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Sisters and Something More

"Kara, what—what the hell?" Alex muttered.

She'd come over to Kara's apartment for a sisterly brunch. She certainly hadn't expected Kara to answer the door completely naked.

Gathering her wits, Alex shoved Kara back inside and jumped in after her, closing and locking the door behind her. "Where are your clothes!?"

"In the closet?" Kara answered derisively. "And in the hamper. I'll be making a laundry run soon—"

"Dressed like that?"

Kara looked down at her svelte body, totally bared to Alex—sparse curls of golden fuzz cresting her mound, a long flat stretch of belly that seemed to go on forever like the sands of a beach, the mounds of her breasts interrupting that lean flesh, then the long legs, the long arms, swinging and strutting around in some perfect harmony. It seemed naughty just that she was gesturing with them instead of covering herself. It seemed even naughtier that she was still wearing her glasses, of all things...

"Well, I'm not really dressed like anything, now am I?" Kara clapped Alex's shoulder. "Lighten up, sis. I'm Kryptonian. Why should I have to live by some puritanical Earth custom in my own home?"

"I just thought—I didn't know that Kryptonians could be so..."

"Naked?" Kara smiled at her. Her glasses flashed in the light. "There's a lot you don't know about me. But c'mon, it's just us girls. Sisters, even. Maybe you should lose the pants and join me."

Alex went boggle-eyed. "I... I like my pants..."

"Me too. Nice and tight. I should borrow them sometime. You know—if I decide to put clothes on."

Alex gulped. "I just—what if someone came in, they could see you like this..." It occurred to her she should look away from Kara; she'd seen all there was to see, and there was a lot to see, and even if this wasn't private for Kara, it was private for her, and so she should be looking at her shoes, she should really be looking at her shoes...

"What? Like if a burglar decided just now to kick down the door and rob the place?" Kara smiled. Somehow that was even more alluring than her nakedness. "You seem really weird about this, Alex. Is it any different than if I were wearing my Supergirl costume around the house? If someone broke in, they could figure out that Kara and Supergirl are one and the same. Would you be so, ah, tongue-tied if I had on a skirt? Some kicky little boots?"

Alex stared at her shoes. "I, I don't know, what are you, what're you getting at, you're, you're, you're... naked!"

She was aware of Kara walking closer—padding closer on her bare feet. Not one ounce of fat on her perfect body, nothing to jiggle except the pert globes of her buttocks and her tits, shit, her breasts, her cleavage—everything else was just a stirring of muscles beneath her clear, creamy skin.

"It's not like you haven't seen me naked before, Alex. What's changed? What's made this so... naughty?"

Alex's ears burned, a fit of angry frustration overwhelming her at this awkward situation Kara had put her in for no damn reason. "Because it's like you want me to look at you!" she snapped.

Then froze. God. What had she said? What the fuck had she said?

Then, horribly, deliciously, she felt Kara's finger run over her cheek. It wasn't like Kara ever wore gloves, fingerprints be damned—but there was something about her touch now, her warmth, that made it seem positively obscene. Alex jerked away, only for Kara to catch her chin in her hand, holding Alex so tightly, so firmly...

"Why wouldn't I want you look at me? I like it when you look at me. Should I be ashamed of that?" Kara asked. Her words were quiet, but Alex could feel the heat of them hitting her throat. Kara was close. Too close. "Should you?"

"Kara, I think... I think something's messing with you... let go..."

"What was that?" Kara asked, craning her head. Her glasses caught the light again. Blinding. "You said that last part so softly, I couldn't quite make it out. Could you repeat that?"

Alex's lips trembled. Kara's thumb touched them, running over her lower lip, touching her teeth...

Her grip had loosened, fingers now fanned across Alex's face, cupping her jaw, but Alex still couldn't pull herself loose. Maybe it was that this close, all she could see was Kara's face, not anything of her nude body.

Maybe it was that she could feel Kara's body heat, so warm it was like slipping into a hot bath, the sun goddess, a day of summer in human form...

"Red K," Kara said, and Alex felt a wave of fear go through her. No, not fear. Adrenaline. "It's opened my eyes again. But this time I realize you don't hate me because of my powers. You hate me because you've been wanting to fuck me since high school."

"That's not true!" Alex muttered immediately.

Kara ignored her. "I think we should be closer, Alex. As sisters. Build a stronger relationship. Do more fun activities together..."

"This is crazy, Kara... this is crazy..."

"You can tell yourself that, Alex, but you can't tell me. Who else can understand us? Who else can share our secrets? You've always known that it would be the best with me, that I'm your soulmate, and if there we could just stop denying it, we could be everything to each other. Would you like that? Alex? To be my whole world? The most important person in my life?"

"I... I..."

"I already think about you, Alex. And you know the Red K only brings out what's already there. This is what I really want, but I couldn't admit it. Now I can. It's your turn to admit it. And then—I'm going to show you how much I love being your little sister."

Alex's thighs squeezed together. "Jesus Christ... Jesus Christ..."

Kara's hand slid downward and the tips of her fingers gently caressed Alex's slacks, flattening out the folds, catching in the hem of the pocket—her long, slender fingers... "I told you I liked your pants..."

Alex panted gently, aware of how her lips clung to each other as she parted them. "Jesus..."

Kara rested a fingertip on the leather of Alex's belt. Her smile slowly spreading, she plied her finger to the side, drawing Alex's belt to the left until the tongue popped free of the buckle, spooling out from her belly. Alex tried to hold in a gasp as Kara pried the prong loose from the belt, then suddenly Kara was grabbing the unmoored belt length and jerking Alex to her, kissing her, Alex moaning deep in her throat as the body she'd hugged and protected and cared for so many times now pressed against her, nude, burning, the fire spreading to her—

A whoosh of air and Alex was against the wall, her head spinning from the distance Kara had carried her. Kara was ripping her fly down, her pants open, her hand suddenly grasping Alex's crotch. Alex moaned wildly as she felt the palm of Kara's hand on her sex, actually on her sex!

"We can't do this," Alex said desperately, closing her eyes, unable to think, unable to ignore the solid presence that was turning her pussy so wonderfully alive. "We can't do this, we can't do this!"

"We're not doing anything," Kara said, eyes gazing over the rim of the glasses that had slipped down her nose. "I'm doing it. I'm fucking you. Look at me, Alex. Look at your sister while I fuck your pussy."

Kara ripped Alex's panties away, her skin stinging as the waistband tore, and Alex opened her eyes in time to see Kara's hand back at her pussy, massaging the bare mound with flattened fingers. Kara pushed her hand low, nearly to the bottom of Alex's sex, her middle finger extended, rubbing at Alex's taint.

It was her sister, it was her family, her lifelong friend, the second half of her, it was Kara.

Kara's hand lowered, the Kryptonian biting her lip as she watched Alex's reaction.

The middle finger prodded at Alex's asshole. Alex actually cried out as a sudden wave of sensation hit her all at once, a dam bursting. Kara was kissing her all over again, kissing her lips, her throat—she was so damn wet.

She babbled, knowing she needed to say something, anything. "No—not there!"

"Where then, Alex? Where does my big sister want this naughty little finger?"

Alex gasped. She was wet, she was so wet. "In my pussy..."

Kara moved her hand back and Alex almost shrieked in sudden dismay—she hadn't realized just how good it was feeling—then it happened. A flicker of sudden pleasure, an immense sensation, a feeling of parting and of opening and a knowledge of something inside her, that she'd been entered, because Kara was fingering her, one of those perfect fingers was in her body, in her cunt.

With her other hand, Kara straightened her glasses. "How long have you been thinking about me putting this finger inside you, Alex? Just this one little finger? You're clenching on it like you're scared I'll take it away. What would you do if I did, I wonder... would you cry? Would you cry like a little baby until I started fucking you again?"

Alex couldn't believe how perfect the finger felt in her. Her own fingers, her own vibrator, felt awkward and clumsy in comparison. Kara knew just where to touch her, just how hard to touch her, and then she went a little harder. A piston pushing in and out of Alex, giving her no respite, just endless pitching gratification. It was just how she'd always wanted to be fucked.

My sister knows me better than I know myself...

More kissing, more fingers, it all seemed like just more. At some point, Alex gave her hands permission to caress Kara's body, to feel that it was really as firm and as warm and as smooth as it appeared. She found out how much give there was in Kara's buttocks when she squeezed them, that her breasts were as soft as they looked.

She found out how much she'd wanted this. She'd had no idea before.

Sweat was pouring over her body, Kara's body heat tropical, frying Alex inside her clothes. Somehow, Alex decided to strip, struggling out of her clothes while Kara just kept fingering her, rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and rubbing, like she was getting to something long-buried in Alex's sex...

"I've missed seeing you naked," Kara drawled, adorable in her admiration, which only made the fact that she was finger-fucking Alex seem more wrong. "I'd see you getting out of the shower, or in your bathing suit at the pool, and I'd think of how beautiful you were. You are beautiful, Alex. God, you are perfect!"

A lump rose in Alex's throat. It wasn't the Red K talking. It was Kara. This was Kara, just uninhibited, going after what she wanted and it wasn't Jimmy, wasn't Winn, it was her. She clenched and Kara grinned, delighted, and rubbed Alex's clit.

Alex thought she would come. No, she knew it, she went stiff as a board thinking nownownownownow, but Kara had stopped, leaving Alex on the verge of orgasm, but no closer.

Kara saw Alex's dismay, smiled, and pulled her into a tight embrace. At lightspeed, Alex thought that the Red K had worn off somehow, that Kara had come to her senses, that it was over—she was relieved at the thought. She hated the thought. Her carefully ordered mind was in shambles, enjoying all of this even as she kept knowing how wrong it was. Then she saw the girlish grin on Kara's face.

Kara pulled them tighter. Alex's sopping cunt met Kara's thigh. It felt so good, Alex couldn't think, she just wanted to come, she wanted Kara, Kara to make her come, why did it have to feel so good?

Kara's face brushed against hers, cheek to cheek, Kara's lips tracing over her jawline as if they were just cuddling. Even the frames of her glasses felt good as they cut across Alex's skin. "It's okay, Alex. You can come. Go on. Fuck yourself on my leg until you come. I've heard you touch yourself, heard you call out to me from right next door."

Alex felt her face flooding with warmth. She hadn't just let this happen, she had asked for this, all this was because of her childhood crush, she'd corrupted Kara, she was so ashamed, she needed to come so bad. She humped Kara's leg.

Kara kissed her forehead. "But why don't you slap your pussy while you're at it?" Kara grabbed Alex by the shoulders and pushed her against the wall, holding her still. "Go on. Slap your pussy for being so damn wet and so damn filthy, you're actually getting off on humping your sister's leg!"

Alex reached down and—it was so embarrassing, so shameful—she brought her hand against her pussy in a light slap, it was so good, it was so good, and Kara nodded, Kara wanted her to do it, doing it would please Kara, she slapped her pussy harder, there was a bloom of pain, an answering pressure, and she did it again and the pressure mounted, it hurt more, but the pressure was so nice inside her, she slapped her pussy again, what the fuck was wrong with her, Kara wanted her to do it, felt good, her hand on her pussy, she was about to come, she couldn't take the pressure, "Please, Kara, please!"

"Say you want me," Kara said, her voice deathly calm. "Say you want to fuck me, that you've always wanted to fuck me—"

"Always, always!"

"Say you want to eat my pussy—"

"I want your pussy!"

"Say you want me to fuck you again, as soon as we're done—"

"I do! I want it all, I want you to do whatever you want with me, just... just..."

Kara let her go. She threw herself onto Kara, hugging her, embracing her, fucking herself against Kara's leg. And she came. Alex Danvers came with everything she had, the heat in her pussy turning liquid, the liquid spilling from her, the ache from before spiking the ecstasy and it hurt but she liked it, God, she was coming, she was fucking coming...

She was a monster. While Kara'd mind had been altered by Red K, Alex had taken advantage of her, used her only sister for her own perverse gratification, and even as she came, Alex knew she would never, ever forgive herself for the disgusting vileness she had allowed into their friendship, their sisterhood. She also couldn't believe how hard she had climaxed.

Once she was done coming, she kissed Kara. She needed to be a good sister now. She needed to make Kara come.

Kara took her by the cheeks, guiding Alex's head down to her breasts. She sucked Kara's nipple tenderly, relishing its flavor, its hardness pushing against her tongue. She hated how good it tasted, how much she enjoyed it—played her hands over Kara's flesh, the narrow hips, the flat stomach. Inch by inch, her fingers approached the wiry blonde hair between her legs. Alex hadn't been able to keep her eyes from straying to it. Now she couldn't stop her hands.

She touched it and was thrilled by the glossy texture, the damp heat that rose up to greet her fingertips.

"Like what you see?" Kara asked, but it wasn't Alex she was talking to.

It was Supergirl, coming in through the window, completely stunned, too discombobulated to properly land so her boots just trailed on the floor, aerial stumbling. "Alex, what're you... no... I don't understand..."

"Supergirl...?" Alex replied, equally stunned. Kara petted her hair and it was her, Alex's sister, but the woman looking at them—so horrified—that was Alex's sister too, she recognized her Kara...

"Let me explain," Kara said. "Max Lord captured us. Started in on testing different kinds of Kryptonite on us. One kind split us into two. Me, he exposed to Red Kryptonite. Supergirl over there, he exposed to Blood Orange Kryptonite. Why don't you show Alex what it did, Supergirl? Alex, don't stop..."

Alex didn't know what to do. This wasn't Kara, only it was, and her shame had only increased as she was actually seen doing this, by Kara, the real Kara or at least a realer Kara. And yet the shame only made her wetter. She felt smuttier, dirtier—

"I said not to stop," Kara insisted.

Alex peered down, releasing Kara's breast from her lips with reluctance, drawn by something far more compelling. Cupping the downy bed of Kara's sex with one palm, she moved low, kissing the flat belly, pushing the end of her tongue into the dimple of Kara's belly button...

"She's wanted to," Kara said, addressing Supergirl. "She's wanted to all along."

"I don't know how you're making her do this..." Supergirl breathed, staring wide-eyed as Alex moved further down, trailing her lips over the soft skin of Kara's pubis.

There was the labia, gorging itself on arousal behind the covering of light hair. Lips pulsing, anticipating the caresses that would bring them pleasure. Alex didn't wait any longer. She probed into the fleece with her lips, licking the pouting labia with her tongue, tasted and felt her own wetness ache with need...

Kara gasped, then smiled animatedly. "I just told you. She wants this. She wants us, no matter how much you think she likes cock. Speaking of, why don't you show her your new friend?" Kara glanced downward. "Never mind. I think it's coming out to play on its own..."

Heedless of them, Alex slid her palms under the dainty cheeks of Kara's ass, staring for a moment into the open pussy before plunging her face in, the silken hair brushing against her feverish cheeks, the labia meeting her lips in a kiss. She drove her tongue greedily inside, into the steamy warmth Kara had waiting for her, and remembered last year, for Kara's birthday, when she had gotten her the last Luberge Golde pumps in the city. It had been wonderful to make her little sister feel good.

Kara tapped her on the head. "Alex, look. Look. You have a brother."

Alex looked over at where Supergirl was still watching them. Her interest was becoming obvious. It was pushing out at the front of her skirt in a clearly phallic shape, a large, dominating rod that drew Supergirl's skirt up nearly to her hips. Eying them so hard that it was like a match being held to Alex's naked body, Supergirl unconsciously pulled the obscuring skirt away from her cock and grasped it hard, groaning in relief.

Kara petted Alex's hair down to her cheek. "We're tormenting your brother, Alex."

Alex turned toward Supergirl. Her eyes were hot already, and seeing Supergirl gripping her cock so roughly, they burst into a blaze of hungry need. There was no shame anymore, nothing taboo or off limits. There was only pleasure. And she knew Supergirl's cock could bring her even more of it.

Kara pulled Alex to her feet, kissing her cheek in loving agreement. "We're going to take care of that lovely hard-on. Can't allow our brother to suffer, can we? Come here, Supes. Don't you want to play some fun family games with us?"

Supergirl shook her head, and her forearm tensed as if she were trying to pry it away from her erection. "I won't—won't—"

"Just like your sister," Kara sighed. "Need an excuse. How about you do it or I'll kill her? Bring that big cock over here or Alex dies."

"You wouldn't!" Supergirl gasped. "You're me!"

"And you wouldn't take the chanceeee," Kara teased, sing-song. "God, that's a big cock! I just love a big cock, don't you, Alex? Must hurt like hell having it that hard. C'mere. Let Alex make it all better. Don't you want to, Alex? Don't you love making us feel better?"

Alex ducked her head, unable to bare the scrutiny of Supergirl's gaze, still so innocent, so trusting—not believing Alex was capable of this. "I do," Alex said, a sob ripped up from her throat.

Supergirl took a step for them, and that confirmation was all Kara needed. In a sonic boom of superspeed, she had Supergirl flat on her back on the dinner table. Her new cock stood straight up, balls loose between her thighs. Kara's hand closed around Supergirl's manhood and began to stroke.

"So hard!" she gushed. "Can't be just for me... you see all this every time you take a shower. So is it for Alex? Is all this long, hard cock for sister dearest?"
Alex, suddenly goosepimpling without Kara's feverish caresses, watched her sister—one of them—pump lightly on Supergirl's cock, resting a hand on her thigh, feeling Supergirl tremble with anticipation.

"Play with her balls, Kara," Alex found herself urging throatily. "We'll make her feel so good..." Her hands arced over her body. She would feel good too.

Kara cupped her doppelganger's balls, rolling them in her palm and squeezing the shaft with her other hand, pumping it up and down. The cockhead swelled further. The slit opened wide, beaded with precum.

"I'm going to taste her," Kara purred. "And Alex? I'm going to tell you all about how this cock tastes..."

Supergirl gaped, at the whorish actions of Alex and Kara, at herself as she arched her hips up, into the hand stroking her prick, caressing her balls. Kara licked her lips, her head dipping down, eyes boiling as they held contact with Supergirl the whole way.

She kissed the tip of Supergirl's cock, tongue barely touching the slit. Then, with a throaty moan, she ran her tongue over the cockhead, from its collar to the end of its underside. Alex leaned forward to watch. She was touching herself. For some reason, her fingers felt as good now as Kara's had.

Supergirl and Alex's eyes met, held as Kara's tongue flicked and probed, ran over every inch of the throbbing shaft. It was the only way Supergirl had to look at besides the eyes of Kara that she felt all over her. It was the only thing to distract her from what was happening.

It was the sight of Alex's lips as they parted wetly, letting out a gentle moan. Supergirl had never heard her sister so happy. She wasn't supposed to hear her sister that happy, that intimate happiness that came with another man, another woman. There was a limit to how happy she could make her sister!

But maybe there wasn't. Maybe she could be this, too, for Alex. Give her something more in exchange for all Alex had given and sacrificed for her. She could do this thing, this shameful thing—for Alex.

"Sweet," Kara murmured. "Very sweet..."

Her lips stayed open on the last word, then Supergirl's cockhead was between them. Alex saw Kara's cheeks dimple inward as she sucked hard, drawing the precum from Supergirl. Supergirl squirmed her panty-clad ass on the table, her skirt jostling away from her, flashing the sight of her bare hips at Alex. Both of them were moaning lightly, and so was Kara, with her mouth descending on Supergirl's cock. All three of them sounding alike. Like triplets.

Alex placed her hand over Kara's and pressed, making Kara's palm jam Supergirl's balls into her crotch. They were throbbing with need, full of molten cum that Alex could feel right through Kara's hand.

"Do you like it when I play with your balls at the same time?" Alex asked. She wasn't talking dirty. She was legitimately curious how it worked for Supergirl.

Supergirl nodded. Tears in her eyes. Her lips gently parted.

Kara lifted her glistening lips. "You should taste this sweet cock, Alex. Supergirl's cock is the sweetest one I've ever tasted. Go on, Alex. Taste your sister's cock."

Alex licked her dry lips and Kara shook her head.

"Not with those lips..."


Supergirl aimed her cock at Alex's pussy. The cock slipped inside easily, hungry pussy gobbling it up. Then, holding onto her ass, Supergirl began pumping.

"God, Alex, you're like the best big sister ever!" Kara trilled. "And you're gonna be a lot bigger when we're done!"

Alex groaned and took it, barely conscious of anything else. Not until Kara slapped her wickedly across the face.

"Play with my tits!" Kara ordered, and Alex obeyed, timidly at first, then working the nipples as she had before, making Kara shiver, making Kara hiss in satisfaction. Making Kara kiss Supergirl, encouraging her participation, and Supergirl fucked Alex harder, hungry pussy devouring her cock, Alex whimpering softly until she was forced to take one of Kara's nipples in her mouth.

With her mouth sucking tit, her pussy full of cock, Alex grabbed Supergirl's ass, bucked wildly, and came so hard that the flood of seed that ran out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass could've been hers.

"Kara," Alex whispered, "I need you."

Kara knew just what she needed, and gave it to her, her breasts bouncing all over the place as she slipped off the bed, skipped around to the other side, and jumped on beside Alex's face. Offering her pussy to Alex's mouth.

Alex didn't let her wait. She was as hot to suck Kara as Kara was to feel a tongue between her legs

Meanwhile, Supergirl's cock was getting a real workout from Alex's cunt. Her thrusts had sped up considerably. As Alex sucked her, Kara reached for Supergirl. Their mouths met and they palmed each other's heaving breasts.

"I'll come!" Kara wailed. Supergirl just hugged her tight, fucking into Alex's sloppy sex with abandon, her orgasm pulling closer and closer.

Suddenly, Alex felt Kara shudder convulsively. Her legs jerked, pussy, then exploding in a furious torrent of delicious juices. Just as Alex swallowed, she heard Supergirl cry "Fuck it! Oh, Christ, fuck it!" And Supergirl's hips pushed up against her groin and her cock was impossible to separate from Alex's cunt. Alex felt pure liquid sex shoot between her legs like a tidal wave, pour into her mouth as well, rolling over her tongue and down her throat and up her cunt. She gobbled it feverishly.

"It feels so good, doesn't it!?" Kara cried. "Eating pussy, taking cock—anything so long as it's your sister! You'll do anything for us and we'll do anything to you!" She clapped her hand on Supergirl as she came, laughing. "Doesn't it feel good being inside her? Can't you tell how much she loves it? You're a whore, Alex! You're our own personal whores!"

Flood gates seemed to have opened, powerful jets of cum seeming to be forced through every opening Alex had. She felt she was going to choke, and gasped desperately for air as spurt after spurt of cum, thick, hearty, and tart, poured interminably into her. It seemed as though cum was entering her through every opening of her body, leaving an overwhelming feeling of being penetrated, possessed, enormously wet. She felt very feminine, very fulfilled.

She couldn't help a moan that opened her mouth, and sent the still spurting cream down her chin, onto her breasts. Alex reached her fulfillment, jagged and intense in a fit of coughing.

The three collapsed in a sweating, panting heap. Alex couldn't speak for a long time.

But Kara could.

"Where'd you leave the Blood Orange Kryptonite?" she asked Supergirl.


When Kara came inside her, Alex felt the same way she had when she'd gone down on her—that her cum was endless.

It churned her cunt to a creamy froth, Alex milking her cock dry as they came together for what felt like hours, until at last Kara was drained. She slowed and breathed again. Kara worked her hips a bit longer, drawing it out, working off the last spasms of her impossible climax. Then they lay together, still linked, still smiling.

Despite her own enormous orgasm, Kara remained hard as a rock in Alex's melted pussy.

Alex knew it couldn't last. Knew that when this was over, however it ended, that Kara would blame herself for it. That her relationship with her sister would be irreparably damaged, all for the sake of sex. Not even loving sex. Alex was letting herself be used like a whore, like a complete slut, because that was what she got off on. That was what made her come harder than she'd ever come before. Rough, kinky sex with her sister. Her father would be so disappointed in her. Her mother would probably disown her. Even J'onn would lose all respect for her.

Then Supergirl stepped forward, offering her cock to Alex's face, and Kara did the same, her huge cock slipping easily from Alex's cunt to take up position next to Supergirl's.

Kara smiled, watching Alex look from one cock to the other. Both were level with her face, only inches apart. She saw the way Alex wanted them, both of them, and her and Supergirl too.

"And you call me the big sister!" Alex moaned, arching her back, showing off her breasts.

Kara couldn't control herself, not when she was so unaccustomed to having a cock. She grabbed herself and began jerking off. And when Supergirl saw Alex's big tits and Kara masturbating frantically...

Suddenly, instead of two cocky young women showing off, there were two uncontrolled hard-ons trying desperately to get themselves off.

Once again, Alex found she couldn't speak.

But she could roll onto her belly and wordlessly spread her asscheeks open.

When someone spat and began to lubricate her, she didn't know who it was and she didn't care.


A week later, the Red K had worn off. The Blood Orange K too, for that matter. And Alex found that she'd been right. Her relationship with Kara had been changed forever.

I noticed your schedule has an hour break in it so if you take your pants off (yay!) the text read. I can strap-on you for at least twenty minutes c'mon PANTS OFF PANTS OFF :D :D :D

Alex put down her phone. Her office was in the middle of the DEO. One of the most heavily secured, monitored, well-fortified places on Earth.

She took her pants off and pictured the face Kara had made as she'd sent that message.

She wondered if Kara had been wearing the glasses...
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