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Star of South Africa

South Africa. Present day.
10 pm.

The band of drug traffickers...numbering 40 strong had made camp for the night in the jungle. They gleefully counted the gold, diamonds and other trinkets they had bribed out of some of the unsuspecting exchange for the powerful narcotic they were peddling. The traffickers were a band of roughnecks..hired by a wealthy kingpin who lived in a palatial mansion in Cape Town..built on the profits from his nefarious trade. His reach was long. He had government officials, judges, the police and many others tucked safely in his pockets and thriving off luxuries they could only acquire from being on his payroll.

However the wild untamed interior of South Africa was a different matter. Out here...there was another law which held sway..and this law had a sexy guardian to enforce it. As the drug traffickers revelled in their ill-gotten gains..a shapely figuree swung from vine to vine through the trees. She stood at..6'4'.. had long black hair which reached down to her well-rounded ass. Her skimpy leopard pelt bikini barely hiding the 42D sized breasts and the rest of the sensuous body of immaculately smooth white skin that belong to Star...the Superwoman of the Jungle. Star landed on the balls of her sexy bare feet in the middle of the drug traffickers' camp..startling them.

"I've found fucking criminals!..Now you'll pay for giving the tribes drugs..I'm taking you all to justice..." declared the 21-year old jungle heroine before she swept through the camp of drug traffickers like a female hurricane. They were mesmerised by the seductive swaying of her shapely body..especially her large white breasts..barely covered by her skimpy leopard pelt bra..offering partial glimpses of her thick brown nipples and areolas she fought them. With the strength of a gorilla...speed of a cheetah and agility of a chimpanzee... Star made quick work of her enemies..devastating them with a flurry of punches and kicks.

One hour later...Police Chief Brian was surprised when Star walked on to the compound on the police station..holding a rope which bound all of the dazed drug traffickers together. "These criminals were selling drugs to the natives Chie...See to it that they face trial for their crimes!" declared Star as she stood before him with her hands on her curvy hips..her long muscular legs slightly open and her 42D bust pushed towards him. "I'm grateful for your help Star...You've caught a lot of the gang that's been selling drugs out here and robbing the tribes of their wealth...However I need to tell you to be careful..the traffickers are well connected...They could want revenge against you.." said Brian.

"Don't worry about me Chief...Those fuckers are no match for my jungle powers...I'll be on the lookout but they'll be stupid to come after me here in the jungle.." quipped Star as she turned and sauntered away from Brian..who watched the rhythmic swaying of her large rounded ass and her long mane of black hair which stretched down to her ass as she made her departure. Little did either the overconfident jungle heroine or the overconcerned police chief know that the drug kingpin..a man named Bootha...had come into possession of some valuable information..bribing a tribal elder into telling him exactly where to find Star and how to subdue her.

Three nights later...Star swung through the trees of her jungle realm...returning home to her tree house. "Looks like those drug traffickers have gotten the message...I have'nt seen any of them in the jungle for days..." thought Star as she entered the simple wooden structure nestled in the branches of a tall tree. The 21-year old jungle heroine untied the straps of her skimpy leopard skin bra and placed it on a nearby table..allowing her large breasts to sway freely from side to side. The nights had been warm and Star often found it more comfortable to sleep topless. She lay down on her back atop her bamboo bed..stretched out her shapely limbs..and slowly drifted off to sleep.

However unknown to the overconfident Star..her enemies were close at hand. Eight thugs dressed in black..climbed up the side of the tree house and slipped inside. Spotting the topless jungle woman lying asleep before them...they moved in swiftly to execute their plan. Star was rudely awakened as she felt strong male hands grab hold of her arms and legs. "Hey!!...What the fuck?!!..Intruders in my house!!..I've been taken by surprise!!" cried Star as she struggled wildly in their grips. As four thugs held her down..the other four went to work on her. "No!..Oh fuck no!!..Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..." laughed Star as she felt long feathers stroking her under the soles of her sexy bare feet...between her toes...along her ribs..under her armpits..and even inside the cheeks of her ass.

"Ha ha ha ha...How did you know...Ha ha ha ha ha...that I'm so ticklish...Ha ha ha ha ha...tickling me..Ha ha ha ha..takes away my jungle powers..Ha ha ha ha ha ha..." laughed the raven-haired jungle woman..unable to break free from the grips of the four men holding her down as two others brushed her with feathers. "Hee hee hee hee..No...Hee hee hee hee..not fucking there..Hee hee hee hee...You're making me..Hee hee hee helpless..Hee hee hee..." laughed Star as two other thugs poked and prodded her breasts and nipples with nails.

While the raven haired beauty was being tickled and tortured..the other two thugs set a steel briefcase on the floor of the tree house and opened it. A gas mask was removed and a cylinder was affixed to the bottom of it. Unable to stop laughing as the thugs held her down..tickling her under her feet..across her ribs...inside of her ass...under her pits and across her breasts..Star could do nothing as the gas mask was placed over her nose and mouth..and a valve was turned on the cylinder attached to the mask.

"Noooo...Let me go...I'm getting so tired...taken by surprise...They know my weakness...How??" moaned Star into the mask as her blue eyes fluttered in response to the gas she was being for--d to inhale. As the movements of her shapely body slowed...the gas was briefly turned off and the mask removed from her face.

The crooks let the gas weaken her until she can't move...they briefly turn off the gas and remove the masked to taunt the captive jungle heroine. "We got you good jungle bitch!..Admit it!" one crook says snarled one thug. "Never!" gasped Star as she inhaled some fresh air into her lungs in an attempt to purge the gas.

The mask was clamped over her nose and mouth again and the valve to the gas cylinder opened. "Gas is strong..getting so fucking tired...fucking hard to stay awake...." moaned the raven haired jungle woman into the mask..her blue eyes fluttering as she inhaled the potent sleep gas.

The mask was removed again. "Face it jungle bitch..You're done for!..Admit it!" said another thug. "Fuck" gasped Star fighting hard to keep her blue eyes open as the gas made her dizzier and sleepier with each passing second. "This'll tame you!" snarled another thug.

On came the mask again..and Star had no choice but to inhale more of the potent sleep gas into her lungs as the valve on the cylinder was opened..pumping more gas into them. "He's so fucking
right...Ohhhhhh...Gas..too strong...weakened by tickling...Uuuhhhh...They have..fucking got me..." moaned Star into the mask which was removed once again.

"Ohhh..Gas is so fucking strong...I won't give you any trouble...One more whiff of that gas...I'll be sleeping like a big baby..for days..." confessed Star in a faint and sleepy voice as her head..pillowed by her long mane of black hair which reached down to her ass..rolled slowly from side to side in a futile effort to keep her awake.

The mask was placed over the jungle heroine's nose and mouth..for the last time. The thugs felt the strength evaporate from her her shapely body lay still atop the bed...her blue eyes fluttering and slowly closing as sleep descended upon her.

"Got anything more to say jungle bitch?!" quipped one thug as the valve was switched off and the gas mask was removed for the last time. "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" snored Star as she capitulated and became unconscious on her bamboo bed in front of the mysterious attackers. They watched her large naked breasts rise and fall slowly as she slay in a deep slumber

What's next?

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