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Sombra's Stripping Excursion

"Greetings, Sombra," said the contact in a distorted voice. "I'm pleased you took interest in my offer. My clients wanted the best, and I like to get them the best." The legendary hacker stared at the grainy videofeed on her handheld. She was suspicious when she got an email about a one-of-a-kind contract, and this was not helping her suspicions at all.

"Indeed. And what do the best get paid?"

"In due time. Let me explain the terms of the contract, as it's a bit...unconventional. I represent a small cabal of wealthy individuals who have taken interest in the new wave of conflicts surrounding Overwatch." Sombra smirked.

"Sounds like Talon, but they wouldn't contact me like this. Let me guess. Government agents? Remnants from the Omnica Corporation?"

"Fetishists." Sombra raised an eyebrow, and the contact coughed and shifted awkwardly in his chair. "Like I said, unconventional. They take interest in the humiliation of women, and they've noticed that there's a number of pretty faces in this new Overwatch conflict."

"Okay, you've actually surprised me. Well done."

"There are a few names on the list I just sent you. All women. One thousand credits for each one you strip down to their underwear, in public. An additional thousand if you can strip her entirely. And an additional _three thousand _if you can secure her underwear." Sombra blinked, her jaw dropping without her even noticing. Hitting just one target with all the bonuses could pay her expenses for two months.

"I suppose their money's as good as the next shady cabal," she said, trying to hide the greed in her eyes. "I'm in."

"Glad to hear it. We'll be seeing you." As the contact signed off, Sombra looked at the list and wondered who would be the best target to start with.

What's next?

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