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Stink University

You are Jason McHugh, entering SU- Stink University. You thought it was just a clever name since it happened to be in Stink, New Jersey. But as you walk onto the campus, you notice something a bit uncomfortable. All of the students are either incredibly tall and strong looking, such as a blonde girl you walk past who looks about 6'2 and has an ass the size of two watermelons, or a giant muscle man who knocks you a bit as he walks past, laughing as he does so. On the other side of things, sprinkled amongst these strong individuals are a few tiny men. About 5'3, weighing very little, with thin lanky builds. Unfortunately for you you realize you fall into this category.

You become nervous when you see a thick dark skinned girl along the way, rubbing one of the tinies faces in her thick jean short covered ass, and no one is doing anything to stop it. In fact, others just laugh as they walk by, and the smaller kids walk quickly with their heads down. What is this place? You think to yourself as you've made it to your dorm, you walk into your dorm room now and see....

What's next?

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