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Shelacta Tales Ch. 11

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Eleven: Hotel Thief

Angela (see first Shelacta Tale) was unusual. She could animate her clothing, and any used item of her clothing could trap a male even if Angela was nowhere near.

Most women who had a clothing trap had to use the clothing they were wearing at the time and remain in contact with it and the male they were trapping. Used underwear had the most impact. An unprotected male who had a woman's recently removed panties held over his face succumbed in seconds. The next most effective traps in order were a bra, stockings or tights/pantyhose, a slip, a headscarf, a skirt, a top, a coat.

Unfortunately for those women who had a weak clothing trap males became very wary when women's underwear is visible. Some women have become expert in whipping panties out of a handbag, or stepping out of their panties, but visible underwear is a warning sign that a woman is out to trap a man.

An old court case, recently printed in a True Crime magazine, showed that one woman had found an unusual solution.

Jane X, her identity still protected by court order, was an illegal immigrant. She was employed during the day as a chamber maid in a large hotel but as an illegal she was paid less than the minimum wage and was finding it difficult to make ends meet. She was slim and slight and might have had difficulty in using her clothing trap in normal social situations.

She decided to turn to crime. She had noticed that her maid's uniform was identical in all the hotels in the group's portfolio. In her uniform, with identity tag showing, she could enter any hotel of the chain and be unchallenged. Very few people took any notice of her as she prowled another hotel's corridors at night. Even the other maids didn't notice that she wasn't employed at that hotel because staff turnover was high.

Part of the hotel group's maid uniform was an apron trimmed with lace at its lower edge. Jane's unusual solution to men's aversion to displayed underwear was to cover her apron with a heavy cotton waist slip, trimmed with similar lace to her apron. She ironed the slip so that the edges were crisp, looking like the edge of her apron and tucked the slip into the apron's waistband. The slip was in full view but looked like the uniform apron.

As she prowled the hotel corridors at night, if she encountered a male on his own, she would move behind him, pull the slip from the apron's waistband and pull it tight around the man's head. He would be immediately disabled by her sexual trap and unable to resist as she relieved him of his wallet. He couldn't identify her because he was blindfolded by her slip and hadn't really noticed a maid going about her work.

Once Jane had robbed the man she would carefully replace the slip with a pillowcase as he writhed uncontrollably on the floor. When he recovered and removed the pillowcase Jane would have left the hotel either to return home or, if her theft had been insufficiently productive, to visit another hotel. Once out of sight of her victim she would put the waist slip on, under her uniform's skirt, where it was invisible.

Of course the men complained to the hotel management but couldn't identify the maid who had attacked them. There were no clues on the clean pillowcases that were part of that hotel's normal linen stock. Jane, as part of her maid's duties, was wearing rubber gloves so left no fingerprints anywhere. If her slip could have been produced, it would have shown the man's saliva or DNA, but no one suspected that a slip was being used. One man thought that the item of clothing that had been used was a maid's apron. All the aprons worn by the rostered staff in that hotel that night were checked for saliva and DNA, without result.

Jane was aware that the hotel group's management were worried by the attacks. She read the staff circulars encouraging staff to report any intruders, to check maids' identity cards to detect imposters, and to be alert. They didn't warn guests.

She was also aware that it would be suspicious if her own hotel was immune so she attacked a couple of men there too while on overtime.

Her downfall might have come from the fence to whom she sold the debit and credit cards she couldn't use, but the fence was delighted by her continual supply of fresh cards. He wasn't going to shop the goose that laid golden eggs almost every night.

One night she made the mistake of attacking a milk-protected man. Her trap was useless on him. Even blindfolded by her slip he was able to grab Jane, to hold on to her and to call for help. Several other maids arrived. One of them recognised Jane as being an employee at another hotel. Jane's genuine identity badge enabled the police to arrest her, to hold her while her flat was searched, revealing the cards she hadn't yet sold and a pile of neatly ironed waist slips.

Jane could have instructed all the men she had trapped not to give evidence against her, but the man she had attacked last would still convict her. He was one of the hotel group's security guards brought in from another city, who had been selected because they were milk-protected, to prowl the hotels'corridors at night waiting to be attacked. Jane pleaded guilty and asked for over two hundred offences to be taken into consideration.

Her case attracted considerable attention. It produced a short-lived fashion for women to wear lace-trimmed aprons over their skirts or slacks, and for sales of waist slips to peak suddenly.

Jane was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to repay those men who had been robbed. But no man came forward to claim that they had been robbed, even those who had complained to the hotels' management. At first it was thought it was because Jane had ordered them, all of whom were enslaved by her, not to claim, but she hadn't. The men were embarrassed that such a slightly-built woman had overpowered them so easily.

The magazine article followed Jane's story to later years:

The temple intervened. They undertook to rehabilitate Jane. At the temple she was trained as a dressmaker specialising in clothing that concealed easily reachable underwear. She also tutored women with clothing traps in quick-draw techniques. Her slip head-wrapping had been amazingly fast and few of her pupils could attained anywhere close to her speed. Women who were identified as having clothing traps had felt that they were inferior to those with more usable traps. Jane's dressmaking and training boosted their confidence and skills.

Once established as a dressmaker she was able to apply for, and obtain resident status with the temple's support. She married a tailor who submitted to her trap willingly and they opened shops side by side in a suburb.

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This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Shelacta (pronounced She-Lacta) is a contemporary parallel world very similar to our own early 21st Century world except in its sexual practices.

Sexual changes have affected the human race. Young women have become forced to be sexual predators. Once a woman has reached the age of 18 she is mature but she must force five men to orgasm before she becomes potentially fertile. At least one of the five of the five men must be killed by the sexual act of the pre-fertile woman. To help her achieve this women have mutated into developing sexual traps.

If a pre-fertile woman allows a man to penetrate her she loses her sexual trap and it is very difficult for her to become mature except with the help of consenting men. If a man penetrates a mature but pre-fertile woman he becomes immune to women's sexual traps. If he penetrates a fertile woman her trap makes him her slave, whether or not conception occurs. The fertile woman controls whether she wants to conceive or not. The number of male slaves a woman has determines her status. Any of her slaves is at risk of death from a pre-fertile woman, or capture by another fertile woman.

A woman who has lost her sexual trap is an outcast even when fertile because she has no normal means of making a man her slave.

Chastity belts for either sex are both immoral and illegal. The possession or use of such a device is a capital offence and execution is almost inevitable.

A pregnant woman freezes her status once the pregnancy is confirmed. She can immunise her male slaves against other women by wiping her pussy over their faces at least once a week. She can do this if she is actually pregnant but the pregnancy isn't yet confirmed.

A lactating woman is special. Even if she has lost her sexual trap she is attractive to men because her milk can free them. Every man who drinks a pint of her milk directly from her breasts becomes his own master again. He will be immune to sexual traps for life but from the first sip until he has drunk the whole pint he is the lactating woman's slave and that slavery overrides all others even after she ceases to produce milk. Lactation is the only way for a woman who has lost her sexual trap to achieve status.

Males under the age of 18 are taboo and incapable of arousal. The best birthday present a family can give a son is to buy the services of a lactating woman until he has drunk a pint of her milk. Women who can produce a genuine pint at one feed are rare and much sought after. Most paid 'milkers' have to have several sessions with the fortunate son until the pint has been delivered. The procedure is embarrassing to the son because until he has drunk the full pint he is the 'milker's' slave and as she is usually an outcast of low status his predicament makes him the butt of humour from his contemporaries. There have been several stage farces written around this situation. If she cannot deliver the full pint for whatever reason, he is her slave for life.

The author of these tales has limited access to view journals and magazines from Shelacta. From that access he has extracted some stories that might interest our world.
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