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Star Wars - Normality - Self insert Part II

Important Notice: On my vacation just now, I found out that I lost some of my fun at writing ever since posting what I created, because I always thought about what would be good for the readers. Something I never did in the years before. I wrote a story just as it came to my mind once again and can tell, that it does far more to relax me than what I did in the last months. As a consequence, I will not post anymore in the foreseeable future and go back to write just to relax without self-inflicted pressure that it needs to get likes and such. Effect immediate, all my stories are on hiatus. My girlfriend will be the only one getting my stories from now. As it was in the beginning.

The First Part of this story is in Normality-Self insert universe.. If you did not read that, come back later.

Since this 'chapter' is fairly empty, I will use it to link my threads in it. This is mostly done because it is a nuisance if you wrote for another story a few chapters and try to find again where in some giant tree your part was. If it helps someone else too, be my guest.

For now, it is only Charmed and Critter (Rat) in Game Monster.

18.04.2017 Just as I like it A story about incest and more.

27.09.2017 For the Greater Fuck A story in the Harry Potter Verse. Starts slower with sex.

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