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Sibling Breeder

The sun glistened through the blinds, rays of light trailed over Max's closed eyes, he groaned and turned over, snuggling his head into his white pillow trying his best to go back to sleep. Only for it to be ruined by a school bus pulling up out side, the screams of kids fighting over who gets to sit where on the bus. Max rolled over, sighed and decided it's time to get up.

Max had spent all his time playing video games, reading hentai and jerking it since finishing school at 18, he didn't bother getting a job or going into further education, due to his laziness his routine of excessive masturbation and hentai reading spanned just over two years. Slowly Max shifted out of bed standing up, groggily yawning.

Standing just over 5'9 Max scratched his head, picking up a white top of the floor, draping it over his slender frame, pulling up some tight boxers, hiding his impressive bulge. He slowly strolled to the kitchen to find his mother, leaning over the kitchen sink her impressive bust submerged in the sink's water, soaking through her top.

"Hey honey! I was just washing the dishes" she shouts, turning around revealing her wet tank top, no bar, her nipples seeping through the drenched top. "I've got to run out for a few chores," she blushes, "I'll be back tonight." Slowly she approaches Max, her bust wobbles with each step, leaning over to kiss Max's cheek. His mother Rae has always been a klutz and slutty, but she always meant well.

Max thought to himself, 'I'm sure mom wasn't this tall, and busty.' Shaking his head all flustered, "Okay mom!" wondering if something was up, knowing she never left the house unless groceries was needed. Max watched as she walks away, the bouncing of her ass and the width of her hips, forcing a feeling of awe to overcome him.

The front door slams, Max knocks back into reality, stuttering as he gets suspicious of something. He ponders for a bit, walking into his mothers room, hesitantly looking around, finding a drawer slightly open. He slowly opens the drawer, a bottle of pills rolls from under a leaflet. He hums picking up the leaflet reading 'Hucow transformation.' His eyes widens as he continues to read, seeing other women's transformations, their breasts sizes of car tires and pregnant belly's almost reaching the floor.

A warm sensation overcomes Max, dropping the leaflet, taking out the bottle of pills, reading 'cow hormone' across the white lid, he grinned, his cock harden, quickly he searched through his mothers belonging, quickly finding lube and her panties. Quickly stripping and wrapping the panties around his 9 inch cock, in a matter of minutes he came, passing out from the sheer amount of pleasure, suddenly the front door slams.

Max quickly scuffles around, throwing his mothers panties and the leaflet in the drawer, opening the bottle to take a few pills, just to carelessly throw the bottle in the drawer shutting it. Quickly going to his room he hides the pills.

Eventually Max gets dressed after calm himself down to venture down stairs to see his sister laying on the couch. He looks at her lightly blushing pondering if he should tell her.

Katie looks at Max, her cute round face looking up at him innocently, What's up bro?"

What's next?

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