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Supersize Me Ch. 05

I thought long and hard about how I was going to collect my prize from Jo after all I had worked very hard for it so I wanted to make the most of it. I knew that Jo would want it over quickly as I knew watching me take this big stud's cock would kill her so I wanted to make it last and last. I don't know why but I suddenly had a desire to see her beg and plead just to be allowed touch Brad's massive cock little lone take it up her hot little pussy. Fuck I so badly wanted to hear her scream "Please, please let me be fucked by that huge cock. I want it to stuff me full and rip me apart, I need it, I want it, please just let me have it!!"

I called Jo and told her that I wanted to collect my prize the following weekend to which she agreed. Next I called both Brad and Tim and let them in on my plan. I told them I wanted to put on a show both that under no circumstances were they to have sex or jerk off until then. I wanted them fully primed, their balls exploding with built up cum and there cocks bursting out of their skin. I wanted it so that when I finally let them cum in front of Jo they would blow like a volcano all over me drenching me in their hot spunk.

The boys agreed to the plan albeit a little reluctantly knowing that it meant that they would not be stuffing their oversized cocks up my tight little pussy for a few days but I assured them that it would be worth the wait.

The next few days dragged on until finally the day arrived when I would collect my prize. Brad, Tim and I met up at Brad's house and I could tell from the moment I walked that the boys were ready, fuck they practically tore my clothes from me before throwing me in the pool where they joined me naked and horny as all hell. Before I knew it I had two sets of hands all over me, rubbing my huge tits massaging my pussy and fondling my bum. As much as I wanted to take them both at once Brad from behind while blowing Tim (a new favorite position of mine) I had to resist the urge and told them to calm done and that they would have there chance to perform soon enough. Brad got out of the pool and I swear that his huge cock looked even bigger than I remembered if that was possible!

The boys got dressed into jeans and tight white t-shirts showing off their impeccable hard bodies. Tim was a fit guy but Brad's body just rippled with muscles his superbly fit body oozing sex appeal. Even through his jeans I could see the outline of his impressive cock and he looked at me with an evil grin on his face that said "soon baby, soon this big cock of mine is going to tear you apart".

We fixed ourselves some drinks awaited the arrival of Jo. We didn't have to wait long as soon Jo's car pulled up and she was knocking at the door. I let her in and we gave each other a friendly kiss as we do. I brought her inside and introduced her to Tim and Brad. Jo was dressed to impress that was for sure. She wore black patent leather knee high boots, a short very short white mini, a top open to the waist with a red pushup bra that gave her a cleavage to die for. I could tell by the looks on the boys faces that they were suitable impressed by what they saw.

"Well Jo here we are the competition is over and its time to collect my prize" I boasted.

"I still can't believe you out did me Cathy, that geek in the shop was ordinary but by fuck he had a big cock I thought I had a winner for sure," replied Jo.

"Oh well not to be, maybe next time hey?" I said.

"Yeah sure next time," Jo said disappointedly.

"Well Jo here's how it's going to work. As the winner you know that soon I will get to fuck Brad right in front of your very eyes but before we get to that a few rules need to be explained," I went on to say.

"Rules, what fucking rules?" questioned Jo.

"Rules that you must follow such as; you cannot touch either Brad or Tim particularly their cocks without my permission, you can't remove any of your clothing without my permission, you cannot touch yourself in any way with out my permission, is that clear?" I asked.

"Fuck Cathy you have really thought this through haven't you. What have you got in mind? I expected to come over here and watch some big dicked stud fuck you and then leave'" replied Jo.

"Oh baby are you in for a treat," I giggled.

With the rules now set I placed a chair a couple of feet in front of Jo and asked Brad to sit down. I straddled him and kissed him passionately on the lips to which he grabbed my arse and pulled me closer to him. Tim had fixed Jo a glass of champagne and she had now settled back to watch the show. Tim's role in this would become clearer a little later on.

Soon Brad moved his attention to my ample tits pulling open my top to reveal my pretty pink lace bra and my huge set of tits. He buried his face between them and threw my head back as he sucked my nipples through the material. I glanced at Jo who was trying to appear bored but I knew better.

"I bet your asking yourself Jo, is this guy really as big as I said he was, maybe I faked the photos maybe he's not really hung like a stallion after all," I said looking at Jo.

"The thought had crossed my mind I must admit," replied Jo.

"Well lets not wonder any longer let's have a look for ourselves shall we," I insisted.

"Sure why not, I still have trouble coming to terms with the idea that he has a 13 inch cock," said Jo.

I asked Brad to stand up right in front of Jo and I slowly removed his jeans. Once they were off I asked him to remove his t-shirt. As he did I saw Jo's eyes pause for a moment on his incredible abs and chest. So now Brad was standing there in a pair of boxers with an incredible huge bulge. I slowly pulled down Brad's boxers unleashing his massive cock which sprung forward almost catching Jo in the face. She reeled back surprised by the sudden hugeness of it all.

"Oh did that surprise it did you baby? Sorry but I did tell you he was big didn't I," I giggled.

"Yeah but big doesn't do that thing justice, panted Jo now visibly shaken by what she saw.

I slowly stoked Brad's cock which was nearing but not quite at full extension.

"Now Brad let's see if we can get this thing to its true length," I teased.

"Sure baby but you I might need a hand with that and you know what I mean don't you?" asked Brad.

"I sure do baby," I said quickly removing my top and bra and holding each of my huge tits in one of my hands.

Brad slid his huge cock between my tits and slowly pumped the shaft up and down. Even with my 44 inch juggs his cock still protruded at the top of each stroke where I quickly licked it clean.

"Fuck Brad it feels even bigger than usual, has it grown since we last fucked?" I asked.

"I don't know Cathy but I haven't come in a week and it feels like its bursting out of its skin!" yelled Brad.

"Well let's measure it just to be sure," I said reaching for a tape measure.

As I placed the tape at the end of Brad's massive cock I thought of a better idea.

"Jo I want you to measure Brad's cock. Now you measure it but you're not to touch it, not even one stroke OK," I told Jo.

"You want me to measure it and not touch it!! How could you. You know I love big cocks how could you tease me like that you bitch!"

"As they say Jo, to the victor goes the spoils, now hurry up and measure it," I demanded.

Brad had taken to slowly stroking his cock to keep it at its biggest as Jo took the tape and slowly stretched it out along the length of its impressive shaft. Jo's eyes widened, her breathing got heavier and heavier as it slowly rolled past 10 inches, then 12, soon 13 inches had come and gone and finally it stopped at 14 inches in length. I had to check it for myself to see if this was true as last time it was only a touch over 13 inches.

"Shit Brad! Your cock has actually gotten bigger! How can that be?" I asked.

"Well having you two big titted horny chicks sitting there measuring my cock would be enough to stretch blue blooded man's cock, are you impressed?"

"Impressed? I'm fucking awestruck, now how the fuck do you expect me to take all of that?" I asked.

Jo had not said a word but had collapsed back into her chair staring at Brad's enormous cock which stuck almost obscenely out from his body. I sat Brad back down and kneeled in front of him and grabbed his shaft with both hands and slowly stroked up an down pumping his cock which now stood proudly straight up. It was then that I noticed Jo slowly rubbing her chest with one hand and the top of her right leg with the other.

"What did I say about touching yourself?" I asked Jo.

This seemed to snap Jo out of her trance and she quickly removed her hands.

"I'm sorry I didn't even know that I was doing it," apologized Jo.

"Well how about you remove that top but leave your bra on," I directed.

Jo removed her top to reveal her impressive set of tits, not as big as mine but her nipples are huge and they protruded through the material making an instance impression on the boys.

"Wow, have a look at those tits and look at those great big nipples will you!" screamed Tim to Brad.

"Yeah how about we help ourselves to some of that," replied Brad.

Tim by now had undressed and revealed his slightly smaller cock and massive balls. They approached Jo and each took one nipple in their mouths and started sucking. Jo was in raptures pushing her tits into their mouths as they ravished her beautiful tits. Having got her truly excited I told the boys to leave and come back to me. Jo was beside herself desperate to have the boys suck her tits and not being able to touch herself.

This time I asked Brad to lay on the floor and I sat on his face looking directly at Jo only a few feet away. Brad new what to do and soon he was licking my pussy as I sat up straight rubbing my tits. Brad's huge cock stood proudly between like a colossal pillar of flesh. He stroked it with one hand as he sucked the juices now flowing freely from me. This was too much for me and soon I was close to my first climax for the evening.

"Oh God Brad your so good lick my pussy good and hard, I'm cumming I'm fucking cumming!!" I screamed thrusting my pelvis into his face.

"Take you bra off Jo I want to see your tits as I suck Brad," I said.

Jo did as I said and her big firm beautiful breasts were unleashed and she had to restrain herself from rubbing them.

I lent forward and grabbed Brad's cock while he continued to eat me and slowly took the head of his cock in my mouth while looking at Jo. Jo was shaking visibly as I lowered my mouth taking as much of this massive cock as I could. I told Jo to get her shirt and panties off which she did revealing a very moist pussy literally dripping with her juices.

I continued to lick and suck Brad's gigantic cock from top to bottom. This thing was huge make no mistake about it. It was an awesome piece of human flesh which stood like a pillar of granite encased in my two small hands. As huge loads of precum continued to drip from his cock I rubbed it into the head and shaft and now the granite cock glistened as I stroked it furiously. I looked at Jo who was now beside herself. She was wimpering her hands frantically, desperately wishing to touch herself.

"Do you want to play with yourself Jo do you? Do you want to rub that pretty little pussy and squeeze your tits do you?" I teased

"Oh god yes, please let me do it, please let me touch myself," replied Jo desperate for some relief.

"What do you think boys, should we let her touch herself or what?" I asked Tim and Brad.

"First tell us what it is you want to do," asked Tim.

"I want to finger my pussy and suck my tits," screamed Jo.

"Ok but on one condition you must describe what it is you see that turns you on as you play with yourself, deal?"

"Deal," replied Jo.

"Suck that big cock harder Babe, take it all in you big cock sucking slut I want to see it all the way in and lick her harder eat that pussy you big cocked stud!" yelled Jo.

"Now that's better," I replied watching Jo who now hand almost her whole right hand in her pussy and was furiously shoving it in and out rapidly approaching orgasm herself.

"Oh fuck oh my god I'm cumming!! Keep sucking that big cock, I'm cumming just watching you guys, oh god!!" screamed Jo.

Brad was now getting close I could feel his he balls tightening and his shaft pulsating in my hands but before he came I wanted to tease poor Jo even more. I told Brad to stand in front of Jo and to grab his shaft and run his cock around her nipples and her lips but not to touch them. Jo was out of control as Brad did this she thrust her big titties at his imposing cock and just as he was about to make contact he would pull back. He did the same as she lent forward to take his cock in her glossy lips only to have him pull back. I don't know how much she could take of this and I decided that it was now time to have Brad fuck me senseless with his massive cock.

I got on all fours in front of Jo who once again taken to rubbing herself senseless and invited Brad to take me from behind. Brad was a big muscular stud who was hung like a stallion but he was a gentleman and knew that trying to stick a 14 inch cock up a little pussy would need some care. But before getting into some serious big cock fucking I wanted to have a little bit of fun.

"Oh what a big cock you," I asked.

"All the better to fuck you with," replied Brad smiling.

"And oh what big balls you have," I replied.

"All the better to shower you in cum with," laughed Brad.

"Oh what big muscles you have," I said shaking my big tits in front of him.

"All the better to hold you with and fuck you senseless with and tear that hot little pussy apart with," said Brad.

"Well Ok then then you big bad stud get over here and split me in two!" I demanded not sure if I would be able to take it all.

Jo was in pieces, I'd lost count how many times I heard her cumming. Somehow she got her hands on a big dildo and was stuffing it up her pussy with both hands.

Brad placed the head of cock at the entrance to my pussy and gently eased himself in and even though I my pussy was literally dripping it was still a shock to feel the sheer size of it pressing into me. I rocked back gently taking it in inch by inch. My big tits swayed back and forth as slowly Brad and I got into a rhythm.

"Please give it all to me, how much is there still to go baby?" I pleaded fearing that I may not be able to take it all.

Finally Jo found her voice. "That's obscene it looks like he's fucking you with a baseball bat Cathy how can you take it all, its so god dam huge."

"Oh fuck I think your splitting me in two Brad its so far up me but don't stop, don't stop give it all to me!" I pleaded once again.

"That's it baby you've got the whole 14 inches up you and fuck it feels good," screamed Brad.

This was moment I had been waiting for I turned to Jo and looked her in the eye and said "Fuck its good to be a winner!"

Brad now pulled all 14 inches out before slamming it back into. This went on for a few minutes before I was finally sent over the edge and literally exploded in orgasm after orgasm.

Tim had had enough and kneeled in front of me and I hungrily took his cock in my mouth and sucked it for all I was worth. What a sight Jo must have had before her. Here was her best friend now more than two feet in front of her being ploughed by a 14 inch cock while sucking on a 10 cock. I was in raptures but soon both boys could hold back no longer. Sensing this I told them to stand in front of me where I then grabbed one cock in each hand and furious wanked each cock.

Tim was the first to let loose with a massive blast aimed right at my face. The shear amount of cum plastered my cheeks, nose and lips. As he continued to erupt he guided the streams to my tits. Load after glorious load drenched my huge juggs and soon Brad unleashed his own cum volcano. By now I had taken my hands off their cocks allowing the boys to jerk off over me as they pleased. That left me free to rub my hands over my body massaging the huge load of cum into my tits, stomach upper legs and arms. Fuck the stuff was everywhere!!

The boys didn't disappoint and you could tell that they hadn't cum for a week as they spewed stream after stream all over me.

Finally the cum shower was over. I was covered from my head to my legs, cum still dripped from my nipples and I was in heaven. Jo was speechless unable to say or do anything except continue to play with herself.

"Well Jo what do you think? Care to give it a go?" I challenged.

"You bet babe, if these boys can get those cocks hard again I ready to go!" replied Jo.

Now if there is one thing these guys like and that is a challenge. Jo immediately grabbed their cocks and helped get tem back to full size through some expert hand and mouth work. I do have to give it to her she sure knows how to handle big cocks.

"Ok big boys let get it on, but Tim I want you first. If I'm going to try a 14 inch cock I think that I had better loosen up on a 10 inch one first," said Jo.

The next few minutes were awesome as Tim fucked Jo I took on Brad once again. Jo and I faced each other as the boys pounded us good and hard. We even did something we had never done before and that was as the boys fucked us we licked each other tits which was a great turn on for both of us.

Soon Jo announced that she felt she was ready for Brad so the boys swapped positions. Tim was a nice change for me but Jo looked to be having a little bit of trouble taking on Brad's monster.

"Fuck you're so big! Your cock is stretching me to the limit. God you're a big fucking stallion aren't you. How does Cathy do it?" yelled Jo now with about 8 inches firmly stuffed up her pussy.

"Just relax Jo, just relax, you'll be OK just get the rhythm and brad will take care of the rest," I suggested.

"Oh god I don't know if I can He just so bloody HUGE!!" screamed Jo now furiously rocking back on Brad's cock which was now buried 10 inches up her little pussy.

This was all too much as Jo almost passed out Brad continued to fuck her finally getting all 14 inches into her as Jo whimpered still rocking on her hands and knees.

Brad knew then that she had had enough so he pulled out and I grabbed Jo in my arms as the boys jerked off over the both of us spraying their cum over the two of us as we embraced.

Jo looked at me and said "Congratulations, you win the competition but if this is loosing I love it," turning to take yet another stream of cum from Tim all over her face and tits.

Note: Well, so ended the competition. I was the winner although there were no real losers. I hope you enjoyed the Supersizeme series. If you did please let me know as it might inspire me to write again!
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