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Shelacta Tales Ch. 09

If this is the first Shelacta Tale you have read, please go the appendix to Tales 1 to 8 inclusive to learn about this world.

Ninth Tale: Victim's Guide to Sexual Traps Part 1

Researcher's Note. This information is extracted from an incomplete and apparently unedited draft of a students' organisation publication. Its accuracy is not guaranteed but I have been unable so far to find another similar account in my limited access to Shelacta.


The Students' Union have produced this guide as advice to freshmen at (deleted) University. It is intended for male students but female students may find it useful in assessing the reactions of males. We enjoyed the research but have withheld the names of the ladies who assisted in our studies. They told us to.

There are many sources of advice available to eighteen year old men on how to avoid women's sexual traps. If that is what you want to do, this guide will not help. If you want to experience women's traps and enjoy them this guide will tell you what to expect.

If you follow the directions in this pamphlet you cannot avoid becoming a willing slave to one woman or another. This advice is to help you to enjoy the experience.

This first edition will contain advice on as many varieties of sexual traps that we have found on campus at the time of writing. We hope you will be inspired to add to the information in future editions. Information about sexual traps not included in this edition will be much appreciated. You can email us at (web address deleted) or contact us at (campus address deleted).


Most sexual traps work by isolating the victim from his surroundings so that he has to concentrate fully on the woman. Once he has been so isolated he has almost no opportunity to avoiding her trap. The breast trap, although common, is so effective because most men cannot avoid looking at a woman's breasts. If the woman has a breast trap then one look is too much for the hapless man. Avoidance advice usually suggests looking at a woman's face and never lower.

However this guide is different. We are advising the potential victim how to ENJOY sexual traps. Looking at women's breasts is enjoyable. Being caught in a woman's breast trap is exquisite.

For most of the students reporting to us the following is their experience. If a man sees a small part of a woman's breast, as little as a hint of the roundness, and certainly less than half an inch of cleavage, his eyes are locked on to her. He cannot look away, no matter how much willpower he uses. The woman can break the trap by covering her breasts completely at this stage but the man is powerless. He has to approach the woman with his eyes at the level of her breasts. If she is standing he will fall to his knees before her. If she is seated he will kneel and lean forward.

Once his face touches the skin of any part of her breasts he will be unconscious of anything she might do or say. He seems to be smothered between her naked breasts and unable to breathe without her permission. Her breasts seem to grow larger and larger until his head is completely immersed between them and they close behind his head as if she is forcing them together with her hands. His body shrinks and becomes apparently naked. Eventually his whole body is constrained within her cleavage and her pulse overwhelms his hearing. Her scent fills his nostrils. His lips and tongue are in contact with her. Her breasts pulse at whatever rate will produce the maximum effect on him. He is pushed to imminent ejaculation time after time, only to be denied at the critical moment. After what appears to be hours he is allowed to climax.

To a detached observer his actions seem extreme. After a fleeting touch of a small part of her breast no more is needed. What appears to him to be a total enclosure of his whole body between her breasts is only illusion. He may be writhing on the floor in a helpless delirium of consummated sex while the woman is walking away. He will ejaculate repeatedly until drained. This explains why men's sanitary products are marketed as assiduously as women's ones are. Dry cleaning shops offer courtesy hire suits while the man's suit is cleaned. Paper underwear is a useful standby carried by many men.

The whole process takes about ten minutes and the man is in a dazed state for another twenty minutes. However the woman can enhance the entrapment by pulling the man into her cleavage. If she has large breasts and pushes them together around the man's head he will be entranced for at least half an hour and dazed for a further hour afterwards. He is at risk of suffocation unless the woman acts carefully. There have been reports that unwanted men have been killed by repeated application of an enhanced breast trap. It is supposed to be cheaper than divorce but unless the woman is pre-fertile she runs the real risk of being charged with homicide.

An aside. As students we are not wholly familiar with office politics but two statistics of office life have been generally credited with causes related to women's sexual traps. The first is that women working for large corporations have three times as many heart attacks as men. It is assumed that this is because men will succumb to a sexual trap at work at least once a month. That provides a full workout for the heart and lungs and any abnormality will be detected early. The second is that women predominate in management positions on Shelacta. It is thought that some women sabotage possible male rivals by ensuring that they are sexually trapped before important meetings. There is an urban myth that a boardroom take-over was engineered by one director's secretary who breast-trapped each of the male directors as they arrived for the meeting. Although they appeared to be functioning normally, she had enslaved all of them and instructed them which way to vote on appointing female nominees to the board. Although not a board member, she controlled the company through the votes of the men enslaved to her and those of the women that she had made board members.

A woman with a breast trap is unlikely to have her breasts prominently displayed in a public place or in the main room at a party. She could trap men without meaning to. It could be embarrassing for her if a complete stranger is forced to writhe in ecstasy between her breasts while travelling on public transport, or in an office meeting, or, as happened to one of our reporters, in the waiting room at a dentist's surgery. He had an appointment for dental reconstruction after hard played rugby match. The dentist completed the repairs without anaesthetic while our reporter was still unconscious from the woman's breast trap. He was pleased.

Our reporter advised us that the woman had told the dentist that she didn't know how to answer one of the children in the waiting room who asked 'Why is that man trying to blow up that lady's balloons?'. He recommends a breast trap as being preferable to traditional painkillers and suggested that all dentists ought to employ nurses with breast traps. There might be a disadvantage if men were to become enslaved every trip they visited their dentist. Our reporter followed the unfortunate woman for a week before she persuaded one of her friends to 'adopt' him with her trap.

Breast traps are normally concealed but a good hint for finding them is to look for clues such as a front zip or buttons. That is not always infallible. Another reporter was attracted to a woman with a front zip to her dress. He thought she had a breast trap. She didn't. She was lactating and when he got her alone she breast fed him. He is now her permanent slave and acts as her housekeeper. That was not his intention but he has no choice now.

We do not have infallible chat-up lines for obtaining the use of a woman's breast-trap. We are told that showing interest in the woman as a person rather than just as the possessor of a pair of breasts can be effective but you, the reader, will have to adapt your own technique to reach a successful conclusion. Another myth is that some of our female colleagues compete to see how many men they can trap in an evening. We have no reliable evidence that this has ever occurred here. Some of us might wish that it would happen but we think that wishful thinking is all it is.


This is the end of the first draft on breast-traps. Further articles on other sexual traps will follow when our dedicated reporters submit their experiences. Volunteer reporters are required. There is a high wastage rate as they become trapped and enslaved.


Note: I am the author's mistress. I have ordered him to stop writing this nonsense and end his research. While I am stifling him between my breasts and he is twitching in ecstatic surrender I will delete as many versions of this file as I can access. I have sent this note as a limited action virus. It will attach itself to any text that has at least 10 points of similarity to his draft. Once the note is attached the virus will kill itself and do no harm to your system. Following the advice in his guide might be harmful or even fatal to you. You have been warned.
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