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Shoubu University

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Shoubu University.

An enormous campus draped in mystery, roughly the size of a small city. No-one is quite sure where it is; students can only arrive via a long underground train system, and are advised to only attempt leaving the same way, lest they get completely lost amidst the unknown. It is not possible to simply apply here, as offers are made by invitation only to those "lucky" few who are selected. By whom? No-one can say.

The more suspicious types are likely to brush the offer off, but for those who are drawn to the mystery of it all, or to the prestigious reputation it has for those who successfully graduate, they are sure to find themselves in a world not quite like the one to which they are accustomed.

The education aspect of the campus is mostly normal, though with a little more hard work and high expectations than some universities might have. But what is truly abnormal, is the way the society here operates.

Everything here is driven primarily by GAMEs: contests of a multitude of varieties, that students and staff alike partake in frequently. Every GAME has stakes, decided on by the players, and those who are victorious also earn PRIZE tokens from the opponent, the currency of this world that takes the place of ordinary money. Of course, to maintain the economic balance, PRIZE can also be earned from the university directly in various ways.

Now, a new school year has just begun...

What's next?

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