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Shelacta Tales Ch. 12

If this is the first Shelacta Tale you have read, please go the appendix to learn about this world.

Twelve : Is He Protected?

My boyfriend/servant's guide to sexual traps, now deleted, [Note: It isn't. It is Tale 09] was his pathetic attempt at providing advice to men.

This guide is for newly adult women, particularly those who want to become sexually fertile by trapping five men. This is a first incomplete draft that may be updated by contributions from other women.


How can you tell if a man is protected, either by already being enslaved by a milker or a pregnant woman?

It is estimated that between a quarter and a third of adult males in a town or city are protected. In rural areas there are more protected males because they often work alone and their womenfolk don't want to lose them to a predatory woman.

Any woman who is adult, having had her eighteenth birthday, and is not yet fertile because she hasn't trapped five men and killed one by sexual overload, is forgiven almost any attempt at trapping a man, even if she attempts a protected male. Legally, she might be arrested for assault, but the courts have taken a lenient view of 'assaults' by pre-fertile women under the age of twenty-five. No young pre-fertile woman has been convicted of assault in the last fifty years and the few cases before then were exceptional. Those assaults were far more violent than required to trap an unprotected man.

But if you are already fertile then you can be accused of assault if you try to trap a protected man. Successfully trapping an unprotected man has no legal consequences. He becomes your slave and cannot testify against you.

One famous case, Mr. A and Miss F, has been reported frequently. Mr. A, a married man, was sitting on a bench in a shopping mall waiting for his wife. She was in a bridal store helping a friend choose her wedding dress. Miss F should have suspected that Mr.A was protected. He was sitting alone in a place frequented by hundreds of women. He was wearing a wedding ring, usually a clear sign that he is enslaved at least. Trying to trap someone else's man is a breach of etiquette. Trying to trap a protected man is dangerous.

But Miss F wanted one or more slaves who would support her financially. She had lost her last job through 'incompetence' although the attack on Mr A suggested that her incompetence might have been a total lack of common sense.

Miss F had two weak sexual traps. It is often found that a woman who has a weak trap actually has two or more traps. Many women have more than one trap but one is much stronger and that is the one they use.

Miss F had a breast trap and a clothing trap. Her breast trap wasn't strong enough for a man to become entranced by the mere sight of her breasts. His face had to be in contact with her breasts. To use her clothing trap she had to wrap an item of clothing around the man while that clothing was still in contact with her body. She had worked out a method to trap men using both of her weak traps at once and she tried that on Mr A.

She was wearing a wraparound dress as she approached Mr A as he sat on the bench. She moved quickly in front of him, opened her dress and wrapped the sides of it around his head, pulling him into her cleavage. IF Mr A had been unprotected he would have instantly succumbed to the effects of both Miss F's sexual traps.

Unfortunately for Miss F, Mr A's wife was pregnant and he was protected by frequent contact with her pussy. He reacted instantly, grabbing Miss F and turning her over his knees. He lifted the back of her dress, revealing her white cotton panties, and spanked her hard.

She ran away crying more in humiliation than in pain and complained to one of the mall's security staff that Mr A had assaulted her. When the staff member approached Mr A, his wife and her friend had joined him. They had been leaving the bridal store as Miss F pounced and had seen the incident. The three of them told the mall guard exactly what had happened and Mr A announced that he wanted Miss F arrested for her assault to which he had reacted.

Both were persuaded to drop the accusations. Mr A and Miss F were warned that such behaviour was unacceptable in the mall and that a repeat would lead to them being banned.

It would have remained a low-key incident except that everything had been recorded on several security cameras. The recordings were posted on the internet and went viral. Most comments suggested that Miss F deserved the spanking and that Mr A was a hero. More serious commentators considered that Miss F needed tuition in the use of her sexual traps and particularly how to recognise and avoid a protected man.

Miss F's misfortune and several similar cases suggested to me that there is a real need for a guide on how to tell whether a man is protected or not.


The most obvious sign is his behaviour. An unprotected man will be nervous of women and will avoid being alone with a woman if he can. Mr A's behaviour should have been an obvious clue that he was protected. Unprotected men do not sit alone in a public place.

Elevator cabins are dangerous to an unprotected man. Although when he enters there might be several people, at any time he could find himself left alone with a woman on the prowl. A few seconds, and he's trapped. A man who consistently uses stairs instead of elevators is probably unprotected.

An unprotected male will only be comfortable in situations where there are many people. A protected man needs to take no precautions. Only Deirdre, the Golden Siren, overrides existing protections and she remains in the Temple at all times.

If you find yourself alone with a man, not by your design but by a normal course of events, and he is not uneasy in your presence then he is protected. An unprotected man would be very nervous if alone with you. If you are pre-fertile and haven't killed yet, it could even be his last mistake.

The advice for women unsure whether a man is protected or not can be summed up as "If you have any doubt, don't try it.".

Etiquette for Women.

It is rude to deliberately trap someone else's man, whether he is a husband or a long-term partner. He is owned, sexually trapped by her, and although your trap will override hers, she can renew her trap as soon as she is alone with him. Repeatedly trapping another woman's man is a serious insult. If she has to, she can go to any chemist or drug store, buy the chemical to induce lactation and protect him from you. However chemically produced lactation is uncomfortable and if it has to be done quickly, is painful.

But if she gives him a whole pint of her breast milk whether accidentally or by design, he is immune to almost all sexual traps, including hers, for the rest of her life. That can damage their relationship. He is no long her property and slave and he cannot get the enjoyment that her sexual trap gives him. You should never underestimate the attraction of sexual traps to men. They experience greater enjoyment than normal sex even from the weakest trap.

If you want to trap someone else's man, think why you want to do that. If she is willing to lend him to you, that is a different matter and can be arranged between you. You can trap him, use him, and hand him straight back for her to trap him again.

It is considered unwomanly to use a sexual trap in front of other people, unless your trap is one of those that is always active. If you have a breast trap you should not expose any part of a breast in public. If you have a hair trap, then covering most or all of your hair is polite. If you have a scent trap, wearing a strong perfume that covers your natural scent is a reasonable precaution.

Clothing traps are easiest to live with. Unless you want to enslave a man, then your underwear should remain hidden at all times. A bra strap could entrap so cover it or go strapless. If you have a very strong clothing trap so that the slightest touch on any part of your clothing would entrap a man then you must avoid that touch – if you can.

One pre-fertile woman was aware that she had a clothing trap, but not that it was a very strong one. She was a student who became mature while travelling on a bus. The man sitting next to her went into orgasm from contact with her coat. She moved away and her coat brushed against a man walking towards the bus's door. He went into orgasm and blocked the gangway. She tried to walk to an empty seat at the rear of the bus but her clothing touched several men as she moved. The police had to physically remove eight entranced men in the throes of violent orgasms before she could leave the bus. One died from a pre-existing condition and she became fertile.

From then onwards she used a car and could never travel on public transport. Even so, by the end of that university term she had inadvertently enslaved almost all the men on her course by fleeting contact with her clothing.

Lip traps, hand over mouth traps, and pussy traps are also easy to live with. You are unlikely to entrap a man by mistake or inadvertent action.

Again, the strength of your trap makes all the difference. Most lip traps are only activated by direct contact with the man's lips. Some work by contact with any part of a man's skin. Touching your lips to skin is normally a deliberate act.

Hand traps? The usual is hand-over-mouth. That is instantly effective. Some stronger hand traps work by any contact of the woman's hand with any part of the man's skin. Gloves are the simplest solution.

Sirens, with the exception of Deirdre, the only living Golden Siren, have to make a conscious effort to trap a man. They have to sing at him. Some need only to sing a couple of bars of music, others a complete verse or more of a song. A siren is unlikely to trap a man by mistake.

Voluntary Submission

Some men enjoy sexual traps so much that they will volunteer to be trapped. If you can find such a man you can enslave him easily, but be careful. He is likely to roam, to seek enslavement by another woman with a different or stronger sexual trap. If he has become protected by intercourse with a pre-fertile woman he can lose that protection by willingly entering a sexual trap. Once he has done that, his previous protection is null and void.

Even a man protected by a lactating woman can surrender his protection by consent. As long as the woman does not become aroused herself, he can enjoy her sexual trap and remain protected. But if she becomes aroused by his willing surrender, and orgasms, then he is lost, trapped by her and unprotected from her or any woman's trap. Beware! It is very difficult to remain detached if a man wants your trap so much that he is willing to risk his protection. You may think you can remain calm but too many men have become trapped even when the woman had no intention of trapping him.

In parts of society that can afford a milker for their son's 18th birthday then it is considered reasonable for the son to surrender his protection to his wife on their wedding night. For purely dynastic marriages that might not happen but the wife would consider herself slighted if he didn't surrender willingly and on their first night together. There are several novels that explore the tension between a bride and groom when he refuses to surrender his protection to her, and how she might persuade, seduce or trick him into surrender. Very few marriages exist in which the husband has not been enslaved by his wife's sexual trap.

An example of such a marriage was exhibited in a divorce court. He refused to surrender his protection because the marriage had been arranged by his parents. He didn't approve of their choice. Unfortunately she was in love with him and was willing to marry despite his reluctance. She thought that her love would bring him around in time, that he would grow to love her. Because she knew that he was not wholly happy with her as his bride she wasn't surprised when he wouldn't surrender his protection for the first few days or weeks of the marriage.

He took her compliance as a licence to be promiscuous and used the sexual traps of some of her friends, including all her bridesmaids, during the first few months of their marriage. Fortunately for him none of the friends became aroused and his protection was still in force but his wife was annoyed. Her friends became bored of his activities and colluded with his wife.

Several of her friends and especially the bridesmaids came to a female only party at the newly-weds' house. He was expecting a couple of his wife's friends and was surprised when more than a dozen arrived. He was even more surprised when at a signal from his wife the women jumped on him, tied him to the marital bed, gagged him, and she cut all his clothes off, stripping him naked.

"Right, xxxx (name withheld) you have consented to all my friends' sexual traps but not to mine. Those consents are enduring. Once you have consented you cannot change it. (Note: this is true) They can use their traps on you as many times as they like. They are going to, over and over again, until you consent to be trapped by me, or until one of them has an orgasm. If one has an orgasm your protection will be finished and I will trap you immediately afterwards to put this marriage right. I'm going to take your gag off now. You can consent to surrender to me, or my friends will trap you again and again."

She removed his gag. He refused to consent to being trapped by her. Her first friend, who had a clothing trap, removed her panties and smothered him with them. While struggling for breath he came in a spurt. The panties were removed and another friend's breasts squashed against his face. His body jerked uncontrollably but he couldn't ejaculate again.

One of the bridesmaids held a rope of her long hair over his nose and mouth. Although his face turned blue from lack of air his body was still thrusting vainly upwards.

The bride's friends continued to torment him for the next quarter of an hour. None of them seemed at all aroused by their treatment of him. The bride held up her hand as the first friend was about to trap her husband again.

"Had enough?" she asked.

He nodded weakly.

"Will you consent to being trapped by me?"

He nodded again.

"You need to say it," she insisted.

"Yes, I agree to being trapped by you," he said.

The bride held her hand over his mouth. She had a very strong hand trap. His body jerked far more than it had before. She had to remove her hand quickly before he passed out from the effect of her trap.

"OK, now you are mine, as you should have been from our first night. I'm going to be generous. You can use my friends' traps if they are willing, but only here at home, when I'm here to trap you immediately afterwards. Is that acceptable?"

Her husband couldn't believe that she was so forgiving.

"Yes, please," he replied.

They didn't divorce and are still happily married but one of her friends wanted a divorce from her husband for promiscuous behaviour. He counterclaimed that she was equally promiscuous with xxxx. The judge dismissed the counterclaim because the sexual trapping of xxxx was done with the bride's consent and in her presence. That was socially acceptable. On the other hand, cheating on his wife with trapless prostitutes was heinous behaviour and the bride's friend got her divorce.

The details of xxxx's ordeal before he consented to be sexually trapped by his wife made headlines in the scandal-rag newspapers even though his name was not given.


Even a woman can be trapped by another woman's sexual trap if she has consented and her friend becomes aroused. Freeing herself from slavery after that is difficult and usually needs specialist advice available at the Temple.

Note: This is all I have of this draft advice to women. The information I get from Shelacta is often incomplete or fragmentary.


Shelacta (pronounced She-Lacta) is a contemporary parallel world very similar to our own early 21st Century world except in its sexual practices.

Sexual changes have affected the human race. Young women have become forced to be sexual predators. Once a woman has reached the age of 18 she is mature but she must force five men to orgasm before she becomes potentially fertile. At least one of the five of the five men must be killed by the sexual act of the pre-fertile woman. To help her achieve this women have mutated into developing sexual traps.

If a pre-fertile woman allows a man to penetrate her she loses her sexual trap and it is very difficult for her to become mature except with the help of consenting men. If a man penetrates a mature but pre-fertile woman he becomes immune to women's sexual traps. If he penetrates a fertile woman her trap makes him her slave, whether or not conception occurs. The fertile woman controls whether she wants to conceive or not. The number of male slaves a woman has determines her status. Any of her slaves is at risk of death from a pre-fertile woman, or capture by another fertile woman.

A woman who has lost her sexual trap is an outcast even when fertile because she has no normal means of making a man her slave.

Chastity belts for either sex are both immoral and illegal. The possession or use of such a device is a capital offence and execution is almost inevitable.

A pregnant woman freezes her status once the pregnancy is confirmed. She can immunise her male slaves against other women by wiping her pussy over their faces at least once a week. She can do this if she is actually pregnant but the pregnancy isn't yet confirmed.

A lactating woman is special. Even if she has lost her sexual trap she is attractive to men because her milk can free them. Every man who drinks a pint of her milk directly from her breasts becomes his own master again. He will be immune to sexual traps for life but from the first sip until he has drunk the whole pint he is the lactating woman's slave and that slavery overrides all others even after she ceases to produce milk. Lactation is the only way for a woman who has lost her sexual trap to achieve status.

Males under the age of 18 are taboo and incapable of arousal. The best birthday present a family can give a son is to buy the services of a lactating woman until he has drunk a pint of her milk. Women who can produce a genuine pint at one feed are rare and much sought after. Most paid 'milkers' have to have several sessions with the fortunate son until the pint has been delivered. The procedure is embarrassing to the son because until he has drunk the full pint he is the 'milker's' slave and as she is usually an outcast of low status his predicament makes him the butt of humour from his contemporaries. There have been several stage farces written around this situation. If she cannot deliver the full pint for whatever reason, he is her slave for life.

The author of these tales has limited access to view journals and magazines from Shelacta. From that access he has extracted some stories that might interest our world.
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