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Sisters of Blood

Christina sat underneath his window, watching his chest rise and fall in measured rhythm. She was waiting for the right moment to enter Dale's home and transform his life completely, by not only transforming him into a vampire but also by transforming him... into a voluptuous young woman.

Christina Mitchell was 478 years old, transformed when she was 18 by an elder vampire who gave her a unique gift- the means to transform young men into women when or after they turn 18. She didn't use it yet... but this would be the first time she would use this incredible gift to transform a handsome man into a lovely woman. She was a brilliant redhead with deep amber eyes, standing 5ft. 4in. tall and 117lbs... what made her stand out were the long and lean legs that supported her torso and her tits- she was a definite 45DD with nipples that hardened just by breathing on them and large reddish areolas.

Finally, the moment arrived and she became mist. Flowing into the room his parents gave him she materialized and kissed his lips, waking him up. She knew that his body was very feminine because his parents tortured him... but now, their torture would become his- or rather, her- big advantage.

Using a mental command to undress him, she cloaked him in the dark robe she had and turned both of them back into mist. This would take them to her mansion... their home- where she would finish the seduction she started with the first 2 piercings over the last couple of days.

Already she saw his waist and abs quickly becoming slimmer. Tonight, she would finish what she started... and he would be completely changed by the full moon tomorrow evening.

Once in a spacious stateroom there Chris passionately kissed him, her lower lip pierced so that her blood would flow into his throat- beginning the remaining processes that would transform him into womanhood. "You're wondering if I will make you mine," she said, "I will be... but you will be much more than just what you are now."

She then took the pleasure of undressing Dale before giving him an erotic striptease that left her with nothing at all on. She then gave him a kiss that was full of passion, their tongues fencing for dominance before she started kissing down his neck and chest. She teased his chest before continuing down his abs toward her destination... his hard cock that was teasing her stomach - before she turned herself around and started sucking his hard cock while her pussy was given equal attention to by his lips and tongue.

In between moans and her sucking Chris told him, "I've known that you've not licked a pussy before - are you sure you haven't? Because you're doing it like a pro.

"It's because I've never made love to a woman before," he said, "In fact, my parents forbade me to have sex with another person until they transformed me into what they called a shemale."

"Now that has to be cruel and unusual punishment," she replied, receiving a nod as reply. "Well how would you like to have revenge against them?" Chris then asked him.

"How can I?" he asked in reply as an orgasm came upon him, "No one can help me gain revenge on them." He then spurted love juice into her mouth... and at the same time, he was drinking in her potent potion as her orgasm overtook her. She then got up and laid down beside him.

"I'm a vampire," she said, "and I was turned into one in 1543. My master gave me an ability that I can use to turn you into 2 persons at the same time... a vampire with great powers- and a very feminine woman that any man would die to get his hands on. Your mother wouldn't even know who would be her killer until you drank all of her blood... and your father wouldn't be able to escape my spell once he's in my thrall. But in order to turn you, I must have permission from you to do so."

"Then take me," he told her, "My parents wanted me to be a transvestite... but I want to be a full and voluptuous young woman." His cock was hard once again as he laid back... and she impaled him with her twat, moaning to his groans as they began the completion of his transformation.

"You are so perfect," Christina moaned as she bounced on his cock, "I knew you would be the best mate for me, male or female."

"Thank you," he said in a raised pitch tone, "Now take me, and make me yours for eternity!"

As their orgasms swept each other up, she thrust her now extended fangs deep in to his neck and drank of him... leaving just enough blood so that the potion that was now inside him could complete the job she started. She then laid beside him as the transformation began...

Most of the process- the converting of his organs and his manly breasts into feminine ones- went on through out the day as she slept with her new bride. His male cock shrunk into a feminine clitoris as a full set of woman's sexual organs was instantly formed. Her hair grew out to her knees and began being shaded into blonde as the sun set.

Dale was now gone... in his place, Theresa was born as his documents magically changed into the necessary ones.

"Ready for your first feeding?" Christina asked as they rose from the bed they slept in through the day. She was dressed in a fetching short dress in pink while Theresa looked stunning in a slinky black top and garnet colored miniskirt.

"I'm so hungry," she said, "Oh, I can't wait to have my first taste of blood." Together, the sisters became mist and traveled to Dale's former home.

Entering through the same window as before, Christina's pink dress was now black and they now wore black satin cloaks lined in rich red satin. "Don't have sex with your mother, Theresa," Christina said to her telepathically, "Give her an intensely erotic dream while kissing her all over her body... then, when you feel her sexual climax, feed from her rich blood."

They found them in bed, separated and sleeping. Christina sensed that they were still high from their orgasms that the dreams they gave them increased that climax... and they then bit the 2, drinking their potently rich blood to refresh their strength.

Once they were dead, the vampire sisters left through the window and buried them in the backyard without digging any graves. "Now this house is yours," Christina told her, "and it will be safe once we've modified it."

Just then, Theresa remembered something. "Dale was to have a couple of his friends over for movies," she said, "That gives me an idea..."

"I know what you're thinking," Chris replied, "and it's a grand one. With this house being out in the country, we can have all his friends- and his enemies. And all the blood we can drink- starting with them."

When the 2 friends arrived, the sisters were in the living room watching a DVD they rented of some vampire porn... and boy were they surprised to see them. "I thought that Dale would be here," Tommy, a young man of 20 years, told them.

"Well him and his parents went on vacation," Theresa told them, "But they let us use the house while they're gone. We're his cousins- I'm Theresa, and this is my sister Christina."

"Well I'm Tommy," the first young man replied, "and this is my best friend Charlie. We were going to watch some movies with Dale tonight."

"But with you 2 here," Charlie added, "things are about to be even more interesting."

Once the 2 friends sat down Christina restarted the movie and the boys paired off... Charlie was with Theresa and Tommy was with Christina. Even though they had never watched erotica before, the 2 boys were having a good time.

"This might be the best pairing to make as our nocturnal servants," Christina thought to her sister, and the other girl noted likewise. During this time, Theresa had her hand on Charlie's thigh as she seductively rubbed it.

When the vampire in the movie bit his victims, the boys were startled and cuddled their girls closer to them. Their faces then looked at each other and the girls gave them a deeply passionate kiss before Christina said, "Theresa, my darling sister, why don't we take these boys and give them some satisfaction."

"I think that's a wonderful idea, Christina," she replied as she took Charlie's hand and led him off to the master bedroom. Christina opted to keep Tommy in the living room as she started unbuttoning his dress shirt. "Have you ever made love to a woman?" she asked the young man.

"N... n... no," he replied in a shaky voice.

"Then you just got lucky," she replied as she kissed him again. She then began the same striptease she did for Theresa... and once it was done, she kissed him again...

Theresa was already undressed- including her underwear- as Charlie was lying back on the bed. Sucking his cock until he was hard, she then flipped over so that her pussy was right over his face... and not intending to reject the gift, Charlie began licking around the edges before diving in.

"Theresa, honey," he said, "you've got a tight twat... and what you're doing to my prick is absolutely amazing."

"Nothing less than the best for you, dear," she said in a deeply honeyed voice before screaming out as her orgasm hit... and hit hard. Charlie's mouth was flooded with her love potion as his jism erupted from his cock and went down her throat. She knew that whenever any sexual fluids went down her, the magic behind the conversion process would continue until she was as voluptuous as she wanted.

Theresa then got off and lied down on the bed... and with the 69 done, Charlie knew what she was asking. "Are you sure you want me to put my cock inside you?" he asked- and the look from her eyes said it all... besides putting him under her powerful spell. He then stuffed his hard prick deep into her honeywell, receiving a scream as a reward for his penetration of her.

By this time, Tommy was about to shoot his jism deep into Christina's pussy... and she already had him under her thrall.

As he neared her mouth to kiss his new girl, Christina slipped her head towards his neck and started laying gentle, feathery kisses on it... then, as his orgasm hit, she thrust her fangs deep and began drinking of his orgasmic blood. But when his lifeforce was about to empty, she backed off and licked the wounds shut.

As Theresa and Charlie came downstairs the duo had already dressed. Using her magical powers, Christina told them that this night would be forgotten but that they wouldn't. "Charlie," she said, "you will come when Theresa commands you to- but until then, you will not remember her."

"I understand, mistress," he told her.

"And Tommy," she continued, "you will come when I command you to- but until then, you will not remember me."

"Understood, mistress," Tommy replied. Once they left, the spell broke... but they forgot everything except for the sex they had.

The next evening Christina and Theresa woke up from sleeping in the coffin they shared and went upstairs. "I took the courtesy of calling a couple of your 'friends'," Christina said, "and had them come here for some entertainment."

"My sister," she replied, "you sure know how to make a girl happy." Together, they walked up to the suites they prepared for their guests... gloriously nude for them to see- to give them a last romantic night.

Once they fucked and sucked them dry, Theresa asked if they could make love to each other...

"I thought you would never ask," Christina replied.

Christina and Theresa agreed that it was high time a third sister was added- because after three years of being just two, they wanted to be able to have more guests for slaves. But they also had a problem - a large influx of girls was threatening their community, and these girls were attracted to each other.


"I know that lesbians don't pose a threat to us," Theresa told her sister, "But I would like to try transforming a girl into our third sister."

"I'd like to see that happen," Christina replied, "Go ahead and do it... but choose a girl that is being rejected by the others. It will be her reason for vengeance."

Once in her stateroom, Theresa changed into an immaculate evening gown. It was all black silk and satin with gold thread embroidery on the chest bodice and black sequins laced in between. She then fastened a black satin cape on her neck using a gold chain. Once she had her shoes and jewels on - including a bat pendant made of black pearls and 24karat gold - her driver then drove her to a nightclub close to the mansion.

It was Ladies Night, and all of the couples there were women. But in the midst of these, one woman sat at the bar nursing a glass of wine... and she was the loveliest person the vampire ever laid her eyes on. "Now why is she the loneliest person?" she thought.

When she locked eyes with Theresa, she felt a friend there and walked over to her table. "Could you use some company?" the young woman asked, and all Theresa did was wave her to a chair.

"My name's Theresa," she said, "What's your name?"

"Kimberly," she replied, "and I'm mad at my sister for what she did." When Theresa raised her eyebrows Kimberly said, "My sister told all of her friends to not give me a chance to please them, and they in turn told their friends until I didn't have no one that I could have sexual relations with - man or woman."

"Well what if I were to change all that," Theresa told her as she took her hand and lifted them out of their chairs, "I have a limousine waiting outside, my darling, and it will take us to my home." To the frowns of all the women present, the two walked out - and Theresa said to the driver, "Take us for a long drive, Charles." The driver, being a normal person, nodded his head and did so.

In the back of the limousine, the girls toasted with champagne and then proceeded to undress each other. "Now I know you're a wonderful friend," Kimberly told Theresa, and all she could do was smile.

Once she was undressed Kimberly then assaulted her new friend's pussy, sending waves of passion through her. You couldn't believe the voracity she had as she gave Theresa orgasm after orgasm... before she pulled out a strap-on dildo. But before her new friend could use it Theresa asked her, "How would you like to get revenge on your sister by being able to command anyone you wanted... even her?"

When asked why she then said, "I'm a vampire, turned just a few years ago by Christina, my sister. Since she turned me we've had some of the most handsome men and beautiful women charmed under our spell... but we've wanted a third sister, and Christina let me choose the one girl who would complete our circle."

"So you noticed me at that nightclub," Kimberly replied, "and knew that I would be the perfect choice for your circle. I now know that my sister betrayed me... and nothing she could ever do would ever make me turn back to her for support."

As the new girl sat with the dildo on her pussy, Theresa impaled herself onto it and began moving in circles while laying kisses on her shoulders and neck. This ramped up their pleasure... and as they came together, Theresa bit into her new sister, drinking up her blood. She then injected into her the same concoction that Christina did to her... and they slept until the next night, when Theresa presented their new sister to the eldest one.
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