give a son is to buy the services of a lactating woman until he has drunk a pint of her milk. Women who can produce a genuine pint at one feed are rare and much sought after. Most paid 'milkers' have to have several sessions with the fortunate son until the pint has been delivered. The procedure is embarrassing to the son because until he has drunk the full pint he is the 'milker's' slave and as she is usually an outcast of low status his predicament makes him the butt of humour from his contemporaries. There have been several stage farces written around this situation. If she cannot deliver the full pint for whatever reason, he is her slave for life.

The author of these tales has limited access to view journals and magazines from Shelacta. From that access he has extracted some stories that might interest our world.
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