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Space Relations Pt. 28

"So, guys, guys, I have to tell you this." The talkative, little blonde Mario was saying, as the entire crew sat around the dining table. "I was walking around the ship, right. And then I saw down on this giant wad of used bubble gum that had hair all over it. It took me about ten minutes to figure out those were my new balls!"

Half of the people at the table laughed, while the other half made disgusted faces. Captain Washington, who was about to put a fork full of omelet into his trap decided to set the utensil back down on his plate. He glanced down at his food, which was indeed tasty. It consisted of an omelet with four eggs, two kinds of cheese, peppers, onions, cilantro and some other stuff he couldn't even name. Another twisted crack like that by anybody else was bound to make him lose his appetite.

"Excuse me, but some of us are trying to eat here." Cammie said, mirroring the sentiments of her superior officer.

Mario reached up to pull his long blonde hair back and fluff it around with a shake of his head. That same motion on Mary was very appealing, but on Mario it was, well, awkward.

"You guys can all suck it!" Mario said, giggling in what was also a very odd way.

Sitting next to him, the extremely curvy and female version of Officer Cruz was uncharacteristically closed-mouthed. Cruz sat there picking at her food and covering her extra large fun bags every time Mark walked by behind her. Stimulated by the new woman's shyness, Mark would occasionally come around and pinch at Cruz's tits, as he was attempting to do now.

"Stop that, you dirty lesbian!" Cruz snapped, slapping away at Mark's offensive and reaching fingers.

"You can't call me that anymore." Mark stuck his tongue out and teased him. "You're the lesbian now!"

"I'm not a lesbian, I am now and will forever more be a straight man!" Cruz retorted.

"Think about what you're saying, you dork." Mark reminded her. "If you were a straight man, you'd be into chicks. Since you're a chick, if you were straight that means you're into guys now. I just happen to be a guy, know what I mean?"

Cruz stared back at the big man, before he lowered his head. "I'm so confused about my sexual identity right now!"

"Do you still think you're straight?" Mark kept ribbing her.

"I don't know anymore!"

Mark set his hands on his hips. "Do you remember all those times you gave me shit about being a lesbian? Do you remember all those times you said you'd hump the lesbo out of me? Well, payback is a bitch, buddy! Bend over, baby, because this train is coming through!"

Aggressively, the much bigger Mark reached over and grabbed Cruz around the waist. Since the big man had such a weight advantage, it was easy enough to pull the new, smaller woman to her feet and to carry her toward the ladder. In female form, Cruz was not strong enough to do anything except for slapping away at Mark's arms.

"Captain, you must put a stop to this!" Cruz pleaded. "It is an abomination!"

"Mark, put Cruz down." Washington said. "That's an order."

"No, I won't." Mark refused. "You let Cruz talk his little shit about me being a lesbian. You've seen him try to hump it out of me. I say what goes around comes around."

"Put her down!" The captain stood up.

"Make me, Cappy."

"I'll handle this, Captain." Freya stood up and walked over to face off with Mark.

Slowly and deliberately, the strong blonde pried the cook's hands away and released the captured Hispanic woman. Afterward, the two giants bumped chests against each other, much as they had in the past.

"I can take you." Mark threatened.

"Is that right?" Freya asked, shoving forward with her large tits.

"I've taken you before. I've had you on your back, bitch."

Freya considered this. In their original sexes, they'd wrestled Grecian style a few times. Usually she won because she'd been a very muscular man back then. They hadn't wrestled at all since they'd changed bodies. "Let me put in my plate in the oven. I can finish it later."

"Okay." Mark grinned. "Your place or mine?"

"Oh, I'll be coming to you." Freya menaced. "With my hands of steel!"

The moment the big blonde turned around, Mark reached out and slapped her hard on the ass. After that, Mark scurried up the ladder and out of sight.

"Captain, crew, if you'll excuse me." Freya said, obviously embarrassed at being manhandled like that. "I have an errand to take care of."

A minute later, she was gone as well.

With his elbow, Mario started prodding Cruz in the ribs. "We should go and watch."

"Why would I want to watch an abomination?" Cruz frowned.

"Because it might loosen you up for what I'll be doing to you later."

"Don't speak to me like that, baby." Cruz lamented. "I refuse to be a lesbian, but now I can't be a straight man either. I don't know what I want out of life anymore."

"Oh, stop being such a fuddy-duddy." Mario started pulling at her arm. "We'll go watch, you'll get horny, and then I can bone you. I know how you think, buster!"

"You're a man, baby!"

"But you're not. Come on!"

"No, baby. I'm not doing it. What I need is therapy."

"You're in luck." Mario kidded. "I just happen to have almost six inches of therapy right here. I measured it earlier. Too bad I'm not bigger, but I am kind of a short guy."

"Stop it, Mary! I mean, stop it, Mario! Captain, tell her I said no."

"Mario, leave Cruz alone." Washington said.

"Oh, fine." Mario relented. He started toward the ladder. "I'll go watch by myself. I may even jump in while they're going at it. See you guys later."

Cruz sighed, as her usual love partner left the room.

"Do you really think the same thing will happen to me?" Washington asked.

"I'm sure it will." Cruz replied. "If you discount Willow, the rest of us went into Saturn's sheath and spent time on the surface of planetoid Zeus. Somewhere down that rabbit hole, we picked up what is at least a semi-intelligent, non-visible, electromagnetic entity. It has had enough time to study our genetic pattern in a way that it can duplicate that pattern into the opposite sex without causing any negative repercussions. I know we threw out the idea that this could be a virus at first, but I'm inclined to revisit that hypothesis in light of recent events."

"Why would it attack us one at a time, instead of all at once?" Washington asked.

"Think about that." Cruz rationalized. "Who are the two biggest people on this ship but Freya and Mark? Our invisible entity can hit us up only a few at a time, and it hit the strongest physical specimens first. Perhaps that somehow made the entity weaker for a time. Now that it has regained its strength, it went after another pair of humans."

"But there is no other pair left, of our original five that went into Saturn, that are still present on this ship." The captain reasoned. "That means I should be safe, right?"

"Not necessarily." Cruz refuted. "If anyone is safe, it would be Barbie and Cammie because they weren't on the ship at the time. The viral entity hasn't had the time to fully study them as it has the rest of us. If it gets to that point, then maybe they will suffer a similar fate. I doubt this, however. I think that maybe the original mechanism that started all of this was left back on Saturn. What we are going through now could be only the lingering after-effects."

"But you're not positive?" Washington asked.

"Of course not." Cruz shrugged. "I'd have to know what sort of entity we're dealing with first. Get me some better analysis of our unknown entity and then maybe Mario and I can figure something out. In the meantime, all we have is a guessing game. Keep your fingers crossed that we can make this happen, for the sake of us all."

"You aren't in any pain, are you?" Cammie wondered. "You've been making that same hurt face ever since you changed."

"It's my ego, baby." Cruz explained. "I've noticed that myself. You saw how Thor felt when he turned into Freya. I'm going through the same thing now. I have a feeling that the Captain will go through the same sort of frustration when it happens to him."

"If it happens to me." Washington spoke up.

"Do you see how defensive he is about it?" Cruz pointed out. "He's afraid of having his masculinity taken away from him, but he's afraid ahead of time. When Margo turned into Mark, there was something similar going on with her, him, but it was very minimal because Margo has always been manly in her persona. Margo eased into being Mark because she already behaved masculine before the change. Look at Mary. She wanted it to happen, so to her this is no big deal."

"I just can't believe that Thor seduced my husband." Barbie admitted.

"But he didn't." Cruz shook his head. "It wasn't Thor that did that at all. It was Freya. This idea that Mary had, that we should invent a new character the moment we change sexes, it is a very valid idea. Thor went from Alpha Male to Alpha Female. As an Alpha Male, Thor gladly took his place by the Captain's side as a manly combat tech. As an Alpha Female, she immediately sought out the attention of the most powerful man on this ship and seduced him."

"Well, I think my husband enjoyed being seduced a little too much!" Barbie growled.

"You'd have to ask him about that." Cruz replied. "Also, you have to adjust your mind into understanding that sooner or later, the Captain will become a woman. Will you be able to cope when that happens?"

Barbie crossed her arms and gazed at her husband.

"Stop doing that." Washington said. He went back to eating his omelet.

"I'm imagining you with breasts." Barbie said.


"Cruz has the biggest tits on the ship, now that Margo is a swinging Joe."

"Thank you so much for reminding me." Cruz grumbled.

"The sex ratio is uneven now." Cammie mentioned. "We have four females and three males. If we get one more girl on our side, it will really become lopsided."

"We'll have all girls on the bridge." Barbie said, almost gloating.

"You sound like you can't wait for that to happen." Washington noticed.

"Maybe if my husband didn't have a dick, he wouldn't be putting that dick into other women on his crew!" Barbie reprimanded him.

"That is your ego talking, baby." Cruz said. "I don't blame you. If I were competing for the Captain's attention with Freya as my rival, I would be jealous about that myself. Regardless of whether I am a man or a woman, I give Freya a booty rating of upwards of nine thousand. That's a very high booty rating, by the way."

"I'm not jealous of Freya!" Barbie snapped.

"Of course you are, dear." Cruz insisted. "The Captain could hump Cammie right here on top of my omelet, and you would still be more worried about Freya than about Cammie."

"It is obvious, Barbie." Cammie agreed. "I understand it means that you love him."

"Okay, fine! I'm jealous! I think Freya is trying to take my husband away from me!"

"She really is, baby." Cruz conceded. "That is how Alpha dominance works."

Barbie threw her hands up. "What am I supposed to do about it then?"

"We just went through this with the cat-women." Washington answered. "The cat-women were trying to replace the human women on this ship. The conclusion was that we should let the cat-women hump themselves out on us guys, to keep the peace."

"Yeah, that worked out really well for you guys, didn't it?" Barbie replied in irritation. "I bet you were all really happy about that!"

"Captain, I suggest that you take your wife to the boneyard." Cruz told his superior. "I think you should take her to the boneyard as many times as you can before you switch over into a woman. If you don't, you'll constantly be at each other's throats. Barbie will also be at Freya's throat until Barbie releases her considerable hostility. The last thing we want is a bunch of angry women running this ship. Talk about hell in space."

Barbie glared at Cruz. When Cammie chuckled, Barbie glared at her, too.

"Do you see what I mean, Captain?" Cruz witnessed all the glaring. "Give it to her sideways. Maybe that will calm Barbie down."

Washington finished up the last of his meal, and took a final drink of his beverage. Next, he stood up and held his hand out toward his wife. "Since we're parked in space anyway, would you care to join me in the lounge for a dance?"

"No, I would not." Barbie grumbled at him.

"If you don't, I'll go and ask Freya." Washington kidded.

"In that case, let's go dance." She got up and took hold of the man's wrist, leading him out of the kitchen.

Cruz and Cammie were left sitting at the table. The latter was no longer picking at her food but finally enjoying it. Cammie watched her eat.

"Take a picture." Cruz said, when she noticed. "It will last longer."

"It's just that..." Cammie started. "I think you're cute."

Cruz looked over at her. "Do you really, baby? I feel like a freak. I've wanted to hug Mary, but she has a pecker now. I can't quite grasp that part of her yet."

Cammie started laughing.

It took a moment for Cruz to fathom what she had just said. "Oh, I get it. Grasp that part of her. Really, Cammie? I thought you were above crude innuendo. Are we in high school again, baby?"

"But you are cute."

"If you say so. I can't get over how I have knockers now, let alone judge my beauty. These are not small knockers, mind you. You see how tight they make my shirt look. I'm not ready to start wearing Margo's bras, either. Do you really think I'm cute, baby?"

"I think you're absolutely gorgeous."

"No, Freya is gorgeous."

"I like you better."

"That's because you've grown blind in your old age, baby."

Cammie stood up and walked around the table to stand behind Cruz. The older woman started running her hands through the younger woman's short hair. "Maybe you should let this grow longer now."

"Maybe you should mind your own business and tend to your own hair."

"It isn't so bad." Cammie kept touching Cruz's hair.

Cruz kept eating, but paused when Cammie started rubbing her shoulders. She said, "I never thought I'd be afraid of Mary, but I am now. Will you be gentle with me, Cammie?"

"When have I not been gentle with you?"

Cruz took a deep breath. She sat up in her chair, allowing Cammie to touch her neck and shoulders. She closed her eyes, as those older hands coursed down the front of her blouse and found her breasts.

"Oh, my." Cammie said. "That's quite a handful you have there."

"I can't imagine Mary with a cock." Cruz said.

"Well, I can't imagine you without one. How will you ever satisfy me now?"

"How can you even hint that? I do know a thing or two about foreplay!"

"Show me." Cammie dared.

The older woman pulled Cruz's blouse up to expose her chest. She groped at the industrial-size hooters she found there. "My, what big nipples you have."

"Didn't I just tell you how blind you were?" Cruz asked. "Those are areola, not nipples. That is basic human anatomy, baby."

"Maybe I need a lesson in human anatomy."

"Fine, I won't hold out any longer." Cruz got to her feet. She pulled her shirt over her head and boldly showed off her fat puppies. "Fate has decreed that I, a virile man, should spend time in a woman's body. Let it be known that I, Ramiro De La Cruz... I'll have to change my first name, won't I? But anyway, as I was saying, I, a great and honorable descendant of the De La Cruz lineage, will not shy away from my unexpected destiny. Let this moment be marked in the history of my life. Let this be a new standard that future generations of my lineage will have to surpass if they dare to follow in my metro-sexual footsteps. In the name of science, I accept my destiny as a woman!"

"Bravo." Cammie said, standing behind the shorter woman and still groping her sizable breasts. "You did say something about foreplay?"

"Meet me in your bunk it two minutes. I have to grab the cake frosting before I join you!"

Due to the sexual chaos that was taking place on the Space Relations, Captain Washington ordered an extended rest break before they voyaged on. Besides, they had no pressing missions to worry about and weren't in any sort of big urgency to get out to the faraway Gliese 667 system. The players had their little romps with one another, but the ensuing sexual identity crisis among them largely kept them segregated into little groups. Cruz, for example, usually kept to her bunk unless she was called out for something specific.

The recent convert into the strange ways of womanhood lay in her bed, wearing only a pair of Mary's panties, colored in pink, and with the lights on at a minimal setting. She was still thinking things over when her bunkmate came in.

"Why are all the lights down, sweetie?" Mario's honey-coated voice drifted back to her.

Cruz listened to the hatch closing.

"How long have you been lying there?" Mario started peppering her with questions. "You're not feeling down, are you? Can I turn the lights on? I want to see you!"

"One thing at a time, baby." Cruz replied. "My mind is a little cluttered up at the moment."

"Well, it shouldn't be." Mario returned, as the lighting went up by a few notches. Cruz recognized the setting as their romantic ambiance glow. In his jubilant way, Mario pranced over and daintily set his small butt on the edge of Cruz's bunk. "There! Isn't that better? Now tell me what's wrong, sweetie-poo?"

"Ah, my darling, you sound so much like the old Mary." Cruz commented.

"I am the old Mary!" Mario exclaimed. "I just lost my boobs and gained a new pecker. Are you doing what I said? Are you making a new character for you to play so you can redefine your outlook on things?"

"I'm trying, baby. I really am. I feel like that Greek god Atlas, who had to hoist the entire Earth on his shoulders. He didn't even get paid for doing that!"

"Well, I'm here to make things better, like I always do."

Cruz saw Mario turn toward him. There was still a lot in that little blonde man's face that reminded Cruz of her favorite lover, but there were facets her rational mind couldn't reconcile. When Mario set his hands on Cruz's thigh, Cruz let it go. When he started rubbing her thigh, Cruz reached out to stop him.

"I'm not saying no to you, baby." Cruz explained. "I'm saying... Well, I don't rightly know what I am saying, actually. I still care about you, despite that you are now a Mario instead of a Mary. I'm really having trouble with this!"

"Tell me how it went with you and Cammie."

"I had my first orgasm as a woman, thanks to her." Cruz laughed. "I really did need that older woman with a younger woman dynamic. She sort of eased me into it."

"I want the juicy details!"

"Keep your briefs on, baby, I'm getting to that." Cruz smirked. "We were side to side at first, with her touching me while I closed my eyes and took it all in. Cammie kissed me all over until she got between my legs. At that point I had to do something, baby. We ended up munching each other's carpets. In a clinical perspective, our orgasms were nearly in sync, provoked by both cunnilingus and manual masturbation. Tell me about what you did. Did Freya and Mark have a galactic showdown, and what side did you take in the epic fray?"

"Oh, let me tell you!" Mario said, excitedly. "They were wrestling all over the place. I just took my clothes off and waited for somebody to get exhausted. You know how small I am. They would have squished me if I got between them! You won't believe it, sweetie. Freya overpowered Mark and rode that pony all the way to Chattanooga!"

"Really, baby? That Mark looks like a powerful beast. I have a new secret fear that he might come into my room and ravage me."

"I have a confession to make." Mario said, before clamming up.

"What is it, baby?"

"So, after Freya and Mark were done, I stayed in Mark's bunk." Mario admitted. "Let's just say that he's still bisexual."
"No! You didn't, baby! Tell me you didn't!"

"I sure did!" Mario giggled. "I popped him in the cornhole!"

"That's a very bizarre thing to say to me." Cruz said. "I don't know quite how to process that." He pointed a finger at Mario's face. "Don't you ever try anything like that with me! I'm very serious about that! I won't be your friend, baby!"

"Relaaaax." Mario replied.

He started poking at Cruz's arms and sides, until the Hispanic woman started squirming. Next, he pinched at the oversized titties, until Cruz put her arms across her chest. Mario had come into the room clothed, but now he jumped up, stripped down, and sat back down on the edge of the bunk. The blonde man became a little flurry of gropes, touching her and there and forcing Cruz to move her hands all over to protect her body. When Mario tried to stick a hand between her legs, Cruz clamped them shut.

"Come on!" Mario said, drawing the words out as he slid his hands up and down Cruz's legs. She tried to pull the legs apart without success. Next, he got aggressive, jostling Cruz around until he got his lower half between her thighs. He kept pushing at it until Cruz relented and lay him lie down on top of her. "I'm still the same person deep inside, you know!"

"I can see that, baby. You're just as horny now as when you were as a woman."

"Isn't that cool?" Mario giggled. In a huskier voice, he said. "You have to take care of my needs, because I'm a man and a man has manly needs."

"I used to say that line!"

"I know!" Mario laughed. "Isn't that cool? Now, you say one of the lines I used to say."

"Should I?" Cruz wondered. "Oh, fine. Here goes. Ravage me, you silly bastard! Ravage me as if we were the last child-producing couple in the entire universe!"

"I want to!" Mario exclaimed. "Are you ready?"

"You just stay away from my cornhole." Cruz threatened.

"I wouldn't do that to you, because you'd never do that to me. You know what? I know this is going to sound scatter-brained, but I'm not that big because I'm not that big. Actually, I like my little pecker. I think it's cute. Don't you? It looks like a little pencil, and it gets hard all the time! I don't know about the nuts, though. They're like a sack of potatoes with only two potatoes in it. I really think that part could have been designed a little better, you know? And what's up with this skinny butt I have now? I don't like that either. All of my pants are going to fall off now!"

"Baby, that's enough talk." Cruz pushed the talkative man back, long enough to pull her panties off. "You came here to conquer me, and you are my most favorite person in the entire galaxy, so I won't hinder you any longer. Come and take me, baby, and for goodness' sake, be quiet! I still want to have ears when all of this is over."

Mario had a devious look in his eyes. "I just used reverse psychology on you."

"Did you really, baby?" Cruz asked. "I see! You henpecked me so I would relent and give up my pussy, is that it? And now you have me right where you want me? That was very clever of you, darling!"

Mario jumped on Cruz. They both wriggled around a bit, while Mario got his hand between them.

"Oh, oh, oh." Cruz said, in high expectation. "It's getting closer to me. Oh, well it doesn't feel very threatening, because it is fairly small, as you said it was. You're poking at me now. Oh, there it is. You're almost hitting the right spot there." She reached out to grab Mario's arms. "Oh, doctor, that's some stethoscope you've got down there!"

They both started laughing, right before the two intimate lovers in unfamiliar bodies got to their usual antics.

Captain Washington couldn't understand why he was feeling the way he did. He'd followed the advice of his science officer and throttled his wife twice now, enough that she finally dozed off a short while ago. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough. Barbie was a beautiful, sensual woman. Why wasn't he satisfied with her anymore?

The captain sighed, as he lay there next to his wife, while staring up at dark ceiling of their bunk. Several hours still remained before they could officially return to the bridge for their next shift. To make matters worse, his boxers had tented up thanks to a titanium erection he had, and he hadn't gotten that erection while thinking of Barbie. Washington couldn't imagine lying on his bunk like that, listening to his wife's light snoring for a long time to come.

Carefully, he sidled away from Barbie, before climbing off the bunk entirely. What he should have done was wake her and throttle her again, or maybe rub one out alone so he would no longer be hard and mentally provoked. What he actually did was step out and quietly close the hatch behind him.

The walkway glowed with only minimal, energy-saving lighting. Washington was surprised to find Mark out there, leaning over a rail and having a vapor smoke.

"What's up, Cappy?" Mark asked. "You haven't turned into a chick yet, have you? Because, you know, I've got first dibs on you when you do."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Freya beat you to the front of that particular line, if such a change ever does take place." Washington answered. He'd wrestled with Mark before, back when he was Margo, and bedded her female self a few times as well. This intimacy allowed the captain to be forthcoming and honest with her male version, more than he could be even with his wife. "I wanted to ask you something. You know all that talk about ego? Do you think us guys are having more trouble getting over these sex changes because we think we'll somehow become emasculated?"

"Yeah, I think so." Mark nodded. "I mean, only two of us girls have become guys, just me and Mary. Mary had no problem becoming Mario. I think she was even looking forward to it. I always tried to be a tough guy anyway, so becoming a man shouldn't have been so traumatic for me, but it really was. We build these walls for ourselves, right, and then we don't know what to do when they crumble down around us. Mary never built a wall. Thor did, but once he figured out he was still a stud, only female, he said fuck it and went with the flow. I kind of did the same thing, except I'm no stud."

"If and when I change, do you think I should fight it or accept it, being that I am the captain of this ship?"

"You do whatever you feel, Cappy." Mark answered. "I think you'll do a fine job in running this ship regardless of whether or not you have tits. You'll still have your captain balls no matter what happens. Whatever is doing this to our crew, it can't take away your balls. You know what? Even if we did figure out what this electrical alien thing is that's plaguing us and changing us around, I don't think some of us will want to change back. Know what I mean?"

"I hadn't considered that."

"Where were you heading, anyway?"

"Uh, just into the kitchen to grab some coffee. I couldn't sleep."

"You're pulling my leg, Cappy. Level with me."

Washington sighed. "Actually, I wanted to see Freya."

"Oh, she is a hottie." Mark chuckled. "I couldn't beat her in wrestling earlier. I'm just a little bit weaker than she is, but she still knows the moves. That's what I'm saying. We might have changed on the outside, but on the inside, we're still the same people." She reached out to slap the captain on the ass. "You go get her, tiger. Remember what I told you. When you change, you come to me first. If you go to Mr. Mario first, she'll be all grins and giggles with you, like this is all some big, universal joke. I may not be as soft as Mario is, but I'll do you right, Cappy. I still feel I owe you big time for accepting me as part of your crew."

"Are you saying it isn't a big joke?" Washington asked, ignoring the rest.

"It's an experience. It's up to you whether it will be a fun experience or a scary one. Whether you're a man or a woman, you're still in charge of this ship. Don't lose sight of who you are, Cappy."

"Those are wise words." Washington nodded.

"Go on, Cappy. I know she's waiting for you."

"Why do you say that?"

"We were out here talking a little while ago. Freya asked me what I thought about you and her. I said do what you guys want, as long as nobody gets hurt. The only reason she didn't try and get your attention more is because she knows Barbie will have a shit fit if she does. Freya's hot for you, Cappy. She is volcanic for your nuts."

"You do have a way with words, don't you?" Washington said, walking around the big man with the cigarette. "Thank you, Mark."

It was only a few steps to Freya's open hatch. The captain found the stunning blonde standing in her sleeping quarters. She wore headphones and was seen dancing on the far end, which was only about twelve feet away and not too far at all. For a few moments, Washington watched the woman sway back and forth, with her hands up in the air. When Freya realized he was standing there, she pulled her headphones off and set them aside.

"Captain." She acknowledged his presence.

"I just stopped by to see how you were doing." He said, as he stepped into her bunk.

Freya smiled so radiantly her superior couldn't recall that last time he'd seen her smile like that. "I was hoping you'd show up. You've kept me waiting, you know."

She stepped by him, going over to shut the hatch. As the tall blonde started her walk back, she pulled the long shirt she wore off, revealing that she was nude underneath. The man watching her couldn't help stare at her tempting curves. Still smiling, and bouncy as well, Freya stepped in front of him. She set her hand on Washington's chest.

"I'm no expert at this, okay." Freya admitted. "But I did try it with Mark earlier."

Washington was about to ask her what she was talking about, when Freya tugged his boxers down. As the underwear descended, so did she. Suddenly, she was on her knees before him, with her hand on his erection first, and then her mouth. Washington had no choice but to gasp as she went to work on him. He couldn't help but recall that not too long ago, this had been the short-tempered and brawling Thor. Was it demeaning to Freya for her to be doing this to him? Was it demeaning to the memory he had of Thor?

The captain had no good answers for any of it. All he could really grasp was that the most attractive woman in his ship was orally servicing him. Washington touched her head, feeling her hair and then her shoulders, assuring himself that it truly was a woman. Once that truth sunk in, the overpowering lust he'd felt in his bunk before came flooding back into him.

Washington pulled Freya to her feet and directed them both onto her bunk. For a second, he wondered where Freya's bunkmate Cammie was, as the top bunk wasn't pulled out from its wall niche. Then the tall and athletic black man was behind the tall and athletic Viking woman, groping at her sides and hips. Freya leaned forward so that Washington could push into her, gasping when his substantial manhood found its target. The blonde didn't drop to all fours right away. Instead, she stood on her knees with her lover in place behind her. Washington pushed into her, liking this new angle that he couldn't get shorter women into. Freya reached behind her, touching his head and face, while Washington caressed her throat, breasts and waist. Freya's meaty backside was pressed tight between them, even as Washington's manhood was in an unusual but titillating position. At one point, the Viking goddess even managed to turn slightly, enough to kiss her lover's lips while they were in coitus.

Her sugary voice warned Washington that her climax had arrived. Wanting to achieve that same bliss at the same time she did, he pushed her forward so that she leaned on her hands. After grabbing hold of Freya's hips, Washington vigorously pumped into her. Loud smacks of flesh were heard as their bodies smacked together. Ripples of ass were seen every time their forms met. Washington groaned as he neared his sexual peak, as Freya kept up her volley of womanly cries.

Washington grunted as his body tensed up, and then he exploded into her. His manhood vibrated in that warm, snug place, releasing gob after gob of his essence. This stuttered his motions, yet still the enamored man tried to maintain his harsh pace. If he could, he would never stop. He would never pull out and return to his normal senses, because this new world of pleasure he had discovered was something too difficult to let go of.

When his body was spent, Freya went up to her knees again. She half-turned so their kisses could resume, then fully turned to press her chest against his. Both ran their hands all over their lover's body. They groped in feverish spurts, and also in gentle, slower touches. Their mouths did not want to let go. Their hearts beat like the hearts of marathon runners the entire time.

Finally, Freya set both of her hands on Washington's chest and softly created some distance between them. "You'd better go before your wife finds out."

Washington fled. He didn't go back to his bunk right away. Instead, he climbed down into the kitchen to make coffee. With his cup in hand, he walked to the bridge, finding Cammie sitting in the captain's chair, apparently doing some soul-searching of her own. They chatted about nothing in particular, mostly about their navigational course and other details.

When Washington started yawning despite the caffeine, he went into the lounge and crashed onto a couch. He started thinking about things he'd been ignoring ever since he left Freya's bunk. If Freya was a natural woman, quite possibly she was a better match for him than Barbie was. Or maybe it was a simple infatuation he had with the shapely blonde; he couldn't quite pin that down. At the same time, it was clear that Freya held the same sort of infatuation for him. Maybe it was even love. Barbie was still a big part of the captain's dynamic, as she must have psychically sensed the growing feelings between her husband and this exemplary blonde that kept shaking her very shapely ass at him.

What a mess he'd gotten himself into, Washington thought. A very pretty, but also very jealous wife on the one hand, and a former man turned goddess on the other. It was going to drive him crazy to try and find a place of balance between those two. He sighed as he lay there in the lounge, wondering what sorts of commotion were bound to erupt when they all got up for their next shift.

There was a way out of the dilemma, Washington realized, as he began to drift off to sleep. He'd been dreading that this would happen before, dreading it like the plague, but now he was ready to accept it as much as the other members of his crew did.

The captain fell asleep. Only about an hour later, the sharp sting of electricity zapped him awake. For several minutes, he gripped the cushions and couch he was on, trying to get past the daze and the fear that a second shock would suddenly come. When he finally calmed down, Washington set his hand on his chest and discovered he now had a set of firm B-cup breasts. The black man let his hand course down his stomach and abdomen. He slipped his fingers into his boxers, finding his hips were stretching them out a little more than before. Between his legs, he discovered a new vagina with a tidy patch of curly pubic hair.

"Oh, good." He said in obvious relief.

Barbie and Freya could no longer fight over the man that he was, because that would be taken away from them as soon as they saw him. They would still fight, because strong women always butted heads and bickered, but they would have to find something else to fight about. This way, Washington didn't have to worry about falling in love with his first mate, and about falling out of love with his wife. Sure, he would have to adjust to his new life as a woman, but four members of his crew had already made the transition into the opposite sex and they were getting over it.

"Don't zap me again, whatever you are." Washington said out loud, wondering if the invisible energy being or virus could even understand his language. "At least, don't zap me for a couple of days until this friction between Barbie and Freya blows over."

After this, he lay back on the couch and tried to go back to sleep. When Mary was still Mary, she'd suggested that if Washington ever changed, he should call himself Wilma. He had changed, but as for naming himself Wilma, well, fuck that! There had to be a better name out there for him.

It was a big galaxy, after all, with a whole lot of names in it.

Upon opening her eyes, the captain became aware of her two science officers looming over her. She was covered up under one of those ugly shock blankets, she noted, that had one dull side and side covered in what looked like aluminum foil, to hold in warmth. The captain glanced from the pleasant, round face of Cruz to the pretty almond-shaped face of Mario.

"She's awake now!" Mario announced.

"Well, no shit, Sherlock Holmes." Cruz rolled her eyes. "All of us can plainly see the Captain has opened her eyes."

"I'm a little nervous, okay?" The blonde man replied.

The captain didn't know if she was ready to face her crew yet. She pulled at the blanket until it covered her head.

"She's going into shock!" She heard Cruz shout. "Captain, we've formed a support group for you. You must mentally and physically take that first step. You must recognize that that a profound change has occurred in your physiology. The most difficult part will be for you accept the change, and then to own it before it owns you. Stand up and join us, Captain. We're here to welcome you into this strange new world that has enveloped us all within its aberrant grip!"

"Cruz, will you please shut up for five minutes?" The captain asked from under the blanket. "I just need to compose myself a little bit. It isn't every day that a person wakes up to suddenly find out they've changed sex."

"Let me tell you a little something about the Space Relations." Mark laughed. "Having things turned upside down is the order of the day around here!"

The captain moved the blanket just far enough that he could peer out at his crew. Sure enough, they were all standing around the couch he was on, hovering over him like doting nannies. Cruz was on her knees before the captain, using a small scanner, while Mario was standing and taking notes on a clipboard.

"Cruz, what are you doing?" The captain asked.

"Well, I'm trying to check your body for any large abnormalities." The Latina replied. "Unfortunately, the fabric of the shock blanket is skewing the results. We need to get you over to the med corner for a proper evaluation."

"I see. Mario, what are you up to?"

"I'm jotting down the time and making a note that your responses are lucid and coherent. I'm also looking into your head for signs of dizziness or confusion, but I'm not finding any so far."

"I didn't change just a little while ago." The captain explained, as she relented and sat up. Her first impulse was to look at Freya instead of his wife, but she fought that off. When her eyes locked in with Barbie's, the captain discovered that her spouse was full of worry. "I changed shortly after I fell asleep. I was feeling a little depressed anyway, so I just came into the lounge and lay down. It happened while I was here."

The captain noticed that Cammie and Mark were staring at her chest. She looked down, seeing two prominent breasts the size of small oranges. They were large B-cups, the captain observed, but she also saw that her skin tone was much darker than before.

"Yeah, it did change." Mario nodded. "That's a trip, isn't it? The rest of us kept our original skin color when we switched over, but you didn't. I wonder why that is?"

Cruz carefully ran her instrument over the captain's head and shoulders, before she directed it over the Nubian woman's chest. "No pain or lightheadedness? Get on your feet, baby, so I can check the rest of you."
Absently, the captain pushed the blanket away and got to her feet. She took a deep breath as Cruz continued to examine her, while the rest of the crew gawked at her new female form covered over only by her tight boxers.

"Cappy, you really outdid yourself this time." Mark commented. "I mean, seriously, that ass!"

"What's wrong with my ass?" The captain tried to look over her shoulder to check that part of her out.

"There is nothing wrong with it, Cappy." Mark leered at him. "It just looks really good for thumping, you know what I mean?"

"Is that the first thing you can think of?" Barbie protested.

Mark shrugged. "Hey, this ain't you grandma's science vessel, bitch. Oh, no, honey! This ship has been X rated from the start. Cappy, your ass looks delicious. You don't know how much I'm going to enjoy tapping that later."

Barbie's face twisted up with irritation, but she didn't say anything.

"I don't quite know how to answer that." The captain replied. "For now, let's just stick with official protocol. It is kind of disconcerting for you to refer to me as if I'm some sort of sex object."

"Hey, you guys did that all the time when some of us were girls." Mark replied.

"That's true, Captain." Mario nodded. "You ex-men just didn't notice it, but you've always talked to us like that."

"We can make that a topic for conversation when out support group convenes again." Cruz said, decisively. "Captain, according to my preliminary examination, you're vital signs are stable. If you would follow me to the med corner, we'll check out your mental and physical states in more depth. Follow me, Captain."

"Who wants breakfast?" Mark asked. "If you want a big, beefy hot dog, Cappy, you come to me first, because I've got one waiting for you. I think I'll make some hot cakes today. Give me about twenty minutes, you guys."

As the big man started off, he looked as if he was going to lean over to smack the captain on the ass. Barbie must have read his mind, as she quickly got between them.

"Hey, I'll take on both of you at the same time." Mark winked, before he strode out of the room.

"The relational dynamic here on the ship is very odd." Cammie commented.

"It will balance itself out." Mario nodded. "Oh, yeah, it will. If only one of us had changed, we would have gotten over it and gone on with our duties by now. Since nearly the whole entire crew has changed, we've had to alter our outlook over and over every time somebody else gets zapped. But don't worry. I think the Captain has his head grounded. He's a trooper!"

"I think I liked him better as a man." Freya crossed her arms. "A lot better."

The captain noticed how her wife shot a glare in the Viking woman's direction. There was still a lot of tension between them. She thought she should say something to change the subject. "Okay, I want all of you to be honest. Who here thinks I'm ugly?"

"You're not ugly!" Barbie was the first to respond. "You're not the man I'm used to looking at, but you're not ugly!"

With her big eyes, Cruz looked at the captain and shook her head.

"Does this body make my hips look too big?" The captain joked.

Mario covered her mouth and giggled, while Cruz replied, "You do have your junk in the trunk, Captain, but I've got you beat in that department. Oh, my. Did I just refer to myself as a sexual woman? I thought that day would never come, baby, but here it is in its full, resplendent glory. Not only have I become a woman in form, but deep inside my psyche, I have really become a woman. What a day this is turning out to be!"

"That's enough of that, you goofball." Mario went over and elbowed his partner. "Come on, let's get Captain Wilma on the treadmill so we can check her heart rate."

"Wait, wait." The captain held his hand out. "I don't think Wilma will be a good name for me."

"Oh, did you choose another one?" Mario looked at him. She started bouncing up and down on her toes. "What is it, Captain?"

The black woman was a little distracted by Mario's bouncing. All of his mannerisms and voice tone were exactly like Mary's. It was weird to see that on the little blonde man instead of the little blonde woman he'd once been. Finally, the captain glanced around at his crew. "I want to be called Uhura. Lieutenant Uhura."

"Isn't that name trademarked?" Cruz wondered. "I could swear I've heard that name before somewhere."

"It can't be trademarked." The captain replied. "It's the name of one of the highest mountain peaks in Africa. You can't trademark a mountain, Cruz."

"My mistake. Let's get you checked out. I don't think we'll find anything wrong with you, because you're obviously in excellent shape, both mentally and physically."

"Come on, honey." Mario came over and took hold of Uhura's wrist.

That little blonde man was still exhibiting Mary's maternal instincts, the captain saw. Like Cammie said, the relational dynamic was very odd on that ship.
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